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A simplistic kind of roleplay. Doting on human nature. :D

The beginning, middle, and end of a romance between two people. One works in the small parisian cafe, the other is a customer fit to buy a cappuccino.

I'm just looking for something different from the usual fantastical expiriences or storybook romances. This roleplay will be slow. I want to feel the emotion in every post we make. I want the characters to come alive in their individuality and their relationship with one another. This also gives a bit of freedom on how long it takes for us to post. [this does not mean take a month though. XD]
I see this as being a fairly short roleplay in that sense and I want our characters to be changed in someway or another by the end of it.

I give you full liberty on which character you want to be, who they are. If you want to join, just send me a PM detailing your character as much as you want.

However, I do ask that you provide me with a sample post or a link to your favorite set of posts; I don't mind either way. I also ask for someone willing to stick with me on this, do not join simply because it sounds interesting at the time. Join because you know you'll stick it out till the end.

General rules:
Sexual content is not allowed on this site, thus it will most likely be glazed over if it comes to that point.
I don't see much violence in this...but I suppose that would be allowed.
Cursing is alright.
When creating your character, keep in mind that this is an employee and customer. If you will be the employee, you must be 17 or older. If you will be the customer, you must at least be 15 or older. *if you have any questions about characters, please, please ask me!
We may discuss what kind of pictures should be used.
You may be female or male. I will mold accordingly, I have characters in mind for both. While I see this as a heterosexual roleplay, if you think it'd be nice otherwise, just ask me~

There is no set end I have come up with in my mind, nor should their be one in yours. The end is how we make it to be. It may end in contentment, bitterness, bliss, or indifference.

This is not a first-come, first-served kind of thing. I hope to find someone with an interesting character. >U<

I look forward to hearing from you! :D PM me with any questions or concerns. Thank you~


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[left [pic]]
[font "Tahoma" [size13 [i “M-me!”]
I was clearly hallucinating because in what world would she show up on my doorstep [i now] of all times? Fate snickered in my ear.

[center [i know] why.]
My head swam as I gulped down precious breaths of oxygen after my coughing fit which only put the world into a dizzying spin again. She asked me if I was alright and somewhere in the haze of my mind there was an answer, I was sure. A well, good and solid [b no]. Not at all. No part of this was 'alright'. But my mouth felt like it was filled with lead and the room was spinning like a top and suddenly I… [i we] were horizontal. I... think I made a sound? That was the extent of my knowledge because before I knew it I was being carted into my bedroom and I was safe in sound in bed which I probably should have been the first time I passed on the floor earlier that day. Or was it yesterday? What can I say, I live life on the edge… or something.
[i Carpe diem?] My brain was short-circuiting. Leave a message after the...
[#9d280b “...rry…”] I mumbled, but I think she already left the room because I blinked and I was alone again. Ugh, I felt sweaty, hot, and [b sick], I really hope I didn’t stink. I gave the shirt I pulled off, at some point , a quick sniff test but quickly realized I couldn’t smell a thing according to my heavily congested nose. I swear this woman’s timing…! But god… did it feel nice when she came back into the room and rubbed the cool towel over my flushed skin. I peeked open eyes, I hadn’t realized I closed, and took a quick look at her pink tinged face, her chest rising a falling rather quickly. I hadn’t been that heavy, had I? My eyelids drooped and slid close again and my head lolled to the side enjoying her attention, somewhat dozing, until another cough jolted through me and she jumped up to my dismay. She was speaking again and it seemed to take me ages to tune back into it.
[i “I’ll be back, you'll feel better soon, Adam.”]
[#9d280b “Ky…”] I didn’t want her to go, I didn’t want... My fingers slipped vainly through the air and I let it drop back to the bed. She was already gone.
[right [i Why does she always do that???]]

As usual. Just out of arm’s reach. But her touch burned into my skin hotter than any fever. It’s a miracle I’m meant to look flushed, truly, and if her hand hand lingered a moment further on my chest she might’ve realized how fast my heart was beating. I was conscious, yes, far too self-conscious of where she was putting herself in my life. Too soon, too fast.
Falling too deep.
[center Deeper.]
[right In love.]
[size20 L-love], was it?
I jolted awake by the sound of car blowing its horn somewhere in the distance. I held my breath, my heart fluttering like a frightened hummingbird. I looked around blearily, unsure of how much time passed when I’d last closed my eyes. Kyria… right… she had been here I groaned, the questions were piling. She was nowhere to be found, at least in my bedroom. I suddenly felt shy, imagining her somewhere else in my apartment, making herself comfortable, appraising, and passing judgment on all the things I acquired to gather dust on shelves and tables.
[i “Welcome home...Adam.”]
I shook my head before my mind could wander to helpless fantasies, which I immediately regretted as it felt like the sharpest of knives digging its way into my cerebral cortex. I let out whimper, that echoed back to me and I was [i very] aware of my lonesome. At least my head was clearer and there was a distinct sense of...embarrassment. Oh god, now she had seen me at my worse. She’s never coming back is she? I cradled my face in my hands, letting out the deepest sigh.
Oh my godddd!!
Thank God, I didn’t take my pants off in the midst of the fever! Before I could just about [i die] the crinkle of a paper to my side alerted my attention and I slowly looked it over, afraid of what I might read.
‘If you’re up before I get back, please shower, drink lots of water then get back into bed.
[b No arguing], or I’ll call over Mrs. Sylvia. Be back soon, Kyria.’
The back of my neck prickled and my stomach was starting to do somersaults like a seasoned gymnast. This was... what it feels like to be cared after. It’d been a long while and perhaps before I would have been indignant at being babied like a sick child. I’m twenty-two I can argue as much as I want, alright!? I bit my lip, as my cheeks grew flushed once more. Ah, I seem to have caught a fever again. One that I only seem to catch when she’s around.
[center [i You got me burning up~]]
Heeding her advice, I pushed myself off the bed and made my way to the bathroom. God forbid she gets Sylvia involved. I was drenched with sweat as it seems the medicine she fed me earlier was putting in work to break the fever and I wondered how high it was. Ah, how I’d forgotten how easily I got sick, the stress and malnutrition were kindling and the rain threw the lit match. The soreness between my joints remained even with the hot shower, but I felt a lot better when I was cleaner and smelled better . I pulled on the most comfortable clothes I could find without digging too deeply and exerting the energy I just didn’t have. Sweats and a t-shirt… [i “Be back soon.”]

I pulled off the t-shirt.

What a second date this was turning out to be. I mentally slapped myself. [i Not a date.] Remember…?

[b Warren, right?] A snide thought in the back of my head.

I ran my fingers through my damp hair parting it to the side a little in an attempt to make it more presentable. Not a date at all. I was pulling off the sheets very, very slowly with the [i intent] of changing them when I heard a steady knock on the door. I considered this for a moment and couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Laughter, coughing, whatever it was anymore. My throat hurt like hell and tears pricked my eyes but… don’t tell me she forgot the keys? I made my way to the door with as little movement as possible to suffer the least and opened the door, holding my breath. Lo and behold, Kyria was standing there with her arms full of bags and it seemed the soft knocking came from the tip of her shoe. I couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed or just simply exhausted. Either way I wish I had a camera because her face was priceless.

[#9d280b “You should have asked for the key,”] Or maybe I should have warned her my door self-locked. I chuckled, and coughed realizing how hoarse my voice sounded. Like [i death] actually. I motioned her in and took one cursory glance in the hall to make sure Silvia was nowhere to be seen. It was night time and I was distinctly aware of the passage of time or my lack of understanding exactly how much time has passed. I shivered as a rain-scented breeze drifted in and I let the door shut.
[i “You should be back in bed!”] Well I knew that was coming, I rubbed the back of my head and cleared my throat, my ashamed gaze falling to the ground. Wow, a knee-jerk reaction as though I were a lectured child, but [i whaaat] I didn’t want to disappoint her.
[#9d280b “I was feeling a bit better, just a little sore…”] I mumbled, although at that I grew unsteady and I grasped the countertop to hold myself still.
[i “Adam!”]
[#9d280b “Well I did say a [i bit] …” ]
She started pulling things out of the bags and threatened me once more with Sylvia which was enough to shoo me back into bed. Fine, fine, FINE. Legend says if you say that hag's name three times she’ll manifest physically in your house. Don’t believe me? [i Please don’t try it.]

Sitting up in bed with the pillows firm to my back was strange feeling. I could hear the sounds of her...making [i things]... in [i my] kitchen. Taking… care of me? This certainly must be a dream. Nothing has felt real since Terra threw my world off its axis x-amount of hours ago. Would it be weird...for me to bring up what I had seen? Of course it would be… I highly doubted her friend even told her what had transpired and she probably didn’t expect Kyria to be coming to [i my] place of all places… and to take care of me in my sickness on top of that. Did I care enough to not rat Terra out like that. I wasn't sure if that were the case but rather my own fear of what the answer would be.
[b Who is Warren?]
I sighed and flopped back onto the pillow, my brain twanging in irritation at the sudden movement. It was...all so overwhelming, chaotic; I felt caught up in a story I didn’t seem to belong in.

[i “Dinner is ready~”]
The all too familiar sounding voice broke my depressive reverie. I was a bit embarrassed that scent of the food she brought in was one I was rather accustomed to. Memories of 2 AM treks out into the wilderness for dinner flooded my mind that I tried to block, unsuccessfully, as Kyria placed the buffet of frozen dinners and 3-minute chicken noodle soup in front of me. I stared plainly at it wondering when in the world I ever brought a serving tray before I realized I had been quiet for nearly a minute.
[#9d280b “Thanks…”] It was a grunt, just above a whisper as any louder I was sure my voice would break and send me into another coughing tizzy. I hope it didn’t come across as ungrateful so I cooked up a smile that I hope said the message quite clearly. I was...elated, that she was here, in spite of it all.
[#9d280b “My arms are kinda weak though...”] I cast my gaze to the side, the corner of my lip perking up in a sly smirk as I tried to contain the chuckle. [#9d280b “Dunno if I can feed myself.”] I was just kidding, obviously! But i couldn’t help it, it was my nature to make jokes that people wanted to punch me for. [s Plus I kinda, sort like making her blush.] In the efforts of leaving the soreness to the fever’s doing, I let out a soft laugh that tickled my throat warningly.
[#9d280b “Just kidding…”] I mumbled. [#9d280b “But didn’t have to do all this. I’ll be fine now...I really didn’t want our second date to be something like this. [size10 Let alone the first time you’re in my bedroom…]”] Argh, I said it. Terra’s warnings were lost on my fatigued brain. I really was going to try and forget her. Forget a life with her in it, really I was... but then she went and made me feel all warm and cared after and I… I missed that feeling. I couldn't help but indulge with the vain hope that maybe...just maybe she felt the same. [I Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.]
[#9d280b “Sorry... I’m sick.”]
[right Aren’t I just the saddest, little thing you’ve ever seen?]]]
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[center [#117864 [font "Cambria" “I know the problem,”]]] [center [font "Cambria" I froze. The rim of hot liquid angling dangerously close to tipping over my lips.]] [center [#117864 [font "Cambria" “It’s almost obvious at this point, Ky.”]]] [center [i [font "Cambria" Merde].]][center [font "Cambria" All I could do was stare at him; the wisp of heat coming from this flimsy paper-cup being the only thing separating our gazes across from each other.]] [center [#117864 [font "Cambria" “Why don’t you just out with it?”]]] [center [font "Cambria" Frankly, I’m not sure whether it’ll be bile or Guilt coming ‘out’ at this point; I was never good with confrontations [i [font "Cambria" —owhgeezus, cue embarrassing and horrible childhood flashbacks—]] especially not with him, so I stayed silent, blinking into the sight of liquid chocolate and sipped.]] [center [#117864 [font "Cambria" “I knew it..”]]] [center [font "Cambria" [i Fuck!] Was it chocolate covering my sights? Oh wait no, my eyes are closed, hah, I should just keep ‘em closed, ‘cause, well, I’m about to die when he kills me.]] [center [#117864 [font "Cambria" “’re mad at me for not telling you about my visit, aren’t you?”]]] [center [font "Cambria" Maybe I drank a little too quickly ending with a cough I figured Death gave as a joke; maybe the cough was sudden and loud enough to make our driver jump and swerve ever so slightly, or maybe it’s the [s [font "Cambria" anxiety]] ‘thrill’ of it all making my head sway and my vision blur for a second or two, but one thing’s for sure:]]
[center [font "Cambria" We both suddenly laughed, and he’ll never know that I actually wanted to scream instead.]]

[#117864 [i [font "Cambria" “ Tu vas bien, mon pote? [Are you alright, mate?]”]]] [font "Cambria" He asked the driver, I apologized [since obviously I was the cause to our near-accident. I knew I wanted a way out of this but not [i that] desperately] to which the old chump huffed out a laugh himself as he steadied the vehicle and waved it away.] [b [i [font "Cambria" “Rien de nouveau dans ces rues [Nothin’ new in these streets], but watch not to ruin my seats back there, mademoiselle.”]]] [font "Cambria" My chuckles faded with a nod of apology.] [i [font "Cambria" I’d be more concerned with getting hit by another car or skid into a lightpost with this rain, but y’know I guess leather seats trumps that, or whatever.]] [font "Cambria" Men and their love of cars transcends the ages,] [i [font "Cambria" *eyeroll*]..]

[#C70039 [center [font "Cambria" 【∻∻S∻∻】]]]
[font "Cambria" Steam billowed from within the shower compartment, and I could hear the faint taps on the window above; the downpour outside had come to a soft cease, which made me wonder how long I’d actually been in the shower for after Warren escorted me under an umbrella beaten with rain before going back into the taxi we’d gotten coming from the market, excusing himself for the day since the weather didn’t lighten much of his jetlag.]
[font "Cambria" [#117864 “Ah~ Paris: a city where even the weather wants to wear greys and blacks -as usual- non?”] I smiled as he kissed me on the cheek and patted my head. [#117864 “Next time we’ll have our proper reunion, okay, Ky?”] I nodded and waved at him as he ran back into the safety of the black car, thankful at not having to talk about much besides the quick and short pleasantries. Even if it ruined the day for some, maybe the weather’s on my side today, can it rain everyday if it keeps him at bay for a while? I should’ve slapped the thought for coming too soon when he called out through the window, [#117864 “You’re going to tell me [i [font "Cambria" everything]] when we have our day, Kyria! Oh, and I’d love to try some of your lasagna, so, bring some over next time, yeah?”] My eye twitched. Remember when I mentioned how sharp Warren can be at times? Welp, he just popped my one balloon of Relief at that point; [i [font "Cambria" D-Does he know??]]]

[font "Cambria" Forget the cake,]
[right [i [font "Cambria" The Lasagna was the (real) lie.]]]

[font "Cambria" And how many layers of Lies have piled up already? How many more before it all simply broiled into a hill of mashed truths I had to spew at him? Or my parents? Or, even, [#08088A “.. Adam ..”]]
[font "Cambria" My vision blurred and I wiped it away furiously, forgetting that I had to be gentle with them, before turning the temperature higher, hanging my head low and let the hot-water wrap around me, trying to wash away the memory that took over;]

[center [font "Cambria" ..the one I feared Warren would find out in the first place.]]
[center —]
[size12 [i [font "Droid Serif" “Are you sure about this?”]]]
[size12 [i [font "Droid Serif" “It’ll be fine, you said you’ve never been to these parts of Paris right? Je te montrerai, I’ll show you.”]]]
[center —]
[size12 [right [i [font "Droid Serif" A bottle crashed.]]]]
[size12 [right [i [font "Droid Serif" Fractures of light.]]]]
[size12 [right [i [font "Droid Serif" Darkness, and the smothering scent of smoke and booze.]]]]
[size12 [right [i [font "Droid Serif" “Où diable est-elle?? What did you do to her?!”
More shouting.]]]]

[center —]
[size12 [center [i [font "Droid Serif" Trembling hands lifted my heavy head, and all I could hear were muffled calls of my name,]]]] [size12 [center [i [font "Droid Serif" And the scent of Dior.]]]] [size12 [center [i [font "Droid Serif" “Mon dieu.. Ky, your..!”]]]]
[center —]
[center [b [i [font "Droid Serif" -*CLATTER*]]]]
[font "Cambria" I don’t remember when I’d gotten out of the shower, nor grabbing the eyedrops that are always ready by the sink, but the sound of the bottle hitting the floor and spilling a little got me back into reality real quick. [#08088A “Shit..! Arghh, I’m running out too..”] [i [font "Cambria" Breathe]]. Heh, remember when they said ‘hot showers calm the Soul’? Well, the boiler must’ve broken when the Mind wanted a bath..]
[font "Cambria" My hands trembled when I’d tried to put the damn bottle back upright and I narrowed my eyes into the fogged mirror before me, wiping at it. [i [font "Cambria" Breathe, I’m fine. You’re fine]]. Then.. [#08088A “Why the hell isn’t the mirror clearing?”] Seriously, I’m pretty sure the temp wasn’t set to 'Sauna' — is the steam actually sticking to the bloody surface of this thing?? [i [font "Cambria" Come on..comeon!]] Heartbeats drill into my ears as I practically claw at this smudged reflection. I shut my eyes tight completely, until I calmed my lungs enough to open them and, after a few seconds, it cleared; almost, too much this time, as if.. as if nothing happened. The eyes that bore across from me almost didn’t seem like mine, and I ..]
[font "Cambria" Everything by the sink was scattered this time except for.. that damn bottle; like a beacon, a taunting thing. My hands trembled again as I held it, except in absolute anger this time, and I would’ve thrown it straight at the mirror if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m slightly superstitious, as if I needed to add more bad luck to my track record here in stinkin’ Paris. I scoffed. Enough. I sucked in a breath, tipped my head back, and let the drops seep in. I wonder if the rain would sting as much as this shit… or is it because of the tears? [b [i [font "Cambria" *Inhale. Drip, drip, blink. Exhale.*]]]]
[center —]
[center [i [font "Droid Serif" “.. your eyes..”]]]
[center —]
[#C70039 [center [font "Cambria" 【∻∻S∻∻】]]]

[left [pic]] [font "Cambria" [#08088A “...You’re a [b [font "Cambria" bloody]] idiot.”] I can’t believe this. How the [i [font "Cambria" hell]] didn’t I notice it at all? I hear the door unlock, the clacking of heels as someone entered before it swung closed again. [#08088A “Terra!”] I jumped from the kitchen [which was basically beside the short hallway that lead from the rooms to the entrance], skidding to a stop a foot away from her sitting to take her soaked shoes off by the front door, [#08088A “Terra.. H-How..?”] the devastation gripping my voice. Usually, she’d be asking me questions by my first screaming of her name but, she’s just staring at me silently. Strange. I was too caught up in my 'revelation' to think anything of it; my grip tightened on my phone. [#08088A “I’m an idiot..”] It came out shakier than I intended. She finally said something, [#8A084B “W-What do you mean? Ky?”]]
[#08088A [font "Cambria" “Adam..”]]
[#8A084B [font "Cambria" “Oui??”]]
[#08088A [font "Cambria" “How could..”]]
[#8A084B [font "Cambria" “P-Pardonne??”]]
[font "Cambria" I took in a deep breath, getting close; each step I took towards her, she mirrored a step back, her eyes widening. I held my phone right up at her, pointing, yelling at her as much as to myself because...]

