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Basically, two people fell in love and he leaves for the army and fakes his death. He comes back to her expecting her to be happy, instead she tries to kill him.

They began to take a liking to each other in high school. They caused messes together, pranks, and sparring with each other in their karate classes. They were simply best friends, until high school ended and then they fell in love. They were never the perfect couple. They were either giving each other bruises, scrapes, broken bones while sparring or kissing each other.

Eventually, he proposed to her but then told her had to leave for the army. Melody thought he was joking around but he meant what he said and he was going to leave in a couple of days but promised her when he was coming back they'd get married. He never came back.

His family and she were told he died. She spent months and months breaking down, losing herself and not being able to talk to anyone. Her best friend, her lover was dead because she couldn't convince him not to go.

Here's the thing, he isn't dead. He's an agent for the government and thought it would be a better idea if they used a cover up that he was dead and no one would be able to go after people around him. The more useful he became, the more danger was. Everything was fine until his true identity was caught and the enemy got into his personal life. They found that he loved Melody and want to get to her to get to him.

He wants to find Melody again, to protect her and make sure she's safe. He goes to her front door expecting her to be in tears of joy, kiss him, hug him and make love to him-but when he opened the door and she saw him, he got the opposite. Melody was so furious that he was alive that she tired to kill him. He kept on dodging until her house was a complete wreck.

Now the question is if they will survive, and will they fall back in love or is he doomed for her wanting him dead?

Here's something to get you into the mood. You have to actually watch the video to feel the emotion! :( So sad. XD But you don't have to watch it.

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLntFKtR66g


(-p No, this is not going to be lovey dovey rp, and Melody is not going to fall so easily. She's not the type to be weak & shy. The two of them were never that type. They like to spar with each other, playfully fight. This RP is expected to be violent. I love violence! There is no guarantee of what will happen between them.


1. 400 words & up
2. Attractive, pro real picture!
3. Depending how much words we post. A post per day. Or post at least per 3 days. NO more. I'll delete it if it's more than that and I get no PM why. I'm not going to bother you to post either, but that doesn't mean I'm not expecting something.
4. This is a mature RP :) So yes, to violence, sex, drugs etc. Of course follow site rules. TS when we need to.
5. Use spell check...Please. I don't need perfection-but I do need proper spelling and proper use of periods and capitalization.


Name: Melody Silver

Age: 22

Occupation: Photographer

Bio: Melody was raised in a middle class family. She was always a big thinker, and loved to fight that stereotype about girls. She's fierce, sarcastic, witty but also is warm hearted and funny. She's petite, slightly short but that doesn't stop her from being the best in a fight. She met him in high school and they grew as friends, to best friends, to lovers. They're parents were rooting for them...until he died. She's been having a hard time living day by day ever since.


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Other: If you have anything else to say about him. Tattoo, favorite place, something that happened, favorite song etc.

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“Yet, you still don’t tell me... I know you’re still not telling me some things, the whole thing...” Her voice drifted off along with the rest of her conscious. It was nice to vanish off into a dream, a different reality or even the darkness for a bit and not have all those thoughts and memories crowding her head. It wasn’t the most pleasant sleep she had considering the lack of a bed but she wasn’t going to bother to whine about to herself. She didn’t know how long she’s been asleep but when she fluttered her tired eyes open, she saw Jared and Joseph still sleeping. Her eyes fell down and noticed the blanket there and then her eyes rose to him and his hat. He really did keep it all this time...

That’s no reason to get excited. She told herself and rose up to her feet and then quietly opened the door to escape into the fresh air. She slowly closed the door and then began her walk around the forest. She stood attentive in case anything came up. Every single sound seemed normal from the bird chirps, the wind brushing against the trees and her footsteps. It wasn’t until a minute later that she picked up some movement not too far. She stopped in place and picked up napping twigs. Her head moved over to the left and picked up a man walking through. She held her breath and then moved quietly to hide behind the tree and kept on switching behind trees until she was closer. Some may call her stupid, others may call her brave and then there were the ones that called her stupidly brave. She had a small plan as she saw a gun at the man’s back pocket and also what seemed to be an outline of a phone.

She continued to move between trees until the man looked behind him suspiciously and was ready to move near her. She turned around to the other side of the tree as he moved to where she was just was. She went around the tree until she was behind him and then carefully and quickly, she pulled out the gun and then the phone out and began to run for her dear life, as the man turned around to see her running with his gun and phone.

“Get back here bitch!” He yelled.

“Not in hell!” She yelled back cheerfully. She felt all giddy and excited that she actually did that and didn’t get shot in the process. She laughed to herself and then glanced over her shoulder and saw him chasing right after her in a pretty damn good speed. He looked way too big to be able to climb a tree... So, she ran to the tree ahead of her and put the phone and gun in her pocket. She quickly started to climb the tree before he could grab her. She kept on going faster as he attempted to get on but couldn’t make it far or as quick as her. She reached a good distance in the tree and then sat on a good branch. She looked down and saw him standing at the bottom.

“What are you going to do now!?” She grinned.

“You’re going to have to come down sometime,” He mentioned.

“If I’m coming down, I’m shooting you,” She mentioned and took out the gun smirking. The man was completely bald but he didn’t look like he was going to leave and then he mentioned there were more of them. Lovely... She thought to herself. She slipped out the phone and then checked the last call he had and smiled knowing it was definitely Andy.

