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Finally, she felt him open his domain to her. She knew he would sooner or later, all she had to do was keep flying around in her world looking around until he noticed her. Seeing the tunnel open, she flew straight towards it, coming to the entrance of said portal.

"Hello there old friend." Her voice was heard from every direction as she slipped out of her shadow.

She wore a simple black dress, black boots that came up to her knees. Her hair was raven black, most of it lying freely with some tied into two little pigtails on either side of her head towards the top. Her skin had some color, but not much, and her eyes were as red as the ball on her staff. Last to come were her wings, which didn't look like they could carry her or even fly. The were the bones of wings, black as can be. She looked beautiful, able to use her looks for almost anything. It hid her true self though, one she had revealed a few times. It was a shapeless beast made only of the shadows and darkness. It would be the cause of nightmares and the fall of the civilizations she had helped bring down. She hid it in this form though, prefering this to the beast itself.

The goddess gave a bow to Death, a smile on her lips as she stood and walked towards him. "How nice it is to see you again Death, your looks haven't changed a bit, which doesn't really suprise me. But I didn't come here to make comment on your form, I came here for something I'm sure you've already noticed. Some of the gods and guardians are gathering in one place. I have come to discuss the reason why and what might happen if more come."

Sure she didn't care she wasn't called to the gathering, but it did spark curiosity in her.
  Goddess Nyx / Kikido / 7y 233d 8h 5m 39s
More individuals came into his sight... More concepts... Death would have frowned if he had the ability to do so...

So many beings like that in the Mortal planes... This was not good. If it continued like this the fabric of Reality could be torn... He could already feel it bend and ripple, ready to rip apart...

Suddenly he felt something else as well... Someone trying to get access to his domains... Concentrating on it he recognized an old acquaintance of his...


With a thought he allowed her access, making it possible for her to appear in front of his Throne of Bones. Then he leaned back and waited...
  Death / Shadowstorm / 7y 233d 9h 2m 45s
Yama looked out at the mountain range she grew up on and smiled. The elders were finally going to let her leave and explore. It was her nineteenth birthday, a little later than the others usually left for there explorations of the real world but there had been a prophecy that if she left before her nineteenth birthday she would never return. She had wanted to see her family again so she had stayed until today. She was not supposed to leave until that night after the moon fell but standing there on the edge of her village she could not help it. She took a step through the gateway, as she did it seemed like she stepped through a portal of some kind and when her body passed through she felt like she had been hit over the head with something hard and blacked out. The last thing that she saw before her world went dark was the portal she had passed through closing and vanishing from her sight and she knew that the prophecy had just been filled.
  Yama Shikieiki / Silverwood / 7y 233d 17h 15m 28s
Takoon Held his side as he walked. He must have fallen from the sky judging by the pain he was going through and the difficulty he had breathing he must've fell at least a mile down. That coupled with the momentum from the gate making him travel at mach 30 through dimensions. The soft dirt broke his fall and really saved his life. Well, his impact lock ability certainly played it's hand as well.

Fractures detected, puncture lacerations detected, dispatching NANO reconstruction bots

And here I thought I was do-

His sentence cut off by a cracking sound in his chest fallowed by his own grunts of pain as he fell to his hands and knees once more. he had 3 cracked ribs, 2 broken. One of which had embedded itself into his left lung. His muscles convulsed once more making his writhe in pain. Just as the shrieking pain dulled a bit he looked up to see a man covered in full platemail standing over him.

"Hel... Hello?"

Takoon was on the ground still. He tried to stand on his own but he couldn't. His muscles were all sore as if he had spasms in all of his limbs.

*cough cough* H-hey there... You wouldn't happen to know where the nearest bed is would ya'? He asked jokingly judging by the man's attire he was more likely to be attacked than shown hospitality by him. He fell unconscious in the grass.


Permission to pull my body around for a bit if you feel like it.
  Takoon / Glitch / 7y 233d 17h 2m 39s
The crater that was pounded into the ground completely devastated the mountain side as a lone figure lied in the center. Snow slowly began to fall gently as it touched the crater's surface, melting away as smoke and dust rose into the air. The figure slowly came to as his soft blue eyes stared into the sky, lost and searching for something...and nothing. The cold winds blew past as he blinked, trying to figure out what in the world just happened. He slowly sat up as a jolt of pain shot through his head, crippling him to his side as he clutched his head. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" He screamed as visions of his journey flashed through his mind. He was in a fight...a war against the armies of Hell. Thats right, it all came back to him now. He opened his eyes once again as he stood up and moved the hair out of his eyes.

