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Hello! Welcome to my page. I am on often and am wanting to try out a few new rps.Mesage me for details.

clicky clicky! Its uber cute!

I have finished a rp in it's entirety!!! Boys Vs. Girls war

This is me.

My Name Is Katie, I am 22

Baking and Pastry is my major in college
I drink on occasion.
I am a lesbian, and one of the nicest people you'll meet.
My comfort food Is Chili
Favorite smells are dark,dark chocolate, rich french roast coffee, Peppermint and Butter.

yes, butter has a distinct smell. Don't believe me? go soften a stick of butter and smell it

A few of my favorite things

If you havent noticed. I LOVE FOOD

Longest post to date: 3265 charecters/614 words

I am Negotiable when it comes to rps, and can comfortably write between 500-1000, pending on what i am given to work with,

+ Fallout style Rp
+ Divergent. A alternate ending. A alternate life.(caution. Spoilers!)
+ Flesh eating creatures <*Blam*> Dead!
+ Welcome to the jungle, We've got fun and games..
+ Have you ever had a song you wanted to rp with? I do.
+ Boys vs. Girls
+ Boys vs. girls war. Reserves for SrRosado

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