She dialed up Andy and swung her feet back in forth as she waited but he seemed to be busy. After the third time he replied with a demand and bark.

“Whoa-Andy, calm down... It’s not your loyal mutt that I stole the gun and phone off of. It wasn’t that hard. I thought you would at least warn them that I’m not as incapable as I look in a photo. Anyways...let’s chat about your change and about this ‘steal Melody’ and get Joseph shit. If you want Joseph dead-that’s fine with me, I want the same thing considering he faked his death but getting me involved in it-or his family? That’s real cowardly and pathetic, Andy. Let’s make a deal...”

“Melody, I didn’t think I’d ever speak to you again and quit it with that Andy nickname. You want to know the deal sweetheart? You get taken, and then Joseph will come right after you. He will watch you die while being tied and then I’ll take his life. Understood Mel? It’s not personal, not against you at least...” He responded. It made her furious that he would turn into this but there was no changing it now and there was no point screaming what her thoughts were.

“Andy, If you want Joseph than I’ll happily lead him, in one condition that you live me out of it. Tell me where you want to meet him and I’ll tell Joseph that I need to be in that place and I’ll convince him to go there. Another condition is that you face him no more than five people because to be honest-it would be a little unfair you going with an army when he’s just one person. Deal?” And surprisingly after a little bit more talking she managed to make this deal with him. She dropped the phone to the man down below so that Andy could tell her to keep watch of her but don’t harm her. She climbed down the tree and then headed herself back into where Jarred and Joseph were, inside.

“Jose!” She half whispered half yelled “I called Andy and I set up a date with him. Considering you said you have this ‘headquarters’ thing, you can ambush it and get rid of him right? There’s a man that’s listening to our conversation so don’t be loud. He wants to make sure so I suggest you be quiet because Andy doesn’t know that I’m not following up to our deal...” She didn’t know if it would work but, she mostly did it to safe her own ass and get down there safely.

  Melody Silver / Ravenity / 7y 120d 4h 9m 27s
With a deep sigh, Joseph shrugged his shoulders. He was still toying with the fabric kindly, wringing it out and filling it with water. The little puddles of dirt and clumps that had collected breaking down. A steady stream of the dirt pooling into the sink, and then swirling down into the drain. "Yeah, actually. I wasn't supposed to get into contact with you even now, but they shouldn't have trusted me," he began to explain, glancing down the hall, attempting to peer into the living area where Jared still slept. "The first time I came to see you after all these years, Jared over there almost killed me for it. I was finally allowed to be out of those stupid headquarters for fresh air, and I kind of blew it. I couldn't not see you anymore, it was . . hurting me a lot" he said, breathing in deeply and smelling the wafting scent of the dirt from his hat.

"As for this hat . . " He began, staring down at it and wringing it out. It looked a bit cleaner than it was before, but it would surely take some time in order to dry properly. Water could only do so much to clean an object, and he wasn't sure he wanted to place it on his head yet. "This was the first hat you ever gave me, and I treasure it. . " He said, snapping the tap off and halting the water from flowing any longer. He could hear the soft sounds of shuffling from behind him, and spotted Melody making herself comfortable on the cold floor. Shaking his head, he laid the hat against the edge of the sink, in case it was going to drip, and then wandered down the hall to the closet. He knew there were a few blankets located there. Taking a few out, he draped them over her tiny frame, and then sat himself down besides her.

"I know I was stupid. . " He whispered, wanting to address her apology, despite the fact she was most likely falling asleep at that very moment. "I'm still stupid, but this was something I wanted to do. . Like a dream of mine. And I'm sure that without you in my life, I wouldn't have made it this far. . Maybe not even out of high school. I'm sorry I never told you some of the stuff I dealt with in my life, but I was such a sad, weak-hearted young male. And you kind of helped me, and all I wanted to do was be with you. . and I blew it, I know. I know I'm stupid, and you can keep telling me that, or still want to kill me all you want. . " He said softly, before swallowing. Leaning his head against the nearest wall, he began to get a bit more comfortable. I'll just stop talking now he thought to himself, allowing his eyes to flutter closed slowly.

  || Joseph McLore || / ManTiaras / 7y 124d 7h 39m 57s
“Headquarters huh...” She sighed “What happened to having no contact with me? Did they suddenly change their mind?” Her words were mostly to herself. It was always at the back of her head and the emotions that came with it. There were pieces of the puzzles that were missing, and she couldn’t figure it out. There was no use in bothering him about it considering he always kept it all to himself. It was the same that he kept silent about it before he even left on where he was heading to. What was I even thinking when I went out with him? She shook her head in disappointment. She thought she was better than that. Better than dealing with getting close to person, opening up completely and not having them even say what was going on with them.

“I’m sorry, okay?” She broke the silence once more “That I try hit you with a bat and throw knifes at you... We should have just stayed friends...well not even that. Should have broken it off after high school. At least than I wouldn’t feel offended that you never mentioned the truth before you left... Let’s just forget everything that happened. I should have moved on a couple of months ago.” It was hard to say the words but she knew it was true that she should have moved on from all of it. Although, she could never really do it, no matter how she told herself she would. It could be also because she didn’t want to move on. She watched him try to fix up his hat as if it was so precious.

