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One day the pharaoh dueled Rapheal opening the darkness in his heart. After losing Yugi he slowly turned to the dark side and joined the Dartz. two months later he was looking for souls to give the great beast. While looking he spots a girl by herself,she's a duelist but something about her draws him in. Instead of wanting to take her soul he wants to take her as his prisoner. So he duels her without using the orichalcos card and though she's a tough duelist he still wins. They had made a bet that if she won she could go free but if he won she had to go with him. Now she's his prisoner and has to do whatever he says. During the day he's quiet while thinking on how to convert her to their side without her under the influence of the orichalcos. So he devises a plan for them to put on an act as boyfriend/girlfriend. So wherever she goes, he goes.

But could this fake love turn into real love? Can Yami still be saved?

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Valon didn't like that his life points already had a lower amount. He had a backup plan to get his armor suit ready to take them out. When he took his draw phase he noticed he pulled out the orichalcos card. "now you both are in trouble." He said as he put the card on the field. "Now the terms really do kick in effect and the loser loses their soul like i said." Valon told them. Britt was worried about this. Valon easily could see Britts fear was coming to the surface "you seem frightened. Scared you won't be able to do what you set out to? Don't worry, if you lose you'll be joining them soon." Valon told her. Britt knew between her and the pharaoh there was good odds of not losing. Valon put a trap card down in preparing for her next move. Britt thought about it I have no idea how to handle this with the orichalcos card. She thought. Looking at her cards after she took her draw phase as she contemplated her move. My little wolf is too weak. Sacrificing it for a stronger wolf would be better or maybe increasing my defense until I know what to do. She thought and knew she put silver fang in her deck so her little wolf and Goddess's pet wolf wasn't the only wolves in her deck so she summoned silver fang in defense mode then end her turn. if I can tell one thing it's Valon is trying to work on my fear. I can't let that happen.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 336d 7h 12m 18s
Atemn draws to start his turn. "I activate Morphtronic map." He plays the card. "With this card on the field, every time i switch the position of my monsters, i can put one counter on the field card. For every counter on it, my monsters gain 300 attack and defense points. I shift vacuman into attack mode. With that done, i can send your monster equipped to it to the graveyard and inflict 300 points of damage to you Valon." He also summoned out another borden. "I end my turn."
Field: Morphtronic BordonX2, def, morphtronic vacumen attack, morphtronic map, 1 counter)
deck: 33
grave: 0
  Dartz / 12dragon34 / 5y 342d 1h 40m 34s
Britt was trying to figure out what Valon was up to as she noticed he seemed to be building something. he's looking for that card. The Orichalcos card, but if it's played would the pharaoh fall under it's influence. Either way this could end up dangerous Britt thought. Valon put another card face down. Britt couldn't tell but she saw that it was the end of his turn. one of those facedowns have to be a trap card. Britt thought when she took her draw phase and then tried figuring out what to do. She decided to put a trap card face down then end her turn.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 342d 8h 18m 25s
Atem draws. "I summon morohtronic vacumen in defense mode." he said as he played the card. "With it, I can equip you monster to vacumen." The monster does as it was told. i also activate Morphtronic bind. As long as this card is on the field, and I have a morphtronic monster on my field, your level 4 or higher monsters can not attack me." he said.
Hand: 3
Field: Morphtronic Bordon, def, morphtronic vacumen, eqp)
deck: 33
grave: 0
  Dartz / 12dragon34 / 5y 351d 1h 32m 49s
Sorry had to help my grandma these past few days)

Valon took the next move starting off with psychic armor head. Britt was confused since the monster had only 0 attack points. "It may be weak but it's a key part in my plan." He said as he placed two face downs and end his turn. Britt took her draw phase and then she looked at her cards. (i I'm finally dueling beside him but I really don't know what to expect." She thought. She started off the same way when she dueled Atem with her little wolf and then put two cards face down and end her turn.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 357d 21h 2m 41s
"I will start." said Atem. "I play the Field Spell Morphtronic Map. Then I play one card face down and summon Morphtronic Bordon."
Hand: 3
Field: Morphtronic Bordon, def)
deck: 34
grave: 0

  Dartz / 12dragon34 / 5y 363d 22h 43m 46s
"yes." Valon said, Britt got out her deck and duel disk to prepare for the duel. She heard what Atem said to her "you're welcome." She said
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 363d 22h 59m 10s
"Fine enough." said Atem. "And Britt, thank you for everything." He looks at valon. "We will each have 8000 life points, you, 16000 to make it fair, due to this being a 2 on 1 match. Do you agree to these terms?"
  Dartz / 12dragon34 / 5y 364d 2h 48m 25s
Ok) "before this duel starts why not add in the girl. I know she's here and besides I win against you, I plan to duel her next." Valon said. Britt knew she couldn't avoid this so she got up and walked over.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 364d 19h 7m 30s

  Dartz / 12dragon34 / 5y 364d 19h 14m 25s
What's the idea?)
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 5y 364d 22h 41m 57s

  Dartz / 12dragon34 / 5y 364d 23h 8m 40s
Valon got out his duel disk and put his deck in. "would you want to go first to start the duel?" Valon asked him. Britt was curious so she peaked to see what was going on but she kept hidden.
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 6y 4d 20h 29m 2s
Ayem produces a Chaos duel disk and puts his cards into it.
  Dartz / 12dragon34 / 6y 4d 20h 42m 17s
I'm ready)
  Britt Petrova / BrittStalin / 6y 4d 20h 43m 10s

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