"I was the Hell dimensions." he said softly, as if someone was there. He looked over to his left as Machina, his special buster sword, sat standing in the ground. Smoke emitted from it as the orb on it gleamed. Aion walked over to it as he crossed his arms. He was casted into the Hell Dimensions by his brother. He had been stuck there for seven years with an endless fight against the demons, never to rest, but to fight for eternity. But that wasn't the case. In the midst of slaying the endless horde...a bright blinding light engulfed him. Now...he was here. But from the looks of it, he arrived within the atmosphere and survived the fall. Fortunately, he already knew how. The Machina Buster.

"Thank you....Machina. Now, let's figure out why exactly my war was ended and why I'm here." he said as he grasped the sword as he lifted it out of the ground and placed it on his back. He adjusted his coat against the cold winds and began his descent down the mountain. He could feel thousands of lifeforms on this planet, but if they were hostile or friendly, he would find out. A new adventure was garunteed to begin for Aion...the God of Machines...or better known as Deus ex Machina to his fellow Gods.
  Aion / IronWolf / 7y 233d 17h 18m 45s
Ican's eyes opened. He was looking at the sky for a reason unknown to him. His arms were in front of him, as were his legs... Ican realized he was falling. Oh what fun? He thought to himself. He was mute of course, so speaking was a tad difficult. He twisted his body as best he could with nothing to push off and found he was pretty high. Another thought occurred to him... Well, two actually. The first was if he could survive this fall, and the second was how he got so high in the first place. Last he remembered he was with the little creature he had found and was listening to her sing. Now, he was here falling to his death, the ground coming ev- WHACK!!!

Ican smacked face first into water that he hadn't noticed. The explosion would even clear the shorline, but Ican wouldn't know that. Ican would be sinking. The sheer impact should have killed him regardless, but his armor was somehow strong enough to withstand it. That, or he was incredibly lucky. It did not, however, save him from the excruciating pain to his limbs and body.

His eyes wide, his body paralyzed, it was all Ican could do to remember to hold what little breath he had. Something soft touched his back and a plume of something went around him. He must have hit the bottom and that must be dirt. Something else touch his arm then. He didn't so much feel it as saw the slender figure of a woman's arm. If that's a mermaid, I'm either saved or food. Ican dearly hoped it was the first.
  Ican / Gimpy0 / 7y 233d 17h 45m 18s
Ardor opened his eyes. The crater he had made in the field was massive. Looking around he grabbed at his head. The land seemed to be dark. There was some dimly glowing star in the sky. He couldn't remember anything, but he stood anyways. Every part of his ached. He grabbed at his steely jaw piece and ripped it off so he could breath. Then he noticed that his chest was covered in the steel too. Ripping at that, he noticed that it fell in to two pieces. One fell to the left and the other to the right. They had been bonded by magma. He could tell by how his chest glew so fervently.

"Why am I so fiery?" He would ask himself before he ran his hand through his hair, which was smoking, and a dark black, as if burned. He was breathing deeply and he looked all around for anyone at all. He found but one. It was a man who seemed to be rebuilding himself. Grabbing the steel he had ripped from himself he made his way over to him slowly.

"Hel... Hello?" He would ask, still being shortened of breath, and not remembering anything, other than his name.
  Ardor / Paterfamilia / 7y 233d 18h 14m 30s
She looked around after resting a bit. There must be civilization somehwere on this....wherever she was. She slowly stood up and made her way back up the hill to see if she could see any signs of communicable life.

She stood at the top of the hill, and squinted her eyes. Her blonde hair was blowing to the east, with the wind. She could still see though. She couldn't see anything where she was, so she decided to walk down the other side of the hill, where there was a forest.

When she reached the mouth of the forest, she looked back to the top of the hill, and then began her journey through the forest. This forest was very different than any place she'd been through before. She heard subtle noises, but ignored them.

She kept walking, at a not fast but not slow pace. She looked around periodically, but never saw a threat. She didn't know what was here though. For all she knew though, anyhing coul be a threat. She didn't know what anything here was.

After about 2 hours, she found a stump, and decided to take a rest, as her feet were beginning to hurt. She'd never walked this much. Ever. Oh, whenever she found that thing that attacked her and started that fight, she'd finish it off. She clenched her fists begrudgingly.
  Lady Kai / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 233d 20h 46m 9s
Darkness. That was her domain. The shadows, the night sky, the dark that a child is afraid of. All of it was hers to control. It was hers to use on her own will, to do anything she wanted. This was hers.

Different cultures called her by many names, too many for her to even remember. Sometimes they would even confuse her as a different person completely. She remembered a civilization that thought she was the one that brought life. Another thought she was the goddess of love even! She could never understand how some of these mortals could think. Mistaking her, goddess of the dark, as something that watched over lovers, that brought them together. It's no wonder those people were conqured. She caused one or two of them, so she wasn't completely innocent on this.

