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Role Play Profile

New and approved profile~!

A Little About Me:

  • Name: Morgan. Captain Morgan (only used by Eros)
  • Age: Why does this matter?
  • Sex: If you can't tell by now, then you really don't need to know.
  • Favorite Words/Phrases: "Not kidnapping! I prefer the term 'Surprise adoption'"; Dumb Duck; Fruit Loop; Numb Nuts
How I Roleplay:

I am pretty semi-literate. I love to RP and I love to have fun with it. But at the same time I like to have something to work with when posting. I don't do one liners and I would like it if I didn't get a one liner in return. I do mostly yuri and straight. I can do yaoi but very rarely do I do them. As for the theme of RPs I'll do, they have to be fun and interesting. After a while of people not posting, however, I do leave. Like I said before, I like to RP and I like to have fun with it. Which mean's I rather not wait forever for someone to post.


  • Eros: The most awesome person ever 8D <3
  • Kikido: My Sister!<3
  • Unidentifiedspeaker: My ES Mom!<3
  • Mokar: My Rp Buddeh!
  • Kiyoa: The most awesomest girl on here!<3
  • Keriko: My ES Daddeh!<3
  • SakuraTheInvincible: My favorite Rp Buddeh!
  • iLove: Awesome person and Roleplayer!
  • Squishy: Amazing friend and person!
  • Vreal_Valiero: Very Funny Friend and a good person
  • SororityFire: A really good Roleplayer!
  • Gimpy0: Really funny buddeh!

Profile done by: Eros

**Written by Eros xD

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