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Updated as of August 15, 2016: My last year of school has started. Will not be posting as frequently, however, I will be replying to a Killer's Paradise ASAP. Sorry for any concerns or set backs. I have crazy ass teachers.

Our Love Is A Nebula.


┼Ten + Seven

┼Wanna Fly Into Infinty?

┼Oct. 7th

┼ Oh bby

┼My Universe

┼My Galaxies

Let's Travel To The Stars And Infinite.


$ ♥ Bound By Magic ♥
+ Romance 1x1?
+ A Killer's Paradise
$ Another Case Of Bad-Assery {REMAKE}
$ Zii • x • Iggy
$ Bri•Yommi
+ Unlikely Couples (BeccaxYommi)
+ A.C.B. OOC
$ Another Case Of Bad-Assery
+ Sweet Sweet Love! •OOC•
$ Parasommy x Yommi♥
$ Pilot Jones ; Pilot Jones
$ •Another Summer Romance•
$ .:{Un}conditional {L}ove:.
$ Yomen's Stories♥
$ A Killer's Paradise
$ Killer's Paradise •OOC•
+ .:.Lucid Dreamers.:.
+ ┼ Bonds ┼

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