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Role Play Profile

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Get lost, or get crushed!!!!

Name: Dragonfire. Yo, pal :D! I go by many nicknames but call me Dran^_^. Most used on me :P

Age: Age? Ha! my age is of no importance to you, got a problem with that eh?

Gender: Male. Damn right I'm a guy!

Orientation: Not really your buisness, but I'm straight if you must know.

Relation status: Relation?! You don't have a fucknig shit to do with who I am together with or not! So screw it!

Favorite saying: Like me or not, but keep your fucking face out of my buisness! I live my life how I want, you retard!

Watch it, punk! I may normally be a nice guy. But I can also be a real freaking bastard if I'm in the mood >:D

Hey what? I'm just describing myself here :P Anyway, I'm in for the most roleplays there are around, but I also got my limits. I'll fill you in on that once we get to know eachother more, he he >:3

I warn you once, punk. Piss me off one time too much and I'll slowly crush your bones to dust! One by one!

$ School like none other. <closed>
$ Dran's floating citadel

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