“What’s so special about that hat?” She muttered. It looked a little familiar but she couldn’t point it out. Did it even matter? No. She decided. She placed herself down, hoping that maybe she could fall asleep. She was slightly shivering and with this place looking as if it was build in ancient times didn’t seem like it had a heater. She wrapped her arms around her knees, pressing her knees against her chest and leaned against the wall. She let her eyes fall closed and let herself slowly drift off into sleep. Just a good small nap was all she needed from all that happen. Who knew, maybe when she woke up she would find it was all a dream. Not even a nightmare, because in truth she would rather him alive, a liar, than dead. She wasn’t selfish to an actual crazy point he wished he was dead. She couldn’t put herself to do that. Although, she could also wake up into a nightmare where they’ve been found out... It wasn’t the best time to be negative either.

  Melody Silver / Ravenity / 7y 130d 23h 9m 44s
Joseph watched the girl curiously as she stretched she slender legs out, and then left the room. Quickly rushing out of the small bunker and then into the rain. He attempted to peer out of the window, but felt no desire to try too hard to witness what she was trying to do. Soon, Melody returned with his wet, muddy, dripping hat. Shoving it into his hands. Tenderly he placed it on the floor, and then stared at it. I hate what weather does to you, old friend. . He said softly, though the snide comment the female made was completely unnecessary. The hat she went to retrieve in fact, was the first hat that she had given him for his birthday years ago. It had always been his favorite, since it was made with just the right fabric as well as it was his favorite color - he was particular on his shades of blue.

'Yeah, the Andrew. He's some kind of big boss now, which really pissed me off - as I explained. You can't really blame yourself for all those teases about drugs and the sort. . he would have probably became someone like that even if we didn't egg him on every now and again" Joseph said sadly, looking down at the ground. He wasn't all too sure what else to say besides that.

By the way Melody began to talk about how he only hurt those around him, so in order to halt how he was hurting he should stop doing that. . He. . He knew she didn't understand. I don't quite want to tell her either, tell her some of the stuff I went through. She doesn't understand how much I didn't want to hurt those around me. And all she's doing is turning it back on me. . He thought to himself, his expression dropping. He was stuck in between a face of sadness and a face of pure nothing.

"Well uh, I'm sure in a few hours he and I can contact headquarters. . and then we can kindly get the hell out of here. I don't like being in this bunker. It's not something I really enjoy. . " He said softly, slowly getting up. The male grabbed his hat delicately, wandering into the kitchen. He then began the process of cleaning it - wringing it out a countless amount of times.

  || Joseph McLore || / ManTiaras / 7y 137d 9h 32m 26s
Her head rested on her knees as she listened to him complain about his hat. That hat was long gone by now. It was pointless worrying about it now. Joseph always had a hat on him and it was impossible to get a hat off him no matter what the climate. She followed his words and was trying to recollect her memories of what he was saying and who Andrew was. She was a little lost on what was really going on. There were parts that he wasn’t saying, details that she wanted to hear.

Melody rose from her spot, stretching out her legs at first and then headed to the door “I’ll be right back.” It bothered her seeing him sulking over it, he may not fully show it but it was there. The sound of rain became louder with the door swinging open. She stepped out into the storm without the slightest worry of getting wet. She spots the hat, drenched in rain and was ready to be buried into mud. She sighed and then picked it up with her two fingers. She stepped in back inside and kicked the door closed behind her. She stepped in front of him and handed him the soaked hat “Here you go Jose. You’re reunited with your wet muddy hat. It seems that’s the only relationship you can hold.” She then stepped back and suddenly not feeling tired anymore. She was definitely a little cold again but that would ware off soon.

She recollected her memory then. “Andrew...” She recited. Who was Andrew? Was there an Andrew during their high school years that she knew of? After a couple of seconds running through people she knew, it hit her. Andy. She always called him Andy instead of Andrew. It always ticked him off.

“Andy?” She spoke, her mouth falling “That Andrew? The one I always teased? The one that had a crush on me during ninth grade? He really hated me for teasing him. I remember I even teased him once of being a drug lord, mimicking him of what he do...although, I never could imagine him as crazy bad criminal. You two were pretty close that time too, weren’t you? What happened?” She really was lost on how that could have happened. She could see that Jose was really angry about this.

“If you want to stop people from hurting, stop letting the people around you from hurting first,” She dryly mentioned “And tell me the details. I want to know what happened between you and him. What made him angry? Because you were the only one...what? Why are you even on this case if it’s too personal? Haven’t you heard that you drop a case if you’re too close to it because stuff like this happens?” She didn’t know what was really gone but it made her frustrated that Andy was a part of it.

“I should have never given him the idea of being a drug lord...” She muttered “Guess I’m onboard on kicking Andy’s ass. He deserves some sense beat into him. Jose, don’t get to emotionally attached to it. Andrew made his choice, and who is now is a different person we knew, so treat him as like another bad guy you dealt with. People hurt all the time, change all the time, its life... All you can do now is not let it get to your head and solve it.” It was simple for her to lock emotions away, except for when she heard Joseph was dead and that he faked his death. This she could not get emotional about and think clearly of it.

