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Yama looked up at the armored man and decided that he had not heard her question. Are you alright sir? She smiled lightly and stuck her hand in his and shook it as best she could. Hi by the way. I'm Yama Shikieiki. Who are you?
  Yama Shikieiki / Silverwood / 7y 211d 4h 48m 51s
"My name is Kai, by the way."

She said to them, and then realized a few moments later they were being attacked, probably by whatever the big one saw earlier. Then takoon hollered for them to run. She started running, in no particular direction, just away from the vines, and hopefully out of this crater.

She didn't stop running for what felt like forever. If only her wings worked, she would've been out of that hole a long time ago. But seeing as they didn't she was somewhere, out of breath, and not yet sure if she was still accompanied or not.

I wonder where I am now...

She thought to herself, not even knowing if it was said aloud or not. Her heart was pounding so loud she could her it clearly. Her legs were throbbing, and felt like they might explode at any moment. She kneeled to the ground, hard from lack of balance, andlooked at the ground as she attempted to catch her breath.

After a few moments, she finally started to recollect her thoughts, and knowledge of her surroundings. Even though she didn't know where she was. She looked around, still panting and out of breath, to see if she could see Takoon, and the other, or anyone else for that matter.
  Lady Kai / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 222d 9h 39m 19s
Ican felt a shiver pass through the beast as it writhed under the water. A groan was heard and it reared up. Ican thought it was going to smash him into the bottom of the water, but instead, it came out the water, and started to fall. At first, Ican tried to breath, and it worked, but the impact on the ground knocked it out of his lungs. Again.

After he caught his breath, he crawled out of the beast's mouth and laid there, looking up at the sky. I'm getting too old for this. He thought. He then turned his head to the girl and offered his hand to her. She seemed so tiny, but so did everyone else. He wouldn't harm her. If anything, he would be her meat shield. I'm everyone's meat shield. He chuckled at the thought.
  Ican / Gimpy0 / 7y 223d 3h 28m 59s
"I do not know Time. While I created the life on this planet, there's some other supernatural force about it. Something I can't put my thorny red fingers on." One of said fingers went to her chin and she appeared to be in deep thought.

"I know it's not any of the other gods that gathereds place to set up plots like this. I want to figure it out as much as you do." Though the cold winds of the mountain may have tried to reach her. But as they did, the warmth of life was brushing them away. Though she was wearing but thin layer of a strange purple plant, some rose thorns and petals, the cold still could not touch her. She liked warmth, it signified life.

"And that sounds like fun my friend. I assume you won't mind me tagging along. Not like you can stop me." She would say giggling at him. Standing up, she would stretch out, and her thorny fingers turned to smaller more human fingers.

"Gotta blend in." She would say as grass grew right below her, where she stepped.
  Mother Nature / Paterfamilia / 7y 223d 4h 2m 4s
With the ticking of a clock the deity appeared in front of her. His hands in his pockets looking out to te valley below His back turned to her as his hair blew in the cold snowy wind. One thing he liked about having a human body. Their skin was fragile enough to feel everything around them. Their clothes, the cold the wind. Most other creatures could not say the same.

What do you think Mother. You created this world after all.

He called her mother as anyone living would. She was the spark of life and the growth of everything that was living. She was just as important to time as death was. Everything "grows with time" The other gods seemed to be to wrapped up in their own disputes to even realize what was was happening beneath their noses. There was something about this planet. Something important. Something that was a threat. But what? He was sure the mother even had no clue as to what was drawing them in.

He sat down placing his arms on his knees. He did not like the idea of sitting on a throne like a king like Death or anything like that. In times domain you will only find a small coffee table, A book and a small teacup. He enjoyed his solitude to read and watch as time went by. His eyes were open while looking out towards the villages and land below. So bright that the glowing reflected on his own clothes lighting them up with a red tint. Have you ever felt like you are being watched? The entire room goes silent for just a fraction of a moment in classrooms and houses. Just for a moment, That is all living things realizing that their lord of time is looking at them. At their very souls.

These newcomers. They are much more important than is led on. I'm going to walk among the mortals and hopefully find their purpose.
  Time / Glitch / 7y 223d 4h 14m 32s
Mother Nature had left her little friends to the vine beast. Her rose had dissapeared from the top of the tower, and it had reappeared at the top of a mountain, not far from the tower itself. Looking all around, roses grew all around her and her seat returned to her. She looked all around herself and then a sly smile crossed her face.

"I know you're there time! You can come out now!" She would say with a large smile coming over her face.
  Mother Nature / Paterfamilia / 7y 223d 4h 35m 18s
Ardor saw the vines coming and flames exploded from his feet. They propelled him faster than he would normally be able to run. Turning around as the flames propelled him, he looked at the vines and he held his arms down and a jet of flames burst from his mouth, burning at the vines. But to this they seemed to only stop for a moment.

"Damn they're tough!" One of them made a grab for his legs, but he simply bashed it away with a heavy swing of his mace, and it broke off. Then an ear shattering roar could be heard.

