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Role Play Profile

Hello Everyone! =)
Name: Hinahime (but you can call me Sunny)
Location: Lala Land, Ca
Status: Taken (Married)
Likes: Video games,reading Manga, Anime, Music, Kittys, making people laugh, meeting new people and loves strawberries(YUM)
Dislikes: Closed minded people, shopping, hates girly stuff

Short Bio:
I am a shy, laid back person. I am a dork and nerd at heart. Gets along with people easily, but people think at times she is weird. I smile hapily at them and will do a little happy dance, cause I wont let people bring me down.I had just joined role playing I love doing this and find it so much fun. I suck at it, hopefully will get better soon. Hope to meet new people and make new friends along the way.

kagamirunner95: My little sister

Live for today, Party like theres no tomorrow. We have one life to live So live each day to the fullest, then the day before that!

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