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Those who have seen Mirai Nikki will understand the rules of this game better, its inspired by this anime.

You have been chosen by god to enter a game against 12 other people to play for the title of god . You as a person are quite isolated from society and find comfort in keeping a diary . The diary that you possess have been given the ability to see into the future and the future of other people, this will come in handy when trying to avoid death as it can tell you the safest route to avoid the problem.
When your close to death or locked into a battle with another diary holder you have a DEAD END appear on your diary which will tell you how you die and what time , you then have to try to work your way around this and change your future so you dont die at that exact time. But as you change your future it will change the others future as well, they will be trying to keep your DEAD END and kill you.
But with this ability to see into the future comes at a price. Your diary is your life source. if its destroyed or damaged you will die automatically .

God has summoned you to his chamber where you are standing on your stand waiting for the game to start. To make this game more difficult you dont know the other peoples identity, they are a blur to you as you try to discover who they are, so you have to find them and kill them. You can befriend them but keep in mind that you will have to kill them at the end of the day. Trust no one.


Semi Lit
Romance is allowed
Cussing hell yes
Violence Im expecting it
If your leaving please let me know.
Anime pictures please
When your locked in a battle your diary must read DEAD END! Then it should explain how you are going to die.
HAPPY ENDING as you can tell will rarely occure in this game but its when two or one diary holder is living.

Diary holder 1:

Username: Honoka
Name: Mitsuki Koyama
Gender: Female
Occupation: High school student, voice actress and singing idol
Weapon: Martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, has dual pistols under her skirt at all times. She always has hidden knives or explosives and can light them with her silver Zippo lighter.
Reason for wanting to become God : To create a reality that everyone can achieve happiness, but to not erase the world that everyone already knew. Her desire to become God is to not fulfill her own needs, but everyone else's, even at the expense of her own humanity and happiness.
Type of diary: Cell phone

Diary holder 2:

Name: Kevin Billingsley
Gender: Male
Occupation: High school student, voice actor, writer, and aspiring singer
Weapon: Martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, has dual pistols and Dual Katanas.
Reason for wanting to become God : To create a reality where Tolerence so that everyone can achieve happiness, even at the cost of his life.
Type of diary: Ipod

Diary holder 3:

Username: Salander
Character Name: Revy
Gender: Female
Occupation: Works for Lagoon Company
Weapon: Weapon of choice is a pair of Beretta 92FS's and any guns stored on her boat.
Type of diary: Cell phone

Diary holder 4:

Username: Harluxia
Name: Suzugamori Ren
Gender: Male
Occupation: Hired Assassin
Weapons: Depends on what he has, but generally twin Chain swords, two Desert Eagles and several explosives.
Diary: Cellphone

Diary holder 5:


Username: OoORuRikkaOoO
Character Name: Fuyumi
Gender: Female
Occupation: High school student, she is commonly known as a trouble child at the school due to her side profession of prostitution and theft; she is part of a small gang of fellow delinquents at her school
Weapon: LeMat Revolver; with the exception of a razor blade place inside her underwear
Reason for wanting to become God: She truly only wants to win this to find her father who made a promise when she was younger that,â?? He would always be thereâ??, only to abandon her and her mother when she turned 6
Diary: Cellphone

Diary holder 6:


Username: RyuuArashi
Character Name: Cougar
Gender: Male
Occupation: Drunkard, Ex-Architect
Weapon: Dual pistols
Type of diary: Sketchbook.

Diary holder 7:

Username: Akiho
Character Name: Zel
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student, but knows more than a few things about tricks with knifes, combat, and how to make poison.
Weapon: Sword, dagger in her one of her boots, pocket knife, poisonous darts attached to the same belt as her sword.
Reason for wanting to become God: Has no reason besides her mother wishing her to be more perfect, so basically its more like she would be the symbol while her mother ruled.
Diary: A Pager

Diary holder 8:

Username: AlyceSoen
Character Name: Xena Kyler
Gender: Female
Occupation: Ex Assassin for the US Government
Weapon: Guns, Daggers, Two Twin Katanas
Reason for wanting to become God: She wants to destroy this world, and make it into something better.
Diary: A tattoo on her left arm. It has letters that rearrange to show her where danger is.