"Oh shit." He turned around and picked up the pace to a much faster speed.
  Ardor / Paterfamilia / 7y 223d 10h 51m 46s
I told you already, We're heading to that tower for answers. We want to know whats going on here as much as you do..

Seeing as the woman didn't answer his question as to who she is he simply looked ahead and seen that the tower wasn't far off now. Hearing Andor speak about the rapid growth of the vegetation in this forest he began to think about how this was possible. This world was strange indeed. They didn't all grow that fast... If that were true then there wouldn't be trees that looked thousands of years old. But this only meant one of two things. Either this planet's vegetation, all of it, grew that rapidly... Or something was reacting to the presence of the three confused newcomers.

Andor... Keep an eye on these vines....

He placed his hand on the hilt of his Katana. They seemed to strangely react faster the more curious he got of them.. They began growing on the pathway they were taking...They were getting closer and closer as they continued walking. He looked at Andor as they began to speed up the pace. Walking faster and faster. The vines were fallowing them. It was no mere coincidence.

Andor. Lady, Run!

Takoon burst off into a full blown sprint. The vines now huge behind them crashing about forming one large beast as they came together. It was coming after them ripping trees apart and absorbing the vegetation as it went making itself into an even bigger hulking beast. Takoon had his hand gripped on the hilt of his blade as he ran.
  Takoon / Glitch / 7y 224d 4h 58m 52s
Seeing the man being grabbed and drug back into the water Yama blinked and ran closer to the waters edge casting a spell she knew would harm the creatures but was surprised when instead of harming her target a bubble surrounded the man and started bringing him back to the shore. Unsure of what would happen but willing to give it a shot she cast a spell she knew that would heal in her home world at the mans attackers and the spell hit them and killed them in one shot. A small laugh escaped as she raced towards the man to see if he was okay. She would have to relearn her spells now that's for sure, she would not want to try to help and harm instead. This would be interesting for her to have to figure out what her spells did in this new world. Are you alright sir? Are you harmed? Can I help at all?
  Yama Shikieiki / Silverwood / 7y 224d 13h 12m 38s
"Wait! Where are you two going?"

She asked, not wanting to be left behind. she didn't know what the larger one had seen, but she wasn't sure she wanted to find out.

She stood in the middle of the crater, watching the two males for a few moments. Then she decided to follow suit.

"Do either of you know where we are?"

She asked, as she walked behind them. They might come useful if they were to be attacked, seeing as their size, and probable abilities.

She looked at the larger one's weapon, its size much bigger than her own body's. She then looked at the one whose name was apparently Takoon. He was more normal sized, now that she was close enough to them.
  Lady Kai / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 225d 8h 35m 46s
Ican looked over. There was a girl there, just standing. She seemed to have no intent of attack, judging by her posture, but Ican had been in situations like this before that hadn't ended well. But, what the Hell? Ican waved, showing that he could at least understand her.

He was about to stand, but when he did, it must have triggered something, because as soon as Ican got to his feet, a giant sea creature popped out of the lake. It's Lassy! There was no possible way it should be there, the lake was far too shallow, unless Ican wasn't at the deepest part. Then again, who was he to know what this planet held? It descended on him, and Ican was still too slow to dodge it.

Ican got eaten, plain and simple, but the creature seemed to have difficulty swallowing. It came up, trying to gulp, but nothing went down the throat. It opened its mouth, not voluntarily, but because Ican pushed its mouth open, his hands grasping teeth and his feet finding footholds between teeth. He breethed heavily and his eyes bulged at the effort and he had no idea how long he could hold this. He soon would find out though. The creature start to bring its head back down into the water. Oh crap. Ican had all his armor on, and was lucky his sword hadn't come with him through whatever portal he had come through, because he wouldn't be able to swim very well.

Ican looked over to the girl and wondered if she knew magic of any kind. Surely, being equipped with just a knife, she should know something? But what if she was a thief? Oh Gods, please know magic! And with that, Ican went down with the beast.
  Gimpy0 / 7y 225d 8h 44m 4s

Mother Nature

"Sorry death. But I thought you were expecting us. As these mortals are gathering so are we." Nature would rebuttle before a large rose came from under her and started acting as a seat. The rose swiftly had thorns wrapping around her arms and wrapping themselves about her neck like some sort of decoration.

"And you should try fun sometime death. It's an exhilarating feeling as I'm sure you know." She swiftly looked to Nyx. and smiled. She'd been being a naughty girl again. But she expected no less from darkness. Not evil, just unseen.

"If it does not concern you or death. Then I suppose I shall only leave subtle hints for our little mortal friends. Time may be wise. But they need to have some help." She was in the middle of saying this when Luna had her outburst.

"Not all of us desire war. I wish to see how these mortals will react. I did not create this planet, but I did develop it's life. This is gonna be a hell of a ride." Giggling she would cover her mouth with a thorn or two.

"You have all chosen some course of action. It is only in your nature." She giggled again.