[#08088A [center [font "Cambria" “ HOW DO I NOT HAVE HIS NUMBER???”]]]
[i [b [font "Cambria" Seriously!]]] [font "Cambria" [#08088A “I can’t [i [font "Cambria" believe]] this! I mean, how could I have not notice sooner?? [i [font "Cambria" Whattheactual—]] urghh!”] Shouldn’t it have been the basic thing to already have when people went out together?? I mean, sure, I’m not [i [font "Cambria" great]] at these things but come on! Was it wrong for me to assume I’d already have it saved? [i [font "Cambria" NOPE, NOT WRONG, JUST PLAIN STUPID.]] [#08088A “[i [font "Cambria" Merde]]— I know!!”]]

[font "Cambria" While I rambled on like a monkey pacing back and forth, shaking its head and yapping at itself, Terra’s knees buckled under her and she slid on the door. The noise cut me off and only then did I notice how wide-eyed she was as she took in a few shaky breaths, chuckling for a second. I jumped to her side. [#08088A “T-Ter, you okay??”] Apparently I wasn’t the only one having a bad day [I guess] with how pale she suddenly looked. Or was my [s dramatization] revelation too much? [#8A084B “O-Oui.. mon cher, I’m fine.”] I helped her off the floor and we walked to the kitchen. [#8A084B “Geez, Ky, I wondered if you’d… I mean y’know, witnessed a [b [font "Cambria" murder]] or something, [i [font "Cambria" s'il vous plait- please]] don’t do that again.”] I picked up my towel -having finished showering a few minutes ago then made tea- and continued to dry my hair again. [#08088A “Eheh, really sorry. At this point I wish I’d handle a murder case than [i [font "Cambria" this]] —”]]
[font "Cambria" [#8A084B “You can’t even handle horror movies, who on Earth would make you a detective of the sort?”]]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A “— honestly, Ter! How am I supposed to call Adam if I don’t have his [i [font "Cambria" number]]? Wait- does he even have mine?? D’you know how creepy it’d be for me to have it without him knowing? Let alone just to ask about [i [font "Cambria" when]] our second date is supposed to be —”] [i [font "Cambria" *Thump*]] [#8A084B “Ouch!”] I peeked underneath the towel to see Terra rubbing her head from having hit it on the fridge, most likely reaching for the tupperware of fish and potatoes from this morning’s brunch. I bit back a laugh. [#08088A “You sure you’re al— ?”]]
[#8A084B [font "Cambria" “—A second date??”]]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A “Y-Yeah..?”] Heat flushed my cheeks for a second [s or five]. [#8A084B “Huh..”] She popped her head back into the fridge. That’s it? Alright, not [i [font "Cambria" exactly]] how I thought she’d react, I figured there’d be more.. Idunnoe, screaming or interrogating going on. [i [font "Cambria" Guess she’s tired from classes today.]] I mean the weather’s not helping either, I guess. [#08088A “..Anyways, I mean, our next date [i [font "Cambria" is]] at his place so do you think I should just —” ]]
[font "Cambria" [b [i [font "Cambria" *Thump.*]]] [#8A084B “ Owwurgghh!”] Even I winced at the sound, cocking a brow at her. [#08088A “Seriously, Terra, the fish ain’t worth your head..”] She rubbed the area where no-doubt a bump will form as she plopped the tupperware into the microwave angrily, before sitting down across from me. [i [font "Cambria" [#8A084B “ça n'a pas d'importance [Forget that]]], what d’you mean [i [font "Cambria" ‘at his place’]] ??”] Both brows now rose at her. [#08088A “Y-Yeah, remember I told you about it in the car that day? Before Warren ‘surprised’ me after I came back from going out with Adam the first time?”] [i [font "Cambria" You'd think I'd already be immune to the horribly embarrassing flashbacks of that day but [b *groans*]]]. [#8A084B “ Warren…”] she mused quietly for a second. Geez how hard did she hit her head? [#08088A “Yes, [i [font "Cambria" Warren]], y’know my —”]]
[font "Cambria" [#8A084B “ —F-Forget that! What [i [font "Cambria" exactly]] are you planning to happen at this ‘second date’? Hmmm?”] I bet you, if my face were a volcano it'd have erupted by now. [i [font "Cambria" WHATTHE— ]] [#08088A “Terra- N-NO! I would never - whywouldyoueven— ?!”]]

[font "Cambria"! How could I— I mean, what would I— W-WOULD I???]

[right [font "Cambria" ……….I would [b not] [s [size7 on the second date]].]]

[font "Cambria" [#8A084B “..Pffft,”] [i [font "Cambria" Huh?]] I opened my eyes from mentally hitting my own head against a wall to find Terra laughing, brightly, at me. I would’ve gotten annoyed, if it weren’t for the fact that she seemed more.. like herself than the past 10 minutes. [#8A084B “Haha, huu~ [i [font "Cambria" pardonne moi]], I didn’t mean *ahem* [i [b [font "Cambria" that]]], my dear Ky, just that it seems a bold move to go over on only a [i [font "Cambria" second]] date. Buuttt~”] —damnher’singing’— [#8A084B “since [i [font "Cambria" you]] thought I meant that, does that mean you~”] I shot up, screeching like a monkey again and threw my towel [she’s lucky I'm not a real one or [i [font "Cambria" something else]] would've been flung] at her, she laughed even louder. After an excruciating few minutes of me praying to Mother Mary for forgiveness on such sinful thoughts [s that I wouldn’t have had otherwise ofcourse] and my questioning [i [font "Cambria" whygawdwhyyy]] I was given Terra for a best friend, I heard her take in a long breath before asking, [#8A084B “You.. You must really like him, huh, Kyria?”] I looked at her. She may have been smiling, but something about her eyes, the way she looked at me seemed.. serious. And for some reason, I felt a.. [i [font "Cambria" familiar]] knot in my stomach. My mouth went dry, I was never good with confrontations. [#08088A “ I-I..”]]
[i [b [font "Cambria" — *BeepBeep* — ]]]
[font "Cambria" I took the chance for a good breather when Terra went to tend to her supper. Today’s just been too much I might as well have been on the spinning-teacups ride at Disneyland. [i [font "Cambria" Urgh, I feel like puking.]] [#8A084B “Listen, Ky, don’t think too much on it. You both were probably excited and had a good time together not to think about numbers -although normal people would but I digress—”] I glared at her for that. [#8A084B “ — I mean, at least he took you to that nice little restaurant, h-and that part with the flowers was hilarious, I’m still laughing about how you said his ‘vase’ —”]]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A “— Wait! That’s it!”] She eyed me this time, [#8A084B “What? The vase??”] I shook my head and got up in a hurry, kissing her on the cheek before changing quickly, calling out to her while she ate the rest of her food. [#08088A “Remember to shower so you don’t fall sick -I’ll be back -mmkaybye!”]]

[font "Cambria" Something compelled me not to think twice about it when the lightbulb in my head lit, but, [i [font "Cambria" Yup, I’m an idiot.]] For not having his number in the first place aaannnddd for finding out I was still wearing my cat-printed PJ shorts when I got into a taxi —welp, ‘least my overcoat’s long enough to drape over it. [i [font "Cambria" Gawdhelpme]]— heading towards the only person I knew had been mutual between us in hopes he’d be more helpful on my ever-growing-interest on Monsieur Adam.]

[font "Cambria" The bells on the door chimed with my entrance enough to catch his attention, and I caught his smile growing at the sight of me. [b “[i [font "Cambria"Hola querida!]]”] I beamed back. [#08088A “[i [font "Cambria"Hola, Al.]]”]]

[center [i [b [font "Cambria"【∻THE FOLLOWING DAY∻】]]]]
[center [font "Cambria" [#08088A “H-OhmyLord, [i [font "Cambria" of course]] I’m back here again..”]]]
[font "Cambria" I hope you read that in thick sarcasm because that’s what it sounds like in my head. Standing outside, craning my neck up towards this seemingly innocent apartment building that made my heart feel a kind of ‘flutter’ yet daunting anxiety; what’s it now, the second time I’m here [i [font "Cambria" uninvited]] again?]
[font "Cambria" I can freely blame Monsieur Adam this time; Al was kind enough to pass me Adam’s number —y’know, [b [font "Cambria" after]] picking my brain for some hour and a half on some of the best places in Spain to visit and if I’d have friends that were local [preferably single, tall and of -as he put it- [i [font "Cambria" “your charming gender”]]] who wouldn’t mind showing him around, [i [font "Cambria" of course]]— and he even tried to call him, but the [i [font "Cambria" American garcon]] wouldn’t pick up. He then suggested I try myself, reflexively I rejected ‘cause come on it’d be weird if I suddenly called him and he knows I didn’t have it before, but even weirder if I were to do it [b [font "Cambria" with Al standing right by]]. But he pushed me on and I summed up the courage and-dialed-and-waited-and-bit-my-thumb-anxiously-and-wished-Al-would-stop-eying-me-mischievously-andand[i [font "Cambria" ohgawd… !]]]

[center [font "Cambria" —Aaaannndddd it went to voicemail.]] [center [i [font "Cambria" Of course.]]]
[font "Cambria" I sighed. Honestly, I can just wait for him to call me back, usually if it were a repeating number that miss-called me I’d be curious enough to call back [or is that just me??] —- N-Not like I called him more than necessary, what, maybe 3? 4?? Once with Al, then again ‘cause [b [font "Cambria" Al used my phone]] [with that cheeky grin no less], and the latest was earlier this afternoon on lunch-break at work. He didn’t pick up [i [font "Cambria" any]] of them, and I was bummed for sure, but... something just didn’t feel right either. I’ll pen it as [i [font "Cambria" ‘Woman’s intuition’]] rather than [i [font "Cambria" ‘Creepy unofficial girlf—’]]]
[b [i [font "Cambria" Girlfriend.]]]
[font "Cambria" Tires screeched in the back of my supposedly ‘calm’ bus-mind when I almost finished that thought. That word. That [i [font "Cambria" title]]. Something ‘fluttered’, then faltered. [#08088A “Oh sh...”] but it was too late, the elevators closed with me inside it, ascending along with this all-too-familiar knot in my throat and butterflies [that feel more like frogs right now] until its chime signaled I’d reached the 14th floor before I could even think to throw up in my bag right now.]

[font "Cambria" My hand rose slowly as I eyed his apartment-number as if it were magnified a hundred times, then froze. [#08088A “What am I [i [font "Cambria" doing]]?”] Maybe he didn’t give me his number, or asked for mine, [i [font "Cambria" on purpose?]] Maybe.. it was a ‘kindness’ not to answer any of the calls at the guess it was me in hopes I’d [i [font "Cambria" ‘take the hint’]] as Warren put it once? M-Maybe he just asked me out to see if I was an easy target, h-I mean, there [b [font "Cambria" are]] guys like that]
[i [font "Cambria" -A memory flashed for a second.]]
[font "Cambria" My breath hitched. [i [font "Cambria" Mon dieu.. these frogs.]] It ain’t strange to see a Parisian puking on the side of a building at this hour, is it? [i [font "Cambria" Of course, it isn’t.]]]

[font "Cambria" Just as I caught my mouth, I noticed a pair of sharp eyes in his neighbour’s window, gazing at me before the shutters closed. I blinked. Those peering eyes and my doubtful thoughts made me feel so [i [font "Cambria" small]], it was a strange, new enough feeling that I suddenly asked myself, [i [font "Cambria" D’you regret coming this far then?]] And the answer came out like mental word-vomit:]

[center [i [font "Cambria" Of course… [b [font "Cambria" not]], because we haven’t even gone ‘far’-ther than this!]]]
[font "Cambria" I shook my head with a new resolve, thrust my hand up to knock — before I noticed the doorbell this time, and well, here goes. My eyes and ears twitched at the sound of it, even after I’d rang it twice I noted to just stick to knocking next time. I think I hear feet shuffling from the inside, as I tilted my ear a bit closer to listen, I caught those same eyes next door again. Wait, what was his neighbour’s name again?? I jumped when the door suddenly opened.]

[center [font "Cambria" [#9d280b "!"]]]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A “M-Me!”] [i [font "Cambria" mentalslap]]. [#08088A “Uh— I [i [font "Cambria" mean]],”] Hell what do I ever mean to say when he’s around? Before I could even think of a smooth recovery, Adam’s lungs apparently wanted nothing to do with him from how much he was coughing. [#08088A “W-Woaw now, are you a-alright??”] Reflexively I reached for his arms and held him steady as I could when his body swayed with the fits, it didn’t help much when his footing stumbled on the doorstep and I was suddenly pulled in just as much as he was falling backwards. [#08088A “A-Adam! —[i [font "Cambria" Oof!]] ”]]
[font "Cambria" Strange, could’ve sworn I tilted my body enough to land on the side of him, so why does.. my face feel.. [i [font "Cambria" Hot??]] A groan. I shot my eyes open and found that in fact I'd [i [font "Cambria" landed on him]]. [s Hmm where have I seen this before, [b [font "Cambria" again]]?] Ohshit. I looked up from his chest, noting my own cheeks flooded with heat, but the lingering one from before was different. He groaned again and I was instantly filled with worry. This lingering heat from when I laid on him was [i [font "Cambria" too]] hot. My arms shot to either of his sides and I careened over him for a minute; he looked paler than usual, beads of sweat visible, and his breathing, shallow and strained. [#08088A “Oh no..”] I felt his forehead and bet he could’ve ironed his wrinkled shirt smooth with how damn hot it was. [#08088A “Adam??”] He tried to answer. [#08088A “[i [font "Cambria" Lord]], Adam you’re burning up — we-we gotta get you some help, d’you have any medicines?”] I think he tried to shake his head. [i [font "Cambria" Damn]]. Then I remembered those peering eyes a minute ago, [#08088A “Oh, wait! Your neighbour! S-She can help — that old lady, I’LL —!?”] He pulled my arm back [harder than I thought he even had the strength to in his condition] when I tried to get up for the door, and told me a solid, [b [i [font "Cambria" ‘No’.]]] for whatever his reason was cut short into another coughing-fit, his body swaying to fallback again. I caught his head this time and laid it on my shoulder. He said something, but I couldn’t hear it well with how strained his voice was and.. and how hot his breath was in the crook between my shoulder-blade and neck. I gulped.]

[center [i [font "Cambria" Of course, shit like this would happen.]]]
[font "Cambria" It was like hugging a radiator at this point, his body temp was rising by the minute. I’ve never seen him so [i [font "Cambria" weak]], and it broke something inside me. So somehow, [i [font "Cambria" somehow]] I got him to use whatever strength he had left, with an arm over me for support, to get to his bedroom and laid him on the bed. I didn’t think anything of it when I told him to take off his shirt while I rummaged through his kitchen cupboards for any kind of medicine and [i [font "Cambria" thank God]] there was. I filled a cup with water, took a small towel and a bowl of cool water back to his room. [#08088A “Adam there’s only one p—”] [i [font "Cambria" Geezus]]. I almost spilled the bowl at the sight of his bare chest, [i [font "Cambria" how’d he even manage to get the shirt off anyway??]] Let’s just say, I wasn’t expecting [b [font "Cambria" any]] of this, okay? All I wanted was to know when our bloody second date was supposed to 'officially' be -[i [font "Cambria" FOCUS HERE, KY, THE MAN IS DYING]]. R-Right! I’ve helped take care of sick people before, yeah, this is no different.]
[font "Cambria" I sat by and helped him sit up to drink down the pill, then proceeded to wipe the sweat off his forehead. [i [font "Cambria" Nope, no difference. Just another sick child]]. I shushed him softly, [#08088A “It’s gonna be okay,”] his eyes were still closed and breathing shallow, his chest rising lightly. I wrung the towel, and went from his cheeks.. to his neck.. to his collarbone..]
[font "Cambria" — He coughed and I nearly had a heart attack, jogging me out of [i [font "Cambria" whateverthehell]] trance that was. I got up and straightened myself. [#08088A “Uh— *ahem* R-Right, that’s supposed to be taken with a meal but-but since there wasn’t really much in your fridge, I’m gonna go out to the store and buy some food and more medicine, okay? J-Just stay here, oh—”] [i [font "Cambria" He can barely even walk you idiot, where d’you think he’s goin’?]] [#08088A “Hah-hah, right, I-I mean, don’t worry..”] [i [font "Cambria" Is he even conscious right now?]] I wrung the towel once more before placing it on his forehead and hoped the pills will ease him enough to sleep. I noticed his hair was matted with dry-sweat when I pushed it back. [i [font "Cambria" Poor guy, how long has he been sick?]] I don't think it's even been a week since we last saw each other that day, and yet, it was long -[i [font "Cambria" too]] long enough for me to want to see him again. [i [font "Cambria" But not like this..]] Subconsciously, I brushed his cheek lovingly with my thumb. [#08088A “I’ll be back, you'll feel better soon, Adam.”]]

[font "Cambria" I wrote him a short note that said: [i [font "Cambria" ‘If you’re up before I get back, please shower, drink lots of water then get back into bed. [b [font "Cambria" No arguing]], or I’ll call over Mrs. Sylvia. Be back soon, Kyria.’]] I remembered her in the midst of it all, and from how much he seemed to [b [font "Cambria" not]] want her help at this moment, threatening him like you would tattling on a child sounded like a good idea. I went out the door, wondering how long had I been in Adam’s place for when the night sky and several lit light-posts greeted me outside, and ran towards the closest convenience store. I’m grateful for the chill of the night-air when the touch of his skin and sight of his bare-chest skewered my mind for a minute. [#08088A “[i [font "Cambria" Gawd]], forgive me..”] He’s just another sick child, Ky, no.damn.difference…… I groaned.]

[center [i [font "Cambria" Of [b [font "Cambria" course]], there’s a damn difference.]]]
  :||Kyria E. Sage||: / AMyuzen / 293d 23h 7m 13s
[left [pic]] [font "Tahoma" [size13 Don't say a word? [i Believe me], the last thing I have right now is words.
What was she doing here? Terra knew she was here? I thought it had been strange she had led me to [i this] market in particular for shelter than the several other storefronts we passed along the way. The Fates scoff at me. What, don't believe in your happy little accidents? My ache to see her came back full force as soon as she was within vision, only to be pulled away into the recesses of the alley as Terra answered her phone.


I hovered near her, staring her down, silently demanding the explanation I already had. So, Kyria [i doesn't] know Terra was doing this. I would have been smug seeing through her ruse, but the feeling was cut quite short as soon as static filled the emptiness between Terra and I as the phone switched to speaker. [i “So, you don’t want him to know about Adam either?”]

Affronted at being called by name I had half a mind...

[i “W-What? No! No -ohgosh- the last thing I want is for one to know about the other right now! And don’t you dare tell Warren, Terra, or I’ll kill you!”]

My mind went blank before I could finish that thought. For a moment, the sound of rain pelting the umbrella was the only thing I could fixate on until a clear thought broke through like the cars crashing through the puddles that were forming from the downpour.

Who the fuck is [i Warren]?

According to the way Terra looked at me the hurt must have been plain as day on my face. But it was the last thing I could bring myself to care about. [i She's seeing someone?] The phone call had ended, a mutual exchange between friends, best friends, who probably knew more about the other than they knew of themselves. I could laugh at myself if I remembered how to make faces and sound. Here I was, thinking I had known it all, seen through it all. I was painfully reminded of my condescending attitude towards Terra earlier. Turns out I was the one who didn't know a damn thing.

Surprise. We'd barely met. This wasn't Romeo and Juliet and love doesn't just bloom in a night.
[right Maybe it was for the best so we wouldn't be dead in three days time...]