  Melody Silver / Ravenity / 7y 145d 35m 45s
"I just. . " He began, his hands running through his locks. They were slightly damp from droplets of rain and his own sweat which hadn't cleared from the rush he was given. It seemed like it all just happened minutes ago. Him dodging bullets, and loading guns. Setting up pulley's so he could walk down and building, and save the girl he loved and probably always would love. With a deep breath, he entered the living area again. Seeing her sitting there, so many questions flying from her mouth and many others lingering in her eyes and dancing on the tip of her tongue.

"You know I find some kind of security in hats. . ." He said softly, slowly thrusting his hands into his jeans pockets. It only made him feel that more empty to know it wasn't lying on top of his head.

I'll just go out for it once the rain lets up . . Surely I can do something he thought to himself, before sitting down on the floor. Crossing his legs and placing his head into his clasped hands. "Well, it was a mission pretty much. And well, I didn't know my old friend from high school would be so . . would turn out that way," Joseph whispered softly. Slowly, he looked up at the girl. "You remember Andrew? Yeah? Well know he's this big underworld baddie, known only by his initial. He's been a dealer for years, and when I was assigned to take care of him I didn't know it would be him," he said softly, and then shook his head. Brushing his bangs away from his face.

"It's still left unsolved. I'm still on the case. Now it's just kind of a war between him and I. I figured him out. And that's what made him angry, because I was the only one. . ." He said, with a snicker. "It just. . gets to me to see how much people bloody change. To those extents. Where you hurt so many people but you can only writhe in your own power!" Joseph stated angrily, his voice rising slightly. Within a few moments he calmed down, slowly lifting his head from his hands. "That's why I love what I do. So that I could just. . . stop people from hurting. Kind of like I did before," Joseph said softly, and then winced. It was the first time he let something slip about his past. He had only mentioned minor details that would never peak the interest of Melody too much.

She had no idea how personal his job actually was to him each and every day.

  || Joseph McLore || / ManTiaras / 7y 145d 7h 30m 31s
Forget it. I’m not hungry anymore, ” She snickered. She didn’t appreciate him calling her a monkey for doing something she always has done. Climbing got her away from them but it also calmed her down. Just as people drowned their sorrows in alcohol, she climbed till she couldn’t climb anymore. It was just ropes that she refuses to deal with considering there was no where to put her foot. She peaked over at him seeing him run his hand through his hair. He always wore his hat, so where was it? She then remembered from the top of the trees that she saw his hat lying on the ground. It was definitely damaged by now. Not like she cared.

I’ll get you a new one if you miss it so much, ” She muttered and glanced away. As she heard there was no sign of internet she felt as if she was being pulled back in time and hiding from world war one or two. The place pretty much fit the time era. For all she knew, she really was being dragged back in time. Her eyelids fell closed as the silence continues to grow. All that could be heard was the patter of rain against the roof. A lot of things were running through her head. Eventually, she decided to break the silence.

What’s the game plan? ” She asked “Are we going to stay hidden until we get caught? Or are we going to get to them before they get to us and stop the death threats? I prefer the second one. I hate hiding and staying in the same place, especially one that looks like it came from hundreds years ago. ” She wasn’t the type to sit around and do nothing about it. If her life was in threat-which it seemed like it was, she had to do whatever to make it stop. She never favoured the predator and prey situations, unless she was the predator. She heavily breathed out and then peered up at him in curiosity “What did you get into anyway? Did you kill someone Jose? And some people want revenge? Is that it? Or are you wanted in some country or some shit? Obviously if they’re trying to get to me killed, instead of directly attempting to get you, it’s personal. ” She couldn’t change the fact that is death was faked. Right now, she just want this mess cleared so she can continue with the rest of her life. Sure, she dreamt about getting into danger and fixing it up-but only in her head and in her head, it’s impossible to die.

  Melody Silver / Ravenity / 7y 148d 2h 35m 10s
Joseph shuddered visibly as the girl snuck up beside him. How diligent she was with her sneaking, always seeming to be successful in her tasks of trying to cause chills to run up and down his spine. Her cool hands against his cheek made emotions stir within him, what he hadn't felt for quite a few years now. Jared, who was also present in the room didn't seem too interested in their little reunion. He only turned over more, shuddering himself closer to the corner, and seeming to fall asleep. It had been quite a big day for him. He probably hadn't expected to be forced through any of the events that occurred.

"How many times must I tell you that I honestly wanted to tell you?" Joseph murmured softly, still feeling the anger of earlier fester within his stomach. This girl was too darn stubborn to see the big picture that was right in front of her face, and when she began to realize and see only a meager piece of it, she twisted it into something negative. To make it seem as if he had chosen something else over her, as if he didn't love her. When he did.

But at this point, Joseph felt no more desire to fight with the girl. There was no more fight within him, in order to prove himself. To explain the situation to her, and make her see what had actually happened. As to why he left, why he was forced to lie to her and why he was proven to be dead. Sighing deeply, he allowed the girl to snuggle up beside him, his emotionless face casting not one thought that might have been lingering inside his head.

With a timid chuckle that erupted from inside his throat at the grumble of her stomach, he shook his head. Shifting himself in his seat. "I did ask you earlier if you wanted something to eat, before you decided you were some kind of bloody monkey and went to go climb a tree" Joseph said to her, before scooting himself out from beneath her weight and venturing into the kitchen. It was practically empty, besides a few supplies that had been scavenged up over the years. Most non-perishables that were lingering inside of the many cupboards. "So, what is it exactly you want to eat?" Joseph called, hearing her concerns on her family.

