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I am Karu.

call me otherwise unless I allow you to, or I know you from old ES.
My real name is of little importance, don�t ask, I�ll probably never tell you. I am seventeen, female. When I role play I prefer at least two paragraphs but if I�m interested enough in the role play I�ll work with one. One liners are out of the question. I don�t join 1x1s or Yuri very often. However, I do join Yaoi on occasion, though I am mediocre at it. I enjoy role playing as males more often than not, though I will join as a female if the plot calls for it.
Do not whore out your role plays to me unless I know you. I will more than likely reject your offer.

Posting slowly... Freakin' writer's block.

Behind my smile is a hurting heart, behind my laugh I'm falling apart. Look closely and you will see, The girl I am, it isn't me.

I am quiet and misunderstood
I wonder why I even care
I hear screaming
I see traitors
I want to be able to trust once more
I am quiet and misunderstood
I pretend to be happy
I feel broken
I touch emptiness
I worry about my loved ones
I cry when I am alone
I am quiet and misunderstood
I understand that life is deplorable
I say that I am fine and everything is all right; That is a lie
I dream dreams of blood, pain, and death
I try desperately to live each day
I hope against hope for solace to come to me
I am quiet and misunderstood
I want to die

Ciel: ...
Why does Warriors make me cry??? TT^TT

Reno: Because you play with yourself at night...<3

Pan: Because it looks sad!!

-Awkward silence due to Reno-

Ciel: Warriors makes me cry because I play with myself at night..? What? o_O"

Reno: XD I don't know lol. I just felt like saying it

Pan: Hahahaha

Friends- If I don't have you, remind me 'cuz I'm scatterbrained and don't remember everyone.

Tiffy -Niece-
Den -creepy albino that stalks me, '>.>-
-the mighty- KukU
Qwerty aka Charchar
Pedo Reno~ -claimed me- Is my wife<3
The person that crushes me but I still like her anyway -has the longest given name and changes accounts like dresses- owner/daughter
One that insists Ciel's wearing a mini skirt -Near-
Luna~ DragonBall fan XD
Simply amazing person :]
I own her! Me! :O
Naked buddy x3
Little sister!! Mess with her, I'll eat you! e.O##
FORBIDDEN YAOI LOVER!!!! Also one of my sisters~ xD
My Deidara~
Manga Maniac and Video Game Freak
My domestic partner

Other... <.< *doesn't get a special font*
Grammar Nazi

You say Jonas Brothers, I say Suicide Ali.
You say Rhianna, I say Deathgaze.
You say Miley Cyrus, I say Exist†Trace.
You say Taylor Swift, I say Nega.
You say Soulja Boy, I say Phantasmagoria.
You say Justin Bieber, I say Girugamesh.
You say Black Eyed Peas, I say Dir En Grey.
You say Flowers, I say -Oz-

From my Wifey~!

From Kaylee. :]

+ Birthday Party
$ 1x1 I like you..?
+ For Luna and me :D
$ Cupcakes pwn cookies

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