But before I knew it was swept up in the fantasy. A fantasy that seemed to be ripped clear from out of my grasp as I caught sight of the two holding hands. Picture perfect. I had visions of running through the rain, melodramatic in all my glory, stopping her. [#9d280b "You should be with me not him!"]

And she would look at me, eyes twinkling like the stars, wet with rain or tears I wasn't sure at this point as she wrenched her hand free from [i Warren] and took mine. [i "Yes, a thousand times yes!"]

I've been watching too many french movies and turns out reality just meant I was a loser standing in the rain with the friend of the girl of my imaginings. The pity burned into my back. Terra had known all along and I had walked right into her trap, hadn't I?
[right And you thought you were the one with the upper hand]
[b [size20 What an idiot.]]
I had to leave. Not even a "nice to meet you" or a “good-bye” could find it way out of my mouth as I returned the umbrella and took the opposite direction from the scene that that had played out in front of me. Not to be completely dramatic but it wasn't exactly the BEST meeting.

She was sorry. And [i I so was I.]

The scent of rain against pavement usually comforted me. It fit my bravado as a starving artist. But now it was acrid stench that burned my lungs and accompanied the image of Kyria walking away with some [i man] who I didn’t know because after all, I hardly knew her at all.
What did you expect Adam? A fairytale love story?

[right Boy meets girl.]
[right Boy loses girl.]

Hm. Seems strangely reminiscent. So when do I get her back? This is real life Adam, you don’t always get the girl.

I was soaked to the bone by the time I got back to my apartment. A few other tenants that milled the halls looked at me, disgruntled, as I left watery footprints in my wake. [#9d280b “Il pleut!”] I gasped.
[i “Zut alors!”] Another tenant responded, dripping sarcasm.
I was quite glad to see that Sylvia was nowhere to be seen. She was a bloodhound when it came to both mess and depression, and I wasn’t in the mood to explain away either of those. [i Tu as eu tout ce que tu voulais, alors pourquoi tu fais la gueule?] Because absolutely everything sucks? Because just when I think things are going right in my life, I’m supposed to be a secret that’s kept from another man vying for the same spot in Kyria’s life and vice versa. I [i assume].

At least one good thing came out of the wretched day. I searched my pocket with some difficulty as my jeans were plastered to my body and managed to finish out the manuscript. The ink had run and bled through the pages but for the first time since moving here, trying to jump start my career, I was holding a draft that hadn’t been outright rejected.
And the reason for that…

[center [i “It should be easy to forget about her.”]]
[center [#bfbfbf Forget about her.]]
[center [#f5f5f5 Forget her...]]

The world’s longest groan exited my mouth all the way through my dark apartment, into my room, as I feel face first into my bed. My vocal cords gave out, muffled by the duvet. I was cold, uncomfortable, but serves me right for falling in too deep. Too fast.

[i La doleur excquise.]

One of the first phrases I learned when I first moved here. I had a habit of getting too involved with women out of my league and Lance had affectionately dubbed the phrase upon me, the apprentice under his wing. I think I really understand what he meant.

The next morning hit me like a sack of bricks. I never even realized I had fallen asleep. Somehow, miraculously it had been a dreamless night. Unfortunately, the real nightmare was simply waiting until I returned to consciousness. My throat felt thick and dry at the same time, I swallowed hard eliciting a cough to scrape the lining of my esophagus that made me recoil bodily. Ugh. My hair and clothes were still damp, so naturally...[i “Orange juice and tea.”] My mother’s voice chirped somewhere in the back of my mind. [i “Nip it in the butt before it gets out of hand.”]
Or I could just lay here and die, I thought morbidly. Despite everything I managed to pull myself off the bed and made my way into the kitchen. My ears, nose, every orifice and pore in my body felt congested it seemingly took me ages to get to the sink to pour myself a glass of water. Which in the end didn’t really help and I had used up a lot of energy doing that so I decided to lie down on the cool tile of the kitchen floor. I hoped I didn’t earn myself a fever. The sound of my blood vessels pounded in my ears and my head started to hurt.
Honestly… just what I needed.

@ God: Why?
Also, you suck.
[right Signed,]
[right [font "Segoe Print" Adam], your biggest mistake.]

I must have drifted off to sleep at some point, or I had been smote by God a briefly saw the gates of death, but I was inexplicably awoken by a ringing phone. My phone. I groaned picking myself off the floor. I felt no better, in fact probably a lot worse than before I passed out on the floor. Yup, I was definitely running a fever. I rubbed my shoulder as I followed the sound, finding it on top of liquidated remains of my manuscript. I peered at the caller id.

[#9d280b “Oh, [i je suis baisé].. Ah… [i Allô]?”]
I actually had to hold the phone away from my face with how loud my supervisor was screaming at me.Turns out I completely forgot I had work today. Actually, what time was it exactly? I couldn’t exactly get a good look at the time before Deon spoke the words that really put the cherry on top of this hellish cake my life was.
[i “You’re fired!”]
I wasn’t sure if it was the fever or the panic, but I was sweating like a dog by this point, [i [#9d280b “W-wait, come on Deon give me another chance. I was a mistake! See I’m sick and--”]]
[i “Fired!”] Click. No chance of explaining myself it seemed.
[i [#9d280b “Va te faire foutre…”]] I muttered, swaying slightly as the room spun. It wasn’t a job that I cared much about and it wasn’t the first time I’d been fired, however it was [i exactly] what I needed right now. I took a look at my phone. It seemed I had been passed out on the floor for the better part of the day. It was already evening again of the next day. I had several missed calls from work, a couple of random numbers I didn’t recognize and...home.
I felt a wave of homesickness wash over me. It’d been at least a month since I called my parents. How was I supposed to return the call and admit that I was a failure, as usual?

[center [i “You’re going to be great.”]]

I laughed and coughed. GUH. The sound was horrid. It made me laugh some more and suddenly I couldn’t stop and the world was spinning and my lungs were screaming at me to stop and my vision blurred and I was sure I was about to fall flat on my face again and [i die].

[i sniff]
A foreign sound entered the silence of my room, startling me into quiet, my laughing/coughing fit coming to an abrupt end.
[i sniff, sniff]
I realized it was emanating from me, my stuffed up nose in taking breaths as my chest shuddered and I suddenly realized my vision wasn’t blurred with exhaustion but rather tears.

[center [size15 [b Extra! Extra! Read all about it!:
Big 22 Year Old Baby Cries Because Life Isn’t Going His Way.]]]
[size10 [center ]]
I wiped furiously at my eyes, frustrated, the liquid seeping into the creases of my hands and took in as deep a breath I could without causing a cough, releasing slowly. My bones felt heavy.
Terra was right. I needed to forget her.
As if on cue my eyes met the brightly coloured flowers that adorned my countertop. Right...she was supposed to pick them up..... There [i had] been a second date planned. I had only just realized we had never exchanged phone numbers. Every aspect of our meeting to our “first date” was would be...easy to turn my back on it and never look back. Another event, a tired memory to tell the kids.
I wrapped my hand around the stems and began lifting them out of the dusty vase. I could just throw them away and be done with it. I’d never have to see her again. Just close the book.
The end.
My hand let them fall back into place, making an audible plop that almost sounded like “you idiot”.
God I’m such a writer.
Dramatic and sadomasochistic by nature.
The grating sound of mechanical chimes filled the apartment suddenly and buzzed goosebumps all the way up my arms. God! I HATED the sound of my door ringer. That's why no one I knew ever used it. I really didn't want any stranger seeing me in my current form but hell, several things were not exactly going right so it couldn't hurt my pride anymore than the past twenty-four hours.
Lets just put a cherry on top, shall we?
I tried to smooth down the mess of hair on my head that desperately wanted a comb, a cleared my throat which honestly almost made me throw up.
I unlocked the door and pumped the door handle, [i [#9d280b "!"]] My voice cracked and sent me into a coughing fit that nearly floored me over the [i fever dream] that stood in front of me. In all her glory.
[center Déjà vu, is that you?]]]
  unmei / 350d 8h 38m 4s
[right [pic]] [font "Cambria" There was pause in the mantra as I walked in and sat; did this [i Monsieur Adam]'s appearance slightly surprised me? Sure I could see some darkness under his eyes , his hair could use a [s bit] lot of styling , plus he had the height Honestly, my Kyria's [i est bonne ] so if he didn't fit the bill then it'd be easier to get this over with- but a sudden, [i 'Huh..Mignon [Cute]...'] my subconscious giving a light nod of approval.]
[font "Cambria" —WAITNO, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ATTRACTIVE. I shoo'd the thought away when I realized he was talking. [b "…you certainly must care about her a lot.”] Damn right I do, refocusing my attention on this mission. It was one thing to look nice, another to have a personality to match, I thought, and guessed he was more on the shy-side which absolutely wouldn't match with Ky's —[b "..I don’t think simply because you’re friends with her gives you jurisdiction over her other relationships.”] I blinked. Ohhhoooo so this [i garcon] has francs enough to tell me whether [i [b I]] had the right to [s meddle] PROTECT moi best friend's best interests??? [size10 Completely throwing 'shy' out the window and for some damn reason giving another nod of approval.] My lips parted with a huffed, [#8A084B "H-Excusé moi?"] but he'd cut me off with, [b "—Does she even know you’re here?”]]

[i [right [font "Cambria" . Nope. I don't approve.]]]
[font "Cambria" I wasn't sure whether it was anger or [s guilt] surprise bubbling up in my throat and I bet you could see it on my face, but still I fumbled with an actual response , [#8A084B "O-Of course she does! I-I mean, not [i entirely] -b-but I'll have you know that she's —?"] He silenced me with a finger. [i The nerve!] [size9 and yet I heaved a mental sigh of relief for the distraction] My foot tapped on the floor -out of anger or anxiety, again, I wasn't sure- and I resumed the mantra, [i For Ky, this is what's best - FOR KYRIA I WILL—]]

[center [font "Cambria" —Somehow..end up.. in a café with him…]]
[font "Cambria" Okay, maybe "Dr. Ky" was an ounce correct when she said I had J.T.Syndrome because my focus [i tripped] all over the place when he freaked out all of a sudden and hurriedly fumbled out the door, rambling about some meeting with a devil-woman and how she'd personally sign his ass if he was only to waste her time again, and I -in a spur of confusion- blurted that I'd be able to take him there faster than the train. [i God, why am I so nice?]]
[font "Cambria" .And now here I am, with the same fool whom I was supposed to convince never to see my best friend again, and some lady in a bespoke-suit and an air about her that said, [i "Unless I'm drinking, I mean business"] looking over what Adam mentioned to be 'his work'. Can someone please tell me why I'm still here? I took a sip of my latte; well, the coffee's not so bad [i -For Ky.] Oh, yes, right. Then a whisper out the corner of a menu cut in. I glanced at him, then sighed; this clearly wasn't the time to talk about it and, I [i am] a mannered French, told him it was fine and waited. For whatever reason, I felt sympathetic for him, especially if this lady in front of us was his boss or something. So, fine, I'll behave... and mused on the mantra, once again, looking out the window and noting the greying sky and wondered whether [i they] were already at the market or not.]

[center [font "Cambria" [i ..For Ky's sake.]]]
[center [font "Cambria" [b [i 【∻ALL THE WHILE∻】]]]]
[left [pic]] [center [font "Cambria" [#08088A "..For Pope's sake, Warren, [i hurry up]..!"]]]

[font "Cambria" A boutique store window was the unfortunate victim to his vanity as he ran a hand through his thick hair, tugging on his shirt and jacket as if there was a problem with it; I swear if I wasn't used to some of his 'charm' from the last time we'd seen each other... My eyes rolled when I noticed one of the store workers [i clearly] enjoying her view, and him acting like he doesn't notice it. And to think I was practically choking on my nerves about ‘reuniting’ with this fella; it’s been so long since we last saw each other and yet this idiot’s quirks are still the same. I sighed but felt a smile tugging the ends of my lips, and shook it away. [i Urgh, enoughh.] [#08088A "Mmkay - bye."] He gave a short, [#117864 "Oi! W-Wait!"] as I went on through the archway leading into Marché Bellerose.]

[font "Cambria" [i Wow…] No matter how many times I've been here -usually when shopping for cafe ingredients with Bayard and/or Leopold- it always made me feel excited whenever I walk through the shadows of the archway and the market's light bathing me like a child finally finding a new place to run and hide in; stalls with seemingly endless fruits and fresh vegetables, fresh breads and goodies wafting through the air mingling with that of spiced meats, and their owners busy with orders, hawking all around; I took in a grateful breath. I haven't been here in almost two weeks and practically drooled at the scent of the fresh meat-buns. [i I'm getting 10 all for myself, I swear,] enjoying this second of peace with arms stretching out and loosed a, [#08088A [i "Haaa~”]]]
[font "Cambria" —before it turned into a yelp when my body suddenly lunged forward as if the Lord were to posses me—speaking of which— [i Please God, have the [b cobblestone ground] miss my [b face]] when someone attacked my back with a hug, a loud, [#117864 "KYY~"] ringing in my ears. [#08088A "Whatthe- [i Jeez], Warren!"] Fortunately, being the klutz I am, he'd held me tight enough to stop me from falling completely over. [b Un]fortunately he was also holding me tight enough to have passersby glance and smile our way. My cheeks burned. [i NOPE.] I shoved his arms off -which was a slight struggle seeing as how he was strong enough to lift me off the ground- and glared at him as he laughed.]

[font "Cambria" [#117864 "Aww come now, Ky~ I remember when it was [i you] who couldn't go a day without my [i embrace]."] I cringed at the word, mentally groaning at the memories and will never admit that I actually missed those times because I know this guy will hug me to death like a bear if I did. [i Ohmygawd now I know how a pot of honey felt like with Pooh..] I shuddered. [#08088A "You sure I wasn’t just trying to choke you instead?"] He chuckled, smirking. [#117864 "Orrr were you jealous of that lady in the boutique just now?"] Tell me -gawd- why I'm even with him again? I mean, sure, it was my idea to come here ---[i Ingredients for your -ahem- ddaatteee~] [size8 whythehell did I hear that in Marcus's voice though…]]
[font "Cambria" Then I remembered. [i Ohmygod.. date, the date!] Aaaannndddd as if once this morning wasn't enough, the flashbacks reeled in like a VHS tape in a rewinder before ending it with a focus of my k-ki—[size8 kiss] on Adam's cheek and a promise of a meal. [#08088A ""] AAANNNDDDDD HERE COMES THE SQUABBLING OF A MENTAL BREAKDOWN IN THE FORM OF OMG's, WHY's, AND HAIR-PULLS. [#08088A "Why the [i hell] did I [b do] that!? GAH! Screw that, why the hell did I say I'd cook?? I mean- I can cook, I guess, b-but what should I?"] By now I'd subconsciously gone off on my own, mumbling harsh whispers of self-loathing, and Warren was left with a raised brow in absolute confusion before sprinting off to catch up beside me. [#117864 “Heh, still such a weirdo..”]]

[font "Cambria" I subconsciously bit on the nail of my thumb, wondering what I could cook that wasn't 'too much' for a "second date meal" - Carbonara, maybe? -wait, does Adam have any allergies?? Ohgawd what if I end up poisoning him with dairy if he was lactose-intolerant!? OKAY, SO, NO MILK. How about some sort of barbecue? Americans like that [s a lot], oh but wait does his place even have a grill? What if]
[font "Cambria" — and, like a truck, it hit me. Another [i fact] of the promised date. My feet stopped abruptly, halting Warren as well because our arms were linked [size8 when the heck did that happen??]. [#08088A "[i *inhales*] —[size8 OH.MY.GOD.]"] My cheeks can practically fry an egg right now. [#08088A "[i Owhh monn dieuu...!!]"] I felt the heat of them as I dragged my hands down and mentally screamed. [i His place.. HIS.PLACE. OHMY- [b WHY'D] I—]
[font "Cambria" [#117864 "—Kyria!"] I jumped. Warren's head cocked to the side, eying with worry. [#117864 "[i Ce qui ne va pas avec vous [What the hell's gotten into you]??]"] Okay maybe not ‘worry’ so much as ‘wtf-ery’. His brows raised, expectantly, waiting for an answer. Nooo wayyyy am I ever gonna tell him, I didn't even want to tell Terra (yet) but she caught me anyways. Wait, that's it. [#08088A "Terra! I f-forgot I'd left a.. lasagna baking when I'd left! L-LET ME CALL HER."] I tore my arm away and practically jumped to a random spot near a fruit-stall under its canopy, not too far from Warren 'cause then he'd get even more [s judgemental] suspicious but enough so he couldn't hear what I was gonna say. As good of a bullshitter as Terra is if she’s pressured enough the secrets will blow and bygawd if she tells him about Adam… let’s just say there’ll be a “Mystery Meat Lasagna” one day when Terra goes missing. Hell he (Warren) might’ve even guessed that I’m actually here more for someone else’s sake rather than to meet him. [i He’d be so sad.] I paused, the thought rendering my mind silent with guilt. I looked back at him, a small smile on his face under a black umbrella, waiting for me. And here I am, thinking about someone else and praying these two men never cross paths. [i God.. what am I doing??] Warren can be sharp at times and the thought of him finding about Adam — or worse: [i The incident earlier this year..] My lips pursed.]

[font "Cambria" I dialed, before noticing the sound of a phone ring somewhere in the background, reflexively my head turned toward it but mid-turn I’d caught Warren’s eyes entirely on me and I chuckled nervously, waving at him and pointing to the phone; [#08088A “Damn it Terra, answer already..”] The ringing from earlier now fading into the rest of the white-noise around me, forgotten, and my eyes gazed on the raindrops falling onto an apple and sliding over a patch of browning skin.]

[center [font "Cambria" [i ...When did it start raining?]]]

[center [font "Cambria" [b [i 【∻∻】]]]]
[right [pic]] [font "Cambria" My heart nearly stopped. [#8A084B “Shit..!”] I clawed into my purse and almost dropped my phone when it suddenly rang after we saw Kyria head off by stall a minute ago; it’s a good thing I don’t customise my ringtone or she REALLY would’ve caught me sooner. [i Oh God, did she find out we were watching her?! Ohmygawd does she know what I’m doing?? SHE’S GONNA YELL AT ME AND HATE ME— ] My thoughts caroled like dogs as I pulled on Adam’s shirt, his head tugged away from the corner of the alleyway where we were [s creeping] watching Kyria and [i that guy] after we’d found them in the market. [i Why’s it always an alleyway?] I took in a few breaths before handing over the umbrella and harshly whispered to him, [#8A084B “Don’t.Make.A.Sound.”] then hit the green button; holding back my near-soaked hair from my face, my anxiety, and my guilt.]

[font "Cambria" [#8A084B “ Allo~?”]]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A [i “Hey! How’s it goin’? H-How’s class?”]]]
[font "Cambria" [#8A084B “O-Oui mon cher, it’s fine. Where are you?”]]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A [i “At the market with you-know-who, okay hey, just -uh- in case [b he] calls you and talks about whatever, casually mention saving a lasagna I’d almost burnt at home okay?”]] Instead of relief, I was honestly confused. [#8A084B “A..what? Burnt what? Wh—”]]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A [i “— I just!..”]] She sighed. My brows knotted, she sounded sad.. [#08088A [i “I just didn’t want him to start asking too many questions.. y’know? I mean.. I don’t want him to know about what happened in April, Ter, at least not yet.”]] I felt the anxious knot in my stomach tighten because of what I suddenly thought to do. [i Please don’t hate me..] I turned back to Adam, and tapped on the speaker-phone. [#8A084B “So, you don’t want him to know about Adam either?”]]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A [i “W-What? No! No -ohgosh- the last thing I want is for one to know about the other right now! And don’t you dare tell Warren, Terra, or I’ll kill you!”]]]