Diary holder 9:

Username: AlyceSoen
Character Name: Archer Kyler
Gender: Male
Occupation: Nuclear Engineer
Weapon: Anything near him he can form into a trap,bomb,etc. Guns, Daggers anything he can use around him that is offensive.
Reason for Wanting to become God: He doesn't want to become god, he just wants to survive long enough to protect his sister.
Type of Diary: Cellphone

Diary holder 10:


Name: Riku Soulda
Gender: Male
Occupation: Studen/Mass Murderer
Weapons: A very big Knife
Reason to become God : Boredom
Diary: Cell Phone

Diary holder 11:


Username: Witchlet
Character Name: Mirii Honoka
Gender: Female
Occupation: Secretary of a law firm/studying to be a defense lawyer
Weapon: Throwing knives that she wears under her skirt, her hands.
Reason for wanting to become God : She thinks this world could use a bit of a pick-me-up. She wants to fix it, make it better.
Type of diary: Journal book

Diary holder 12:

Username: MistressYuki
Character Name: Miki Shirokawa
Gender: Female
Occupation: Currently a Musician, but used to be a member of the Special Forces.
Weapon: Twin Daggers hidden under her dress, Sniper Rifle tied to her back and also knows some hand-to-hand combat.
Reason for wanting to become God : To get revenge on those who have hurt her and the people she cares about.
Diary: Book.

Skeleton: PM ME THIS!!!!

Character Name:
Weapon :
Reason for wanting to become God :
Type of diary:

This roleplay was originally made by Salander, but due to her being in Uni she has aloud me to remake this roleplay.

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Xena had been so caught up in watching the fight ensue, she hadn’t noticed second heading her direction. But soon enough, she ended up running straight into him. He took his time looking her over before he gently squeezed her duffle back and she knew she was screwed. A slight scowl flitted across her face, when she realized she had been caught. Most likely he wanted an answer to his question. She considered making a run for it, but that would involve leaving Ren. A muttered phrase from Second alerted her of a new issue as well. Apparently Revy had decided to join the fun, perfect. That woman really had some nerve. So running was definitely out of the question now. If Revy noticed a peculiar female leaving the scene, she wouldn’t be that stupid to ignore it. Or would she? At this point Xena really had no idea what went through that thick skull of hers.

For a moment or two, she just stood and stared at Kevin until he opened his mouth to speak. Again with the reason behind become God? Xena honestly didn’t feel like wasting the energy to answer his question. But being trained as a spy like she was, there was no other plausible way out of the situation. So with a huge sigh, she tried to give him a at least somewhat true answer.

“No it’s not a little boy’s dream, you act as if Assassin’s don’t have hearts at all,” she replied a slight glimmer of mocking in her tone. “As to why I want to become God? I have a similar if not exact reason to yours. I want to destroy this world of the meager and hateful and create something less…cruel. This world is full of too much pain; it is high time someone does something about it. The perfect world, I guess you could say,” she added, a little more sincere.
  .:Xena & Archer Kyler:. / AlyceSoen / 7y 234d 18h 58m 24s
The camera man soon moved to get a better shot of the fight that ensued between Miki and Ren. Kevin only hopped that he could get an answer from one of them soon, but at the same time hopped they'd stay away. "Well I guess all I can do is wait." He said turning around and walking through the crowd. He ended up bumping into a woman, a peculiar one at that. She had a large duffel bag and a hood over her head in the middle of the summer.

