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Anime/Manga, Nekos!!! =^^= drawing, books, rain, games, stars, night time
People who think they're above everyone else, country music, pictures that are way too big...
Heavy Metal, j-pop (mostly Vocaloid and anime openings and closings), some alternative (must have screamo haha), some classic (The Beatles), techno
Favorite band:
Black Veil Brides
Relationship wise:
Taken :3
"I'm a weird Vampire Kitty girl! Fear me!" (so copyrighted sukars X3)

Status: Takin one day at a time.

From meh buddy!!

My latest picture.

A very special song to me

Funniest music vid ever!! XD

awsomely-awsomeness friends!! =^^=
Ally_kat94: Showed me the site and got me hooked XD She's also loco O.o
Silva343: Silva-kun Calls me a dork ;p
Sarina342: Sarina-chan
Pathofdaggers: Tyler-kun
Silverwood: Silver-chan Really great to talk to
Gimpy0: Gimpy-kun Funny guy
Freyas: Freyas-kun So random, but sweet ^^
Militia7: Mili-chan Very friendly
Corruption: Don
InkOnPaper: Ink-chan Sweet person
Oshamaru: Oshi Just random
Shadowstorm: Shadow/Brother My brother
Vreal_Valiero: Vreal-kun Makes great poems ^^
Tsu_Kishan_13: Tsu Great little sis.
Ebonwings: Onii-san Meanie Onii-san XP
Jon_the_assassin: Jon Sweet guy
ShadowOfSkills: Skills-chan Deadly and full of epicness >:D
Vulcarr: Vul My Kitsune!
Pockypanda: Pocky She's awsomeness :3
Queen: Rapunzel Calls me Kiddo and is epicness =^^=
MoMoTheDeadly: Momo-chan
Glitch Glich
(span style="font-weight:bold">Wolfram:) Big brother I loves my big brother ^^
IkaitoYagarashi: Kai My wifey and bestest friend in the world!
Lostax: Lo

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