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Role Play Profile


I'm a rather boring, mundane person. Still, I have special friends on ES that I love to pieces ^.^

I'm learning Japanese to fulfill my dream of becoming an ESL in Japan. But in the meantime, I roleplay and make various AMV's for Youtube!

Characters I roleplay as (frequent):
Ciel Phantomhive - Black Butler
Yuki - Fruits Basket
Switzerland - Hetalia
America - Hetalia
China - Hetalia
Hiro Hamada - Big Hero 6

(not so frequent)
Kurama - Yu Yu Hakusho
Denzel - FFVII Advent Children
Mokuba Kaiba - YuGiOh
England - Hetalia

+having issues getting the tumblr url code to work, so if you want to check it out it'll have to be done manually. :(

Check out some of my AMV's!

Youtube channel: JounichiReinstated

The Stereotype song: Hetalia

When I'm Gone: Zack Fair, FFVII

The War : Hetalia

Here's my channel, if you're curious!

+ The Prince and the Pauper // Kyou X Yuki (closed)
+ Moonlight Waters - Cloud // Denzel (closed)
+ The Gemini Institute for Troubled Twins
+ Lonliness is Overrated (closed)
+ Blink Once // Sebastian x Ciel (closed)
+ The Fight For Evermore
+ Becoming Human // Kyou x Yuki (closed)
+ Immortals + // Tadashi x Hiro (closed)
+ another one of these things
+ Blood Moon // Ciel x Sebastian (closed)
+ Let's search together! // anime edition
+ The Kingdom of Evermore
+ Lonely words - Kyou // Yuki (closed)
+ Misery Loved Me // Austria x Switzerland (closed)
+ The Gemini Institute
+ The Kingdom of Evermore
+ The Gemini Institute
+ Grimm // Sebastian x Ciel (closed)
+ Glass And Guilt // Sebastian x Ciel (closed)
+ Finding Evermore
+ Dream With Me - Cloud x Denzel (closed)
+ Shadows of You // Sebastian x Ciel (closed)
$ Beautiful Lies // Sebastian x Ciel (closed)
+ Black Butler, anyone? // Needing Sebastian
$ Drifting // Kyou x Yuki (closed)

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