When Kevin bumped into her he took the time to place his hand on the side of the bag and squeeze. He smiled soon after and stopped. "Is this really the time for espionage? I rather like to see the ace of the woman who tried putting a bullet in my head that night." His smile soon faded when he saw Revy. "Her again." He then turned back to Xena. "Could you answer my question? I would really like to know, who I'm fighting. I'll let you know my reason first to move things along. You see I really don't care if I become God. It would help me stop how much blood is spilled year after year, but being that powerful doesn't interest me, no I just want for everyone to be satisfied. I want this world to flaunt the beauty that it is capable of bestowing upon us. I want for this world to be peaceful for once in its shallow existence," After he stopped speaking he sighed. "I guess to an assassin that is a little boy's dream, but even so it is mine."
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Revy got off a military boat which had just pulled into the Harbor. She had been away for months working for the Lagoon company in Southeast Asia. She stood there looking back at the city with a bottle of rum in her left hand and grinned. "I'm back." She said to herself as she adjusted the new shot gun on her back with her free hand. Her weapons had upgraded so she was better prepared. She carried the TMP and her classic guns on her sides but she has picked up some grenades she had put around her belt and a shot gun. She picked up her phone and opened it.
She was looking down the diary entries as she didn't look at it for the month she was away. 'So I see that second has come down with a poison that can't be cured and there is a show down in the center of the city against all the other numbers except seventh.' She thought to herself as she sighed. 'So much has happened and I wasn't here to enjoy it.' She shut her phone and put it in her back pocket. She began heading towards the closest hotel she could find, she had completely finished the bottle of rum so she threw it against the wall, it smashed into pieces as she disappeared around the corner.

She walked into the hotel which was ten minutes away from the harbor, the alcohol was affecting her so her journey was a bit hard. It was a small hotel but it would do for a rest. She walked over to the reception and got her keys for the room she was in. 'Third floor again. I swear these hotels are trying to send me to my death.' She thought to herself as she headed up the stairs. She opened the door to her room. She had to force it open as the lock was very stiff. The room was small yet pleasent. It had a TV, a bed and a small bathroom, it wasn't very fancy but at least the view was nice. 'Well what did I expect for something cheap.' She thought to herself as she threw her stuff on the bed and turned on the TV to the news. They were broadcasting the events that were happened with the other diary holders. She paused and looked at it carefully.

'Why do I want to become god?' She asked herself as she picked up her equipment and walked out of the hotel room. 'I don't want to become god I just want to have some fun and kill everyone. But if I really had to pick something to fight for. I want to rid the world of all these smug rich arrogant bastards that deserve to die.' She thought to herself as she headed down the stairs and back on to the street, she picked out her phone in order to pin point the location and what positions everyone was in. 'So there are two head on and one sniper followed by three kids.'
"I think it is time for me to join in on the fun. About time I start going head on in a fight." She muttered to herself as she loaded her 9 mm Beretta 92.

She walked over to where they were and watched from a distance just out of site of the snipers and everyone else, it had taken her another 10 minutes just to get there so it wasn't as far away from the location as she thought. She was wondering whether they would notice her if she stood here, they would obviously be able to tell if they looked at their diaries but she didn't really care at the moment. She was just enjoying watching the mayhem happening She started to count the diary holders but paused for a minute, there was one few numbers than she had seen on her diary. "I swear they were all there. That's what my diary said." She whispered to herself trying not to be heard. She thought about it before an idea came to her head.
'So one is keeping themselves hidden, that has to be the answer' She thought to herself and she looked back at them.
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Xena watched Ren grab his armor and pull it on. She, of course, knew he was going out to get Miki, and whether she liked it or not, she knew she couldn’t stop him. Once Ren had his eyes set on a target, he was not easily swayed away from killing him or her till they were dead. That was one of the things she had picked up on him very quickly after staying with him for a few months.

Xena slung her bag over her shoulder and followed him down to the car. The ride there was short and quiet, with the only sounds being Archer giving them instructions over the earpiece. Sighing when the car stopped, she quickly took her position at the top of the building as instructed by Archer. With the rifle assembled and positioned, she took out her telescope to watch the scene play out below. Xena watched Ren run past First and Second, pursuing Miki. She then noticed second quickly follow behind him. Miki and Kevin both had swords, which Xena knew was the weak chink in Ren’s armor.

She cursed under her breath, watching a number of Miki’s fans circle around them all cheering on Miki. This wasn’t good, not at all. Ren was out numbered first of all by the three numbers around him, and then again by all the raging fans intent on destroying Ren if he laid a hand on Miki.