[font "Cambria" Initially, yes, I’d meant for this set-up to happen and let the visuals mislead him for itself so that Adam can leave Kyria easily, and for it to go this smoothly even I couldn’t help the feel of accomplishment bubbling in my chest, and what Kyria’d just said over the phone was the quick and simple perfect ending… but I didn’t tap off the speaker-phone quick enough before she ended it with, [#08088A [i “Besides, I’m with Warren right now and it’s been awhile since we were last together. I’ll worry about Monsieur Adam later..”]] My eyes looked up from the phone to Adam’s face, and for a second, I thought I’d felt a flick of pain myself from the expression he had. I tore my eyes from it and turned away, turning off speaker-phone and finishing up with Ky; she told me not to forget the lasagna story and I told her not to worry, [#8A084B “..Everything will be.. fine.”] And ended the call, noting that it wasn’t the only thing to end after this.]

[font "Cambria" [#8A084B “I..”] The hard part’s over, the ‘clean-up’ and to be done with Adam was supposed to be the easy part. But when I looked back at him, everything seemed to match this sudden bad weather. [#8A084B “This is why I told you, to break off with her, I really didn’t want you to find out like this — there-there wasn’t anything between you two anyways, yet, right? So it should be easy.. to-to forget about her. Just, y’know.. ”] Even with the rain, my mouth felt dry with every word. He took a step towards the corner again and I followed, catching a glimpse of Kyria taking the guy’s outstretched hand and walking away together under an umbrella. [#8A084B “She’s got enough to deal with; [i this is for the benefit of you both].”] the last part felt like a desperate wish to qualm this horrid feeling in my throat. [#8A084B “Je suis vraiment désolé…”] And I really was as Adam walked off.]

[font "Cambria" [center And when I’d turned to leave as well, I felt and heard the crunch of something underneath my shoe:]]
[font "Cambria" [center a rotting leftover core of an apple..]]
[tab ]
  :||Kyria E. Sage||: / AMyuzen / 318d 18h 11m 52s
[left [pic]] [center [size13 [font "Tahoma" [i KNOCK KNOCK.]]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “Ngh?”] I blinked heavy eyelids open, unsure if I was still dreaming. Had been dreaming? I felt the soft kiss to my cheek again and my hand instinctively caressed the area, my face turning a lovely shade of crimson. No, that was real. That was deeeee-finitely real as much as I could scarcely believe it.]]

[center [size13 [font "Tahoma" [i KNOCK KNOCK.]]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" I groaned, sliding out of the armchair I had apparently made my bed and cracked all two hundred and six of my twenty-two year old bones like they hadn’t moved in about a century long. I swear I’m dying.]]

[center [size13 [font "Tahoma" [i KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK—]]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “I’m – ow!! - COM-ING.”]]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" Fe. Fi. Fo. Fum. Who DARES awaken the bea-]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “Of course it’s you.”] I opened the door, rubbing my side that I had jammed into the end table in my stumbling gate to the door, only see Sylvia smiling up at me expectantly. Who [i else] was I expecting???]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" Well--]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" Don’t answer that, me.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" Sylvia, the devil herself, stood on tippy toes and looked over my shoulder in the dark corners of my room searching endearingly and not so subtly. “...Bonjour.”]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “She’s not here.”] I rolled my eyes, closing the door a little more to narrow her field of vision even though I TRULY was not hiding her away from the nosy neighbors. At that, Sylvia pouted sympathetically in a way that made embarrassment trickle down my spine like [i boiling] water. “It was the [i first] date. And she’s not that kind of girl!” Uh. OK, OK, I didn’t really know [i what] kind of girl she is, but…seeing as how I’m alone the morning after our date, well, I’ll convince myself it’s the truth. [#9d280b “Look –”]]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" I MEAN – it’s not like I was expecting anything.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" “Good for her then.” Sucks for you though, was the impression I got from Sylvia’s tone. I REALLY WASN’T EXPECTING ANYTHING!! Let alone a kiss... but I choose to leave that part out lest she chain me to the door demanding more details. She is far more meddlesome then even my mother but…I could appreciate it. Kind of.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" “Regardless,” she waved her hand dismissively and stuck her other hand out which I’d only just noticed she had been hiding behind her back. A bag dangled from her wrist “Breakfast. For helping me with dinner.”]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" My disdain for the elder woman quickly dissolved into unrelenting adoration. [#9d280b “Have I told you how much I love you?”]]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" “The way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach.” She cackled.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" I spread the food out on my small kitchen table and propped my laptop on my knees as I dug into the traditional French breakfast, perusing the mass of text that flowed out of my fingertips the night-slash early morning before I passed out. It had been so long since I could sit down and just write, far too long.]]

[center [size13 [font "Tahoma" “Did you not say that was the reason why you came to Paris?”]]]

[i [size13 [font "Tahoma" “Adam are you really sure you want to do this?” I could tell by the way my mother was twisting her sleeve between her fingers that she was nervous beyond belief.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “I’ll be fine.”] I pulled the suitcases out of the trunk of the car and rolled them up to the airport curbside before turning to face my mother who certainly did not look convinced.

[#9d280b “I’ll call you as soon as I get in.”]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" “I should have come with you,” she looked absolutely heartbroken. I could understand, sending one child off into the world was one thing, but sending another was like reopening old wounds. I felt a pang of sadness in my heart imagining my parents eating alone at the kitchen table I ate at with them at for many years. I felt it in my heart that I wouldn’t see them in a long, long time once I stepped through those airport doors.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “Don’t worry about me! I might have gotten into trouble in high school but I’m an adult now.”]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" “You’re eighteen and high school was only three months ago,” she sighed, turning her eyes to the heavens in silent prayer. “You’ll call me every night?”]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “Every night.”] I promised.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" We hugged for a long time after that and then I was really going to be late for flight. I’ll never forget the look on her face as I tossed a gaze over my shoulder. Eyes filled with tears but a smile on her face, a proud smile.]]

[center [size13 [font "Tahoma" “You’re going to be great.”]]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" I blinked my eyes open again. Ah, I must have dozed off. One heart attack filled second later I realized I had at some point put my laptop on my kitchen table and it wasn’t smashed to pieces on the floor. Whew. I reclined back in my chair and breathed out a sigh, exploring my lonesome surroundings with a drowsy gaze. It’s been nearly five years since I’ve come to Paris and I didn’t have much to show for it let alone a proper grasp of the language. My reason for coming…
All of my favorite authors lived, breathed, and died here; it only seemed natural that I do the same. Right?]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" A morbid thought, maybe.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" I can’t help it.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" I’m a writer and Albert Camus is my muse.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" Absurdity is a fine drink of wine. In this purposeless, chaotic universe that I call home it only seemed natural to embrace that wildness. Kyria…fit right into that narrative. A hurricane herself, snatching me up and leaving me breathless.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" God.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" I want to see her.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" I let out a low groan, pressing my palms into my eyes. This is what I get for lacking proper sleep. I should get up before I doze off again an… my gaze caught the time on the clock ticking away over my head as my hands fell away from my eyes.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “Wait…”] That can’t be right. That would only leave me with five minutes to get my shit together, look presentable, and meet Marie with my new manuscript in hand by the top of the next hour. I rubbed my eyes to make sure one more time. [#9d280b “Oh Fuuuu--”]]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" If there was a record for fastest showering time I swear the crown should be given to me. I stuck my keys in my mouth as I fumbled with the comb, dragging it through my hair to at least look a [i little] professional but I quickly realized it was a losing battle and gave up damn near throwing the comb across the bathroom. CURSE YOU GENETICS. But I couldn’t stop there to risk being smited by God as I cursed His name, and I sprinted to grab the stack of papers from the tray of my printer, rifling through them 1…2…3…GOOD. FINE. All in perfect order.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" Pant… Pant… Wheeze.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" Am I really this out of shape?! I swear I have a stitch in my side and I’m [i sore] from sleeping in the armchair. This day is already turning out swell.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" I tucked the papers under my arm and shoved my feet into my sneakers. Alright, just gotta get out the door, take the train to meet her near that market. Should take twenty minutes, tops. I was already pulling out my phone to send her a quick message that I was probably only going to be slightly late BECAUSE OF TRAFFIC OF COURSE when another knock came at my door.]]
[size13 [font "Tahoma" I opened it, forgetting my keys were still in my mouth and was ready to tell Sylvia that now was notthetime! – but unless Sylvia de-aged about 40 years and grew a fashion sense that was not who was on my doorstep.]]

[center [size13 [font "Tahoma" [i "Bonjour, Monsieur Adam, correct? I'm Terra, we need to talk; it's about Kyria."]]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" Kyria? All the adrenaline coursing through my veins seemed to drain right out of my body. The woman looked serious, absolutely terrifyingly so. I didn’t even think to stand aside and let her come in, forgetting for a moment my hurry.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" Is she sick? Injured? Worse?!]]

[i [size13 [font "Tahoma" "You need to stop seeing her."]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" I’m sorry, what? Come again? I swear I heard a pop as the metaphorical needle popped my perfect little bubble. I squinted, tilting my head, leaning back into the chair, deflated, and she repeated her sentiment, grasping that I had not understood it the first time. Nor the second time around, honestly. Stop…seeing her? But – but we had just barely begun! There was no way I could stop [i now.] The source of my inspiration…I could feel it slipping from my fingertips as the gates to the extraordinary world slowly shut in my face.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [i [#9d280b “I can see you feel very strongly about this as her roommate—.”]] Best friend. I could hear the echoes of the car beeps that interrupted our first official meeting at my apartment. Ah, other than me slamming the door in Kyria's face. Water under the bridge...lets file that under the other stupid shit you do around pretty girls, shall we Adam? [#9d280b “Right…seeing as how you came to visit me personally and all…you certainly must care about her a lot.”] I thumbed my chin, a little afraid to ask the important questions straight up.
[i [#9d280b “Forgive me if I sound rude but…I don’t think simply because you’re friends with her gives you jurisdiction over her other relationships.” ]] I swear I’m not trying to be rude at all. And my voice might sound calm and steady as a rock but inside I’m absolutely losing it. [i [#9d280b “…Does she even know you’re here?”]] Well…!– she can’t answer that, probably because the answer is “no.” My phone vibrated and I held up a finger apologetically, pausing this absolutely traumatic conversation, to read the message.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [i [b “I’m waiting.”]]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b “OH SHI—”] My worrying about Kyria’s well-being completely knocked every other important thought in my head. [i [#9d280b “Terra, was it? I really apologize but –”]] I jumped to my feet. [i [#9d280b “Can we continue this conversation walking because I actually have a very important meeting to attend to and Iamverylate--!!”]] This was probably not the best first impression on a friend of the girl that I’m trying to [s marry] date, but I had about a million and one things racing through my mind right now and logic was having a very difficult time trying to fit in.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" And that is how I ended up in a small café seated next to Kyria’s best friend across from the woman who held my future in her hands. As the older woman rifled through my manuscript I covered my face with the menu and spoke out the side of my mouth to the blonde.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [#9d280b [i “I’m really sorry.”]] I was not mentally here for a lecture about my relationship status with the lovely Kyria by a stranger whom I just met on one of the most important days of my life. But it…was Kyria’s friend which means I have to play nice.]]

[right [i If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends…]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" “Hmm…” I shook the hit nineties girl power pop song out of my head as Marie put down the stack of papers and slid her glasses off. She tapped a red painted finger nail on the lip of her mug and stared me down for what seemed like an eternity.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [i “Bien joué.”]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" Dazed I was back on the street with Terra gripping my manuscript in hand. She said…it was good. Marie left with a curt lecture about being on time and expecting the rest of an outline for chapter one on her desk by this weekend.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" “I think this one is a keeper, Adam.”]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [i [#9d280b “A keeper…”]] I breathed, knuckles white with how tight I was gripping the paper. “A KEEPER!!” I threw the papers into the air with a deep laugh never feeling as free as I did until now. I was already thinking of what I would buy with my first million as I watched the papers float to the ground until I remembered that reality was a thing and follies and fancies of the future were still so far from my reach. I nearly forgot about Terra and quickly scrambled to pick up the papers that, thinking back a few second probably looked pretty strange to anyone who didn’t know what was going on. My cheeks burned. God first impressions whom? She probably thinks I’m mental. As if on cue, to seal the deal and take away my few moments of glorified peace, the dark clouds over head decided enough was enough and dumped water upon the streets of Paris.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" I couldn’t have a moment’s rest, could I?]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" The two of us took shelter under the archway that shadowed the entrance of Marché Bellerose, a market that I’ve been to once before and also painfully reminded me of my extraordinary empty refrigerator. I thank my blessings every day for Sylvia keeping me alive. I pushed my fingers back through my hair leaving wavy wet tracks in their wake and gave a deep sigh. From an extreme high to an extreme low, my blood pressure must be loving me.]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [i [#9d280b “I’m sorry for dragging you all over Paris I just… couldn’t miss this meeting as you might imagine,”]] remembering the way I reacted at the end of it put another flaming blush on my cheeks. [i [#9d280b “But I would like to hear you out properly about Kyria…”]]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" [i [#9d280b “I like her a lot,”]] which was weird to confess to her best friend and not to her directly but c’est la vie. [i [#9d280b “And I think she likes me too. So I’m sorry but I see nothing wrong with that.”]]]]

[size13 [font "Tahoma" Or maybe I just know nothing at all.]]
  unmei / 1y 37d 8h 48m 20s
[right [pic]] [center [font "Cambria" [#8A084B "..It's just too [i unfair]!"]]]
[font "Cambria" At first, I was initially [i [font "Cambria" exaltée [elated]]] and bit back my need to squeal catching such a never-before-caught scene of my helpless best friend -but that's when it sunk in: [i [font "Cambria" Why didn't I know about this?]] My glee deflated into skepticism the same way I'd question the quality of a Zara handbag.]
[font "Cambria" Now, I honestly can't decide which takes the top spot; [b [font "Cambria" One:]] Madam [i [font "Cambria" Riche Caniche]] not showing up for class -leaving me wonderfully dressed yet with [b [font "Cambria" no]] occasion to show it off. [b [font "Cambria" Two:]] That [i [font "Cambria" bâtard]] arriving at our apartment unannounced and [b [font "Cambria" stealing]] my keys -leaving me to walk all the way over to the café. Or! [b [font "Cambria" Three:]] My darling~ who tolerates my complaints about school and relationships as much as I do about her work and family. My best friend~ who I've known since our Mothers got acquainted at an event -what- 6-7 years ago? And whom I love more -or less- than all the brands in the world combined... My [u [font "Cambria" stupid]] Kyria [b [font "Cambria" not]] telling me that she is da.. [i [font "Cambria" dat]]..- [#8A084B "[i [font "Cambria" Urghh,]] I can't even think it.."] [i [font "Cambria" -Seeing]] someone; leaving me stunned [u [font "Cambria" stupid]] behind this corner with scraps of [i [font "Cambria" garbage]] around my Gucci shoes from the trashcan having fallen either by my feet tripping over or MY JAW DROPPING onto it at witnessing her ki.. kiiiseuu- [#8A084B "[i [font "Cambria" Arghh!]] I don't even want to [b [font "Cambria" say]] it! [i [font "Cambria" Encore moins admettre à ce! [Let alone acknowledge it]!]] "] It's pretty clear number 3 is the source; between grunting off a banana peel on my shoe and emotional frustrations in this forsaken corner then, I paused, blinking in realization.]
[center [i [font "Cambria" [#8A084B "Attends un peu [Wait a sec].. Pourquoi est-ce si calme [Why's it so quiet]...??"]]]]
[font "Cambria" I popped my head carefully from the corner, blowing off an annoying, [u [font "Cambria" stupid]] strand of blonde that escaped from my -now undone- pink hairband, and was met with an abandoned alleyway —save for an absolutely [s over]wonderfullydressed and [u [font "Cambria" stupid]] blonde French-girl who's now wondering why the hell- [#8A084B "-Am I [i [font "Cambria" still]] standing in this [u [font "Cambria" stupid]] corner like some peeping Tom for!?"] [i [font "Cambria" Technically, I was b-but no, I was merely [b investigating] what [or apparently [b who]] inallofParis has gotten my [u [font "Cambria" stupid]] Kyria this way.]] Then, another realization: [i [font "Cambria" what]] 'way'?]
[font "Cambria" What was it she called it? [i [font "Cambria" 'J.T.Syndrome']]? So stated by "Dr. Ky" in mock-glasses whenever I'd "jump to conclusions" —[i [font "Cambria" Which I am not!]] I mean I SAW them kissing with my own eyes! [i [font "Cambria" I mean, technically this far-corner doesn't provide the most accurate of views but.]] A-And also she's never mentioned any sort of Relationship-budding occurring, at least, I don't remember any? T-That's right! [b [font "Cambria" Who is]] this stranger she's keeping from me?? [i [font "Cambria" I do not have stupid [s [font "Cambria" [how many times have I mused that damn word already??]]] 'Jack Tripper Syndrome' I swear, I'm just.. concerned! I..]]] [right [font "Cambria" .Enough.]]
[font "Cambria" I retied my hairband, brushed off my outfit, swung my purse on my shoulder again, sidestepped all the disgusting scraps, heading straight for the backdoor and decided she probably didn't have the chance, so, I'll give her one to explain. [i [font "Cambria" [#8A084B "If anyone's 'jumping' it'll be her if she doesn't tell me.."]]] I whispered before knocking and called out. [#8A084B "Oh Ky~ I—"]]
[font "Cambria" —Am silenced when met with 5 sets of eyes as I entered, and I'm not too sure whether they're staring at me.. or what was apparently stuck on my heel from just now. I overheard Bayard whisper, "Uhh, Is that.. a banana peel??"]
[center [i [font "Cambria" ..Ce fut une journée stupide.]]]
[center [b [font "Cambria" 【∻∻∻】]]]
[left [pic]] [font "Cambria" [i "Ah, vraiment [Is that so]?"] Leopold had asked with a light nod. Marcus was about to say something -a cheeky remark most likely- before the sound of rapid knocking and the swing of the backdoor yet again stealing our attention revealing Terra, afore fixating it on what Bayard first noticed, making me forget something. And -of course- Marcus was also the first to howl out with laughter. [i "Hahaha! I-It must.. be the 'latest accessory' these days -haha, no?"] The idiot uselessly tried to stifle chuckles behind a hand, and the fact that Marcus has an [b infectious] laugh [seriously, it's a mix of snorts and chortles, likewtfisitsometimes?] leading to everyone else holding in theirs the best they could. And I -of course- being her best friend [b failed], laughter slipping from my bitten lips when Terra -flushed cheeks- tried to wiggle the thing off her heel. [#08088A "T-Terra? Haha! Sweets, h-what are you [i doing] here? I thought you had class?"] She got the banana peel off with a final grunting kick -[and she thinks [i I'm] the funny one]- then squarely pointed a pink-polished finger at me, I felt my eyes crossing looking at it. [#8A084B "And what were [i you] doing?"] Henh? Did I miss something? Actually I do feel like I'm forgetting something. She came close enough for me to smell the Dior perfume she'd usually spray for luck, whispering, [font "Cambria" [#8A084B [i "..En dehors par l'allée [By the alley]..]]]"]

