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♡ Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul. She's the kind of high
only a deep soul can get stoned to. The girl really worth having, won't wait for anybody. ♡
♡ Ashley ♡ Female ♡ Twenty-Four ♡ Bi-Sexual ♡ None of your concern ♡ Writer ♡ Gentle Being ♡
♡ Dreamer ♡ Lover ♡ Queen ♡ Wife Material ♡ Friendly ♡ Simple ♡ Beautiful Heart ♡

Went to Urgent Care, doing what I can to recuperate.♡
Profile done by; Binx-

$ ♡Maybe You're My Love♡
$ A Light of Hope
$ Love Reincarnated

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