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Soma and ____ have been friends since birth always there for each other but what happens when soma starts to feel for ___ and ___ doesn't even notice till she has feelings for Soma neither of them tell each other till one day Soma couldn't take it any longer and kisses her at the spring formal. From there it just seems everything snowballs or does it.

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The truth it wasn't a play they were going to it was his surprise to her his parents wouldn't even be there. He grabbed her legs and got up holding her he sighed. "You know maybe you'd like it better if someone else went to the play with me." He smiled playfully falling back and he rolled from side to side. "I'm always a pervert get over it by the way the JFC will be meeting today before you ask Japanese Friends Club. We got that group fund raiser for the trip to Japan. You know we could just stay home today and lay with each other it's a good day for napping." Normally everyday was a good day to take a nap for him it was only thru Carmen's constant pushing he went to school. Hell even when it came to homework she had to hold his hand. He was smart just really lazy. "Have I ever mentioned you should be my sexy office assistant? You have the build and curves plus I get to see you naked alot." He got close to her face almost too close. "I'm surprised you are even more beautiful without make up." He blushed he didn't mean to say that out loud.
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 258d 6h 51m 35s
She laughed at his response about being on top of her. "Oh you would like that wouldn't you?" She smiled as she pulled up her black jeans. "Well I see you've developed. They grew overnight again." He said pressing her boobs together, making her jump. She flicked his forehead and pulled away. "Pervert." She snickered under her breath. "You're going with me tonight since it's a friday. You can't say no. Well you can but i won't let you since we are going with my parents to see some play." He said as he gave Carmen a ticket. "Ugh.... Is it some sappy opera or something?" She said examining the ticket. She enjoyed going out with him and his parents even though sometimes it could get awkward. But she wasn't the girly type to go crying over some play. She got on the bed a hopped on his back, wrapping her legs around his waist. "You better be right about this."
  Carmen / Luci / 7y 259d 1h 42m 0s
"Hey there now. If you keep trying to be ontop I'm eventually going to think you want me." He came up behind her and grabbed her boobs and squished them together. "Well I see you've developed. They grew overnight again." He had always admired her even when she barely had a chest. He gathered his clothes and then gave her a ticket. "You're going with me tonight since it's a friday. You can't say no. Well you can but i won't let you since we are going with my parents to see some play."
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 259d 11h 52m 43s
"That's different, I don't randomly climb through your window and take a shower.... Most of the time." She laughed as she realized he was right, she did the exact same things to him. He scrambled ontop her and got ready to kiss her, again nothing new. She placed her hand over his mouth, pushing his face back. "Ew gross." She stuck her tongue out and squirmed under him, laughing. "Hey you ever stop and wonder what it would be like to date each other I mean we've been friends since we were babies in the crib." He said out of no where. She blushed then smirked, grabbing his arms and twisting him around until she was ontop. "Of course," She said looking down at him hoping he wouldn't notice what a girl she was. "But then again I realized, your Soma." She said in an attempt to change the topic. She got off and went to the bathroom to get dressed.
  Carmen / Luci / 7y 259d 23h 5m 11s
Laughing at her feutile attempt to cover herself he sighed drying himself off. "See this is what I don't get you aren't shy when you are at my place or anywhere else but i come over to your place and you are as timid as your dog." Soma got ontop of her and looked down at her and faked got ready to kiss her. "Hey you ever stop and wonder what it would be like to date each other I mean we've been friends since we were babies in the crib."
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 259d 23h 28m 7s
Carmen reached over the bed towards her under garments as she felt a cold hand around her ankle, followed by a loud roar that almost made her jump out of her skin. "NYAAAAAA!!!" She yelled lifting her leg up, getting ready to run out of the room, until she realized who it was that is. "Soma!!! Gah! You jerk, you almost scared me half to death!!" Her cheeks burned read as she realized how she was dressed. "And I'm already half naked!!" She jumped onto her bed and scrambled under the covers as he asked her a bunch of questions. She curled up into a ball under the covers as he used her shower, nothing new. "Oh I can't remember that! I'm up to my neck in homework and now I have to worry about heart surgery thanks to someone!" She joked, hoping it would distract him from noticing how forgetful she was.
  Carmen / Luci / 7y 262d 12h 47m 11s
Grabbing her foot he roared as he came out from under the bed. "Surprise! Do you know what today is?" He ignored that she was half naked it wasn't anything unusual so he continued to poke at her. "I bet you can't guess what today is. I'll tell you what if you can guess what today is I'll give you my lunch. You know i make the best lunches." He walked towards her bathroom and got undressed. Getting in the shower he invited himself into the house. "I'll tell you what here is a hint. It has something to do with a big plan we been talking about for a while."
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 262d 13h 8m 13s
Carmen dragged herself out of the bed and double tapped her alarm clock, shutting off the annoying ringing. She threw her cloth from her body and onto the bed, walking only with her underwear into the bathroom, where she kept her towel. Another torturous morning shower went by as the cold water dropped down her back. Carmen stepped out, wringing her hair dry. She wrapped the towel around herself and exited the bathroom, after brushing her teeth. She stood In front of the bed looking for a clean bra to wear.
  Carmen / Luci / 7y 262d 14h 3m 18s
Soma Got up as per usual to annoy carmen. He got dressed fuck the shower he'd take one after he got thru with his plan. He climbed down the stairs putting the ladder back up. He went out of the house towards Carmen's place. Waiting till Carmen took her shower Soma snuck into her room and went under the bed.
  Soma / HollowLink / 7y 262d 14h 9m 42s
Great, do you want to start off the scene. Or do you want to do this a bit later on
  Carmen / Luci / 7y 262d 14h 14m 31s
sure you may.
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 7y 262d 14h 18m 37s
May I join?
  Carmen / Luci / 7y 262d 14h 22m 1s
lol it's fine
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 7y 262d 14h 45m 7s
No sorry >_< your good its just me! Bleh, I didn't read it right. See I thought you wanted to be the girl that's why
  Luci / 7y 262d 14h 46m 54s
no lol i am not that great at being a female
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 7y 262d 14h 52m 52s

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