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The slim hand went over his chest and a face appeared. Ican's eyes followed along the body and to the tail. Well, guess I'm fish food. The pretty face of the mermaid gave a pretty smile and soon showed pretty teeth. She let out a pretty giggle and the pretty mouth with the pretty teeth opened wide like an ugly deep sea fish Ican had caught once.

Ican still couldn't move. Wiggle your big toe, dammit! As the mermaid descended on his face with that gaping mouth of hers, something small and furry wooshed in and punched her in the gut... Wait, that wasn't a punch, it had rammed her head first. In the flurry of movement between the two creatures, Ican couldn't figure out what it was that had saved him, but it seemed like more joined in the fray. Soon it was over, the mermaid retreating and the small platoon of... Otters?! Turns out otters had saved Ican's hulking ass. But they couldn't be otters, they were making rude gestures at the loser, and last Ican checked, otters didn't know these things.

Bubbles escaped from Ican and he suddenly remembered the most important thing to him. He still couldn't breath and he had less air than he would have liked. The otters noticed his struggle. As a unit, they took him by the arms and pulled him to the surface where Ican proceeded to gasp for air. The otters took him to the shore and threw him out the water, making odd and rude gestures, their barking sounding a lot like speech. Ican could make out "Ass hole" "Bastard" and "Shellfish" but everything else was lost in the water as they left. Must have just wanted me out. Ian thought to himself.

A few minutes went by and Ican regained control of most of his body, picking himself up and hobbling towards the nearest tree. Ok, so I'm in a new place, partially numb, have no information on how I even got here... Is this purgatory? He looked up and the tree's top, wondering if there were others like him here.
  Ian / Gimpy0 / 7y 224d 22h 46m 34s
Takoon caught his breath as the woman took her time to approach.

Well who can blame her big guy, You don't look exactly like your going to bake us a big pie.

He chuckled a bit but then stopped as the laughing did no good for the pain in his chest. But now he could at least walk. In any other circumstance he would have used Iridium to numb his senses and fall unconscious for the healing process. mainly because it hurt so goddamn much. But it would slow the healing for 8 hours. In this case, he didn't have 8 hours, Nor would he take this place lightly and take off his guard for 8 minutes let alone 8 hours. He looked back at the crater left in the earth from where Lavaman had landed.

So he fell too...? Nothing like mine though.... To make a hole that big he must've fell from... Out of orbit...? Just what the hell is going on here?

Thinking about it did nothing but make more questions arise in the Android's head. The woman approached and asked questions. He took a moment to think then replied.

My name, is takoon. This Walking tank here is Ardor. And I'm afraid we don't know much more than you do miss. I take it you don't know where you are huh? Same for us. All I could get is that this definitely isn't Earth. Or any of you're home planets.

He had to take into consideration that they might be from different planets themselves.

In any case. This place seems safe for now. So me and Ardor are going to head to that tower, Maybe figure this thing out and see if we can see some kind of village from the top if there is any nearby. Maybe then we can find some answers.

He stood up and moved to his torso to the left and right a bit testing the pain to judge what he could, and couldn't do.

Since you're in the same boat as us. Come on, Lets go together.

He signaled for Ardor and the woman to come along as he started moving towards the tower.

So miss, What did you say your name was again?
  Takoon / Glitch / 7y 224d 22h 56m 21s
Nyx was smiling as Death was speaking. She knew he hadn't had any fun for a long time, and she wanted to know what he might do. However though, when the other gods and the one goddess showed, her smiled dissapeared.

She didn't always get along with the other gods and goddesses, not always her fault though. She didn't mind Time or War, it was the Mother Nature one that she couldn't stand. The goddess didn't wish anything onto the other one though, she wouldn't wish that on anyone, but she never could get along with her that well. Letting go of her staff, it stood there being held now by her shadow while she crossed her arms. She listened to the others talk, taking notice of everyone that had entered.

Hearing Death tell of his displeasment, she had to agree, and for the thousandth time, was glad no one could get into her domain on their own. She couldn't even grant them to come in. 'Perhaps I could teach Death how to do that if he wanted.' She thought.

Nyx hardly gave the others her attention as she turned back to Death. She had heard of Aion before, but never seen him. Was the image she saw now his true form, or a simple costume like most of them had.

