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Hey guys just let to you know, there will be times its showing me as online. I am and will reply when I can.

Name: Lindsay Henderson
Age: 18
REAL LIFE relationship- Im engaged
Location: Canada
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Singing, gymnatics, role-playing, writting, reading,
Dislikes: Liars, cheaters, annoying people, people who hate on people for being different.
just got my snakebites done,

Ill do any type of rp
romance, relationships, gay,lesbian, straight, pregnancy, ect

if you have ideas that arent anime message me more than likely ill join you :)

Longest post and my sample post if needed
^ The accident^

Lillith Edwars always dreamed about being a dancer, singer, and actress a triple threat. She was homeschooled up until the 10th grade when she finally convinced her mother to let her go to high school and be with her friends. She was told to make sure she went home on the bus.

After a day of fun and having fun doing good in all her classes and liking them a lot, she met a few really nice boys, and they pressured her into walking home with them, Lillith was very hesitant on going with them, soon after Henry kissed her on the cheek she agreed.

After the last two periods of the day she headed out with them seeing as most of them had the same classes. The boys ran across the street leaving Lillith to cross on her own and alone on the other side looking like and idiot, if Lillith would have known they had to cross the busiest street in town she defiantly would have told them not a chance.

Stuck on the other side of the street the boys yelled to her once the street was clear of cars
"come on Lillit run now"
they yelled, Lillith looked once more and cross when she was half way across the road a swerving and speeding car came rushing towards her unable to stop even for the slighest.

The car struck Lillith full force knocking everything out of her hands, colourful papers flying, her left shoe flying off her foot and her backpack being ripped off her back. The boys ran over to her, the one running to get her father, soon she was taken to the hospital. Tests and x-rays were run, a dislocated right shoulder, broken left arm, broken neck and broken spinal cord, this would leave Lillith paralyzed from the neck down.

Dreams shattered



The wakeing

Two days after the accident that had now left Lillth paralyzed and in a coma, she slowly started to awake, bruises and cuts covered her face and body, the pole already place in her neck followed by a brace. Her mother lay her head sleeping at the bottom of Lilliths bed waiting for her youngest daughter to awake.

Lillith slowly started to awake, the machine breathing for her, she'd most likely never breath on her own again in her life, and all this at age 16, her life and dreams over never to come back from the grave.

Her mother lifted her head tears in her eyes to see Lillith awake, she stood and kiss her forehead. "Baby your awake, do you remember what happened? blink once for yes twince for no" her mother said as Lillith blinked twice, she didn't remember anything.

A few days went by and Lillith learned a bit about what had happened and someone even taught her to talk again her family was thankful for that.

And the therapy sessions begin

Later that day of 6 days of Lillith being in the hospital it was time for her to start some therapy, she'd be new the group

Wakeing that morning the nurse gave her medicine and put her in the wheelchair, rolling down the silent hallway they were the first to arrive in the room, it was empty and she could smell the crisp air, like the room hadn't been used in awhile which was probably true.

"I've gotta go, the others shall be here shortly"
the nurse said, Lillith shy and choking on her words managed to spit out "Please don't leave me here" she felt tears sting her eyes, she didn't wanna be alone ever again, the nurse shook her head and walked out leaving Lillith a lone. Lillith sighed as she waited. 'yay a new personal hell' she thought to herself.

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