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I'm supposed to use this space to tell you about myself. It's hard to say everything but...

I'm a senior in high school, I'll be graduating here in a little bit. I have no idea where I'm going to go or what i'm going to do. I think it's funny how i waited my entire life to be "Free" from school and now that it's about to happen I'm scared.
(Enough about my worries)

I'm 18, i still live at home with my parents, I own the worlds smartest cat and i haven't even bothered to name it. I'm listening to Sick Puppies as i write this, and i think I've hit the backspace button about a million times writing these two small paragraphs.

I first got into Rping on forums when a girlfriend of mine (now an ex) showed me. i remember staying up late talking with her bouncing ideas back and forth to come up with my first character. I <3 forums, but threads are the next best thing i suppose.

+ Bring it On, BEAT ME UP!

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