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Role Play Profile

My RP Crossover site.

My NaruHina video <3

Me singing a song from Tobuscus <3

A Suicide Awareness Video for Media Studies

Official Favorite Movie Scene

My Deviant Art!!!

+ A few plots?
+ Elsa/Jack Frost!
+ Change of Heart ~{Needs Male}~
+ Mortal Instruments ~{Needs Jace or OC}~
+ Dark Blood ~{Freckle and Gummy}~
+ For CupCake
+ Trapped With You ~{Closed}~
+ The 4400 ~{A Superpowers Group RP. Needs People}~
+ NaruHina RP Search. Needs a Naruto.
+ Chobits RP? Searching for male.
+ Searching for a Photo Editor!!!!
+ Looking for a Profile Editor!!!
+ Naruto RP?
+ Unfolding Hope ~{Naruto RP. Needs People!}~
+ I just want a RP :(
+ My Hero ~{FULL}~
+ Elven Feud ~{Needs male elf!}~
+ Thing's Change ~{Taken}~
+ Mental Help ~{Full}~
+ A Forbidden Attraction (Closed)
+ A Royal Bind ~{Needs Prince}~
+ Russian Princess ~{Anastasia RP, needs Male}~
+ Unwanted Affection ~{Closed}~
+ Lost Memories ~{Needs Inuyasha}~
+ Howl at the Moon (1x1 Needs Alpha Male)

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