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Rose smiled, as she looked over her class of students. SHe loved teaching, she'd been doing it for 3 years. She knew it was dangerious since she was a shapeshifter, but she no longer cared.

"come in!" SHe called. IT was between class time, so she wodnered who would be nocking on her door
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 20d 14h 19m 0s
sure can you post first?
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 22d 17h 9m 17s
Hm..shape shifteR?
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 22d 18h 43m 22s
No just want to introduce our characters as we go?
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 22d 19h 2s
The creature please! ^,^
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 22d 19h 13m 47s
We could do the second one? that sounds interesting^,^
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 22d 19h 18m 24s
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 22d 19h 32m 13s
Well It was where it was set in that situation, adn the teachers see that so their englsih assingment is that they must write letters back and forth to eachother.
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 22d 19h 40m 7s
Well for the one that's rival schools, I was thinknig we could have an assingmetn where rival schools had to write letters to eachother? ^,^ and for the otehrs not really, just liked the idea
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 22d 20h 6m 30s

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