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My name is Krista, though everyone just calls me Kris.
I am 25 years old.
I am married.
Been Role Playing for 10 years.
I love literate rps.
I hate lima beans....-.-'
I love Yaoi and anime.
I play Yaoi Roleplays.
I usually play an Uke, but I will try Seme.
Let's see....what else is there. Oh yes, I love sexy parties!
I can't say that i have a favorite band, but i do like :
+Thousand Foot Krutch
+Within Temptation
+ Lady Gaga's-Judas- nothing else.
=And theres alot more but i don't want to go throught my MP3 player to put them all down.
When is comes to my personality, I am reserved, though alittle chaotic. Disturbed and calm, loving but hateful, you'll get used to me.
Other then that I love all anime, you know the ones, yes, yes you do.
Oh, and pickels are the shit!
And I swear, if you ask me again.....
You see.....
You know what!
Just don't ask again!
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Left Align:
Been role playing with him for sometime now, literate, knows how to put emotions in his posts, most def. A badass at this.
Left Align:
MINE!! I mean...ugh....Anyways, I have come to adore the game we have played together for this year or so now. I love the fact that he can make the char he plays aggressive but in a very loving style.
ES MATE: drayelya
ES Child(red) : jehutyZOE
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My best post to date!
Char Count: 7211 / Word Count: 1327
Game Thread: Trails of a Forbidden Love V.2
Thread Partner: ChiefEditorLandry

Subaki had sat within the room she was waiting in. She seemed so broken, her expression was nothing short of listless, uncaring. No happiness. Touched her face, as a blushing brides should have been. The loss of her brother, had broken her heart in ways she would never be able to mend without him. It had been a month since his apparent death. Still, she seemed to function alittle more, but only to take ccare of her home. She had been very thankful for Tiger-Lily's attentitiveness, she had bathed with her the first few weeks, to keep Subaki from simply passing out and drowning in the water.Subaki's training, she knew was going horribly, Tiger Lily had tried to train her the best she could, seemingly remaining so gentle with Subaki, She supposed that it was the only reason that Tiger Lily did not treat her as she had her Oniichan. The thought of Kazumas smiling face, sometimes he gave the widest, goofiest smiles that Subaki had ever seen, it made her laugh with tears in her eyes, as she thought of that. And when Subaki had told him he looked like the village idiot when he smiled like that, would Subaki stand up and start running, Kazuma hot on her heels, she knew that he sought to tickel her as he chased her. Subaki had smiled and laughed a bit, just as she had in the memory, it was the first time in a month she gave any real reaction to anything, tears threatened to spill over onto her painted face, but luckily, there was another in the room with her, whom had dapped away the tears and reminded Subaki she wore make-up this day.The memory, she held so preciously in her heart, that inwardly she smiled a bit, but knowing she was about to marry Mushiba, well..that only sought to ruin her smile outwardly as she whispered to herself 'I will be brave, Oniichan.' she nodded before the vail had been cast over her face, it only covered her eyes. Of course, until her husband to be, would pull it up to show his brides face, the scar that was on her face though, as she entered the crowded hall, was seen, even through the make-up, which the women in the room she had been in before, tried to cover up as they were dressing her. She stepped with graceful motions, not making a sound, her head slightly bowed as she held flowers in her hands, which were clasped around the flowers at her waist. Subaki's mind had drifted over memories of her brother, and she felt tears wanting ot come back, but she forced them to remain within. Mushiba had thought the smile he saw, though faint, was for him.She came to stand beside Mushiba, before her vail had been pulled up to show her face to Mushiba, he felt irked that as the smile lightly played on her painted lips, was not directed at him, her eyes did not even meet his own, she was looking passed him, utterly.He kept his calm though, as the priest began to speak, Mushiba, had offered his hand to Subaki, but she seemed so distant and did not take it, he reached further, to take her smaller hand in his own then, finding that Subaki was going to hold things up, if she was not led by him in some ways. The priests words, were so distant that Subaki did not hear any of them, they were just light murmers in her mind, nothing more. 'Kazuma...' she whispered her brothers name lightly. Her attention brought back with Mushibas tightly gripping her hand, to force her to pay attention. She looked at him finaly, she felt worry welling inside of her. But, it was far to late to back out now, it was to late for anything, her reputation was dashed, as was her brothers, she had heard the rumors of it being Kazumas doing that led to this, but she knew better, or, at least she thought she knew far better then she really did.No less, the time of making the marrige to Mushiba came, Subaki, within the corner of her eye, noted a late arrival, the only person she here as family or friend was Tiger Lily - Sempai. Whom had done herself and Subaki a great favor, in having a place reserved for Kazuma's spirit. Subaki, for whatever reason had noticed the late arrival, but did not look to see who it was, thinking that it was yet another for Mushiba, a family member or otherwise. Oh well...Subaki was thankful just to have Tiger Lily here, at least she was not alone. "You many now, kiss the bride." came the priests words, and Subaki found herself hitching a breath, oh was time. She was now going to be Mushiba's wife, there was no escape from it now. Swalllowing hard she watched as Mushiba closed in on her, holding her hand still. She was steeling herself now to become Mushiba's wife, but found that it would not come.The words spoken, but a fimiliar, but unfimilar voice, her eyes opened a bit more. Only to see part of Mushiba's face fall away, while the remainder started to fall at her, her eyes widened a bit, as blood splattered onto her, rolling down her face, wetting her hair, and dying her clothes in fresh woman blood. Subaki did not move though, she watched at the body of the dead Mushiba hit the floor but her head remained raised, why did she feel such comfort in this moment? She did not understand what was happening, not yet anyway.When she looked down fully at Mushibas body, did she see the sandels of another standing before her, her eyes slowly drifting up the form, slowly, at least until she found herself staring into the deep green hues of..."Oni....chan?" she managed to ask before he had taken both of her hands, his rougher, calloused hands holding hers so gently, and then Kazuma's lips met her own, the Priest, standing in horror and awe, as the warrior had taken Mushibas place infront of Subaki, taking her hands, and kissing her, by law, the man was now Subaki's husband. "I guess we'er married now huh?" came that question after his lips left hers, Subaki. Released a breath, but it came cold, literaly, a frosty breath able to be seen from her lips as she released that breath. "Onii-chan?" she asked again, as if in disbelife of him being here now, infront of her, his kiss had heated her lips, she did not know what to make of that, but she only had time to cup her brothers face, her thumbs carressing his cheek and lip lightly, before the air around her seemed to densify, a wind seen slowly whipping up around Kazuma and herself, pulling whatever was pretty light towards them, and having it circle them, Subakis long hair whipped up over her as. The air started to chill a great deal, though she and Kazuma. Were very much warm in the eye of this mini storm."Onii-chan!" she then cried out, wrapping her arms around Kazuma's neck and holding her body close to his, tears slipping down her cheek as the storm died off quicky, showing the embrace to everyone else as Subaki kissed at Kazumas face, she would not release him though, as if letting him go, ment that he would disappear from her forever, that this was her one chance to hold him forever, she kissed over his eyes,his nose cheeks and met his lips again, her blood stained body pressing to his desperatly. " My beloved brother!' she spoke to him when her lips removed from his her hand in his hair. She did not seem to know what had happened when she embraced him in the begining, it did not seem to matter at all to her at this point.

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