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Role Play Profile

+ The Abandoned child. (1x1 Open)
+ A Band For Eachother.
+ Disallowed Love....*Closed*
+ Forbidden.. *1x1*
+ The Magcian's Apprentice (1x1 Closed*
+ Slave (1x1 :3 Closed*
+ Your Twisted World.
+ Destiny Changes Dosen't it? *Twilight*
+ Slave (1x1 Closed)
+ Higher Stakes *Twilight, Alice*
+ 1x1. Random RP *May a girl join please?*
+ Lost in the World. *Fantasy, Need Female*
+ Fantasy based RP?
+ The only way to to run
+ Umineko no Naku Koro ni, The aftermath...
+ I'm Bored, Somebody join :3
+ The Awoken *Open 1x1*
+ Fate/Stay Night 1x1
+ Black Lagoon *1x1 Action*
+ The End of the world 1x1 *taken*
+ 1x1 Kidnapped!! *Taken*
+ Kiddnapping 1x1
+ Love for a student 1x1
+ Fooly Cooly
+ FLCL! *1x1 RP*

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