[center [font "Cambria" I felt my heart drop and my expression freeze.]]
[font "Cambria" [i Shit.] Honestly I wasn't even sure if I was breathing. No, this isn't one of those 'poetic sensations' of time slowing down, I sort of feel that tightness and a building fire in my lungs at this moment of my breath [i literally] stunned in my throat. Question now is: [i [font "Cambria" should I just stay this way and be done with Life thus never have to answer any upcoming embarrassing questions I [b know] Terra's gonna ask -OR, have her embarrassing questions suffocate me instead so at least one person will know that my dying words might be, "Tell mum and dad I luv'em, giveaway all my clothes, and bury me by Frank Sinatra's grave." ?]]]
[font "Cambria" While I was contemplating sudden death, both Terra and Leopold had been calling out my name, his hand waving in front of my spaced-out eyes. Marcus came into view, head tilting, before commenting with a smirk. [i "Whatever you did, you [b must] teach me -ow!"] Bayard smacked him on the head and I thanked him silently, still mentally writing my will. [i It's fine this way, I'll just be Café Montmarte's new mannequin by the window, y'know, holding a tray of treats]. That is, until I [i really] felt my veins tightening and lungs shriveling from lack of oxygen. [i Damn.. and I would've made a good mannequin too.] Time clicked on again and I felt my body shake slightly as I gasped in air like a goldfish that was taken out of its tank for more than 2 minutes, scaring the others a step back. [#08088A "L-Look.."] I breathed, halfheartedly chuckling trying to think of how to just disappear right now. [#08088A "I-I'm just—"]]
[font "Cambria" [#117864 "—surprised I'm here?"] That's when it hit me. [i Oh my God...] It wasn't that I'd had to send off Adam back so suddenly, nor the lingering embarrassment of what lead to a second date, or even the stunning fact that Terra [b saw] it ensue, but what had [b lead] me to those happenings; what -or actually- [b [i who]] I'd forgotten in all of this hoopla. [i It can't be..]]

[font "Cambria" I slowly turned my head to make sure I wasn't hearing things because, hey, it's been one hell of a [i 'wonderful'] day so why not add a hallucination? Nope, our eyes locked and his brows lifted curtly along with that same smile you can't help but feel it always a teasing one. I could almost hear him saying, [i No, you ain't dreamin', Ky. Yes, I [u am] here.] And this time, my heart began a slow descend into my stomach for reasons only Terra knew; it's funny, not even 3 minutes ago I'd thought about doing an elaborate scheme to erase her memories -specifically of Adam and I- but now I'm thanking the Lord for blessing me with a quick-thinking bestmate when she sensed the rising tension [at least from my part] sooner than before the rest of the cafe crew could catch on and broke the silence by clearing her throat. [#8A084B "Well! Not to trouble you any longer Leopold, but it has been a long day for Kyria and I - what with her helping me out earlier just now, oui Kyria?"] I blinked Time into motion again, nodding. Marcus made a comment about what I was [i really] doing earlier but got no further than [i "Da-"] [as in 'date'] before Terra's heel "kindly" stomped on his foot, leaving him hopping and howling in pain this time rather than laughter like before. He cussed before hobbling into the bathroom to check the damage. I chuckled before noticing her wink at me. She really debunked my thoughts on erasing her memories at all with that. [#8A084B "-right so! We'll be going now, haha! AU REVOIR!"] Before anyone -including myself- could really say anymore, Terra grabbed my wrist and pulled me along, swiped her keys from [i his] jacket-pocket and all I heard was a fading, [#117864 "O-Oy! Hold on a sec-! Wha-?!"] and then the ring of the cafe's chimes with our exit through the front, until I found myself seated in her car and the quick hum of the engine as we sped off.]
[font "Cambria" [#08088A "Have I told you how much I love you yet, Terra?"] She giggled before it turned into a cheeky grin. [#8A084B "Nope, but that's okay, because [i [font "Cambria" tu vas me dire tout ce qui s'est passé dans par stupide allée [you're gonna tell me what happened in that stupid alley instead]].."]]]

[center [font "Cambria" I'm really starting to question whether it really has been a [i "Wonderful"] day or not...]]
[center [b [font "Cambria" 【∻NEXT DAY∻】]]]
[font "Cambria" I woke up the next day unsure of whether yesterday really happened, or, at least about how it all happened. And as I was pouring hot water into my tea-mug, watching the bag of Chamomile bleed into a honey tone the same as Adam's eyes and remembering all.the.embarrassing.shit.I'd.done.[i ohmygawd]. I almost scald myself if it wasn't for my swan-like grace of freaking out and swiping a towel to quickly absorb the light spillage. [#08088A "....And a 'good morning' to me."] I sighed, then I caught-sight of a note on the counter in Terra's neat handwriting that read: [i [font "Cambria" 'Salut mon cher, I've gone out for an early class, not sure when I'll be done. Have a good day off today, enjoy the market with Warren and remember I love you!']] I paused... rereading that second to last part. [#08088A "...Market with.... shit!"] Then I noticed she'd written a bit more on the bottom. [i [font "Cambria" 'P.S. Bring me back some apples and bonbons please, merci!']] I groaned, then wondered if they sell poisoned apples ...]

[center [b [font "Cambria" 【∻MEANWHILE∻】]]]
[center [font "Cambria" [#8A084B "I'm doing this for her, I'm doing this for her."]]]
[font "Cambria" I repeated it over and over to calm my nerves as if it were a mantra to quell the hidden guilt I know will come for even thinking of doing this.... let alone [b actually] doing it! My palms rub each other anxiously as the elevator rose and my mind flashing back to the first time I'd come here with her; it was easy to remember because it wasn't too far from the town-center and there was a boutique I liked not a mile away. The only thing is that, sure, I remembered the apartment and her mentioning which floor he lived on but not which [b unit]. [#8A084B "What the hell am I doing!? This isn't right, I-I shouldn't do this.."] My eyes never left the row of floor-numbers as they lit up with each ascension.. along with my slight anxiety. I told myself to be firm and that what I'm doing is what's best. This is no time for second-guessing, you've done this before Terra so! Then a quick flash of my best friend's smiling face as she told me about her date. I shook my head vigorously. [i It's what's best! Yes... Best for who?] [#8A084B "For Kyria of course!"] The elevator sounded as I said it and I was met with an old woman holding a basket of -assumed- dirty laundry, we stared at each other before the elevator doors began to shut and I realized I was at my floor. [#8A084B "Oh-haha! I'm so sorry, here."] She laughed it off and got in while I out. "It's alright dear, but -uh- just curious," She placed a foot between the doors before they could shut again. "did you say [i 'Kyria'] or are my old ears getting worse? Haha.." When I'd said yes, her eyes twinkled. "Oh! That lovely girl of Adam's, no?" My eye twitched slightly before smiling. [#8A084B "Please, can you tell me which unit Monsieur Adam stays in?"] She told me and I thanked her, we bid adieu, and made way again. But the old woman's final comment rang in my ears and brought my doubts to a more apparent height. [i "He rushed past me so quickly I didn't get to pester him on what happened hahah, but they looked so sweet together -oh and he came back with the biggest smile! He tried to hide it from me but ah, well, boys y'know? Oh~ young love."]]

[font "Cambria" [i Young love..] I bit my lip, eying the unit number before breathing in and swallowing my doubts. [i It's best for Ky. For Ky. Yes, for Kyria!] I knocked and after several minutes, the door cracked open and I met the fool whose heart I'm about to break. [#8A084B "Bonjour, Monsieur Adam, correct? I'm Terra, we need to talk; it's about Kyria."] He looked confused and eventually I was invited inside. I didn't want my nerves to get to me again, so I got right to it when we sat down.]

[center [font "Cambria" [#8A084B "You need to stop seeing her."]]]
  :||Kyria E. Sage||: / AMyuzen / 1y 74d 20h 46m 44s
[left [pic]] [size13 [font "Tahoma" Okay, so maybe there were a few bumps in the road – bumps that had me go [u flying through the windshield of a car], or at least it felt like that! Or some such morbid thought. Well...!! Not really the HORRIBLY [i PAINFUL] part, but the momentary feeling of weightlessness is what stuck with me, I think…

I’m praying that this will not end up with either of us making a skid mark on the ground, face first – [i buuuut] as far as I was concerned…

[center *:・゚✧ I’m having a lot of freakin’ fun here! ✧:・゚*]

My belly was full of good food, Kyria appeared to be a stretch more relaxed as the night progressed, and Al’s snide comments were pushed to the [b very] back of my mind. Perhaps the alcohol helped a little to dull the nerves, but I found myself laughing [b much] harder than I’ve ever done in my entire life.
[i [#9d280b “No!”]] I breathed, laughing, and holding my stomach because I could just see Kyria’s face as the events of that evening party transpired right in front of her eyes. Aahh[size14 hAHAHA], what I would GIVE to leap back in time just to capture those moments and share in the memories that so fondly rested now at the anterior of her mind. I covered my mouth, laughter bubbling away to a low rumble.
[#9d280b “My mother always said that [b There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed~].”] I grinned, giving her wink just as we entered the lamp post’s cloud of light, momentarily, illuminating her face lips turned up in a smile that made my stomach feel weightless again and could only be quelled with another peal of laughter to release the butterflies back into the cool night air as we turned into the alleyway.

Anyone who may happen to watching must be staring with seething jealousy! I treated myself to this thought, my ego running higher than a man’s libido.

Watching her step in front of me with relief made me wish there was just a little more time left before we had to say good-bye, because there were a million and one things I wanted to say but there were not coming to mind right now. Or at least, nothing I could force my mouth to say either because they were too embarrassing ooooorrr…Lets see, lets see...
[right right, not the time nor place]

[center [b Well.. I -uh- I guess this is it]]
Oh.[i Say it isn’t so!] I reassured the look of disappointment on my face to warmly chuckle at that adorable stutter. Oh do not make this harder for me, my dear Kyria, please! I cannot possibly take anymore attacks on my heart. ThuMp thuMp thUmp... At least it seemed like she was EXTREMELY hesistant about ending it now, just as much as I was because I [b really] didn’t want to turn around and go home to my lonely little apartment with only the flowers to keep me company with the lingering echo of the voice that sent me up to Cloud nine. Ahhh well…I suppose all good things must come to an end, after all. For now. My foot even lifted off the sidewalk before graciously – oh, so graciously – she offered me a moment’s more in her presence. Thank you!
[#9d280b “Oh you don’t have to, honestly…”] I bowed my head, peeking at her with a simpering expression because I just really wanted to talk to her some more. Honest. Protest forgotten, I listed myfavorites off the menu and smiled after her as she walked up to the door. [#9d280b [i “C'est gentil de ta part.”]] I folded my arms, nearly taking on an almost pompous air were it not for the horrible dorky smile on my face. She was just so...cute...Seriously...!
[center You’re too kind you’re too kind you’re too—]
[size20 [center [b SLAAM!]]]
The sound reverberated hard in my ears and I stepped back slightly, stunned in the few moments that followed. Oh god not the doors again, war flashbacks as a thousand yard stare came into my eyes... But wait…what just happened anyway ?!?!?

Kyria looked liked she’d seen the second coming of Jesus, and I for one was quite curious at what the [b heck happened] to make her look like that.
[#9d280b “Y-”] [b "Y'know what—“]

[b "I -uh- gotta help clean up and sort out inventory so I best be goin' in and I wouldn't want you to drive home too late--"]
[center ?]
[b "--had a great time and, y'know, thanks, again, so much for-for dinner and -umm- everything--"]
[right ?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!]

[center [b "Buh-bye" !!!SLAM!!!]]

[right …………………. W-whhat in the hell?]

[b Bummed] would be an understatement, but I wasn’t about to let that ruin my entire night because it [i had] been fricken’ glorious. No doubt.

I just thought…

I shoved my hands in my pocket and started to retreat out of the alleyway, feeling heavier in comparison to that light weight feeling in my chest earlier. It’s just…I didn’t get to properly say good-bye! And I so badly wanted... I’d see her again, at least I hoped I would.

[b "A-Adam!”]

Oh [b GOd], please don’t tell me I’m already losing my mind! It's not even been four minutes. I turned around slowly, warily as though I wasn’t [i sure] about what I would be seeing if I turned around. To be honest, I was still surprised because I didn’t even get a good look at her before she went barreling into my chest again.

My heart swelled and beat out horribly hard against my ribs. I wouldn't be surprised if she could h-h-hear it.

[b !!!] My hands instinctively grabbed onto her waist to steady her before I let go quite quickly there after, as though burned, putting my hands up in the air in shock. [#9d280b “A-ah?”] Even when she apologized it just…it still wasn’t [b fair]!

Her clumsiness landed her in the same spot that made my heart seemingly skip multiple beats. Warmth radiated from her body and I felt myself falling into blessed bliss until it left me momentarily before I felt it then rest headily on my cheek.

[center Wait]
[center [size11 What]]
[center [size10 Wait]]
[center [size15 [b WHAT??]]]
[right [size10 [b Crraashh!]]]
[#9d280b “WHh…!!”] A breath escaped me, unmoving despite the loud sound that brought me back from the confusion of my thoughts. I felt my fingers paw uncertainly at my cheek as though I’d just missed everything. I nearly did and that was the scariest thought that had ever crossed my mind. Was that what you call an out of body experience? Oh god…
[center I’m dead aren’t?]
[center [size10 she killed me ahhhhh! ]]

And there she was apologizing again! I still felt…cheated! It was so unfair!
Too unfair.
She shouldn’t be able to … She was... I exhaled slowwlly, just…[i staring] at her because [b REALLY WHAT ELSE COULD I SAY?] I mean honestly, what I was feeling right now could not simply just…come out right now, okay? That would be…awkward! And she was…stuttering like mad…and I didn’t trust my voice to respond just yet.
[#9d280b “Wait—”] the flowers, y-your flowers. Auugh, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind?! But she eased the regards so quickly and so effortlessly that I may have missed her conclusion were it not for the fact that I immediately zeroed in on ‘your place’ as soon as the sylabbles left her mouth.


The door shut again, but it left me with…quite a different feeling than from before.


I got…another date? [#9d280b “Holy…”] Two hands ran nervously through my hair and with legs unfounded I entered the sidewalk again, shaking as I went. Oh this was not good this was not good…
I slid against the wall and came to a stop, dropping into a crouch to breathe out a laugh with my hand over my head as though I just [i didn't know what to do with myself]. [#9d280b “What [i are] you?”]

[b There is no such thing as [#ff3850 accident]]

[size20 [center [b A happy accident]]]
[right Just [b fate.]]

I may not be a Romantic, only in thoughts and for good fun, but…that had to be what [b this] is!
I pulled myself up, a huge smile on my face. God! I felt like I could do anything I felt like…I had to get home. I had to get home right now!

[center [font "Times New Roman" [b C'est La Vie.]]]

I nearly busted down the door to my apartment, flying across the room as though gravity existed no more. To me, everything else was irrelevant right now. My hands landed on my laptop and I landed my ass in the arm chair, reading glasses smoothly sliding onto my nose as I resumed my session, staring with a wide smile at my writing on the screen.

[center [#ffb900 [b Hiiiighliiiiight.]]]
[size30 [center [b DEEEELETE.]]]
Sitting back for a moment, admiring the blank page, I happened a glance over the lilacs, my face warming to unbearable temperatures. Oh... how I longed to see her again. Yes! We had another date…a d-date? Yes a date…that’s what it was? How many “dates” would it take, for both of our feelings to become transparent, I wondered, how many restless thoughts would run through my head until then.

I cracked my knuckles and began, typing everything that came to mind. [i Her] stories…the wine, the café, her stu-stu-stunning gaze that has got me so hypnotized. Have you got me right where you want me? Where was that in the grand scheme of things? Where would that leave my heart? A voyager out on the sea or kept in a gilded cage on the hearth.

[i “Adam, you realize it is…….. three o’ clock in the morning?!”]
[#9d280b [i “Yes! Yes! But, Marie, I’ve done it! I think I know what I’ve been doing wrong this entire time…”]]
[i “Tu vas bien, Adam?”]
[#9d280b [i “Ça va!”]] I responded flippantly, pacing and shedding my shirt as I switch the phone to the other side of his head. Pace. Stop. Pace. STOP. PAAACEE. [#9d280b “I’m goin’ to bringit t’youtomorrow!”] I could practically [b hear] the curiosity peaking higher on her side at my jumbled mess of a statement. If there was one thing she loved it was when her clients were staying on track. And this would certainly come to a surprise seeing how it was ME. Yeah~ The guy who never gets his shit together on time and always turned out the least inspiring crap over and over again. Yeah, that guy, who was about to change that.
[i “The [i whole] manuscript?”] She scoffed, disbelieving.
[#9d280b “Not the [i whole] thing!] [#9d280b But...the beginning! I want you to see it! It took me awhile but I’ve decided to rework the whole concept.”] He looked over the lilies, lowering the phone from his ear slightly. [#9d280b “All I needed was a little inspiration.”]
[i “Did you not say that was the reason why you came to Paris?”]
[#9d280b “Who knows anymore…”] fate, my own choices, who [i knows] what brought me here anyway! And maybe I was just fricken’ insane, but so is the life of a writer. And to be honest…that was alright with me.

[i “Okay, okay. À plus tard. Don’t disappoint me.”]
[#9d280b “Yeah…K'bye.”] The phone fell from my hand and I smiled at nothing in particular. I was just…really…really…excited, for the first time in a long time. I was…[i eager]! Things were…definitely!! looking up for me.
While there was a very real possibility that I was falling way too fast, getting much too involved, being too risky…to hell with that! What kind of life is one without risk? Not the kind I liked to live, wanted to live, or what I’d been denied all my life.

Kyria could open these doors for me and what was lying behind them was and would simply be a mystery until she let me see. With that forgiving thought I fell onto my bed with memories of her lips pressed against my cheek in the boldest of good-byes.

[center [b I wonder if you even know what you’re doing because it's just too unfair. QQ.]]

[center [b [size40 o|-<]]]]
  unmei / 4y 200d 12h 30m 5s
I stole a glance at my reflection before I left heading for the door, musing to myself, You'll be fine, Ky—!
But then I froze entirely the second I heard his call on the other side, lips thinning to an anxious line. I jumped back like a cat. "Shit . . !" It didn't help one bit when the very reason why I'm even in here flashed through my eyes; the spills, the laughs, his hand, eyes, touch - it's driving my senses mad! I pulled at my hair, fists full of black locks, before they made way to my cheeks and just draggeeddddd. I practically looked like a flippin' Picasso painting come to life when I caught my reflection - what was it called again? Oh yeah.

'The Scream' - speakin' of which..

Eeyyaaaaahhhhasjdhajkshaas...!!! /[x0x]

What the hell am I supposed to say?! There was no plausible reason that would work.. who am I kidding, to hell with 'plausible reason', I couldn't think of any good BS, and I'm usually good with those! Tch! Plus, it's not like the thought of actually calling Terra never crossed my mind - but 'cause of GODDAMNED MARCUS with his stalling and my rushing, I'd forgotten to grab my phone that was left charging on the counter back at the café. I swear he'll have Hell for this! Oh it was a vow all right. Awhh, Terraaa~ I really did wish she was here, despite knowing how she'll react—outraged that she wasn't told of this "secret date" before excusing it completely and bombarding me with questions, then cut herself off to maybe give me some advice, of which whether helpful or not totally depends on... Shit, who am I kidding, I'm a flippin' newb at this - I can't even tell if the guy thinks I'm legitimately sane for God's sake! "Oh gawddd! Why am I so terrible at this..!?"

