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Osiris/Osi | Old | Male | Literate Writer

NOTICE: I am a fairly patient person, very understanding to things coming up or just a loss of interest-I will wait around TEN days before messaging someone for a post. If you do not respond I am not going to harp you for writing, I've been doing this far too long to waste my energy trying to get posts from people. If no one posts, or the thread has been dormant, within THIRTY days-the thread is deleted for inactivity without questions or announcements. Period.

Save your posts if you want to keep a record of them, you can use Google Docs, Wordpad, Notepad, etc. to keep all your posts. I will not be holding on to dormant threads unless you have talked to me directly and we have made agreements to pick up the posts at a later date.

I have few that I call friends, but even those few are the most cherished.

The Glorious Ducky



Maki Onyx

Broken Scroll


+ Terradon Prime
+ Steel and Dragon Fire (Closed)
+ Hellbound Hearts (Closed)
+ The Price of Respect
+ The Archons of Death (Closed)
$ Burning the Pages

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