Xena tugged her coat on, grabbing her a VP70 and shoved it in her boat along with a magazine, while digging her assault rifle out of her bag and taking off across the street. With the hood pulled up over her head, she blended into the crowd nicely, ignoring Archer’s demanding that she return to her post. She watched Second pass right in front of her, glad for the moment that none of the other numbers currently knew her appearance.

She watched him approach the news media and ask why we wished to become god. Xena smirked; it was a simple answer really. She wanted to destroy this living hell of a world, and create something that would be less… violent. She watched him curiously, deciding not to answer his question. It wasn’t worth it to risk her identity for such a petty question. Xena turned back to Ren, watching the fight ensue between Miki and Ren, prepared to strike if anything dangerous were to happen.
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Kevin heard two familiar sounds, stabbing at his ears. The first was the dragging of chains and then the voice of the man from the school. Kevin snapped up and took out his black and white Titanium plated and loaded pistols. Kevin knew that his white pistol would only dent the mans armor that he had on underneath. Kevin had seen it once before and if he was an assassin then he would know not to underestimate his enemies.His black pistol was a different story, this pistol had armor piercing Titanium rounds as opposed to the standard Titanium he had in his white. Even if his armor was made of Diamonds they would shatter after a couple of shots. Kevin had to admit he was a little surprised when Rin decided to walk away, but that wasn't going to fly. Kevin wanted answers and he wanted them now.

Kevin took out his white Katana and made it turn into the spinning-blade shield and kept out his white pistol just in case Rin tried to pull something. He took after Miki and Rin with a light jog, making sure to keep his shield arm behind him. Kevin wasn't stupid and most certainly wasn't as Naiive as most kids his age. He had learned from his last brush with Rin. He would have a sniper watching at all times.

When Kevin had reached Miki and Rin they were already fighting. He wanted to stop them both, but he could tell Miki had something against Rin and didn't want to get in his way; he also noticed the media watching them intently. "Rin,Miki, Xena, Archer, Revy?" He said as he went around and got in front of the cameras. "I need to know one thing... why do you want to become God?" His eyes were dull and his voice solid. He wanted only the truth and nothing more than that.
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"I will fight you with my bare hands Ren Suzugamori. For years I have been forced to bottle my emotions, the Special Forces was tough, but it was worth it. With these emotions I shall fight until my last breath. Then was happens after my death? More corruption? More Chaos? Plus you will have some very angry and upset fan coming your way Ren."

Miki got into a fighting stance and formed fists with his hands. He knew his boyfriend wouldn't want him to go down without a fight. The male knew that the cameraman and the news reporter were still filming all this and knew that his fans would be watching all this. Suddenly a few fans turned up at the park and began to cheer for Miki, slowly the amount of fans at the part cheering Miki on increased. Miki chuckled and looked back over at Ren.

"You really want to disappoint all these happy people? You really want to set a bad example for these people? I'm fighting for all the people in this city. They deserve peace and freedom!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Miki noticed a boy holding out a katana. Miki walked over to the boy and thanked him, taking the katana and attaching it to his belt. He grabbed the holster and pulled the blade out of the holster. The male held it in front of him.

"I guess I'll be fighting you with this blade then. FOR HIROSHIMA!"
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Ren as he grabbed his bullet proof suit and put it on underneath his current outfit. They didn't know him as how he normally looked. He grabbed a chainsword and a Maverick. He then proceeded with Xena behind him down the stairs. He was going to kill them all now. His shotgun was in the car along with his explosives and his special explosive knives. He also had a crossbow in the car. He got in the car with Xena and drove as fast as he could towards the park. He was going to kill at least one of them today. He dropped Xena off at a near building and continued to foot. Ren sprinted towards the part. He saw Miki, grabbed his Maverick and walked towards Mitsukia and Kevin.

"Well well well, we finally meet face to face, First, Second and by the looks of my diary, Twelfth. So then, how about I introduce myself properly. my name is Ren Suzugamori, also known as Fourth and if you plan on shooting at me, go for it, bit it's your funeral. I'm standing this far away, because if I get too close, Second may attack me, but you should know, I mean you know harm currently, I just thought I would let you know that the man coming towards the path is apparently Twelth, who is actually my current target, so I bid you two farewell for now."

