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Alright! I have more time now Guise!

Today's Status!:
Silent but Active

You're About To Enter The Hell Site Of Momo!!MUAHAHAHAHAHA!Oh,If You Get Groped It's Not My Problem,You're The One Who Enter My Profile XD

Please Click This If You Wanna See Something Funny!

Gangnam Style!

Sup Dudes!I'm Momo^^ DONT FUCK WITH ME!!!Have A Awesome Day!Later^^

I watched love die way too many times when it deserve to be alive.I don't like it when I'm broke.The Goddess is the one who I adore even though she hates me.I died in the past and not glad to be alive even though I deserve to be alone.I know you do want me hear and I don't care what you want.You can die the same way I did,suffer the pain you cause me and let it kill you.I'll watch you destroy yourself just like you asked and while I'm watching you slowly disappear I'll laugh myself to tears.I like it when I'm in pain but I love it when you feel it.It makes me feel like I'm more of an outcast just like you wanted but I have one thing to say to you before I go.I'll meet you in hell where you belong...

Awesome People Here!!!

The Dudes!^-^

The Chicks!<3

Closest Friends Here XD

About Meh!

ES Status: Engaged
RL Status: Taken
Name:Momo but for some reason, a lot of females stole my name so Momo or Audri will be fine.
Age:I'm over 13 but younger than 19, Take your guess X3
Sexuality:Bi-Sexual(So Curious)
Birthday:March 23,No X3
Nationality:20% Native American, 70% White! The other 10% you have to guess^^Teehee More
Details! Native American, White, British, Italian, Japanese, A Little African-American
Skintone:Tannish-Yellow (I'm very light)
Language I Speak: Spanglish, Italian, Japanese, And English (I don't speak Stupid but I speak Idoit!!! JK!!)
Grade: High School, B-C-D+ I dont get A's for a good reason
Hobbies: Reader, Writer, Photographer, Singer, and Guitarist
Religion: Buddist
Like: Yaoi and Yuri! Don't like it then shut the fuck up!
Dislikes: Straightness and You! JK!!! I LOVE EVERYONE!!!
Favorite Bands: Flyleaf, Mindless Self Indulgence, Pierce the Veil, Kerli, Evanscence, Linkin Park, Falling in Reverse, Innerpartysystem, Asking Alexandria, Paramore, Hollywood Undead, Seether, Bullet for My Valentine, Three Days Grace, DJ Caffeine, Scarlett O'Hara, Vanilla Sky, Eyes Set To Kill, Attack Attack, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Dream Theater, Nickleback, DJ Zitkus, There For Tommorrow, Silverstein, Panice At The Disco, A Day To Remember, Alesana and Armor For Sleep!
Personality:Juvenile Delinquent,Punk Rocker Chick! Love Me
Because You Hate Me XD
Bio:I love my friends and I love making friends. I'm 4'11" but everyone keeps saying I'm so short! I like to read books and write stories.I am a good writer,I love animals of all types.I've never been bit by an animal (except my cat Onyx and insects aren't included).Reading,Writing,the Phone,Computer,and Playground is my life I hang out with my friends that are so "special",goofy,stupid,colorful(like meh!^-^),rude,dumb asses,annoying,noisy,weak,clumy,nerdy.I'm the strongest out of all of them,they call me all different names,like Momo,Bun-Bun,Caramel Apple(because of my blushing)Clumsy,Bully,Colorful-giggles- and many more.They call me Bully is because how I bully the kids in my school,they act tough but they are scared of me-giggles-and the reason why they call me Colorful is because of my language,I can't control the rainbow that spills out of my mouth-giggles- and Im short temped and I love music,if you see me I'll have both earphones in my ears blasting music and im dangerous the cute ones are always dangerous.I'm female-ish lol I act like a tomboy because I have so many guy friends I'm a real friend.I'm not a back stabber,I like to help out my friends when they are down.I can't stand liars,hurtersXP,and heart breaker.I'm a little pervy at times because it's fun to mess with my friends,I am female,I act like a boy,I can't really help it.(p.s. I'm not a cute chubby in my pic I borrowed that shirt from a friend.I'm skinny and I hate it sometimes)

(Stolen from a Friend! He knows it XD)

Death's Lullaby

Shh little child, don't cry a peep
For Death is in the air and its time to sleep
For if you cry and do not dream
Death will come and make you scream
You can not run, you can not hide
No matter what your bound to die
For Death is merciless and cruel at this
As welcoming you into the dark abyss
So hush little child don't say a word
Your death might go unseen or heard

Example of how I write:

She was furious and she hated Gabriel. She violently shoved him off and out of her. "Marce, look--" He began but she cut him off."Just shut up Wolfe. Shut. Up." She said, her voice sharp and cold like ice shards.
She just lost her virginity and was forcefully bond to the one claiming to protect her.
He stood and pulled up his pants, he right side facing her. Guilt lurked behind those beautiful gold eyes. She stood and turned away. 'I have to clean myself up later.' She thought, sighing inwardly. 'I'm sorry Marce. I didn't know.' She heard an echo of a familiar voice whisper in her mind.
She gasped. It was Gabriel's voice. She glanced over her shoulder at him.
"What?" She asked. "I didn't say anything" He responded, buttoning his jeans.
"Nothing..." She murmured, her voice low and soft.
Gabriel nodded slightly and (More's comming, don't worry. I'm not finish)