"If it does not concern Death then it does not concern me in the least bit."
  Goddess Nyx / Kikido / 7y 225d 13m 17s
She debated for a few minutes then decided to approach them. She did so slowly, taking little steps, just incase she needed to run. Not having wings was coming to be a bigger inconvinience than it appeared to be.

Once she reached them she stopped, looking at them both. They were both so much bigger than her tiny 4'11" frame. One was heavily covered in armor, the other you could see his face, and he wasn't as large as the armored one.

"Who are you?"

She asked, looking up at them. It seemed as if neither of them knew where they were. She looked around the crater, which was much larger once she stood in it, then back to them.

"And what happened here?"

She asked, not knowing which one of them caused this, and wanting to know the answer. She also wondered how the one who didn't cause the crater got here....Hell, she still wondered how she got here. But maybe the answer to that would come to find her. Or she was willing to find it first.
  Lady Kai / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 225d 2h 54m 30s
Have to admit...such a large gathering of Gods can only mean one thing. War...war of some upcoming whisper of bloodshed and chaos. If Time and Death are present in these midsts...than none other than the God of War will be there as well." a voice came, echoing with a shaking resolve as a blood seal opened up within the group as male slowly rose out of it, the portal's bloody liquid covering him. As he stood up out of the portal, the blood slowly began to crystalize and form into a crimson armor around the man's body. Aziel, or better known as the God of War had also arrived in Death's domain, intrigued by the sudden calling of Gods.

"Been a long time friends of the higher plains. Tell me, any clue as to these events?" he asked as he pulled his blood helm off and crossed his arms. His eyes held a deep and empty void, that if anyone would stare into see the endless truth of mankind or any living soul's demise...war. Armies of bloodied souls lost for eternity trapped in their own fate of endless fighting. Aziel was a character set aside from the Gods. Keeping a secret agenda from the other Gods, including Time and Death, he had spent every moment in creating a weapon that could give him endless power. Struck with temptation and a dark desire to rule all, Aziel wanted to slay the other Gods and conquest the entirety of existence. But seven years ago his plans were uncovered by Aion and an epic battle of proportions ensued within Aziel's war plains. Even though his secret weapon wasn't ready, he struck Aion down at the last moment only able to seal away his Godly powers. Weak and not able to stop Aziel, Aion was casted into one of the Hell dimensions. Sure that Aziel now had time to finish his weapon and return to slay Aion, he went about his secret biddings, fooling the other Gods and plotted.

"If there is one thing that we know...if we all go to this unknown planet and dimension, the fabrics of it's existence may shred and fall apart." he said as he looked over to Death's black liquid portal, looking at Aion. This wasn't his true form. No, it was his mortal body as his real self was sealed away. He, as well as the others could most likely feel the resonance of lingering Godly presence. "That different." he said, playing the same "unknowing" God of what was going on. Either way, he didn't know why or how Aion was freed or the event unfolding on this planet. Aziel didn't like this one could foil his plot...or....maybe even help him out.
  Aziel ~God of War~ / IronWolf / 7y 225d 9h 41m 6s
"Well, they've caught my attention." The mother would say stepping from a large rose that appeared in death's domain, as long as she was standing in it, it seemed to not die. But as soon as she stepped to the ground, it withered into oblivion. But as she stepped onto the ground in death's domain, any immediate ground under her grew fertile, and sprouted grass and flowers.

"They have gathered and are still gathering. Just as we are. I suppose only our friend time knows what shall happen next. Or.. is your vision blurred? As last time I would suspect." She would say putting her hand to her chin and licking her lips.

"I'm only here to state that I'll be helping our little mortal friends, and to see what everyone else plans on doing." Putting a hand to her hip, a sly smile crossed her lips.

"I've no doubt that Death will want someone dead by the end of this."
  Mother Nature / Paterfamilia / 7y 225d 13h 26m 50s
A white haired figure came into existence. Red glowing eyes dulled down as the sound of the ticking of a clock came filled the room then all at once dulled down into a nothingness as the figure appeared.

You bet he does.