Ren smiled as he walked away from Mitsuki and Kevin and headed towards Miki. He knew that it was highly likely that he would attack him and drew his gun, pointing it at Miki.

"I'm guessing you are Miki Shirokawa then. I am Ren Suzugamori, also known as Fourth and I already know you are Twelfth. Wonder if you will scream in pain as much as your boyfriend did, after all, you are the one who made us think that he was you, I mean getting him to dress up as you and pose as you? I'm pretty sure that means that you are irresponsible for your boyfriends death, are you not? If you like, I will free you from the guilt that you are walking with and kill you here and now. Unless you plan to put up a fight."

Ren smiled, the thought of killing two people in one day was such a rush, he loved the idea, it would be even better if Miki put up a fight against him.
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Mitsuki had been living a normal life now. For the most part... anyway. After all she had seen, she really couldn't have actually "think" for the most part. She rather thought dying was a solution. But she couldn't die... she just couldn't. All she knew was that this was happening. Swinging on the swing, she was now living an "average" life. It was because she had escaped death so much that she had grown used to this type of life. She had been literally training over the past two months, gaining experience to fight for herself.

She knew that in the end, something was bound to happen. She didn't know what though. Her black hair covered her eyes as she swung casually. How simply time pasted, and yet she was now used to it. Each ticking second she was going to live by her own terms. Finally it was quiet... she didn't know how it was like this. No matter what news reports said, as long as she wasn't getting Dead End, she was fine. Yeah everything was fine right? For a moment, she stopped even thinking and just went back and forth, over and over.

When Kevin came over, maybe some sort of strange aura was around him. But she wasn't aware of him wasting away. In a few weeks, maybe even less, she would lose somebody close to her. Something that would drive her to the point of real insanity - a beast far feral than what she had been into so far. Feeling the kiss and looking over at him, she closed her eyes. "Been doing a whole lot better... This peace is but a short one, isn't it? Heheh... good thing I gave them a good loop-a-around this time. Surprising that in this game I managed to get this far... but I couldn't be here without your help." She hated to admit it. Though if she hadn't killed Tenth, her game would have already have ended. This was it. A make it or break it type of thing. She needed to find a weakness now, while it was quiet. To destroy the rest of her foes before she was eliminated... natural selection at its finest...

"Kevin. Do you think... that we can come up with something while everything is quiet... and get rid of the other numbers quickly and painlessly, somehow?" A stupid thing, but she wanted to know what she needed to do. Mitsuki knew that she had to kill them. But she was aware that it was merely impossible to do so. They still have a lot of power, and even disguising herself as Zero when she was in danger wouldn't last forever. She often stared at herself in the mirror and wondered: how much more? How much more until she broke? This sin that she was currently bearing down on her shoulders... she didn't want it to break her. She wanted to break it. But this was her crime and her punishment? To fight to the death to keep on with this crime of hers.
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Archer nodded before pulling up the list of absentees from the school again. It seemed like the third time glancing down the pitiful list and he knew from previous scans there was nothing that could help then. At the moment they had no clue where First and Second were, Third, Seventh, or Twelfth. Which seeming as it was two months into the game they should have had better knowledge about their opponents. Archer typed in the names of First and Second again to see if any records had popped up lately, credit card purchases, medical records, phone calls, etc. Usually there weren’t any, but for some reason when he searched Kevin Billingsley, a full medical record came up showing previous visits and all the details of the condition of the patient.

“Hey Ren, come look at this,” he said opening the file that held the most recent case files.“It appears Second was poisoned, and he has been taking many trips to the doctors office for it. Apparently there isn’t a cure,” he said scrolling down, and reading the details.“Do you think it was from a number?”

Archer continued scrolling down before he noticed a blinking light coming from the bottom of the screen. While staying with Ren, Archer had gone ahead and helped him lock down any information about Archer and Xena, or alerts for any information concerning the numbers. He clicked on the notification bringing up a news broadcast. Miki’s voice blared through the screen, taunting them.

