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Just got a new cell email me if you want to text

Name: Nancy
age: 16
loves:hiking,reading,pokeman,writing,traving,role playing.
favorite bands: Rise against, shine down,senondlehandle
fave color:red
hair color:brown wit blonde
eye color:green,baby blue,hazel
Dating:Dating a guy...Still lookin for that one girl
I use to live new york city but then we moved down here to oregen because me and my big brother was in a car rack he didnt make it i was in the hopsiter bed for three days knock out and when i woke up my world crash once i found out jon my bother didnt make it.A few years later my other big brother tom died of cancer something that was pass down to my sister june she to died afer that i didnt trust anyone for a long time and i still have prombles on trust but when im on here im ok i guess but i still have thoughts of how things could have been.

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