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Role Play Profile

12/22/10 until 01/07/10 I will be on a vacation with no internet access. I will post as soon as I get back, I hope this is fine.

Name: Kayla
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Favorite things to do: Sing, dance, read, and write.
Relationship status: Single
Favorite exotic animal: White tiger
Favorite domestic animal: Dog
Favorite quote: "Go balls deep or go home."

Example of my literacy:
1,500,000 dollars. She could not beleive it, that was the highest she had ever been sold for, but that only brought more shame onto her. So many people who had wanted her. Sophia looked at the monster, her next owner. SHe could not understand how someone could live with themselves while they owned a slave. She watched as the guard took her shackles and chains off of her. She immediately shoved the guard away and began to rub at her wrists as she brushed her hair out of her face. She glanced up at the man and stood.

As he led her outside the only thing that was going through her mind was what kind of owner was he. She had delt with all of them, nice and rude, but neither one could handle how open minded she was. SHe did not care what consequences were ahead for her. She would say and do anything to show them that she would not be broken.

When he placed the coat over her shoulders and she immediately shrugged it off and walked over it. "I'm a slave, not a charity case." She said rudely as she glanced at him and headed outside. She was not about to have someone feel sorry for her. She needed no sympathy nor empathy.

She glanced back at the horrid place, she had to call home every once and a while. She was happy to get out of that hell hole. There was nothing pleased about it. She had barely gotten fed and she was filthy, they never took care of their slaves. Though she did not mind it. She would not let any of them touch her in order for her to bath, she would not even let them see her naked. She was sickened by the idea and always put up a fight until they let her do things on her own.

She was outside waiting for her owner to come outside. She had no idea which car he called his. He was right it was cold, but she was not even going to give him the slightest satisfaction by showing it though. She held her ground and stood with diginity. It was something she had learned from her mother and that would never change.

She watched as men after men walked out with there prize, treating the many men and woman like they were crap. Pushing them around and ordering them what to do. She held an emotionless face, with no sign of sympathy at all. They could fight it. What sickened her the most was the ravenous men were staring at her like she was some type of meat and she had flicked one of them off. They did not like that and they immediately persued her. Grabbing her by her wrist. "You might want to learn some manners girl." She snarled at her and she raised her knee to his gut. "I will show you manners." She said as she watched the man on the ground curl up.

There was no point in running, she knew that the guards would catch up with her and take her back to her owner. They would even punish her, they did not care about rules at all.

Nine [9]
Sage had been watching this young girls for days now, making sure that all that was of her was true. After carefully contemplating and deciding whether or not this young teenage girl was worthy of wearing and being the next holder of the ancient earth lockett, Sage had finally decided she was.

It was a late night and the whether was a bit bitter outside, though it was not to bad. She was a gaurdian. She knew the young girl would be out with family and so she slipped into there house and pulled the lockett off of her neck gently, she then gently placed the locket acrossed her night stand. She then found a piece of paper and a pen

Dear Arabella,
This locket is very important in what is about to happen. You must not let anyone have it. The fate of the world is in yours hands, along with seven others. Be careful. Very powerful and dangerous things are ahead. You must not give up.

With that she carefully folded the note and wrote Arabella neatly at the top. She then heard someone come in. Sage quickly closed her eyes and began to concentrate and she focus herself being inside the locket. With that her body carefully turned into a vine and wrapped itself around the locket, part of the vine edging its way inside as well. It glowed for a moment and then slowly began to darken.

Arabella had came to her room moments later. She had just gotten back from a family night with her parents. It really was not the best, though she could not quite complain. She then sat on her bed, she could not help but to glance at the common night stand she had seen every night, and then she noticed the necklace and the note. She looked at the lockett carefully and picked it up in her fragile hands, it was a bit warm, as if someone had been wearing it.

She then carefully pulled at the creased not and read over it. This has to be a joke? She thought to herself. She examined the necklace once a again. "It is rather beautiful.." She said as she unclasped the necklace. She placed it around her neck and smiled as the warmness began to fill her body. She lockett once again began to glow, Arabella held it in her hands as she began to look at it. She acted no different, it was as if it was normal for locketts to glow the way they did. She smiled a bit as if it was right for her to wear it. She had no idea where this was taking her, but she knew she had to do something. The serious of the note said so.

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