Time himself stood leaning against a wall with his arms folded. The solid fact that is to be. The only entity that was never called a myth. But remained a solid fact in the whole of Creation. All beings knowing of its existence at one point or another. This situation intrigued the entity as he slowly approached closing his eyes. No being has been said to look into the eyes of time without going completely mad. Hence the God kept his eyes closed for they contained the whole of time itself. All that was all that is and all that ever will be contained in the crimson vortex of space in his eyes. He could sense all entities tell their names, tell of their end and tell of their beginning. Over and over as the cycle of time went on.

He was the figure of a simple man. Just one of his many faces and bodies. He gave a simple bow to the lord of this domain. Death. Also a fact. Just like time Always known. Always there in every living thing. Casting fear into the hearts of men. Accepted by the willing and ready, But devastating to even the strongest of beings. All gods held connection to each other. If one god were to end so would the rest. Just as there is a god of Night, there is a God of Day. Just as there is Death, There is Life. They all held an intertwining fate that lasted till the ends of creation.

Hello once again, Nyx. Death.

He also bowed to the Goddess of Night.

These mortals seem to have caught our eyes. Have they not?
  Time / Glitch / 7y 225d 13h 49m 16s
"Which is why I said you probably already knew. You always seem to know things before I do." Nyx chuckled, ignoring the way the voice in her head spoke.

She had grown used to it many years before. The goddess always wondered why he chose the form he did, whenthere could've been anything else he could look like. This one was scary, the grayness of his skin made him look dead, the armor looking like it was made from other beings, part of it making her think it might be actual skin. Perhaps it was how people thought he looked like had influenced him to be this way. But she figured it was the concept of death itself. How it took life from someone so easily. How it caused greif for most left behind. She would never wish this power onto anyone, even those that wished to destroy those that had done them wrong in the worst way. They would soon find their fate to be just like this Deaths' was now.

Emotionless. Feared. And silent.

Putting the thought aside though, she walked towards him still, stopping to look at the black liquid that had risen up to show the beings. She knew one of them was a god, feeling his power. The others however, she did not know what they were. Human? Mortal? Something.

"Ah, it seems more have arrived. What do you think will happen if even more come? And also," She looked back at him with a serious look, but with her lips smiling slightly. "Do you plan to step in and perhaps have some form of fun?"
  Goddess Nyx / Kikido / 7y 225d 15h 47s
"My name is Ardor. Sadly that's all I can remember. Other than the fact that I seem to control fire in crazy ways." He would say before he proceeded to sit down across from the other guy. When he sat down, he crossed his legs and set his hands to his knees. He looked out to the tower and wondered.

"That seems to be a few miles off. And there don't seem to be any other people around. So I would believe that people are at that tower. Hopefully there's a city under it." When he said this, a smoky haze came from his mouth. Looking down at it, he could feel it's warmth through his own. He coughed and fire spurt from his mouth.

"Damn. That fall must have sickened me." He would say looking far back to the crater that he had made.

Suddenly he picked up on a voice. His head turned extremely swiftly to find a winged woman standing next to that crater. His first thought was 'Does she know who I am?' his second was 'Well, three IS a crowd.'

"We won't hurt you! So long as YOU approach US." He would yell back to her.
  Ardor / Paterfamilia / 7y 225d 14h 54m 54s
As Aion made his descent down the mountain, his mind was wandering around trying to figure out what was going on. He had a few holoscreens floating around him as he ran multiple scans and analyzed the planet he was on. Though he was a God, this particular planet, as well as the dimension itself did not come up on his knowledge. "Hmmm....quite interesting....a pocket dimension. Question is...where exactly is this hidden at?" he said softly to himself as he stopped. Enlarging one of the screens, he grinned. There had been other sources of dimensional disturbances much like his own arrival's readings. He rubbed his chin as he studied the screen, looking to where all of the portals were. "So I'm not the only one who was thrown here. Going by the portal placements and this planet's terra charts...all of the disturbances are relatively near each other."

He closed all of the screens as he conitnued his journey. The nearest disturbances were roughly about an hour away. This had been the first break Aion had in seven years from fighting, so he felt like taking his time. Even Gods could grow tired every now and then. Besides, he was too busy getting his bearings and calibrations of this planet, as the Machina Buster on his back resonated. He could feel the planet's energy pulsating, as it's moons gave off similiar energy. This place defintely intrigued him. He was also curious as if the other Gods had knowledge of this pocket universe...and if they still knew of Aion's disappearence seven years ago. Aziel might have deceived them all, but Aion was free finally and ready to make his comback.
  Aion / IronWolf / 7y 225d 22h 46m 26s
Death did nothing to acknowledge Nyx's presence. With the way he sat upon his Throne made of bones, with his clawed hands rested on the armrests and his scythe put across his knees he could've been a hideous statue. And yet the atmosphere in the room changed, getting an oppressive borderline hostile feeling.

