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Role Play Profile

Who are you?

I'm Carlyn.

Why do you have a new profile?

I was banned for asking a stupid question to the webmaster.

Where can you more then likely be found?

In "The Muffin Place" or in my P.M.s

How old are you and whens your birthday?

I'm 17 and my birthday is December 12

Do you still roleplay?


Are you happy on this site?

Nope, I'm just on here for your entertainment.

You dating anyone?

Nope, and unless you're willing to climb to my window on the second story and play guitar hero with me, at three in the morning, you're not going to be the one I'm dating.

Why guitar hero and three in the morning?

That's when I'm usually awake and I enjoy music. I also hope you're smart enough to bring me a monster a long with that.

Yaoi or Yuri?!

I like them both, so it doesn't matter. Stick with what you like to read and I'll stick with what I like to read.

Are you mean?

Yes I'm a bitch. Get over it.

Do you approve of cussing?

Nope because I defiantly, didn't just use it.

Do you believe in love?

Yes I do, because there is a chemical underneath our brain that makes us feel love when we meet the right person and no because you can make the mistake of mistaking love for lust. Loving and lusting after a person are two different things. When you lust though you're going to get hurt. When you love, you're going to get hurt. In the long run, it's best to just stay out of relationships.

Are you taken?

No, I'm not wanting to see any one either.

What kind of role plays do you do?

I'll do pretty much any kind of role play, I like roleplays that have a twist to them. If I don't reply back to a roleplay, it's because something about your post bored me. If you can keep me interested or if you do as my one friend does we can keep it going.

He I.M.s the hell out of my skype, if I don't respond with in twenty minutes of the time we're both obviously on. He's smart and doesn't do it in public.

Do you cyber? 8D

No, I don't cyber. Get your ass off this site and away from me if you're going to try and cyber with me.

Do you belong to any one?

What do you mean? Am I a pet? you belong to some one as a pet?

...actually, yes. I do have an owner.

Family and owners?

My owner is

My kids are as follow

  1. Daughter-
  2. Son-

+ Plants VS Zombies [Open]
+ Fash
+ 1x1 Ew your my room mate! (closed)

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