Archer grinned,“Apparently he did take his boyfriend’s death personally after all.” Miki ran off towards a park, and stupidly the cameramen attempted to follow him to question his actions. Naïve humans, Archer thought to himself, Miki would most likely blast their skulls before they got too far.

Xena stood looking over Ren’s shoulder. She watched the cameramen follow Miki, but her focus wasn’t on Miki or even the cameramen for that matter.“Hey… Archer, zoom in on the park swing set in the left corner.” Archer eyed her suspiciously before zooming in, now zoomed in the picture clearly showed what looked like First and Second together on a park swing.“Well it looks like Miki gladly helped us kill two birds with one stone,” she said, not taking her eyes of the picture.
  Xena Kyler / AlyceSoen / 7y 284d 3h 13m 16s
Miki was watching his boyfriends funeral from afar, not wanting to endanger his family. It didn't seem that the male was upset about it, which was odd. He had been trained to hide his emotions when he was in the Special Ops. Miki knew that this was all his fault, he was the one who set up the whole operation in the first place and yet he didn't get a good shot on the killers. Although Miki was used to people dying around, something about this felt unbearable. Slowly Miki turned around and walked away.

He felt his lip tremble and tears began to pour down the side of his face. Miki was thinking about this whole game, and how it had changed him. This game had changed him in a bad way, and he wanted to redeem himself. He stopped by the weapon store again and placed all his weaponry on the counter.

"I want ever last bit of this stuff sold, you understand?"

The man at the counter nodded. Miki grabbed his diary and left the shop. The only way the male could defend himself was in hand-to-hand combat. He knew this game was no longer worth fighting for, heck this stupid game for God was only making the world a much more dangerous place to live.

In the distance there was a news reporter, reporting the latest new for the city. Miki ran over to the new reporters and snatched the microphone off the new reporter, he quickly apologised and said this was an important matter. The cameraman kept filming as Miki spoke.

"Alright listen up you fucking diary holders! My name is Miki Shirokawa and I too am a pawn in this silly game for power. Really we are causing more chaos, and what for? I stupid title that's what! We're corrupting the world even more with this stupid game. This book I write my lyrics in is also my diary, now if you want to find me I'll be at the park. Twelve out!"

Miki gave the microphone back and hoped like hell that some of the diary holders were watch the new. The male quickly ran for the local park, ready to encounter the other diary holders. The book her held flickered a bit and read DEAD END, death by gunshot. At this point Miki didn't care, he kept running towards the park.
  MistressYuki / 7y 284d 9h 46m 59s
Ren sighed as he looked at Xena, she was right, of course she was, he would end up getting himself killed if he wasn't careful. But after the mall incident, he needed to be more careful with wearing his armor, it was known by everyone and his face wasn't. He was happy being allies with the two of them, there was no doubt about that.

"I'm sorry Xena, you're right. But you should be able to understand with the lack of armor thing, I mean after all, I am wanted by the police for blowing up a mall and killing hundreds of people, so if they see me in my armor they will jump me and I won't be able to make an escape. And yes, I understand I could just wear it underneath, but this morning I barely had time to grab my weapons, let alone my armor, if I was going to catch her. But yes, from now on I will ask you to come with me, I am enjoying this alliance, you two are my first real friends, so it's nice having you around."

He said smiling, even though he considered Xena as more than a friend as she did insist that Archer had the spare room for all the computers that were needed and she slept in the same room as Ren did. After Xena had finished treating his wound, he smiled to thank her. Before turning to the pc.

"Right so we know that Sixth was a homeless man, I'm pretty sure Revy murdered the guy whilst drunk, sounds like her. And Fifth was a prostitute. Kinda hard to beleive she didn't think I was with her pimp trying to kill her or something, but anyway. Left we currently have, us three, First and Second, who we haven't seen much activity between recently and Third, leaving me to believe that Seventh is a coward who is hiding from us. We need to search the school absence list once more, there must be someone who stands out from the rest of them. Archber, if you try and track down First or Second, I want us all to go after them next."

