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And so it was.... Revived!!!!
  Kevin Billingsley (OMHE) / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 249d 16h 55m 44s
I am alive...well for now anyway
  Kevin Billingsley (OMHE) / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 263d 22h 45m 22s
Okay just clarifying ^^
  Xena & Archer Kyler / AlyceSoen / 7y 263d 23h 42m 48s
I know you do xD, we talk about it on Skype, somewhat. I am thinking about making a Fairy Tail roleplay is all.
  Soulda / Harluxia / 7y 263d 23h 44m 13s
Im alive, and I do somewhat.
  Xena & Archer Kyler / AlyceSoen / 7y 263d 23h 46m 22s
Ok, so who here watches Fairy Tail?
  Soulda / Harluxia / 7y 263d 23h 57m 16s
I am
  Zel (human) / Akiho / 7y 263d 23h 59m 43s
So who is still here?
  Soulda / Harluxia / 7y 264d 1m 13s
Sorry for the horrid delay - I've had exams this week, so I was up to my neck in studying. But tomorrow, no more! I will be starting my break tomorrow. <3
  Mitsuki Koyama / Honoka / 7y 274d 3h 48m 58s
I will see if i can't post but my mind isn't really into it at the moment.... ><
  Revy / Salander / 7y 275d 6h 7m 18s
Who are we waiting on to reply? o.0
  Xena & Archer Kyler / AlyceSoen / 7y 275d 18h 41m 37s
For once, I have another idea for a post X3 Gonna wait a bit for it though. Well, as in wait until someone dies.
  Zel (human) / Akiho / 7y 279d 5h 36m 57s
and I'm hungover :L
  Revy / Salander / 7y 279d 8h 42m 32s
As am I
  Kevin Billingsley (OMHE) / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 279d 18h 23m 56s
I'm working on a post.
  Xena & Archer Kyler / AlyceSoen / 7y 279d 19h 32m 2s

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