That is an issue, now isn't it..? He thought to himself, running his hands through his hair, when he realized his hat was outside. And it had already begun raining. The cap would have been completely ruined by his point, by the mud, dirty and rain water. Sighing to himself, he wandered back into the living room. "We can take care of that later I guess. Maybe you could call from here. But there isn't any internet out this far. Sorry," he said, before returning to the kitchen.

  || Joseph McLore || / ManTiaras / 7y 155d 3h 55m 46s
Her head rested against the uncomfortable hard wood but it was better than going down there. She closed her eyes for a second, listening to the wind pick up, and the clouds starting to rumble even louder. She enjoyed storms. If she could walk in them, she would. It was the day everything to place to bring up even a brighter day. She was letting her mind drift off and slowly started to fall asleep.

The sound of his voice pulled her back awake. She pried her eyes open again, gazing below her with her bright blue eyes and looking past the other branches and leaves. She couldn’t fully make him out from the distance but she could definitely hear what he was saying. How couldn’t she? He was yelling. A frown set up on her face, watching him go back inside. Her head raised up into the sky again finding a lot more drops of freezing rain hit her skin. Okay, now it was time to get down before it became too slippery and she fell to her death. She wasn’t the clumsy type. She never missed her footing. She climbed down and then it became more slippery from the rain, and chillier. It became more challenging but nothing she couldn’t handle.

Her feet landed on solid ground and she jumped at the sudden load roar of thunder that sounded more like a bullet echoing through the forest. Damn, that was loud. She cracked a small smile and start walking her ahead and taking her own sweet times. Thunder storms were the best... She opened the door and walked in. She wrapped her arms around herself noticing that she was slightly wet and freezing. She then spotted Joseph, and moved right beside him, leaning her head on his shoulder.

I’m still upset but I’m really cold... ” She whispered and even ignored Jared’s presence in total. She was starting to wish he was her idiotic hot neighbour then this. It was still hard to believe this was all happening. She took out her hand, it was incredibly pale and cold from touching the trees and exposed to that rain. She placed her head lightly on his cheek and feel her hand burn. It felt nice. She had that tingly feeling back in her stomach and she wasn’t going to show it, but she really missed cuddling up with him. She missed everything but everything was different now.

One thing that won’t change... You’re body was always so warm, ” She sighed. Before, she’d sneak in her hand under his shirt when her hands were cold and watched him shiver from it. It was amusing to her, he was like a heater. Then she heard her stomach growl and her cheeks lit up. That was embarrassing. When was the last time she ate...?

Sorry... ” She muttered “It’s been a long time since I ate... It’s not like I want you dead, I just wished you stayed the same way as you did in my memories and stay the way they told me. It took me forever to accept it. I wish you didn’t leave me... I should have followed my instinct that you couldn’t be dead, so that it wouldn’t hurt as much when I feel lied to. I don’t forgive you. You never told me what you were up to. I thought you trusted me, even with big secrets like that...before you went off to ‘war.’ I guess not... ” She was starting to get a little dizzy, she didn’t know from what considering all that happened.

By the way... What now? ” She asked frowning “I can’t go back to my apartment can I...? I should also call my parents because they usually call by this time of the week to check up on me. Not to mention that I have to e-mail some pictures and such for work... ” She could hear Jared scoff. What was the point of him even being here? She was just itching to blurt out his attitude when he was deceiving her or even that time he got drunk and things got out of hand.

  Melody Silver / Ravenity / 7y 161d 21h 2m 11s
This girl obviously didn't understand.

He could completely comprehend the grieving the felt, and probably even the way she felt now. How dead she sounded, it only tore at him more. He hadn't even chose his work over her. In all honestly, he would have rather not left. But he wanted to become someone, he wanted to give himself more reason to live. He felt that with Melody. And he wanted to feel that more. Which was why he left, and he was hoping to recruit her into the force by making himself a good name. He was on the borderline of doing just that, when it was announced he was dead.

Soon enough, Jared returning. Tossing a helmet onto the couch and flopping down on the floor. He seemed a bit aggravated, but not from the fact that they had gotten themselves into a tight situation. With furrowed brows, Joseph approached and asked the male what was wrong. "That bloody girl won't come down from a tree. She's gonna either get us found out, or get herself hurt." Jared said to Joseph, glancing up at the male through a half-lidded gaze. Joseph only shook his head, smiling sadly.

All of those moments when he tickled her cheeks and sides, and called her a monkey girl when she giggled. He used to find it absolutely adorable. Now all he wanted was for her to stop climbing up, and start climbing into his arms. Though that was something he may never achieve. There was no way for him to work her heart like that, and he just had to accept it - but it was too damn hard. "And you're expecting me to manage to get her down?" Joseph asked with a sigh, and Jared only shrugged.

"You are lovers, or so lovers in quite the quarrel now aren't you?" He questioned, with a snicker. He seemed to be spiteful as of late, but the male could understand. He was forcing so much stress upon his shoulders and giving him burden after burden. "Sorry man, I just don't mean to be like this," he said after a moment of silence. "That girl if just so freaking stubborn, I hate it," he said softly, turning over on his side and curling up a bit.

