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I fight for my friends.

Life can get down, but you just gotta get back up, push through the pain and make what's right right again. I don't know what to say. Be a friend or foe, I'll treat you as a person.
I am the 13thprotector.
Protector of life and light. I don't talk much.

Be creative and resourceful in the rps you do with me, I might get bored or they'll get left behind cause they aren't at the most recently used rps... Keep me posted.

.:Allies in my cause:.
Well, he use to be called BLT
BigKing2000 an awesome dude

+ Tales of Kronos
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+ Valor Reborn
+ Wing it.
+ A Journey
+ Renegades
+ Children of Valor
+ Rin
+ Try Again.
+ Story of Thanes
+ Tossing ideas
$ The Dorm
+ Persona!
+ ShirayukiEru and me
+ Mimi
+ Rin and me :D
+ The Kingdoms
+ The Skillz chat
+ Me and Imouto
+ Jaye and Alum
+ Vamora Roster and Ooc
+ The Kingdom of Vamora - Needs People!
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+ Paradox- and Alum ^_^
+ The Heroes' Guild 2x2 (Got everyone now alright)

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