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**Sorry I have not been on everybody, I have been really busy with school and things. BUT I AM BACK NOW! But I won't be on very much. So I am sorry.**

Welcome to a wonderful world of Cha Cha! Yes this is my life, my world, and all about me <3~ If you don't like what you see here, please move along and keep it to yourself. I don't want anyone being dicks, and telling me that this isn't the life for me. Well fuck you all! And come and join me on getting to know... Well me <3~

Well what do you want to know? Do you want to know what I was like when I was 5 years old? Or do you want to know about me now? Well I'm not going to tell you about my past, I'm going to tell you about the me now. I have been throgh hell the past few years, and there aren't many people who understand why. Maybe I do, maybe I don't, all I know is I don't want to be in hell any longer...

No on can call me Cha Cha beside my Emmi Bear! She thought up the nick name, so she OWNS the nick name! She sees any of you stealing it, and she will make your life hell. Well since that is out of the way, moving on. I do have a name, and an age but I don't want to tell you! If you know me you will know both of those. Only my close friends will know who I am, and those who don't, please send me a Private Message and ask me all you want.

Do I have friends? What kind of question is that? Of course I have friends, and they mean the world to me! You all know who you are! Friends are what keep me alive, and keep me here. They are the kind of people who I would do anything for, and they would do anything for me. Sometimes I wonder who my true friends are, but then they show who they are and that is when I know for sure. Who are they? Well I'm not going to sit here and name them all off!

Am I in love? No I'm not! I'm single and I'm staying that way. I'm too young to really be thinking about any of that right now anyway. If I was with someone I wouldn't tell you stalker! But for now I'm staying single and enjoying my life as it is. I'm a freshman in highschool, and I won't be on as much as I want to be, but I will be on still. Just don't hate me cause I have a life outside of ES. I mean who doesn't have a life outside ES?

I'm a simple loving girl, I'm someone who will not deal with anyone's shit! I will stand up for what I bellieve in, and most of all I will stand up for those I love! I will be there for those who need me the most, and I will be someone who will stand alone if I need to. Want to know more? Well sorry your time here has come to an end, but I would like to show you some of my favorite pictures. And maybe you will hear from my friends <3~

Now that you have come and gotten to know me, I would like to ask you to LEAVE NOW BEFORE I SEND MY MONKEY NINJA'S AFTER YOU! Or if that doesn't work I'll send Emmi Bear after you and she'll go all ape shit on yo ass!

My Favorite Pictures <3~

I Will Be Adding More When I Feel Like It!

A Note To My Cha Cha.

Dear Cha Cha,

Hee hee I don't know where to start... Well this girl is someone special to me, she has been there for me when no one else has. She had made me smile countless time, I don't know what I would do without her. She is someone who would do anything for me, and I would do anything for her. There were times where I wanted to just jump in the car and just get to her... I know I'm only 6 hours away, but if she was needing me the most, I will do anything I can to get to her. That's how much I love her, she's not even my blood sister, and I treat her like she is. Cha Cha, I love you so damn much!! Don't forget that.

Love Always,

Emmi Bear.

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