Ren continued to type, he was having a hard time finding out who anyone was. Maybe searching for class mates of Soulda would help, still nothing. HE had been given a hint recently that made him believe that Seventh went to that school before it was destroyed, but the only people absent that day, that were not also on the list of the dead, were Kevin, Mitsuki, Fuyumi and Soulda. This was going to be harder than he thought. He sighed as he continued to search for some kind of lead on Seventh.
  Assassin Ren / Harluxia / 7y 284d 20h 38m 45s
Kevin was in the hospital getting another blood test to see how the unknown anomaly in his system was progressing. "So doctor, what's the verdict?" He asked to keep a somewhat sunny disposition.

"Well Kevin, I'm going to be blunt here. You as I have said before don't really have all that long to live. This anomaly this poison is killing you and we don't have the time to create an antidote. We have never seen this before and we sent this poison to every country to see if they had any knowledge of it, and they don't. But, your intensive physical training and adrenaline shots that you've been taking have slowed the declination of your physical being, still I do not believe we'll be able get you an antidote in the time from now to..."

"My death. I know and I understand. Thank you for your time." Kevin said before heading out of the room and then eventually out of the hospital. Kevin didn't really enjoy his predicament, but he knew that sulking would get him nowhere. Although he did manager to get his left eye's lens replaced with an artificial one.

He had been walking down the road for a a moment or two when he noticed Mitsuki at a nearby park. She was sitting on the swing by herself. When he saw her a small, weak smile touched his lips and a tear fell from his eye. "I guess after this I won't be seeing you after a couple of weeks."

He decided to go meet her. He made sure to wipe the tear from his eye and put a smile on so she wouldn't be worried. When he got to her he kissed her and knelt in front of her. "How've you been, Mitsuki?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist and laid his head in her lap.
  Kevin Billingsley (OMHE) / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 284d 21h 4m 9s
Xena stood leaning against the counter in the kitchen. She and Archer had been living there for about two months now. In those two months, many things had happened. They had discovered Sixth has been murdered by Revy, and after Archer located Fifth, a local schoolgirl. Ren had set out this morning while she still slept to kill her. The fact he left without her and didn’t even stop to mention he was leaving to kill fifth, left Xena feeling furious with him. This game was taking too much out of all of them without him going off and getting himself killed.

She glanced over to Archer, who sat by his computer communicating to Ren through the headset. “Alright, good. Get back here before your noticed. You didn’t bring the bulletproof armor this time, so you’re out in the open,” Archer replied. At least he didn’t leave that when he left both of them sleeping this morning, Xena thought. She rolled her eyes, but she couldn’t deny the amount of relief that washed over her when she found out the mission went smoothly.

She shifted her weight uncomfortable before hearing a car door slam from outside, soon followed by Ren walking in his whole left arm drenched in blood. Her stomach knotted, with dread even though she knew it was most likely only a flesh wound.

“Of course it’s going to hurt, you didn’t even bother to put on bullet proof armor before you left. That’s just reckless Ren, you know there are still numbers out there, I don’t care if you’re a “ghost” to the world or not,” she said with a scowl.

Xena watched him use a pair of tweezers and pull out the bullet, before her gaze narrowed and she went to go find some actual bandages.

She sat down and started dressing the wound, cursing under her breath as she did so. “These stupid trips where you go out alone have to stop, it’s going to get you killed in the end, and not telling me has to stop too. Were allies for a reason, just telling Archer isn’t going to cut it.”