"I know she's stubborn," Joseph began slowly making his way out of the living area. He had finished his glass of water, and felt much calmer than he was only moments ago. "It's one of the things I really love about her, yet get irritated by. But I guess I enjoy the irritation. . " He said softly, and then slowly trekked outside. He attempted to look up into the dress, but the light seemed to be too glaring for his sensitive eyes to handle. Yanking his hat down over his head more, he shoved his hands into his pockets. Kicking at the forest floor.

"Melody, you really misunderstood me. If I could have contacted you when they pronounced me dead, I would have. They banned me from any type of communication. I was given absolutely no kind of communication device besides the ear bud in my ear, which is a one way line with the company that I can't even call on demand. I wanted to speak to you so badly, each and every day. And I almost lost everything once, thinking too much about things. . " He said, sighing deeply. The stress was obvious. It hung over him like a curtain. Lifting his hat off his head he ran his hands through his hair and whipped it at the ground with a growl. "Now all I'm doing is completely regretting trying to make something of myself, and maybe get you to just. . be adventurous with me! So that I could actually be the best husband to you, boyfriend, lover, whatever! And just provide for you. But it seems like that damned effort is futile, since you want me freaking dead!" He yelled at the ground angrily, his hands curling into fists in his pocket.

Breathing in deeply, he shook his head. Staring at the hat that was on the ground. He had no desire to pick it back up. "But it really doesn't bloody matter, as long as you stay safe. I hope you'll eventually come down from there, since the temperature drops drastically once night falls. And it's gonna rain. I also don't want you getting shot. This is still a public area you know," he said softly, before returning to the house. Jared only looked at him from his spot on the floor, before curling up again. It seemed he understood to not bother Joseph.

  || Joseph McLore || / ManTiaras / 7y 163d 5h 48m 26s
It was hard to wrap her head around everything. She felt worse than she did before. She really would have been better to live a lie than this. Eventually, she would have gotten over it in a good two years and move on. Before she wished that he was alive and now she wished that he remained dead like they told her he was. It was definitely clear that he was practically tied down to his job and tossed her side for second place. He twisted the truth, he never told her and let them fake his death and not bother to just pull away from it.

If you contacted with me, they’d cut you off and you didn’t want that, ” She restated and sighed “That makes perfect sense. I could understand that. I’m nothing compared to saving bunch of other people. Just know one thing; to me you’re the devil that made me feel worthless. No amount of saving you do to others can change that. ” Her voice was calm yet, it was dead.

You already made your choice. You’re dead to me and your family. You left your life; you have no right to claim that you want to protect me. Don’t call me that... I despise you, ” She breathed out. She leaned forward in the couch and just stared at her hands. She’d rather be anywhere but here with him. It was suffocating and it was only making things worse. She meant what she said; she truly despised him at this point. She then rose up from the worn up couch.

I can’t breathe here, I’m going outside for a bit, ” She spoke out. She fit her hands into her jean pockets and stepped toward the door. For a good second she was lost in her own thoughts and the next, she stepped outside. She closed the door behind her and leaned her back against the cabin. She stared down below her feet, kicking the dirt. Then she lifted her head and glanced around the area to see a couple of trees. She picked one tall one that didn’t seem that difficult to climb. She took steps toward it and then placed her foot on the first large branch and stretched out her arm for the other one. She continues to find the path to the top as her mind was being fully cleared when she focused only on climbing. The only worry on her mind was if the bugs on the tree would crawl up in her clothes. She eventually reached to a good height up the tree. She leaned her side on the large tree, her feet dangling in the air and her hands gripping onto the branch for support. She stared below to see a much better view. She felt a single wet drop fall on her nose and her head rose up to the sky darkening, and rumbling.

I should get down soon... She thought to herself and stared below the ground but she didn’t feel like going down at this moment. She sat there thinking to herself, replaying some past memories and missing them and yet regretting them. She wasted those years with him. Then she spotted Jarred below heading to the door. She stretched her arm and picked up an acorn. She then let it drop from her hand and let it fall on Jarred. Jarred rubbed his shoulder and then glanced up at her for a quick second, then away and then looked right at her with big large surprised eyes. She waved with a smirk on her face.

You were a nice actor you know. ‘Oh you are so sexy Melody! Maybe we should go clubbing sometime.’ ’” She mimicked his tone from before. This Jarred was a lot different than the one he acted to be living beside her. He narrowed his eyes at her “Get down from there.

Don’t want to ” She shrugged “It’s the best way I can think of to stay away from dogs like you and Joseph. Call the fire truck, or the cops. They can put me in witness protection, right...? I’d rather deal with that. ” She was ready to just start singing to herself and enjoying her moment up here. Besides, it wouldn’t really rain until later on.

  Melody Silver / Ravenity / 7y 164d 6h 32m 11s
Joseph sighed to himself lightly, taking steps away from the girl. He was placing distance between their bodies, which were warm from the constant running and adrenaline of the dangers they had just gone through. Melody seemed a bit calmer than she was in the apartment, but now he could see the stress run her down. It had finally caught up, and it didn't seem like she wanted to fight any longer. All she could think to herself was why her. Why had Joseph fallen for her? Why had they even been together. . or even why he had chosen such a career to take part in.