With so many names, she found she liked one the most. Nyx. It meant night in a civilization that had existed, to her, not that long ago. She couldn't remember the name of those people, but she knew they had it right. They actually had her domain right and called her Goddess of the Night. It was close enough for her, and she liked the name. They even had her abilities down, though forgetting one or two but those she never really used. She liked these people, and it defiently wasn't her fault they fell, she even tried to warn them. But all things come to an end.

At the moment, Nyx was watching what looked like a man roll around on the ground. She wondered what he was doing, rolling around then suddenly stopping. He looked exauhsted after, trying to stand. He was near a small village, and not too far from that was the capitol, which was a big city. Would he make it?

"This is none of my concern." She spoke to herself. "I have other more important things, like finding out where Death is hiding this time."

She sunk into her shadows, traveling through her portal world that only she could acess naturally. No one else could come in unless she allowed it, and they couldn't stay in for long, only a couple of hours perhaps. She traveled, looking around for the right tunnel to take to find where the man, if that's what he prefered to be, really was.
  Goddess Nyx / Kikido / 7y 233d 21h 29m 19s
He felt wind on his face. The air smelled of lavender. Where was he? How did he come to be here?

Critical malfunction detected. Major lacerations detected. Administering Nano recuperation bots.

Great here we go...

Little microscopic robots in his bloodstream were dispatched to repair any damage to any one of his cells and tissue. Problem was. This hurt. Allot. His chest bucked up as his muscles convulsed and tightened from the pain. His internal bleeding was being stopped as the little nanobots became one with the new tissue. He writhed in pain rolling around the grass he pushed him self up to his hands and knees coughing heavily. After a while it stopped. The pain left his body shaking. But he managed to get up to his feet. Where was he...?

Surrounded by a grassy field he began to walk forward, Hopefully to find a place to rest comfortably. The nanobots were not done regenerating his tissue. It took an extreme amount of effort to breathe let alone walk. He looked down and reached into his pants pocket pulling out a datapad. A green light glowing after a few taps of the screen he let out a heavy sigh.

The gate matrix fried.... It must have flung me here... Wherever "here" is...
  Takoon / Glitch / 7y 233d 22h 27m 19s

That was what they called him... That was what he was. A force of nature, a state of being, an end of what is... He was all of that and more, much more... He was ancient, having been spawned in the moment the first thing that could die perished and would disappear when the Universe itself died...

Of course, he wasn't Death, as per se, but more like an Anthropomorphic Personification of the concept... His form changed shapes in various cultures, but his function remained the same... A being to end other beings, and even sometimes take them to his own Domain... A castle made of skulls and bones embed in black and white marble, surrounded by desolate burning plains. A place where the souls of the deceased would dwell, some in eternal torment, some in eternal bliss, many in a state in-between.

Currently, however, Death wasn't doing that function. From his throne he was now observing several beings similar to him in form and function. He did not know why were they there, in the Mortal domains, but they sparked his curiosity... He found them... interesting... And that was something uncommon for one such as him.

For now Death would observe them... And if necessary, interfere.
  Death / Shadowstorm / 7y 233d 22h 28m 30s
Ardor was burning. His steely chest and jaw were hot. So hot. He could feel himself fading. His power was burning up and he could barely remember who he was, but he knew that right now he was a hot burning orb in the sky. Fields below him were serene and calm as he burned brightly above them. He could see.. people, just a few people.. but maybe they could help him. He couldn't remember, he felt so groggy. So he tried to hold onto consciousness, but he couldn't even feel his arms. He felt as though he had been burning for so long. Hovering above the planet below him. As he drifted into unconsciousness, he could feel himself falling. Falling so fast. He hit the ground with a hard thud. He could only manage a few words as he made a crater in the ground.

"Why, did I fall...?"
  Ardor / Paterfamilia / 7y 233d 23h 45m 45s
Kai awoke in a field, or maybe it was a meadow. In any case, she was alone. She sat up and looked around. Her wings were still partially damaged from that fight. She still didn't know who it was she had fought, and why they did in the first place. She had some cuts and bruises all over her, but that was the least of her worries.

She was in some place she didn't know. But that couldn't be all that bad.

She stood up and looked around. At the bottom of what she now realized was a hill, was a large lake. She looked around once more, and decided to walk down to it. Her wings were too hurt to fly, or even hover.

Onced she reached the lake she knelt down, and rinsed her face to help her wake up. It seemed clean enough, and she was thirsty. She took some water in her hands and drank it. She wish she had water powers, like her sister. But as far as she knew, she didn't have any powers but flying. Which all the people where she's from could do. She hadn't found her powers yet, and didn't know if she ever would.

Her knees gave out, and she fell into a sitting position. She sighed and looked onto the horizon.
  Lady Kai / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 233d 23h 56m 49s
Goddess of night and shadows here! >:D
  Medea / Kikido / 7y 234d 1m 38s

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