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ATTENTION ALL PEOPLE I'M RPING WITH! Once again I've been piled on with hw tests rl bs and stuff, I will get on as often as I can, but I may not always post simply because I'm not in the right mindset to rp or Have enough time I usually am only on for a few minutes at most at a time.

I prefer
over who's

You say Jonas Brothers,DBSK .
You say Rhianna, I say Hyun-ah.
You say Lady Gaga, I say 2ne1.
You say Taylor Swift, I say Miss A.
Yoy say Soulja Boy, I say Big Bang.
You say Justin Bieber, I say TaeYang.
You say Black Eyed Peas, I say After School.
You say Flowers, I say It Hurts.
92% of to days youth have gone to rap and pop.If you are one of the 8% who appreciate Korean Music , copy and paste this on your rofile<3

Seiously people stop deleting rp's someone else is in without the certisy of at least telling them first, in my opinion thats just plain rude and inconciderate. I understand you sometimes gotta end an rp, but to just plain out delete it and drop off the face of the earth? Its worse than ditching. Some people who have done this are:



and others but these are the only i can think of right now its been a while.


I AM CLEANING OUT MY RPS if you post to one I was in that you haven't posted for a while PM me! But I will NOT delete a rp I started without notice.

Live Love Anime & K Pop

About me

Name: AnnieFannie as Kimmie would call me ahem anyway some thing about me: I love to roleplay, especially fantasy and romance.

I love anime and k pop perticulalty: Hyun ah, 2ne1, Big Bang, Taeyang, Miss A, and After School also note if you rp with me and don't reply after a certine amount of time usually 3 days I will message you, IF you have been online and don't message me AFTER i have messaged you then i will drop you not to be harsh or anything but I'm sick of waiting around for people who don't reply i know you have a busy life but have the curtiesy to at least im me every once in a while so i know you havent forgotten.


if anyone wants there real pic to have a hint of anime I edit anime eyes like the one in my pic, I can make people's eyes look pretty decent so you can have you're hint of anime even in an real pic rp.

Lastely. if you are in my rp or I'm in yours and you don't reply for a while without notice I WILL IM you. If you've been online within the time i've imed you and you haven't replied or posted I will either leave your rp or drop you. No I'm not asking for a full time consuming reply a simple "k" would work just so i know you havent forgoten. And to all you people who say 'oh im busy doesn't mean i haven't forgoten' don't get pissed at me, going a week or more without any notices yet you've been on ALL week yeah i do think i have a right to message you I don't want my time and space on my page wasted by someone who drops the rp. thanks

Longest Post!

(I know kinda Pathetic compeared to some of the other people who post longest posts but IDC!)

Aoi looked around as she walked down the street taking in her surroundings. Another new school, in another new town in another new country. Something Aoi was far to used to. over the years she'd lived in 8 different countries, and knew 5 different languages. She'd become accustomed to moving. "So back in America again I see. I wonder how long we'll stay here this time." She thought aloud as she began to run not wanting to be late.

Aoi ran up to the door at the school and noticed a group of girls walk her way. They stopped and looked at her whispering and giggling. She asumed it was about her. Aoi rolled her eyes and continued walking, people had always mistaken her for a boy. She used to be bothered by this, everywhere she went being called sir. or having girls hit on her. But now she stopped caring what people thought of her, she'd end up having to move every so often anyway so what did their opion matter?

Aoi looked finally approached the school she noticed a bit of a comotion, seeing a boy with jet black hair 'harrassing', as she would put it, a boy with blond hair seeing he obviously didn't want to be bothered. She simply shrugged and walked into the building not paying the matter any more attention.

Once inside the building she began to look around for the princaple's office. "Hey do you know where the princaple's office is?" She asked a girl. The girl giggled at the chance to help her.
"Hehe yep why don't you let me walk you there!"
She asked grabbing onto Aoi's arm pressing her chest against, Aoi's shoulder. Aoi shook her head and imidiatly pulled her hand back. "Um no thank you I don't want to make you late for class you can just tell me" She said really not wanting to be anywhere near this girl. The girl looked disapointed but pointed Aoi in the direction of the Princaple's office.

After meeting with the princaple and getting her schedual she walked down the hall to her first class, English. She opened the door and looked around seeing the room was filled with girls, then looked again and saw the boy from earlier. well at least one person in here won't try to hit on me she thought asuming that the majority of the class would asume she was a boy as usual.

"Ah you must be Mr.Kashi, the new student from Japan"
The teacher said looking directly at her. She nodded looking around for a place to sit.
"Marcus would you take your feet off the desk and make room for our new student?"
the teacher asked, or well told him. Aoi turned her gaze to the boy from earlier before slowly walking over to the desk. Already she could hear the whispers of girls gossiping.

Aoi took her seat and pulled out her note book as she waited for the lesson to begin. She paid no attention to others around her. She had no reason to, she hadn't made any friends, and didn't really intend to. She never went out of her way to make friends. Either people wanted to or didn't she wouldn't force herself on anyone.

Not to long after classes had started she felt a tap on the back of her shoulder before seeing a girl pass a note up to her. She opened the note and read it. Your cute ~ Love Jessica with a heart over the I. Aoi sighed and crumpled up the note and dropped it on the ground.

Rping Info

(#B85CE6 let's see, I can be anywhere from semi lit to literate it all depends on what you give me. My average posting is 1500 charas but I can easily do more you just have to give me something to work with, note that when doing over 1000 my posting speed does slow down. I am not picky with who I rp with as long as you keep the rp going. Also, I like 1x1's and adventure, I do also do Yaoi, I usually am a Uke when I rp Yaoi, I don't do Yuri (at least not that I know of)

Special People

ColourSplash Mah Soul Sister! mess wit her chu die D< and mah k pop bffl XDDD

Kimie Mah other k pop bffl he/she sure is a mystery o.o but I wuv her/him! <3 (I don't know which he/she is so I'll just use /'s for now =D)
hauwd2 Epic Rper!
WilliamTheBloodyLove COOKIE! *noms* xD the ONLY person I have ever rp'd as a straight guy for xD
SpiffyJ: =D aweomsness
lawliettxbubblegum: Mah rl bestie! and spelling nazi! JK about the Nazi but yeah Mah bffl and mess with her and u have to deal with meh! or well bri bri >.>!
Lolitaotaku Cookie Buddy! okay so yeah I know I said cookie is the only one I'll rp as a straight guy for but that is a correction! MAH COOKIE BUDDY AND MAH COOKIE ARE TEH ONLY PEOPLE I'LL RP AS A GUY FOR (unless its yaoi)

READ Help!!!!!!
the U.S.A wants to cancel anime all of us anime lovers need to stick together so copy and paste this as on of your quizzes and edit it by writing your account name.!!!!!!!!
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