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Role Play Profile

Name's Firemaiden. I'm a female college student in Texas (born and raised) whose age and real name are nobody's business. My major is in English with a writing minor, and I enjoy reading, writing, and editing/proofreading/revising. I'm equally creative and technical (editing/revising/proofreading) in the writing world, and I can't stand any piece that has evidence of one aspect but not the other.

My favorite genres are fantasy, science-fiction, supernatural, and comedy or almost any combination of them. Within these genres, and others, I have written poetry, short-stories, and novels (though I lost my novel data in a major computer crash.) Once I earn my degree, I hope to make fantasy and science-fiction writing and editing my career(s)/profession(s) and succeeding in them.

While RPing and writing, I try to have my compositions rather long. Very rarely do I write anything that's short. Given, those are relative terms, but if you want substance in a post, page, or story, mine usually have them. Also, as you might figure, I am a major "grammar Nazi," and I meticulously read over my compositions to find and fix mistakes. However, I also look for content errors (a.k.a. errors in communicating ideas) to help my posts/stories flow.

I can RP/write male or female characters, protagonist or antagonist, though I prefer those who have abilities outside human limits. I also prefer those characters who are more thoughtful and introverted, who analyze situations carefully and don't reveal anything more than necessary. It's fun to watch people guess, especially if being wrong or right surprises and pleases them. It's also fun when they reach their breaking points, especially if they're antagonists, for the complete reversal of personality can be EPIC.

Of course, no character can be perfect, and I detest characters who truly are perfect. Characters need to have a major flaw, preferably more than one, that hinders them. Whether they overcome it or not depends on the story.

Also, I love reading and writing about characters when they're under stressful situations. It's here, where emotions run high, where characters and their developments truly shine, I think. This love does not, however, extend to stories with plots and characters like in Twilight (ick) for stressful situations there are overdone, predictable, and downright irritating.

I generally do not have problems with cussing, slang, or sexual situations. It's only when they're overused, used out of context, or way over the top when it becomes an issue. In other words, when they do not enhance a plot or character, they need to go or the context needs to be changed.

To conclude, I am part of only one RP at the moment, but I have one or two of my own waiting in the wing. I would like to join another RP, but I haven't seen many that have garnered my interests or that are easy to transition into. In addition, I would not mind helping people edit/revise/proofread any of their writings. They just need to ask. However, they must be aware and be considerate of the fact that I have a life outside of Elite Skills and sometimes my time is limited.

Good luck to all aspiring writers out there, and good day.

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