Archer glanced over at his sister. He had sworn over the last two months something had happened between the two of them. Xena had started becoming more concerned about Ren, while he had become more thoughtless about his decisions. It didn’t quite make sense, and being the person Archer was, he was determined to figure out why. However, he still wasn’t sure if the development was good or bad. But if Ren continued making stupid mistakes he might consider breaking their alliance early. Xena might now particularly like it, but it would be for her own good. She was an overly nice person, and he could see her risking her own life for him. Which this was something he was not, going to let happen, ever, even if he had to kill Ren himself.
  Xena Kyler / AlyceSoen / 7y 284d 21h 29m 4s
This game had been now going on for nearly 2 months since this game had started and Ren had come into contact and killed Fifth. In fact he had done it not two minutes ago. He was currently standing over her mutilated body. Ren was never one for leaving the body so it could be identified if he could help it. It was no fun if people could tell who the person once was. This girl was one of the many school children in this game, her name was Fuyumi, according to the information that Archer had gotten on her, she was raped from a young age by her step father. Even though Ren was trained in kill people, this girl put up some form of fight, but a shot from Rens Maverick and a slice into her gut from his chainsword, killed her rather easily. He had gone alone on this one, he didn't see much point in endangering the lives of Xena and Archer to take down a school child.

"Archer, Xena. Fifth is down, she put up as much of a fight as Mikis boyfriend did."

Ren had also killed Mikis boyfriend at a concert, thinking it was Miki. The news blew up that Miki had been killed, after all he was a famous musician. Even though it had been released that Miki was dead, nothing came up that a number had died, plus the body was then later announced to be his boyfriend. Then again, he was more shcoked that Miki hadn't come after Ren, Archer and Xena. Ren was a ghost, so it was unlikely that he could, he also had now set up that any search for Xena and Archer, would automatically shut the pc down. He sighed getting back into his car and driving back to his apartment.

Ren walked up the long stairs to the top of his apartment building. This game was taking out a lot from everyone. Ren walked in and sat at his pc desk, after taking his blood soaked jacket off. He had a few bullet wounds due to this time he didn't take his bullet proof suit with him as he was trying to stay under cover after blowing up the mall. Ren moved his arm and felt the pain, lashing out in pain.

"Ah fuck, that fucking hurts, stupid fucking whore shot me in my fucking arm."

He grabbed a pair of tweezers and pulled the bullet out of his arm. She had been using a fucking powerful gun, but she didn't do too well against a single Maverick shot. If she hadn't shot Ren, he would have just shot her instead of slicing her open. He looked at Xena, who was probably pissed off at him for going out alone and smiled.

"I know, I need to stop going out on my own, I just don't like putting you two in any form of danger. I promise if we go after Revy or Miki I won't go alone."
  Suzugamori Ren / Harluxia / 7y 284d 22h 35m 9s
Xena drew in a deep sigh of relief when they arrived at the apartment. She hastily, tugged her black glove back on, not wanting anyone to discover her diary so quickly. Honestly she was just glad her last minute plan about Archer’s device had worked. Ren and her had both been able to navigate back here, without being followed by the other numbers.

Xena stood up, slamming the door of the car before retrieving her black bag from the trunk. She walked up next to Ren and followed him into the apartment, where she quickly put his rifle she borrowed back in the armory. It had truly been an amazing weapon, however she was a little sad it had to be put back up on the shelf.

Archer sat in a chair, swinging it back and forth. Xena knew from that, he was thinking about some new highly dangerous plan. She had recognized the signs from where he had done similar motions in the past. The only question now was, what was it?

“Yeah I noticed, Miki’s concerts are usually held downtown. I pulled up his website showing all the dates for any future concerts. I agree with you if we are going to make a strike on him. It’s best to rig his apartment while he’s away at a concert. I’m already looking into different assorted things we could do to rig the apartment,” Archer replied, thoughtfully.

Xena watched Ren walk into the armory and start firing at the dummies. It was then she realized just how much this was really taking out of him, the stress anyway. She wanted to do something to help, but she wasn’t quite sure what. After he had told her how he felt earlier she didn’t know how to respond. Although the sense of anguish, when the mall had exploded with him possibly inside had unmistakably been there. She honestly hated the thought of him getting hurt.

His statement brought her back to reality, and she turned her gaze to Archer, who was now looking slightly stunned.“Of course I know how to use a gun, I wouldn’t have survived very long without knowing how to use one,” he replied bitterly.“Although I might need some more practice….” He added, slightly ashamed.
  Xena Kyler / AlyceSoen / 7y 286d 22h 48m 18s

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