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Role Play Profile

I am life, I am death. I am what you can't imagine. I'm Demian Jachter.

No matter what's been done, destiny awaits no one. So come what may, let DJ make your day.

Name: Demian Carvos Jachter.

Rank: Magistrate.

Nicknames: DJ, Dem-Dem, Demi-Demi.

Personal quote: Destiny awaits no one. Least of all oneself.

Eye colour: Green as the clearest emerald.

Fur color: Tigran orange with black stripes and white areas down his torso.

Weaponry: Fists, fangs and claws. A phasic rod along with several fire-arms.

Skills and abilities: Apart from his inborn strength and agility as a Thei'gaaran, he's able to read the intentions of other beings by merely gazing into their eyes..

Don't worry, I won't bite. :3

Appearel: Often found in a tight gray gymnastics outfit when off-duty.

Age: 24.

Gender: Male.

Race: Thei'gaaran.

Orientation: Homosexual, believe it or not, I don't care which.

Currently doing: Attempting to recover...

Relation status: Alone...

Whoever said that I'm harmless because I am cute and cuddly, hm?.

Despite looks, never underestimate any enemy you come across, least of all me >:3.

Full introduction.

Under construction.

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$ A road without end. <closed>
$ The specialist <closed>
$ DJ's music and poetry archive.

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