"Nyx."A voice like nails scratching on a gravestone echoed directly into the Goddess of Darkness' mind. Death did not speak like the other beings, or at least he didn't do it in this form.

"What you informed me is old news."The marble behind Nyx shifted, the stones moving aside and forming a small pool that quickly filled with black liquid. The liquid rose up, forming an oval that hung in the air. Then it shimmered, showing a view of the other beings.

"I am already observing these individuals."
  Death / Shadowstorm / 7y 225d 23h 4m 15s
As she came to she saw leaves of trees above her and felt a cool wind cross her face. Picking herself up and dusting off her clothes Yama looked around her frowning. "No way back home." She thought to herself. No way back at all. She looked around and found a path after looking around for any other paths but not finding any she took to the one she could find.
While she walked she sung softly to herself while keeping an eye out for things like berries and roots to eat. None of it looked familiar or safe to her so even though she was hungry she continued on, hoping to come to a village or to stumble upon something she could eat soon. Until than she would just walk until something happened or until she found someone who could help her.
  Yama Shikieiki / Silverwood / 7y 225d 23h 19m 22s
He opened his eyes barely to see that he was moving, Barely. He saw a clock tower up ahead. He felt heat on his right arm. He looked to his right slowly, seeing the hulking man from earlier. This guy was giving off the heat of an oven. The pain was still there, but it was slightly more bearable now.

Hey... Buddy.... Let me down...

As he was let down he fell to his hands and knees. He slightly overestimated the strength of his legs. But he could manage. He pushed himself to his feet. Holding his side.

Thanks for the lift big guy.... What was your name again..?

He said in anguish as he took a seat on a nearby boulder so he could get his barrings. He looked up at the clock tower. It was manmade. Which meant this place wasn't entirely deserted. It wasn't earth. That was for sure. The gravity was slightly different. and according to his damaged navigational systems, Earth was just about 67 thousand light years away. In a different universe.

Hmph, Long way away from home....

He glared at the tower, it had an odd look about it. manmade, But it wasn't of any human architecture.

  Takoon / Glitch / 7y 226d 57m 27s
Kai looked around once more, then decided to finish her trek. When she reached the end of the forest, she found a large crater in the ground, where a field might have been just a few moments before. How did I not hear this?, she thought to herself. It looked very recent. She decided to check it out, and see if anyone was hurt.

As she approached, she noticed some figures. She didn't recognize them, or what they were. She hesitated then decided to muster up the strength to find out.

"W-who's there?" She asked out, slowly walking near the edge of the crater. She could see them more clearly now, but still couldn't make out what they were. She stood there, waiting for a reply, and hoping they weren't to attack her, she couldn't handle another fight. Not yet.
  Lady Kai / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 226d 1h 7m 34s
"Damn. You look more roughed up than I do. And you weren't even on fire." He would say strapping the steely chest piece back to himself and reattaching the jaw of flames. He had caught his breath, and looking at the man, it seems they were both in pretty rough condition.

"Sadly, you probably know more than I do. I can only remember who I am." He would saw removing one of his pauldrons and stacking it on top of the other. Seeing how the man fell unconscious, he looked around, seeing if anyone were around. When he saw no one, he sighed and picked up the mans limp body. He shouldered it, noticing he had an unnaturally lightweight body.

"Well, that's convenient." Ardor's eyes would drone out across the fields, looking around for anyone, or anything around. He saw but one thing out in the distance. It seemed to be large clocktower. With a sigh and a hand run through his hair, he began walking in the direction of said tower. But wait, he felt as though he were missing something. So first he walked back over to the crater he had made, and sure enough. There was a huge magma mace in the center of it.Taking it and strapping to the side opposite of the unconscious man, he began again to walk towards the tower.
  Ardor / Paterfamilia / 7y 226d 2h 47m 54s

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