Somehow, somehow, I got myself to head out the door after one last take of my reflection, fixing my hair a tad, and holding a breath with the swing of my exit.. then I was met with his face, and my jaw clenched remembering how close we were. Gawd, I forgot how cute he was... I turned my eyes away from his instinctively, wishing I could just retreat back into the bathroom, before clearing my throat just as he was about to speak, but Al beat him to it and waved us over after setting our food down; despite the heat emitting from the well-garnished plates and how delicious they looked even from our distance, my appetite had been replaced with embarrassment and self-loathing from the incident not even a half hour ago - and oh how I wish it was long, long ago.

"N-No!" I turned to him, hands up, before I realized it came out a little louder than I intended. Our eyes met briefly again, and I blushed, turning back to the food. "I mean, Al's already brought the food out and everything, so, I don't wanna be rude," Plus now that we're seated, the aromas can seriously ignite the hunger in any living being with a stomach, seriously. Might I add, Al was also giving me this puppy-like gleam in his eyes until I said we'd eat here, it made me laugh. "but, I really can't stay too long," Not to mention I left everything back at the café and no one 'cept Marcus knew where I was going. I decided to leave that out since I didn't want to sound... what's a word for when a girl cuts work, runs for her life towards a destination where a boy she barely knows was waiting for her? M'wellyeahokay - "Desperate" is the only one poppin' up besides "Pathetic." Urgh, I need to get out of my own head man.. "so while we do eat here, dessert will have to be for another time.." I turned to Adam with a half-smile, "Sorry.." I muttered, sad that I have to cut this -messofawhatever- date shorter than I'd like myself.
"So, umm, where were we?" I turned from that sweet face of his to the food and, quite honestly, was glad I said we'd eat here because by the first bite I could feel my stomach thank my very being for the choice. "Wow~ Pretty good, Al, compliments to the chef, haha." He gave a bow and I giggled, shaking my head at him. Adam mentioned about it being my turn to question him, since, we -ahem- got cut off earlier from my -uhh-.. yeah. "Is it my turn to ask? Hmm.. Okay, I got one, have you traveled anywhere else? Besides, y'know, here and home?"

Our evening continued with conversation once again -while I did my best not to embarrass myself anymore than I have - and as I got to know him a little more, I started to wish this dinner had 8 courses just to keep talking and being in his company.

A small smile formed on my lips, This stranger I'd met one afternoon at the cafe..


Today's just been a ball of joy; first, I went to class half an hour early because frumpy, old Professor Garret and her wrinkled self told us our speaker "Isn't one for tardy students, whoever comes late will be left out of the auditorium for the rest of the lesson", and I swear if it wasn't for the fact that our speaker just so happens to be one of the up-and-coming Fashion Designer I wouldn't have cared -nor dressed my Best with a capital B- but then HO-NO, the damn riche caniche cancelled last minute! "I mean really, how freakin' rude!" As I said that, huffing in anger and keeping up my thorough pace with an unamused face, a man who tipped his hat at me with a wink faltered as I relentlessly walked pass. I honestly didn't even notice there was another being besides myself on this street because I'm still so irritated.
Where was I? Oh, right. Second, having absolutely nothing else to do so early in the morning -having decided to skip all my other classes because Miss Riche Caniche up fouled the day's sunlight- I decided to do one of the things that guaranteed me a good time: Shopping. And guess what? In my rush driving over to school, because it took me forever to choose an outfit that made me look presentable and memorable, I'd forgotten my credit card in my other purse! I mumbled a curse, turning the fourth corner and subconsciously noting I've only one more to turn before reaching my destination, still, of course, in a fit. "It's like the Gods don't want me to pursue the one field and job I'm passionate about," I stopped at a traffic-light, tapping my foot impatiently for the green light to lit, before I just had to snap. "H-Well SCREW YOU ALL!" The couple beside me jumped at my outburst, sweatdropped. Then the light finally turned green.

And to top it all off? "He had to show up." Why God, why? The man knows exactly how to get under a girl's skin if not her panties if you deny him access. Well, to be honest I almost fell for him, too, if it wasn't for Kyria's insistent protest. "And thank you, Ky, 'cause the man's an absolute tool." I mumbled bitterly, knowing he's one of those guys. "I still can't believe Ky and him.." I stopped for a second to shiver with disgust, before strutting right back on, turning the last corner. I checked my watch real-quick. " 7:24. " Okay so the café should be closing in about half an hour or so more, and least it's still fairly bright out with the sun setting itself halfway in the horizon and leaving a beautiful shade of oranges and purples in the sky. Too bad I'm not in the mood to enjoy it, because y'know what's the best part? That idiot stole my keys! Must've done it while I was on the phone trying to reach Kyria, so he's more than likely there already and I've had to walk all the way over here! -Granted it was only a 15 or so minute walk- but still! This is important! Whenever he comes around, there was always some catch to it. "H-Well not this time.." I paused once more, balling my fist and vowing with a nod, "Je ne laissera pas un queutard prendre Kyria de retour!" Unbeknownst to myself, an old lady had been walking her dog, before the both of them were startled from my audible and determined pledge. Then she suddenly nodded along and wished me, "Oui, bon! Allez-y cher!" I giggled half-heartedly, slightly embarrassed and more so disheveled, still. I thanked her and gave the barking dog a quick pat before continuing down the street, and turned into an alleyway leading me towards the back-end of Café Montmarte, musing.

"Poor Ky, must've had a mini-heart attack seeing hi- he- HOAW—!??" I paused. I blinked. And I jumped from the corner, my back flat up against the wall like my life depended on being hidden. And it is. Because WHAT did I just FREAKIN' see here!? I tilted my head ever so slightly and peeked over to assure that it was not an illusion my frustrated emotions conjured up to forget every crappy thing that happened today, and I whispered harshly in awe.
As I was just about to turn the corner, standing a good 3 or 4 feet away from me in front of the backdoor was —
"—Kyria with a guy?!?!!"

Maybe I'm the one who just had a mini-heart attack...


"Haha! That's not true!"

I shook my head at him, laughing along after I'd told Adam of a story about when I once spilled a drink on one of my mum's friend's dresses by accident; basically, a remark was said about my punctuality at her banquet, mum having gone first because I was busy with dad, and when I'd finally arrived, mum had given me a glass of wine before telling me to greet her "friend" and hostess, Mrs. Duveau. "And, as I was doing such, one of the servers had been passing behind me and stepped on the end of my dress and, well, let's just say that I "showered" her with the most compliments on her dress that evening. And it really was not on purpose." I told him after he "sang~" his doubt on it. "...but my mum said I didn't have to go to anymore of her parties, so I'll admit it was a well-worth 'Happy Accident' indeed, hahaha~"

We'd just left Al and Le Baratin a while ago, and once we'd gotten in the car I told him to simply drop me off back at the café since all of my stuff's there, but after he insisted on at least walking me to the backdoor -even though I said he didn't have to- I caved and suggested Adam park on the end of the strip so he could just drive straight off rather than in an actual parking-slot just to see me off. At least I know he can be a gentleman, how nice. I thought as we walked down the strip heading into the alleyway, And sweet... and cute.. I'd subconsciously been glancing at his face, laughing at my comment on the story, before he caught my gaze and I, just as quickly, shot my eyes sideways, downward, upward - before simply looking straight on and anywhere but his adorable face while hoping it was dark enough to hide my blushing. But, I didn't bother to hide the smile I more than likely still have on ever since dinner. And, -not to sound creepy but because it is the setting- I wish this alleyway was a little longer just so I could keep on walking with him since.. I knew it was going to end soon. I walked slightly ahead now to do a quick check for the back-windows, before giving off a silent sigh of relief at seeing the blinds turned and shut, which meant that we'll start cleaning up and closing soon. At least I won't be bombarded with questions about Adam right off the bat... for now.

And yet, we all know "All good things must come to an end" and gawd I hate that saying right now because we finally reached the backdoor, and, I didn't know it for certain, but my shoulders slumped and my smile faltered a tad, until I shook it off and turned to him, "Well.. I -uh- I guess this is it, umm.. T-Thank you, for today.." Why in the hell am I starting to feel all shy and awkward again!? What else should I say..?? M-Maybe, I could at least invite him in for a final beverage? Urgh, no, you don't want them to tear him with an investigation, plus I already feel bad having left work early, Leo would probably be disappointed knowing I left for such a reason.. Adam started to have pauses in his words as well, so heyy, looks like we're both back to where we started. Great. Ah, okay, Then I decided that I'll at least bring him out a hot drink to take back as a sort of Thank-You gift for the evening. Yeah, okay, I can do that much. I smiled and told him before he turned to leave, "W-Wait, uhh.. Would you, mind, waiting for a little bit? I want to -umm- get you something from-from the café to at least take back," Okay, yeah, having actually said it out loud.. you're not comin' off any cooler, Ky.. I rolled my eyes at myself. "I know it's lame heh, but I want to give you something as a Thank-You for y'know... how wonderful today was." He protested. "Well~ you didn't have to walk me all the way back here either, so~" Oh great, now I'm starting to 'sing~'. He finally agreed and told me his favorites, and I -more than I should've- happily nodded, turning the doorknob. "Great, haha, wait here and I'll be right back with —"

No.. N-No, NoNo.

With the click of the door at my entrance, I heard a short gasp from inside.


And I froze.

"OH —!???"
"—OONnnn second thought! Eheh.."

Oh yeah, I could totally pull-off a modern-take on Picasso's paintings, he can just use my inner-self that's shrieking like a tiffed baboon riiigghht abouuutttt... now.

Eeeeeyyaaaaahhasjfalskdzumcslas...!!!? /(TTロTT)

Okay, Ky, calm down, I told myself, hands behind my back on the door holding its knob in an iron-grip. My heartbeat increased by at least 10 beats, I can feel it in my bloody ears! Ohmyfu- WHY the hell is HE here!?? I want to cry omg. Then I remembered, Adam was still in front of me, staring frankly at me with a brow cocked up in obvious question at what the hell just happened and why I just gave off a more-than-likely awkward chuckle. ...How the fuck am I supposed to 'calm down' right now?!!? O.M.F.G. Whatthefuqshouldidomanican't. I contemplated as hard and quick as I could and... I got nothin', SO, I will do what I think is best, and took a breath. "Y'know what, I think we're out of those actually — and my, h-look at the time — I -uh- gotta help clean up and sort out inventory so I best be goin' in and I wouldn't want you to drive home too late, so — so listen, I had a great time and, y'know, thanks, again, so much for-for dinner and -umm- everything, really — Alrighty then, buh-bye —"

..Yup, that was my 'best', Ladies and Gentlemen. I revel in your robotic-claps.. It was quick and flustered, but I am finally inside, the beat of my heart calming slightly with the thought of not having Adam and.. him meet was so relieving, I took in a good breath. But then, I noticed, I was still looking up at where his face would be on the other side, I thought sadly, If he's even there anymore.. There was nothing between us but this door. Heh.. again with these doors man.. My head lowered, remembering how disappointed I felt when Adam had done that to me. My lips pursed.
The minute I'd gotten in, the whole Café Montmarte crew had been surprisingly quiet. None expecting such reactions and didn't know how to cut the silence as they stared at my unmoving body facing the door, still. Leopold, being the owner and the usual responsible one, knew he had to be the one to say something - but what? He cleared his throat. "Euh.. Façon dont tu te sens? Chéria?" As he asked, I had been scolding myself for screwing the ending of the date up and mentally whimpering, balling my hands. What've I doneeeeeuurrrgghhh...! Leo's brows knotted before he came close to place a hand on my shoulder, squeezing lightly. Somewhere, in this fumbling head of mine, I felt like Leo was telling me, Go give him a proper Thank-You. And, for some reason, that comforting gesture and thought was enough for me to pick up my head with a huff of determination. I instantly turned to face him. "S'accrocher une minute, Leo." I'd gone out the door and closed it shut once more, leaving Leo, and everyone else, still uninformed on what's happening. He simply shook his head at me. "Ah-ah-ah," He held back this still-unknown customer with an arm, a finger wagging at him. "Employee confidentiality, Monsieur."

I don't know what's going on, or why I'm heading out the door and running down the alleyway, nor why I feel like if I don't properly see Adam off and thank him, I'd regret it like I would've had I not ran like I did earlier this evening to meet him at Cours la Reine. And here I am repeating it. Huh?? For a second, I thought I saw someone by a trashcan, but I shook it off and kept running. Then it hit me, W-What the fuck do I say? Sh-Shit! I finally spot his back about to turn the corner heading out of the alley, and I subconsciously reached out and called for him, "A-Adam! Wait! W-Woaw — Oof!" Oookkaayy, this isn't how I thought it'd go, then again when has anything gone right today? As I tried to scurt to a stop, like the "total-girl" I am -not-, my feet tripped over the other and.. I ended up falling into his chest. Now, here we are, standing much closer than I'd planned.

Hmm, where have I seen this before...

Smooth, Kyria, real smooth.. I mentally groaned for what I think is the twentieth time today, slumping ever so slightly -which in turn ended up with my head laying further into his chest- O-Okay, apologize first then thank him, right, simple enough. Is what I thought, and I really gotta stop 'cause right when I looked up, I was yet again, caught by those Honey eyes of his, staring into mine. I wanted to tell him I wasn't a klutz and to push myself from him, maybe even crack a joke to cut the tension, but all I could do was mutter a faint, "S-Sorry..." for crashing into him again.

Yup, I've definitely felt seen this scene before.

It's his eyes, man.. I swear. They're not the only thing, I mused, pressing my hands that laid on his chest a bit more and felt his warmth; I could feel his heart beating slightly, too, Or was it mine? I can't tell with how much of it's pounding in my chest and ears right now. Then I remembered, You apologized sort of, n-now, thank him. B-But how??
Then, somehow by some Godly power, my body had a mind of its own, and slowly, I found myself rising slightly on tip-toes and... kissed him on the cheek, before lowering myself straight once more, and lightly pushed myself off him. He stood there, with a rather astonished expression on his face, before touching where my lips made contact. And to be honest? I don't think that very act of which I just did has sunk in as quick as the act itself was. That same tiny baboon that had been shrieking in my head became silent before turning wide-eyed and said, "Woman, d'you realize what you just. did....?!!

A sudden crash came from somewhere far in the alley, and its echo brought my senses back. I shook my head. Oh God.. Oh - OH GOD! What'd I just - I-I-I —?! I covered my mouth, wanting to fucking.scream. and run somewhere far, far away. I got close, sort of, by taking a step back and noticing how hot my cheeks feel. OhmyfuckingGodican'tireallycan't. Q-Quick EXPLAIN YOURSELF, WOMAN! " I-I —! I'm SO s-sorry, about.. t-that.." Wonderful, stutter why don't'cha, it'll totally help you now, Ky. I shook my head again, knowing that if I just thank him and leave, frankly, this new score that tops the Mt. Fuji of Embarrassments will end and I can somewhat breathe again. "W-What I mean, is, T- Thank You for-for dinner! And -umm- walking me back, and h-you know, hah, everything. Today.. It, it was wonderful." He was still just standing there, still silent, and I still want to run away. "Uhh - S-So I'll just.. umm.." I started to take a couple more steps back, turning midway before he suddenly mentioned the flowers, but as fast as I was talking and making up shit, I don't think even I expected what shit I was setting myself up for next. "Oh, hah, right, nono, don't worry about 'em! I'll -umm- I'll pick 'em up sometime soon, yeah! As a matter of fact, how 'bout we -uhh- have dinner at your place next time? I'll cook, yeah? H-Okay, great! - Alrighty then, buh-bye!"
And I ran back to the café, practically busted open the door, before shutting it just as forcefully, and back to face the crew's once-again questioning stares. I was gasping for air and I swear my heart could race a cheetah and win 20 times over from what I just did. Leo, sweatdropped, asked me once more how I was feeling, and I told them.

" I.. I feel.. Wonderful."
Not knowing I had a stupid big smile on my face.

  :||Kyria E. Sage||: / MysMitsuko / 4y 227d 23h 25m 58s
“Ain’t that the truth? Who knows…maybe that’s why I’m here too.”

I worked my mouth to the side slightly in a smile, narrowing my eyes curiously at her. My mom always told me that when someone say ‘good question’ they didn’t know the answer to the question, or they didn’t want to reply…and she used this explanation as a way of getting out of the questions I often asked. Then again, it didn’t make any sense why Kyria wouldn’t know how to respond to such a simple question about her own personal endeavors so I decided not to dawdle on the thought. It wasn’t really my place to require the truth…although I’d like to believe that she was being absolutely truthful with me. Maybe I shouldn’t be worrying to much about it…
After all…this is just the beginning, no?
at least found comfort in the fact that she was living with someone. Terra? The name sounded feminine enough for me to believe that this best friend of hers was indeed a woman. Looks like I didn’t have much competition so far, although I haven’t asked her the nitty gritty details of her current relationships…yet. In due time, Adam, I told myself. It looked like my biggest competition was just an arm’s length away though…Close enough for me to smack on the back of the head if I wanted to. Al winked at me as he pulled away from Kyria’s unbeknownst form, the look on her face obviously uncertain of the cause of my sudden coughing bout. Sorry ‘bout that…I think I got a bug, remember? I cleared my throat, smiled, and shot a look of pure hatred at Al who started laughing, quite disrespectfully, under his breath. He just loves to get in the right in the cozy middle of my business where he was usually unwelcome. I made a show of ‘watching you’ with my fingers and he rolled his eyes.

“L'avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt~” The crude look in his eyes made me question the meaning behind it and I made a face as soon as the realization reached home base.
“Maybe you’re a little too early there, Al.” I muttered, pointing my chin in the direction of his nether regions, affronted that he would make such an unsophisticated joke about my date…Right…because I was the oh-so-sophisticated one here. I am one dapper fellow! Okay, yeah, I know no one says that anymore. What the hell else am I supposed to do with all that vocabulary I had to memorize in school…? “Got your car started, huh? All revved up and--?” I smiled into my glass, because obviously I was going somewhere, right?
“And ready to go.
“--nowhere to go.”
“I can think of several stops.”
“Doubt you’d last that long, you’d probably stall halfway through the first trip.” I chuckled.
Al shrugged, obviously not unsettled at all by the fact that I made a jab at his manhood. Instead, he simply took it as the initiative to make fun of mine as I gulped down the rest of the amber liquid. It was the natural flow of progression when it came to our little quarrels. And I was prepared for it.

“Maybe you shouldn't drink too much yourself, Adam.”

Pardon?? I bat my eyelashes, waiting.

“-wouldn't want your.. performance to disappoint now, do we?”

Okay, I admit, I might’ve laughed. A little. I slammed my hand over my mouth, but at the same time Kyria seemed to have busted a gut next to me and I really had to keep in my laughter. Oh my god, she looked so cute trying to stop the flow of alcohol from getting everywhere although she was more or less unsuccessful. Aww…wait! Why was she laughing at Al’s joke? My ears turned red so I busied myself with getting the napkins as Al apologized profusely, or tried to, as he laughed uproariously.
Tais-toi I snapped.
Pardon!?” He tried to wipe the grin off his face so I threw one of the napkins at his face to help him out. He stuck his tongue out childishly as I turned to help Kyria clean up. The other male swept back into the kitchen and she said something but I didn’t notice because Kyria’s hand was reeeeeeeeeeeeeally soft. I unconsciously thumbed her knuckles and lifted my gaze to meet her own as her hand found its way to mine. oh my god it's soft too I tried to remember how to breathe, I really did, but I found myself without oxygen for several seconds-- wait what...?


