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Status: Just got back from vacation.
Gonna try to get back into the swing
of things on here while also going
back to work. Wish me luck!

Name's Shae
noodle boy
25 years old
central time usa
1x1 roleplayer
"Circuits freeze and androids never dream. You're more than a machine."

+ More than a Machine
+ Detroit: Become Family
+ You Have Me
+ Ends of the Earth
+ For the Dancing and the Dreaming
+ You Can't Take The Sky From Me
+ For Lexic
+ For valkyira
+ In Another Life |Book 2|
+ Ignorance Is Bliss
+ Suffocation Keep
+ Poison & Wine
+ So Much For The Quiet Life
+ In Another Life |Book 1|
+ Ink and Water
+ Where the World Ends
$ The Rich, the Poor, and Robin Hood
+ For Ace77799999
+ Silver Lining
+ Blades and Magic
+ Six Word Memoirs

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