"Well, Melody. I told you that before, didn't I?" Joseph inquired, peering at the girls faced as she paced back and forth in front of the shack. Shaking his head, he touched her shoulder lightly. Directing her to the entrance of the tiny building, and then ushering her inside. He closed the door behind him, locking the door countless times. All the lights were off, and it was scarily dark; pitch black to the extent where one could not see their own hand in front of them.

"Here, sit down," Joseph offered waving his arm towards the nearest room which was tucked away on the right side of the hall. It was meant to be a living area. It had a slightly dusty old leather couch, black and worn away. It also had a love seat, and very small television set that looked older than anything - it would be a wonder if it truly worked still. "Do you want anything to drink? I think there might be water, or some drinks that have survived over the time. . " Joseph asked her lightly, as he could feel his own throat become parched. All that running had really done him in, as well as the fact that he was worried for Melody's life the whole time.

"Now, I explained to you before. . that I became an agent that works beneath the government, secretly of course" Joseph began to go back into his explanation. He took a few timid steps into the living area, leaning his body against the wall. Sliding his trembling hands into his pants pockets, and adjusting his hat which surprisingly still rest atop his head.

"Now that I feel like you will believe me a bit more. . I might as well tell you, since I have to protect you. When I said I was going away to the army, that was exactly a lie - in fact it was the first case I was appointed to. There was a conspiracy occurring within the armies, in which there was belief of some . . suspects that were committing wrong acts, and infiltrating the army force - the enemies of that army of course. So I was to join in order to get within and solve it. But after that, things only escalated. It got out of hand. I became a bit too popular, and was given case after case. And then came this one. . the one I'm working on right now, or that I just finished anyways. The guys I screwed over aren't happy, and now they're after revenge. They're taking low blows, just as all bloody criminals do" Joseph said, seeming to spit the words at the end. The sense of justice the male felt was very intense at times. It was another reason why he wanted to join such a force - he wanted to bring peace to the people, and settle the scores with those who did wrongly.

"I didn't want to lie. In fact, the thing 'bout me being dead I hadn't even approved. I was just told that I was dead, and to accept it. . I wanted to get in contact with you so badly, but if I were to they'd cut me, the organization. And I couldn't risk that" Joseph said softly, inhaling a deep breath. It was an immense amount of pressure that was slowly being heaved off of his shoulders. The burden had been so great over the past few years. "Jared is a partner of mine. When I finishing up that case, I guess he moved in closer to try to avoid me, meeting you. . and to protect you for me. I know you may feel that you don't need it, but you know I worry. . My Melody Song" He whispered softly, his tired eyes tracing the cracks of the floorboards beneath his feet. He wasn't sure what else to say to the female.

  || Joseph McLore || / ManTiaras / 7y 167d 2h 16m 21s
It was a lot to take in. It brought a lot of confusion of her weather this was real or she was lost in a deep dream. It seemed as if it was safer to treat it as reality right now. She stared blankly at him, eyes barely blinking and forgetting to breathe now and then. She was dumb folded. She was sucked into her own world until Joseph called her out again. Her eyes fell down to his arms and then she looked up at him meeting his eyes. That sickening feeling returned to her stomach but it was better going with the fear of going down than staying here with people with guns. She then moved toward him, held onto him and felt nostalgic. She missed having him hold her. She shook her head knowing that those wear old feelings...right now, she didn’t feel anything that wasn’t from the past. But it did help her relax her hysteria more.

Her stomach felt uneasy going down. Going up was the easy part, going down was hard. As soon as they hit grown she released him quickly. She heavily breathed out in relief to touch the ground and be out of there before things got nastier. She sharply stared at him as he adjusted her hair, and then she pushed his hand back. She just nodded at his order and then before she knew it she was holding his hand and running. She noticed that he’s gotten faster than last time and it was harder to keep up with him then when it way long ago she easily could keep up with him.

She only listened to him as they got on the motorcycle, holding onto him until they finally arrived to where he said. She stared at the tiny shack and then at the bike being hidden before moving her eyes back onto him. She had no idea why he was speaking so kindly, softly when she really didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. She really couldn’t comprehend everything.

You can let go of my hand now, ” She sighed and just tugged her hand away “Don’t bother trying to be sweet to me. I don’t feel much for you anymore. ” She was mostly convincing herself then him and she hoped he didn’t notice that she was mostly lying. She did feel for him, the issue she wasn’t sure if it was just past feelings because she really didn’t know if she knew him now. She wished to know exactly what was going on because her brain registries it as impossible. She opened her mouth and felt her hand sting even more. She glanced over it to see the cut, with the cold wind passing by it even hurt even more. What was the point of cutting into her hand!? It was covered in blood that she couldn’t even make it out the exact cut. She shook her head and looked back at him.

Why are you a part of this? You told me you’re going to the army, but you lied, didn’t you? ” She asked calmly “Why is it that someone threatened to behead me? Enlighten me Jose. I’m beyond hysteria now. I don’t even know if this is real. ” She stated and then remembered hearing Joseph’s and Jared’s conversation before. That must have meant that Jared would be coming as well. What if something happened to him? What if he didn’t come back? Sure, he was definitely a fake toward her but she was human enough to care if someone lost their life.