I blinked, disconcerted enough that she easily slipped her hands away from mine. What was that? I clenched my hand slightly, still feeling the electric like currents zip through my skin, warming my entire body from the inside out. Ugh, it was so unfair…She barely touched me!

Hah, suck it Al, I don’t think I’ll be having an problems with my performance….wait…crap…

I was a little too preoccupied to really anticipate Kyria’s next move. Thus I was thoroughly surprised. My leg jerked to the left slightly as her hand rested on my lap. Her other hand sent another wave of electricity careening through my heart; the muscle began to beat furiously against my ribs.

“Ky…” My face turned a bright rush of red and I was unsure of what to say, what my next course of action should be. What the…? I admittedly leaned somewhat into her touch, the feeling was so tantalizing. I was craving more although I wasn’t quite aware of it. I tipped my head back slightly, swallowing hard as I questioned her wellbeing. Well what else was I supposed to say? I just…didn’t think she’d be so bold! In fact, she even looked surprised at herself although she said she was fine. She really didn’t do anything wrong…
I released a slow breath as she swiftly moved away, staring at her in wonder. I could still feel her close, her hands closer…her ticklish breath and...her eyes. I was mesmerized, I was hypnotized, I was fantasizing – I was feeling anything and everything at once and I was so confused. But before I could get a word in she’d already fled to the bathroom. I slumped in my chair, staring silly at my hands.
I definitely was not expecting something like that, that’s for sure. My fingers grazed where she touched, caught up in my own little world that I didn’t notice Al’s return.
“Ah Kyria’s got a fine sense of humor I finally -…you okay, monsieur?”
I blinked rapidly, looking up at him as though jolted awake from a pleasant dream. “What? Oh yeah, fine…just fine.” I was more than fine. I mean…I think…I don’t know. A silly grin came to my face and Al looked worriedly at me.
“Just fine…? Did something happen while I was gone?”
Fermez la bouche, I smiled affectionately. Al’s brows caved, clearly kicking himself for missing out on something good that he knew happened. He frowned deeper and leaned over the counter to give me the once-over I was too dazed to consider.
“Yeah, I see your problem.” he nodded expertly. I grabbed the front of my pants, blushing furiously, protecting myself with a barrage insults. Al laughed hysterically and disappeared back in the kitchen to retrieve the food that was more or less prepared now. I sighed softly and looked at my hands again, biting my lip.

…I can’t say that the feeling is unwanted, nor will I admit how much I want more…

“Kyria, you okay in there?” I called through the bathroom door after letting a woman pass by. She gave me an odd look, which made me even more curious as to what Kyria was doing in there. Must be from the rush of things.
Whatever that meant…
With the assent from the other side of the door, I waited patiently until she came out. Thinking…Do I talk about it? Whatever it was that just happened…between us back there? Why do I feel so unversed in the ways of courtship or whatever the young folk nowadays call it? I’m not exactly the most inexperienced but I suppose I’m not quite experienced either. I guess I’m still learning, but it looks like we’re two peas in a pod there. It was so odd though…that it would affect me like that. She’s got such a…gravitational pull, I was helpless to it.

Why did you send my hormones into a raging panic?! Why?! Why would you do this to meeee!?

Yeah, that’d certainly be a wonderful dinner conversation. Whatever the case, I couldn’t just forget about those few ignited moments that I reeeallly want to experience again because it’s just been… so long – oh god, I’m slipping… Was it really such a long time ago? I can’t even….but…I really…really did lov-like it.
The door was opening and I shoved my hands into my pockets, “So I—” Just then, Al called us back to the counter because our food was ready. Somehow I wasn’t really hungry anymore, my stomach was full of star struck butterflies as I met Kyria’s gaze again for just a brief moment before I turned my sight towards the general area of her right shoulder.
“If you’re not feeling well…we could always take this food to go?” I asked, concerned. Was a being a little too bold? Maybe I was being a little too bold. My hand sort of then awkwardly hovered over her back as we walked back to our seats, maybe just lightly grazing the fabric there. I only let my hand touch down as she we made it back to our original positions, forcing myself to look as innocent as possible. Al gave us a weird look, or more so me.

“Oh, leaving so soon? Say it isn’t so!” he frowned. “Kyria wants to stay and eat her food here. Isn’t that right~?” He motioned excitedly to the dishes of hot food, waiting to be eaten. Now that I was in front of it I was pretty hungry but…maybe not really hungry for the food. I kind of just wanted to be alone with Kyria now. Imagine that: just a few seconds of eye contact and touching and bam. Whatever this is. What it takes like four minutes of pure eye contact to *cough*fallinlove*cough*? Maybe I’m getting there.

“What so you’re a mind reader now?”
What so you’re a mind reader now?
Kyria.” Al mocked. I rolled my eyes and slid my hand away from her back, eyeing her nervously.
“You gonna be okay…? I mean I…I'm cool with what...ever.”

Ugh just…shut up Adam.

  unmei / 5y 39d 12h 49m 15s
"Oh," I laughed. "jealous? Of me? Hmm~" I can see why, I guess. I mused, catching a quick glimpse of his face. His knee brushed against the side of my leg and within seconds of feeling my cheeks warm up, I cleared my throat and answered as best I could.

"Errm - I guess you can say I'm taking a break," I contemplated. As much of a good start we've got, and how charming he is, I don't think telling him I haven't been attending college like I should because of what happened earlier in the year would be the most 'charming' thing on my part. I knew how to swing this question, I've done it a few times already when asked, but something made me hesitate to lie to him. So... Oh what the hell Kyria, you should've expected such a common question - swing it! "I'm majoring in Hospitality Management, but right now I'm not sure I'll stick with it, to be honest." Which is true, actually. What am I doing..? "Here? Hmm.. Good question." I was just supposed to leave it at 'break' and avoid the second question altogether, but, my lips moved on their own. "I guess, I just wanted to know more of the place I was born than anywhere else, they say 'The land you were born, is where you call Home' - no?"

She swings the white-lie of a ball!
..It's going..! GOING..!

I never liked baseball.. Crap! Too much, reel back - turn it around Kyria, you know the drill! "Uh - No, haha, I live with my best friend, Terra, s'actually not that far from the café —" The doors to the kitchen flap and we're greeted by Al once more, I took a quick breath of relief.
"Pardonnez-moi," He smiled, "I hope I didn't interrupt anything important -" I wanted to give him a pat on the back for his timing, seriously. "I forgot to ask what you'd both like for dessert? Here," He opened and handed a smaller menu to me, and I swear I had to calm my sweet tooth down at the very mention of dessert before delving into the list; see, okay, I blame the French blood in me for my love of pastries and goodies alike, especially so right now because Al had leaned near above my head, pointing and describing each one, and I -like a child having her first bite of cake- am oblivious to just how closely he leaned, even when Adam's sudden coughing made me look over at him and only managed to catch Al chuckling and hiding a grin under a hand. I tilted my head.

Now would be when they'd show my face on the big screen, and with big, bold letters it'd introduce me as: 'IDIOT.'

Before I knew it, they were having another 'lover's fit' - "Uhh.." I blinked, giggling and shaking my head at them. Who needs entertainment when you've got these two, haha~ My fingers brushed against the glass of sherry I've yet to try, and I thought, why not now, right?
- Again, 'I.D.I.OT.'
Adam threw back a taunt, Al batting another, and I was still able to keep the laughter down in my stomach - All good. By now, I'd picked up the glass and everything around me was a blur and muffled like a scene from a movie -only.. more pathetic. My eyes never left the caramel, gleaming liquid as it zoomed close enough to now make me feel like I'm about to be the one swallowed instead - but then, somewhere in the back of my consciousness, I noticed by the muffled sounds of it, Al was talking more than Adam and, dare I say it aloud...

"Maybe you shouldn't drink too much yourself, Adam, wouldn't want your.. performance to disappoint now, do we?"
..he was winning.

". . .Pffftt..!" Ohgod he did not just. I tried, goddamnit! I tried so hard not to laugh! But.. I should've known not to take the first bloody sip of the sherry when both Adam and Al were talking, and if my hand hadn't pushed the rim away from my lips seconds after Al's comment, let's just say I'd never drink anything if it so happened to be spat out like a bulldog trying to whistle. Thank you, reflexes. Although, a slight amount still managed to slip from the glass and having my other hand held beneath to try and catch the trickling drops wasn't doing much good either seeing as how it managed to drip onto my lap anyway. "A-Ah!" Why'd I even bother to try and save any more embarrassment.. My laughing got in the way of me asking for a napkin. I tried to glare at Al, "Alll..! Haha - look what you did!" but that failed too - like everything I do- and Al's own apology was mixed with chuckles. I doubt the man has regrets.

Suddenly I felt my hand being pulled, Ah, Adam had found one and was helping wipe my hand. "Oh - t-thank you - no, no, it's fine." I stuttered. Al took the chance and escaped back into the kitchen, Coward! - but I was too flustered from the physical contact that lingered far longer than the brush of his knee; I protested again, reflexively grabbing hold of one of his hands to stop him, and now... we've each got one of the other's hand in a tight clasp. "I-I.." It wasn't just the fact that we were holding hands, but, Golden brown.. like.., we stared right into the other's eyes. The heat rushed straight to my cheeks. " honey." I whispered, before realizing that I actually SAID it instead of THINKING it! "Ah.." Shiiiitttt! Oh God I can't even think straight let alone talk right. "I mean! S-Sorry —" Both my hands pulled away from his and I was so there's no point in denying it this time - I promise I didn't mean to say it - Goddamnit! Pull yourself together woman! Do you even know what you're bloody sayin' Kyria?? I just —!? But then, I blinked.

— It happened.

Within seconds, the next moment my eyes blinked open, I found myself closer to Adam than before with one hand firmly leaning on his lap and the other on his chest. Oh no.. not again. A breath caught in my throat. E-Everything.. blurred, then, "...blank."
"A-Are you alright, Kyria?"
His voice cut through my mind. I blinked twice, and, as I picked up my head that was so close to leaning against his chest -though not exactly touch- I was met with those warm honey eyes again. Subconsciously, my sights wandered from them and slowly to his lips. But here's the difference, we were much more -Close. Is he.. blushing? And that snapped me right on back, blushes and all. "U-Umm - Yes, I-I'm fine." I pulled away from him and sat up dart straight. "Sorry, hah, must be from the rush of things - please excuse me, for a minute - gotta wash up haha." I smiled, chuckled, stood up, and trotted off into the bathroom -after turning from the wrong direction- all the while trying so hard not to groan, Uurrrrggghhhhaskjldsfdf!!!

The door closed with a click and I shot straight for the sink. "It happened, again." I leaned into the mirror and bore into my own confused-written eyes, pulling on both bottom and upper lids and ignoring the stare from a lady as she exited the bathroom, before sighing defeat. I bit my lip. What the hell is wrong with me? A hand was left over an eye, and then, I remembered. Honey.. Although it wasn't intentional, we did touch long enough for me to remember just how pretty his eyes.. lips.. chest, they were all - "Warm." It lingered and made my entire hands tingle, it was such an odd feeling, yet I didn't mind it one bit. I looked back at my reflection and caught the slightly noticeable shade over my cheeks, and groaned, patting my face with cold, cold water. Before stealing one last sigh, glimpse and hoping for a better ending than this, even though, I could tell I'm gonna lose because.. My hands still tingle.

How was I to know that this date was the last thing I should be worried about?

+.Meanwhile at Café Montmarte.+

*Bzzzt.. Bzzzzttt*

"Ah! Bayard! Finally! I've called a few times already! Where's Kyria??" I was getting irritated. No matter how many times I'd call, there's only so many Kyria actually would ignore! Something must be up. It didn't help that Bayard was the one who picked up because the man sounded like he doesn't even know how to respond. I shook my head. "Écouter, Bay, I have to talk to Kyria, it's —"
"—Ah, Terra? Allô dear! Sorry she's not here right now - I sent her out for some supplies, child must've forgotten her phone from my rushing her - you know how fast our stock can dwindle yes? Haha~"
"Hanh??" It was Leopold now, but it wasn't the old man's sudden answer that confused me. I shook it off again. "Eer - Whatever Leopold, Monsieur, but please, please tell Kyria I must speak to her right away alright? It's very important." I heard several, "Un's" and "Oui's" before he hung up without hesitation and I was left with a dull monotone beep, again. "..Rude.. Ahh whatever!" I could only excuse it and guessed they were all too busy, before the sound of someone clearing their throat made me look back at the guest before me on the couch. My lips pursed. "Looks like they're really busy today, so you'll just have to wait — ey, hey, hey! Where do you think you're going!?" He gave a cheeky remark before the front door closed with his exit, leaving me even more irritated, fingers tightening on my cellphone. Ky, you better get back soon before he shows up. I grumbled.

"Boys, I swear!"

  :||Kyria E. Sage||: / MysMitsuko / 5y 85d 10h 9m 15s
The fact that we were already sharing similarities made me want to get up and run around the block a few times, even though it was as simple as having siblings; something we couldn't even control, it was purely coincidental. Unbelievable excitement bubbled in my stomach as I had hurriedly answered any question she had for me. Twenty-two. and she was nineteen. The only similarity there was that we'd both seen the big one eight but it was still enough to send my stomach somersaulting. We're both the younger siblings.The adrenaline rushed through my veins. I was quickly forgetting how to be nervous, or rather, I felt no need to be nervous. We were two people enjoying each other's company and there wasn't anything, I realized, to be nervous about in that. Just two perfectly normal human beings chatting...I could do this easily as long as I kept a cool head and didn't ask her anything too stupid or invasive that would scare her off.

and up the roller coaster we go.

and up and up and up

up and up and up and up

I wanted her to know about me as much as I wanted to know about her. The give and take, right? Suddenly I felt as calm as a summer sea...and she didn't do anything but sit there and give me that starlit gaze that I wanted to meet over and over again. So I did.
"Hah. Tu as absolument raisonmore. More attention than I ever want from that guy though." I cast my gaze to the ceiling once more before my eyes inevitably and eagerly gravitated back to her face. I swear she's got this thing about her. I don't know how to explai--

"Excusez-moi, de quoi parlez-vous? That guy? Vous blessez mes sentiments, Monsieur! I thought we had something especial !"

"Awwww...Je ne voulais pas te blesser, Al." He turned away dramatically at this so I simply waved him off with a big smile before fixing myself more comfortably on the seat so I was facing Kyria fully again. "Forget him, he's just jealous." Maybe I let my knee just slightly brush up against her leg, but that's a purely platonic gesture...I swear. I smiled at her thoughtfully, nursing my glass as I contemplated what to ask.

"My turn, huh?" There were so many things I wanted to ask her I didn't even know what to say, how to say it, whether or not I should say it. As much as I yearned to know about any previous relationships...and what came with it; I couldn't bring myself to ask about it. What sense would there be in giving her the impression that I'd be a picky lover? Not much frankly, and it would hardly be true. Although I am curious...Perhaps...I would only ask her about it if she asked me about such things. I've certainly been around the bloc a few times, but that wasn't anything to hinder a relationship right? Wait...a relationship? Ugh...I'm jumping way too ahead of myself but she's just so... I still don't know how to describe her and it frustrates me. She's just
It could wait.
"Allright...lets see. I know you work at that cafe, but are you currently going to school or something? Or planning, or taking a break?" I wondered. I started college when I was seventeen since my birthday was in December so I graduated earlier than a lot of people. But I knew enough people who decided to wait until their twenties to pick up their schooling again. "I guess what I'm wondering is what brought" This brought me to my next thought because I realized she talked about her family with a measure of homesickness in her tone which could only mean... "...and do you live alone?"
I barely know Kyria and I'm already worrying about her safety. Well who wouldn't? A pretty girl like herself walking around, living alone was bound to catch the eyes of some unsavory individual...or maybe one not so unsavory person who she thought wasn't awful at all and...and -- oh my God, I'm starting to get jealous of someone who doesn't even exist! I have reached an all new level in my life, one that I wasn't exactly hesitant to explore though.
I'm actually really eager to explore this...hopefully...with her. Things are always so much more fun to discover with another person just as interested in it as you are. interested in me, right? I mean it looks like she's having a good time and she's listening to me and she wants me to inquire about her

I guess that means we explore this...together?

['m sorry i took so longgggg! QAQ]
  unmei / 5y 118d 9h 20m 0s
It was my turn to listen and wander in my imagination of picturing the general life he's told as I did he; a part of me was giddy to know we shared the connection of being the youngest in the family, but my brows did rise at the mention of such an age gap - that reminds me. "Wow, thirty-something huh? How old are you, again?" Probably another general thing we both should mention at some point. "My older brother's twenty-five, only a five year gap between us, although I'm still nineteen - not for long though, haha." The thought of my birthday coming up suddenly popped an image of him being amongst those I'm close to with balloons and cake, and yet it soon closes in on his sweet, smiling face in light of the birthday candles. ..Wait - what??? I cleared my throat, looking away for a second and feeling my cheeks get a little warm. The hell you thought of that for Kyria? Pay attention, the man is talking. Rude.

I quickly focused back on Adam. There was a slight frown at the mention of his family's financial struggle, but only for a second because I didn't want him to think I was pitying him or anything -which I'm not- it just reminds me to once again be thankful to mum and dad who raised their children to appreciate everything we have now - be they material-wise, opportunities, or the pure and simple possession of a bed to sleep on at night. The handful of banquets I had to go along with my parents were tricky to stay awake go through, but they were all for causes and charities they wholeheartedly supported, plus quite a lot of the places we traveled to were first-hand volunteer help [need I remind the beetle-juice incident due to lack of medicine? *Shivers*] so I've had many occurrences where by the end of the day I am reminded of such blessings.
"Ah.. I see. Haha," It was.. admirable to hear that Adam chose to do something he truly wanted to do, making light of it by the mention of a mansion was a cute touch too. It was also sweet to hear what his parents were like -clashing of what their son should do with his first million aside, of course- I smiled. "Yes I can relate, my mum would say the same and actually my dad, too, it's my brother who's somewhat of a different story - he was the first-born after all, so he got to be quite pampered himself. Oh to be the Youngest Ones, ey? Haha." Our eyes met again, and for some reason, now knowing him a bit more, there was this this feeling inside that made me want to.. 'reassure' him[?] -if that's even the right way to explain it -

"Y'know, whether you make 'millions' or buy them a mansion, I honestly believe your parents would be.. proud, and happy either way knowing you're happy with what you do, career-wise or in general; parents only ever wish that much for their children after all, right? H'Even if they do have some funny way of showing it." And now I'm starting to feel a tad homesick, but I gave him a small smile, Just a tad, though. I cleared my throat again, glancing to Al as he fixed our drinks. "*Ahem* Besides, mansions seem a great deal of pain to maintain. Oh, and, I'd like my copy of your best-seller signed yeah? Once I sell it off of Amazon we might just be able to order everything off the menu here for each of us someday." I stuck out my tongue at him when I saw the look on his face and laughed. I couldn't help it, the joke was there and it had to be used. It felt wonderful enough just to know I made him laugh, and the atmosphere in here turned even more pleasant. I didn't notice Adam's sudden blushing when Al's voice caught my attention.

