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Role Play Profile

I... am a gentleman

Name: Uratan, Ura, or if ya wanna be personal, Trev is fine.
Gender: Male and I stick to male characters
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Animal: Panther
Status: Taken
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 22
Birthday: Nov. 21
Occupation: I work weekends mostly, expect me on late each night however.
Likes: Reading, writing, video games, pokemon, Roleplaying(turn based like d&d as well as post types like here), Music (all except for rap, pop and hip hop)
Dislikes: Rap (retards attempting poetry), pop culture, depressed people thinking they have it the worst and want to kill themselves, when there are starving people out their struggling to just stay alive. How conceded can you be to think you can simply throw something away other people have to fight for every day.
Fear: Tornadoes... and confrontation I guess
Music Interest: Mostly I listen to ReMixes of video games, Orchestra, Trailer Orchestra (basically rock and roll with orchestral instruments instead of guitars.) and of course, the good ol' rock and roll.
Literacy: Always very Literate
Favorite Season: Fall and spring, the crisp cool air always fills me with joy.
Favorite Time of Day: Night, only time i'm up.

I try to novelize my posts. If you don't like detail or generally readable writing than leave me alone :D

Probably my best post

Trent listened with quiet respect as the fellow riders told their tales. His expression never changed through the entire period, taking in the info given to him. It is indeed tragic that the both of them grew with such hostile environements. I truly hope they are ready for what I ask of them. Afterwords they continued to eat for some time in silence, Trent silently thinking further on his next course of action with his friends. Finally he spoke again. "I apoligize to the both of you for having to relive those harsh memories. But I must ask you one more thing. If you are to help me in my task I must know this. How skilled are you with your magics?" It had been roughly 2 or 3 hours since they all arrived, and he assumed they would be rested enough to give him a show. "I'll assume you'll want the same of me, so observe. He clasped his hands together, and quickly opened them, a large sphere of water formed between his outstretched arms, growing in size until it was roughly the size of the tree trunk in diameter. Once it stopped, Trent rotated his palms to face outward and the water seemed to start to boil from the inside, however instead of the bubbles of vapor moving upward, they went to either side towards his hands. The sphere grew smaller and smaller until there was nothing left, and once it dissapeared completely he thrust his arms upward, and a fireball of such intensity ignited above their heads with a bright orange color, the heatwave wilted the very leaves from the apex of the trees. "That is the power I wield. I control the very properties of any and all matter. Surprisingly that is one of the simplest spells I know, and the only fuel is water, I will explain later if you are confused, but now it is your turn Arashi, and then you Dante. I need to see your potential before I request this of you."

Thanatos nodded towards Terra, but he would never understand it. "We truly are different then my friend. I am one with the wind when I am flying, it's almost as if I control the very gusts and thermals that I fly on sometimes. No offense intended of course, Though I spend little time on the earth I can understand the many joy's it can bring, and the protection it provides." He looked over towards Tarento and asked next, "So tell us about yourself friend. Since I first focused my attention on Terra over here I feel it's only fair I ask you next."

My Friends:

She is a bit of a free-spirit, and somewhat of a hypocrite, but what else could be said of a suedo little sister? lol She has a lot of talent though, and she's always welcome to post with me, what else are big brothers for?

Me and her have created my longest running rp ever, over 30 pages and almost at 40. She is one hell of a partner and rolls with any plot twist as if she saw it coming. Also funny as hell, gets me laughing every time we rp.

Another great rp'er. Like beviedev we have been doing an rp together, but a bit more structured, and it's nearly at it's end too. The characters we think of have come together and we almost seem to read each others minds with how we want the plot to turn out, so it works great in the rp.

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