"And so have I. Time for me to leave." As this was said, her rose enclosed her, and sunk into the ground. She had left this gathering. And she had gone down to the world. Her rose appeared from some Ivy on top of the clock tower. She was hoping that the trio of people so far away could see her. This would another incentive to attract them to this place.


"Yeah. I kinda, fell from the sky I guess. The heat overwhelmed me and I lost my memory or something like that. Can't help but feel I'm here for a reason. Hell maybe we all are." He would say shrugging and looking back up to the clocktower. There was a large red bit, and a humanoid figure out there.

"Hey. Takoon, you see that? Looks like there's a person up there." He would say pointing a gauntleted hand toward the top of the tower, where a woman seemed to be standing. But about a minute after he had pointed, she was gone.

"Huh." He was severely surprised that someone could vanish so suddenly.

"Maybe not." He took his mace off of his side and looked out there, seeing a large ivy branch swiftly branching up the tree.

"Now that's not natural." He stared dumbfounded at the clocktower as the large ivy stalk was riding it's way up the clocktower.

"I think that's telling us to be careful. With plants growing that fast, they may be far more than just plants. Maybe they're sentient or some shit." He scratched at the back of his head and breathed out, smoke clinging to his breath. Then slowly he began following takoon.
  Mother Nature / Paterfamilia / 7y 225d 9h 27m 0s
Noticing the armored man get shoved out of the water Yama stopped in her tracks and waited until he looked recovered before approaching the strange man Sir? Are you alright? Can I help you? She stood a bit away just in case he was dangerous but wanting to show she was friendly and not knowing if he could understand her or not she put on a kind smile and held her hands up to show that she was unarmed even though she had a dagger at her waist and her spells to help her in times of trouble. She just needed to keep calm and hope for the best.
  Yama Shikieiki / Silverwood / 7y 225d 9h 37m 49s
Luna was up high watching over every thing that was going on. She saw all of the gods were in Death's domain. A place where she refused to be. The book which she held closely was called the Book of Heaven. It didn't come from heaven, but heavenly beings made it. She was the one to hold it, because this was going to be the biggest test of her life. To not only protect the book, but to rid the mortal realm of most of its darkness. It was going to be a difficult task. But one, she was sure she could complete. Luna watched as the gods talked amung themselves. She wanted to drop in on them, but did not want to cause a fight to break out.

Swiftly, the guardian let her wings stretch out as she descended to Death's domain. With silence she landed, staying hidden in the shadows for quite a while. When she heard Death talking about fun, she nearly busted out into a fit of laughter. She didn't think Death even knew what real fun was, beside killing people and taking their souls away to the underworld. Rolling her eyes, she crossed her arms and spoke in an almost sarcastic tone."Death, I didn't think you knew what fun was."

Her attention quickly turned to the god of war. She knew that if Time, Nyx, Death, and the god of war were here it meant they were planning a war.. But against whom, and why? Luna only stood at four feet nine inches. But her small size gave her a huge advantage. Her opponents under estimated her all of the time."A gathering here only means one thing. War."Crossing her arms and glaring at all of them, Luna spoke in a stern voice."I am not trying to piss on your parade or what ever you're all planning here. But if you do start a war, do it by the books.

Scoffing she uncrossed her arms, tapping her fingers against her forehead."I am wasting my breath here, you all wouldn't follow these so called rules even if it meant you were all going to be banished back to what ever hell you came out of."She sighed, the chain which held the book dangling against her hip."Carry on, act like I'm not even here even."
  :Luna 'Lu' Moonbeam: / Serenity19 / 7y 225d 11h 34m 9s
Time's eyes remained shut as the others arrived. He may have entered unannounced, Only because he knew death so well. But somehow that became a similar trend among the other gods. They all seemed to be thinking the same thing. But as of yet the mortals were still confused and unaccomplished. It wouldn't be as entertaining if they began to kill each other out of confusion. Time would have to test them. Not now. But soon.

Hmph... We will see. It will all come with time.

He had no interest in intervening in their plots. But something stood unknown to even time himself. That planet. What was it? He had never seen it before. Such a thing was a mystery to time itself. For a planet to be developed so quickly that he hadn't noticed. it was impossible. No one seemed to ask the question of why, and how did those mortals get there? This wasn't the work of any of them. And also the god Aion. He had also been cast down to that planet in his human form. So what was it about that planet that pulled these ones in, and attracted the attention of the gods themselves.... The mortals all came from somewhere. None of them linked in any way. So who's will was it that they be brought here...?

May I ask of all deities here. That we remain inactive towards these mortals until the time comes. That we would figure out their purpose here on this unknown planet...For now. I shall be taking my leave.

the sound of a little tick-tock clock was heard throughout the room so subtle that it was as quiet as a pin hitting the floor. But everyone could hear it in their heads. Everyone in the world Heard the ticking away for just a moment. A little sound that no one would notice. But it was there. In all the minds of all the beings in every world.
  Time / Glitch / 7y 225d 11h 36m 20s

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