Katy Perry shot fireworks from her chest which made Usher scream "OMG" so loud that Rihanna became mentally retarded and then walked around saying 'What's My Name.' Well, Willow Smith became so annoyed she threatened to Whip Her Hair at Rihanna if she didn't stop. So Bruno Mars got so mad he threw a grenade at her. But then Ke$ha, defending Willow, said We R Who We R! So they started fighting and everyone backed up, but Eminem came in, saying 'I'm Not Afraid' saving the world, then Nelly woke up and said, "It was just a dream

1: 5 wants to tell you something

3: 7 wants to tell you something

4: Don't worry go to 6

5: No, it's 10 ten that wants to tell you something

6:Leave me alone talk to 9

7: You must be angry, go to 4

8: I just wanted to say... hi! :)

9: This is the last time go to 8

10: Go to 3 for a secret

11: Has anyone seen 2? O.o

You say Jonas Brothers,I say Green Day.
You say Rhianna, I say Linkin Park.
You say Lady Gaga, I say Flyleaf.
You say Taylor Swift, I say Breaking Benjamin.
Yoy say Soulja Boy, I say 3 Doors Down.
You say Justin Bieber, I say Three Days Grace.
You say Black Eyed Peas, I say Fall Out Boy.
You say Flowers, I say Puddle of Mudd.
92% of to days youth have gone to rap and pop.If you are one of the 8% who still listen to real music, copy and paste this on your profile<3

99%of teenagers would cry if they saw Justin Bieber standing on top of a tower about to jump. If you are the 1% sitting there with popcorn and 3Dglasses, screaming "DO A BACKFLIP!", copy and paste this as your status

FAKE FRIENDS: Never ask for food.
TRUE FRIENDS: are the reasons you have no food.
FAKE FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr/Mrs
TRUE FRIENDS: Call your parents DAD/MOM
FAKE FRIENDS: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
TRUE FRIENDS: Would sit next to you saying "Damn ... we're fucked up ... but that shit was fun!"
FAKE FRIENDS: never seen you cry.
TRUE FRIENDS: cry with you
FAKE FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
TRUE FRIENDS: keep your shit so long they forget its yours.
FAKE FRIENDS: know a few things about you.
TRUE FRINDS: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you.
FAKE FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
TRUE FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you.
FAKE FRINDS: Would knock on your front door.
TRUE FRINDS: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME!"
FAKE FRIENDS: Are for a while.
TRUE FRIENDS: Are for life.
FAKE FRIENDS: Will take your drink away when they think you've had enough.
TRUE FRIENDS: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say "Bitch drink the rest of that you know we don't waste shit."
FAKE FRIENDS: will talk shit to the person who talks shit about you.
TRUE FRIENDS: Will knock them the fuck out
FAKE FRIENDS: Will help you move funiture
REAL FRIENDS: Will help you move a body
FAKE FRIENDS: Will read this.
TRUE FRIENDS: Will steal this
If you're true friend...STEAL THIS FUCKING SHIT!!!!

Black : I Want A Relationship
White : I'm Tryna Smash( :
Green : I'm Falling For You( :
Purple : I Miss You </3
...Orange: I Really Like You
Pink : I Love You ♥
Red : I Miss How We Were
Yellow : Kiss Me ?
Blue : Your Sexy
Grey : We need to talk
Brown : I want another chance.


If I missed you just pm me and I'll put you on the list

I love to write,it's my passion.Here's one I wrote:


The way I am,The way I look,The wayI acted is all colorful.People tell me I'm different because I'm colorful.I step out of the crowd and paint a rainbow.I don't stick with a color like Orange,Red,Green,Purple.I use the rainbow,even colors not in the rainbow.Neon colors,vivid colors,even colors that don't seem like colors but with all these colors my heart is clear.It's not Blue,Yelllow,Pink,Voilet it's not even White.Is there a color lighter then White?If it is my heart doesn't have many pieces.There are gun shots,stab wounds,cuts and tears.Pieces are falling off and breaking like glass.You try to sew it,bandage it,tape it even cover it up.But you can still hear the pieces falling and breaking.With every fall there is a scream.With every rip there are tears.With every stab there is a cry for Forgiveness and Help,echoing within me.When I smile I feel like I'm buring inside.Smiles ae just bandages to cover up the burning and bone-crushing pain but yet...I smiles with pain and colors.

Favorite Quotes

Best Friends!

You cry

I cry

You hurt

I hurt

You fight

I fight

You jump off a bridge

I laugh at your fucking ass then get a paddle and save your retarded ass!!! xD

Momo:Mom,can I get a car?Mom:How old are you?

Momo:Mom,can I get a ferret?Mom:How old are you?

Momo:Mom,can I get boyfriend?Mom:How old are you?

Momo:Mom,can I have friends over?Mom:How old are you?

Momo:Mom,can I go to a haunted house?Mom:How old are you?

Momo:Mom,can I jump off a bridge?Mom:Knock yourself out.

Friend:Would you jump off a cliff for me?


Friend:Would you die in a burning building for me?


Friend:Would you drive a car off a bridge for me?

Me:Hell no!

Friend:Would you kill someone for me?

Me:What the hell are you talking about?!We killed him together,now push the damn car so it will go in the lake!

Friend:Same thing next weekend?




Favorite Animes!!!

Murder Princess
Strawberry Panic
High School Of The Dead
Maria Holic
To Loveru
To Motto Ru
Black Butler
Acchi Kocchi
Demon King Daimao
Girls Bravo
Rosiao + Vampire
Vampire Knight

Now That You Have Raped My Profile...GET THE F*** OUT!!! ^^ LOL

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