"Here you go~" I nodded my thanks, the breath of a laughter slipping from my lips when he teased Adam. "Si," And also due to Al's accent.
Despite holding the thin body of the glass with the tips of my fingers as if I was actually able to drink it, I merely gazed into the yellow-brown liquid and wondered what the hell would happen if this reached the pit of my [mother forbid] stomach. What did happen that one time that made mum swear off alcohol for -to quote- 'All the days in which I breathe' anyway? Ah the French~ How dramatic you all can be - and of course my mother's no exception...
"Huh?" Oh shit, how long have I been staring at this thing?! I turned back to him. "O-Oh, no, h-nonono, I'm fine. I mean, of course I drink -usually tea, water, your occasional coffee here and there- but y'know, hah." You're not making sense woman, of course he doesn't know! I even caught Al trying to hide his want to chuckle at my misery, Smooth.. He cleared his throat and tried to help, which I started to also agree that it might actually be better to have something along with it. Yeah, maybe food will lighten it up, okay, yes it'll be fine.
"Say the word. Je vous écoute."
They had their little gibe with each other again and it made me laugh, making me forget the worries about drinking the sherry for a moment and think, Oh please blush, that would be so adorable to see on Adam's face. It really would, I mean, if his smile's charming enough then I don't think I'll be able to stop smiling if I saw a noticeable tint to his cheeks. ..Awww~! I giggled just thinking about it, before turning to the menu. "And I will.. have the same then I guess." Not much point in looking through then huh Ky. "What? Let's see if your house special's worthy of its title, Al."
"Ohho, but of course belle, you will not be disappointed. Even Adam here can attest to that." I gave him a mock expression of anticipation before he went off to get right to our order, shaking my head after her left for the back. "I take it you must get his full attention when I'm not here all the time huh, beau-Monsieur~?" I laughed again. It hasn't even been half an hour since our arrival and I was already enjoying this place, it could honestly be as great as my Café - but of course, Leo and Bay will never hear those words come from my lips. Ever.

"So, umm, I guess it's your turn again to ask. Go ahead." Although I was smiling, inside I was nervous. Jittery nervous, I can't even explain it properly - any of these emotions whirling inside me; I'm happy but anxious, of what exactly? I have no idea. How fitting of him to be a writer, isn't it? Because I'm nervous to turn to the next page of.. this story,

And yet, I can't seem to put this book down.

~ + ~ + ~

.Meanwhile, back at Café MontMarte.

*Bzzzt.. Bzzzzttt*

"Ah - Bayard! Finally! I've called a few times already - where's Kyria??"

  :||Kyria E. Sage||: / MysMitsuko / 5y 131d 5h 15s
“Sure thing...ahh...amigo.
I had to shoot an indirect glare at Al because it looked like he was already falling head over heels in love with this girl.

Yoooooooooo, She’s mine!!....I-I mean what???

It was difficult to be unsympathetic with him though because I could totally see where he was coming from. After all…I was in the same predicament. She was simply…full of surprises and once you’ve met her…Well…lets just say: Quand le vin est tiré, il faut le boire. It was like one of those haunted mazes I used to go to during Halloween with my friends when we were in middle school. We all knew they were just actors in costumes handling prop chainsaws and scythes aimed to scare us, but we still got scared anyway when they jumped out of nowhere through the fog to the point where one of us **coughcough** would leave with wet pants. I have no idea why I would make the connection between Kyria and grotesque creatures of my nightmares that would lead to peeing oneself…but…

Love and fear feel verry much alike I suppose.

“Je reviens dans deux secondes.”
I bit my lip and slowly lowered my gaze to the tabletop when she suddenly noticed me staring straight at her. I’m not exactly a person who’s usually focused on continuous eye contact, but I was starting to get addicted to the feeling of the crawlies on my neck every time our eyes met. She started speaking and I was mesmerized. I squinted, riveted, and looked up at her again, chuckling to myself. Ah…so that’s why she seems like she’s seen a lot. I’m sure she has stories to tell, some she may not even want to tell me but that’s fine. I like a girl with a little mystery about her…the reason why I was so attracted to her in the first place I presume. For some reason I have this image of the two of us lying down on my bed staring at the ceiling, in silence for a moment as we roused our histories from the deepest crevices of our mind. All sorts of stories from our past to make us laugh, cry, reminisce and suppose just how many stars have been born and died before we met each other.
No matter what, I couldn’t stop the flow of questions zipping through my brain at neck breaking speeds.

Where have you been all my life? Where has your heart been for that matter? Who has had the pleasure of seeing you blush and hearing you stutter like you do for me?

I coaxed my chin onto my palm and rubbed my lower lip with my pinky, feeling the beginnings of a stubble on my chin as I thought. I wasn’t too good at talking about myself to other people and at the moment I just kind of wanted to get to know her more…Ah well. She was waiting and it wasn’t proper to keep a girl waiting, right? My family? Well… unlike someone I didn’t get to do much travelling when I was younger. My parents had me pretty late, see? I have an older sister who’s about,” I took a second to glance at the ceiling, wracking my brain. I think it was about two years ago since my parents contacted to tell him she was coming over to their place to celebrate her birthday, “Thirty-something…I think…around there -- but yeah, by the time I came around they got all that adventurous spirit outta them and they favored home improvements over forking over the money for airfare to go to ‘distant lands’ with their children. I didn’t mind too much though…but when I got older of course I wanted to see the world. Unfortunately my family isn’t too well off and they were struggling just to put me through college. I might’ve let them down a little bit choosing Creative Writing as my major but…I figure once I make my first million through my first best selling novel…well…they’ll appreciate the mansion I buy them to retire in.” I laughed at myself. It’s actually a pipe dream I’ve had for awhile before I got all jaded and took up sarcasm as a third language. My mom always tried to sate me and told me that if I ever do come into some money that I should just use it to live modestly. However, my dad on the other looked forward to being pampered in his seniority and insisted that I get to writing every time I called them up to help me through my writers block. I haven’t called them in awhile, I realized, and that almost made me feel homesick for a split second. But then I met Kyria’s eyes and I quickly realized why I appreciated my current position on the continent more than anything. Wow…did I really tell her all that? My mouth just started moving and would stop moving and suddenly I was telling her my whole life’s story – well – the surface. I never usually feel this comfortable…ah…there it is again. One of those surprising things about Kyria. I guess I just like talking to her.

Oh my God maybe my fantasy will come true.

I doubt she’d want to even enter my bedroom on the first date though. Coming to a full stop at this thought again, I feel a blush creep up under my ears again so I immediately focus on Al as he turns back to us and places down our beverages for starters.
“Merci.” I sipped, thankful for a distraction from the burning sensation on my neck.
“Mmhm. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk that much Adam. It’s uh, how do you say it?” He winked at Kyria. “Asombroso?
I rolled my eyes and gingerly picked up the glass he put down. Por que.
“Porque.” He responded with a shrug and a half-smile. I arched a brow in slight confusion and took a sip of the dry, slightly sweet tasting sherry. It was way too light but it was a before dinner drink so it was alright. It probably wasn’t a good idea to drink anything heavy. I observed Kyria. She seemed a little hesitant to even touch it. Maybe she wasn’t good with alcohol? I know a lot of people who don’t like the taste of alcohol and I didn’t want her to force herself or something.
“Why do I get the feeling that you don’t drink very often?” I hummed thoughtfully. It was quite obvious, but she was doing a mighty fine job of being reeeeally cute about it. “It’ll probably go down better with some food.”
“Say the word. Je vous écoute.
“You know me. Pintade rotie au gingembre frais.” I always go with the signature because that's the first thing I got because it was the only thing I understood on the menu.
Qu'est-ce que je vous sers, belle?” Al swiveled his smile back to Kyria’s face expectantly. Hey, hey, heeey!! He must’ve noticed my look because he snickered at me. “Oh don’t you worry, Adam. Vous semblez beau.”
I rolled my eyes. "Oh shut up, you'll make me blush."
At least it seemed like Kyria was having a good time so far...and to be honest...I was as well.

You doesn't feel like we've just met a couple days ago. Why do I feel like you've always been around me?

Somehow you make me feel nostalgic...
even though I've never felt this way before.

  unmei / 5y 143d 7h 29m 48s

He gave that grin of his as he held out an arm, and I genuinely wondered..

Would I be able to spot that smile of his in a crowd?

I don't know why of all things that came to mind all of a sudden, but it did and it left me so curious; not just why I'm thinking of that, but.. well, would I? I stumbled out of thought, and returned his smile before taking his arm. At the -somewhat- sudden close contact, I felt my heart beat as hard as it first did when he asked me out -a flashback of those sunset kissed flowers and the sweetness of his bashful face- and how red and hot my cheeks feel as it did when I said those fatal words -

* "I would love to, Adam." *

And even recalling that tingling warmth of a sensation soon after because those bottled words in my head seemed to flow like a calm river from my lips when I had agreed. Was it 'cause I spoke with Heart rather than Mind? Maybe, more than likely... yes. These feelings, they were the same as the ones before, and yet entirely different. I mean sure, there were those childish crushes I had when I was a kid - like one boy I remember when we traveled to Italy; adorable and nice, and although we didn't speak the same language we got along, and I remember how excited I'd feel when he would come around - but then we had to leave, so I don't think I even realize it was a crush until years later when dear ol' mum told me how he said he liked me and I'd said I 'loved him as much as I loved my brother', which to me at that age was apparently 'a lot' - unlike now where I'd find him easily annoying like siblings usually are. Oh how Time can change emotions, no? To my younger self 'Love' was, well, Love and I'd only ever cared as much as I did towards my family and so I couldn't 'differentiate correctly' as mum would say, and then she'd go off on more embarrassing tales; to her it was "innocently adorable", to me it was "Groan - moan - pleasestoptalking - erasethesememories." And now that I'm older, I guess it's probably because I'm not used to this, any of this - whatever 'this' even is.

"Hmm?" As we walked towards our destination, I felt so comfortable -heart beat's still at a flippin' pace sure, but comfortable nonetheless- that I don't think I'd feel bad or disappointed if we didn't even get to the restaurant. Is that weird? "Well, qu'est-ce que vous voulez savoir?" No sooner had I asked him, did we finally reach the restaurant and I thanked him when he opened the door for me, "Such a gentleman aren't we now? Haha, merci Monsieur." Even before we stepped in there was a waft of delicious food floating throughout the place; it was small, quaint and overall simple and lovely, which makes it just perfect considering this is our first - umm.. our first.. Hoo I had to gulp down the reminder again that this is in fact our first date. HAH! I said it! -err- thought it!
He led me towards the bar and quite honestly I didn't mind it over a table, when I was little these were always the fun seats -he will never know I still think the same- plus, as I sat and turned slightly to face him, I also got a better view of the space; in some aspects it was like the equivalent to what Café Montmarte would be if it were a restaurant, but the ever loyal worker in me refused to truly think such if I hadn't had a taste of its service and food, the thought making me smile with amusement. "Even if you say that, I'll ease your mind -and wallet- and tell you I'm not a picky eater. My father used to say 'So long as the food's good, the company's good, then the evening can only end with Great', and my mum would cut in with 'Hopefully', so, haha." Of all things, I wasn't sure if sharing the 'first' thing about me was what my parents would say was a smart idea, but, it was something right? Plus in all honesty, my father's words were true especially considering the fact that he's eaten and tried almost every -quote on quote- 'cuisine the land has to offer'. I shivered slightly at the memory of watching him chomp down a squid, before turning back to him. "Whatever you recommend, après tout, nous sommes dans votre 'café' d'aujourd'hui, oui?" Then I realized, it wasn't until after I'd said that that it could sound wrong, like - like I was.. flirting.

Aaaannddd cue blush mental groan.

I'm not, I swear I'm not - oh good God why'd I have to say that anyway!? Thank all that was good that as soon as I turned to face the bar, a worker came up, a friendly smile on his face. "Hola, Adam." I was so caught off-guard by the Spanish, after blinking the surprise, there was a breath of laughter from these lips of mine. Why? Well not only did I find it cute and amusing to hear a slight French accent to the bartender's Spanish -Adam's was surprisingly clear, though- but also for what Adam is going to find out a little more about me sooner than not. What are the chances, should I play along? And being, well, me, a bit of fun here and there is never a thing too bad. I cleared my throat as -now named- Alphonse introduced himself, in French of course, For now at least, I thought.
"Enchantée, Al. Parlez vous Espagnol?" He seemed to blush a bit but happily answered. "Ahah, oui, je travaille sur ce." I curiously asked why. "I've only seen pictures, even a bit on TV - but it seems like such a beautiful place, I knew I had to visit it someday." I gave a knowing smile. "Ah~ Yes, it feels more like an urge rather than a simple desire, correct?" He nodded with a snap of his fingers. "Yes, exactly!" I laughed, again, knowing the exact feeling. "Means you've been bitten by the 'Travel Bug' then, Al, I can't promise that it'll go away anytime soon hahaha." Then, nonchalantly, I switched tongues. "Oh, pero asegúrese detenerse San Sebastián, no es demasiado lejos del West End de Francia, el por lo conmute precioso ver, y la playa es maravilloso." Both males turned to stare at me. "What?" I always did have a way with words - mostly.

Except for when I'm with Adam,

I could never seem to speak like I'm not a fool normal around him

then again.. I've never been 'normal'..

And I've got the iffiest feeling he now knows that too.. *Groan*

"Ça, c’est cool haha, très bon! Kyria, right?" I nodded, as did he before turning to Adam and said, "I like her, you should bring Kyria here often."
"Haha, gracias amigo." Oh how fun it is, whenever I speak of traveling or help future travelers find the best places to go to first I get all excited myself as if I was the one embarking on an adventure - But, I glanced at Adam smiling beside me,

This is an entirely different adventure.

All three of us shared a few more laughs before he went off to fix us a couple of drinks. I had to check if I heard him right, Alcohol... Oh crap. Okayokayokay, you're fine Kyria. I mean, it's not that I'm a terrible drunk or have low tolerance for it - hell I don't even know really because I've never drank more than a measly cup by accident when I was 7 years-old; I'd mistook mum's wine for grape juice, her gasp and holler was too late because when she took back the glass there wasn't enough for even a tablespoon. So let's just say, I had to take three showers and sleep in my draws that night.. Yet another story never to be told. But this was a date, and I'm with a cute guy and I really don't want to ruin such a nice mood already - so, I figured, What's a glass gonna hurt? I've obviously grown since that young age so my body should be able to take one better than before right? Besides, it's just the one. Right?
"No, it's fine." I'll just order a glass of.. non-alcoholic drink after the one. If I hadn't displayed something about myself earlier, I would've freaked out a little more when we were finally about to talk. "Ah-hah, well, the reason why I I told him about San Sebastián -or know Spanish for that matter- is because my family and I have traveled there, we're -uh- travelers you could say, I guess. Mum's a linguist and dad's your typical businessman, so it was kind of inevitable for my brother and I to grow up traveling like they do haha." There was the few glances I stole of him as I talked, but when I was done I hadn't realized he had been looking at me. I blushed, before clearing my throat. "What about you? What's your family like?" I know we haven't eaten yet but, I couldn't help recall dad's -and mum's- words.

The evening can only end with Great.


  :||Kyria E. Sage||: / MysMitsuko / 5y 154d 19h 2m 35s
...Babies? I concealed my laughter with a coughing fit at her Freudian slip. Oh crap, had she heard all that? I bit my lip, feeling the familiar sensation of embarrassment spread across my face. Greeeat…what a way to start the evening. I honestly thought it wouldn’t go any other way, I thought sarcastically. Thanks a lot François Hollande!
In spite of myself, babies were on my mind now. I never liked the idea of having to look after a crying, pooping machine, stinky organism for eighteen years of my natural life. I have seen what that does to a person and…I wasn’t ready to look like my father. I may never be actually. I can’t stand being locked into something I can't get out of...maybe that's why I've always had relationship problems. 'Committment issues' was what I was said to least, according those of the (usually) female persuasion
Okay, so what if I did? That didn't mean it'd always be like that...

How would I know though? No one ever bothered to stick around and find out.

I shook my head subtly. Those thoughts were way too depressing and all the future possibilities were way too dismal for me to want to waste anymore time thinking about. I was supposed to expecting a wonderful dinner with Kyria tonight, not wallowing in my self-pity and failed relationships. So I put a smile on my face and laughed it off. It wasn't that hard to get back into the ease of her company...she had a comfortable air about her that made me want to stay in the present. I can leave the tossing and turning for later when I'm lying awake in bed thinking back on this evening.

don'tmessitup don'tmessitup don'tmessitup don'tmessitup don'tmessitup don'tmessitup
... Wellp, I think I've found my mantra for the evening.

Super. I grinned, holding my arm out for her, doing the much more gentlemanly thing then simply dragging her about like before. Lance would be proud.
Time to get away from the thoughts of babies and relationships -- I searched for a new topic to accompany us to the restaurant.
"So -- uhmmm -- Kyria...Dites m'en plus à votre propos?" I smiled bashfully. I was serious when I said I wanted to know more about her...who she is, where she came from...just what made this clumsy-tongued so endearing to me?
It was all incredibly interesting. "Hmm, how about you tell me all about yourself during dinner?" I smiled as charmingly as I could muster..
Even though we didn't talk too much, I've never felt more at ease in my entire life. It was just so easy to be around Kyria. Although the butterflies stick tickled my insides, I was positive it was more out of excitement than nervousness. Like going on a plane to a distant when I moved to here.

A prospective adventure.

An assortment of tantalizing smells rested heavily on us as soon as I opened the door for Kyria to the small restaurant. I breathed deeply. Nostalgia cascaded over my form like a waterfall with with the barrage of senses.

"You're a writer?"
"I suppose...I'm trying. - uh At least. Who are you?"
"You're not from around here, are you?" The red lips parted to reveal a set of pearly teeth as the woman sat down next to me at the bar. She rested her palm under chin and eyed me with a curious gleam. My fingers hovered over the keys of my laptop, struggling to understand and respond accordingly.
"Pourriez...vous...répéter les question ahh...s'il vous plaît?" I strained warily.
She laughed loudly. "My name is Marie Breaux, here's my card." She spoke in perfect English, handing over the piece of cardstock with all her information on it. I took it and read it silently. Rageot Editeur...? I looked up, gaping slightly and she grinned.

I blinked back into the present and led Kyria to the same bar those years ago that seemed like a distant memory now. The strip of mahogany counter was a little less intimate than having a table in the corner or something, but I figured it would save us the awkwardness of having to stare at each other from across the table. The restaurant itself was pretty small so it led to a more casual environment than say...something more expensive. At any rate, it wasn't as busy as usual and we were more or less alone except for the few stragglers from lunchtime.
"Like I said, anything you want is on me." I wasn't made out of money obviously and my expenses were tight, but this place was pretty cheap so I didn't mind splurging too much. Especially on a pretty girl for a first date. Was this a date? Should I ask...? Hmm...
"Hola Adam."
"Ça va, Almour?" I shook Al's hand with a laugh. "Working on that Spanish?"
"Sí," Al grinned toothily. "I'm going to Spain one of these days, mark my words."
"If you say so...Hey, this is Kyria." I motioned to my companion. Al greeted her cordially.
"My name is Alphonse, but please feel free to call me Al."
"Can we get some drinks?" I put my right elbow on the table, turning to Kyria.)
Al nodded and turned to the back fixing the glasses of dry apéritifs.
"I'll have yours if you don't like sherry." I winked. I had a very high tolerance for alcohol, so it was nothing for me. Although it was my silent dirty pleasure imagining what kind of drunk Kyria would be. I blushed, glad that mind reading was binded to fiction. "Sooo...about yourself?"
Tell me everything, and more.

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