“Why am I dragged into this?” She whined very quietly mostly speaking to herself. Everything just happened so fast and she wanted to get exactly what was going on to let everything really process in her head.

  Melody Silver / Ravenity / 7y 170d 4h 25m 14s
Joseph was only a bit startled by the abrupt hysterics that Melody seemed to be sent into. It seemed that she was slowly beginning to register as well as accept the fact that he was telling the truth before, that he didn't just fabricate some absurd reality in order to win her love back. That he had in fact honestly left to pursue his dream - to do the dangerous. Except now, the dangerous didn't seem to be the best path choice for him considering that he was endangering the lives of not only himself but someone whom he cared about exceptionally.

Breathing deeply, Joseph shook his head. "Do you see now, Melody? That I was telling the truth. . I wouldn't bull shit you about something like that," He said, stretching out his knees and straightening his back out. Now he stood beside Melody, who seemed excited to get along with things. Above all, her skittish nature seemed buried within her slight hysteria. "Don't worry about not being able to climb down, that's too far to climb down anyways" Joseph said, and began to step into a tiny harness. With that, he clipped specific clips onto the rope with great ease as Jared was putting himself into his own harness.

"You have everything packed up?" Joseph asked Jared, and he nodded to him. Tossing him a duffle bag, in which he slipped onto his back. Within that, he crawled out of the window, straddling the tiny balcony. "Come on, Melody. Just hold on to me okay?" Joseph said, reaching his arms out to the girl and embracing her tightly. He held her body close to his, propping some of her weight up upon his waist. "I'll take her down first, and we'll rush off to the outskirts. I have an idea of where to go - the shack Jared, that one I told you about. Just go there, and rush out as fast as you can. We'll meet up there. Call if there's any issue, I have my ear bud in," Joseph said, and Jared nodding. Locking and loading the last gun before slipping it into its holster. With that, Joseph began his start down the rope line. Bouncing off of the wall, and holding onto Melody dearly. Cold air bit at him, but he didn't mind; his skin was burning.

When his feet touched the ground, he placed Melody down. Adjusting a few locks of her hair, before facing the girl seriously. "We need to run. Just follow me. We'll go to the nearest hotel from here, where I stay and get on my bike okay?" Joseph said, and then grabbed her hand. Loosening the harness just a bit so that he could run quicker, before starting off. He was extremely quick on his feet, having gotten faster from high school. It was all the training he had undergone. Once at the hotel, he shoved his keys into the motor bike, and then slipped a helmet on Melody's head. "Quickly now!" He said, his own helmet resting in his lap, as he began to drive the mechanism out, and hurrying for the outskirts of the city where rarely any people lingered.

(center Clearing his throat, he brought himself and Melody into a tiny shack - hiding his bike within bushes before hand - and holding her hand tightly. "We are here now . . " he said to her softly.
  || Joseph McLore || / ManTiaras / 7y 170d 5h 37m 45s
Her eyes lay down to his hand going beneath her knee and then rose up to him whispering her name. She could only sharply stare back at his widen eyes. It may have stung, bled but it wasn’t important compared to what may come up next. What happened next, felt as if someone hit forward on the remote. The gun shots echoing around the area made her heart beat go faster and froze her into place. Shit, just got real. She told herself.

She stood conscious of the situation when she was behind the couch. There were men with guns out there, trying to kill them! Oh, that was definitely normal. And then, Jared... Jared her goddamn neighbour that she thought wasn’t some kind of hidden spy or something like that. Everything felt like a huge lie. Her life was a big set up that she remained oblivious of. She slowly glanced over at the closet and seeing a couple of weapons. These are one of my action dreams isn’t it? She thought to herself and then remembered Then how come I’m not doing anything but sitting around? That never happens in those dreams. She shook her head noticing that she was losing her mind because it was just so much to take in all at once. Melody didn’t move an inch, almost as if she wasn’t breathing and staring directly ahead. The nerves that send pain through her brain wasn’t even going through from her bleeding hand.

It wasn’t until her ears perked up and heard her name being stuttered. All her senses came right back as she picked up Joseph right in front of her. His eyes, his lips, nose, hair and body he was so attractive yet, even seeing him didn’t make her feel better, or even angry at this point. Then she heard his question. The edge of her lips cracked into a smile as she held a laugh but it eventually did come out.

I have to climb down a rope with you!” She spat out laughing in between “There are people out to kill me, you, us...whatever. My ex-ass hole that’s supposed to be buried ten feet underground rises from the dead and claims he’s a ‘secret agent!’ My neighbour is a ‘secret spy’ too with weapons in his closet! What’s next? Bullet dodging? Vampires! No, no, a unicorn. Can’t wait! Or-or-maybe cliff dying to escape the mafia...!? ” Melody hit to the point she was hysterical. As calm as she was normally, there was too much too swallow in. She easily stood up on her own two feet and smirked “Yea, yea, let’s go! It’ll be fun. ” She followed him to the window and felt her slight fear of actually doing something crazy like this hit her. She was the fastest one in gym to climb up the rope but climbing down was a different story. She didn’t even climb down. It took a good long hour before they actually got someone to get her safely down.

Jose, remember that time in gym class where I got stuck? I can’t climb down, I can only climb up, ” She flatly reminded. Just to be sure, she didn’t want to jump down and realize it wasn’t a hallucination.

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