Itachi x Kakashi Partner Wanted!!

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I'm in love with the couple Itachi x Kakashi, this is a yaoi.

I do have a plot in mind, but we can build one if you want.
I prefer to play Itachi but I might be able to play Kakashi.
300-2000 charas.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Sasuke grinned. "In my defense it was the baka's idea."He said. ITachi smiled gnetly. "I told you you'd be happy if you came back." Sasuke siad and ITachi nods
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 91d 23h 18m 17s
Shaking his head in a happy yes, Kakashi went in for another kiss but was stopped by giggling and chuckling. Now twitching with malice in his eyes, he threw a shoe at his ex-students' heads.

"Ruin the moment much, boys...? o.e"
  Hikari Tsuki / Akatsukigirl4ever / 7y 115d 5m 29s
Itachi kisses back, his hamd delicatly wrapping around Kakashi's neck. ITachi felt if he moved thw wrogn way, this moment would be forever lost.

"I love you to.."He whispered pulling back
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 115d 2h 23m 47s
"I love you, Itachi. So much."

Kakashi moved forwards, hands on Itachi's hips as he pressed their lips together.
  Hikari Tsuki / Akatsukigirl4ever / 7y 116d 27m 4s
ITachi held on tightly and leaned up, placin his forhead agians't kakashis'.

"And neither will you."
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 116d 5h 5m 46s
Pulling Itachi into a large hug, he held him.

"You're never going to be alone, from this moment on."
  Hikari Tsuki / Akatsukigirl4ever / 7y 125d 11h 1m 50s
Itachi's eyes closed as he felt the kiss. He'd never felt anything like it. He reached up, and wrapped his arms around Kakashi's neck.

He pulled back, taking a deep breathe, a blush on his cheeks
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 127d 19h 12m 32s
"I knew you could. I love you...Itachi."

Kakashi pressed his lips against Itachi's forehead, then jaw and finally...

His soft lips.
  Hikari Tsuki / Akatsukigirl4ever / 7y 128d 18h 36m 45s
Itachi was shaking by this time nad had tears in his eyes. He cautiously leaned forward, adn wrapped his arms tightly around Kakashi.

"and..thank you...for letting em see that I could love again."
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 129d 10h 11m 33s
"You saved my heart. Iruka broke it but you brought me back to reality. Thank you, Itachi. For making me love again."
  Hikari Tsuki / Akatsukigirl4ever / 7y 129d 19h 39m 46s
Itachi's eyes widdened, and he squeezed his hand. He then mvoed, adn sat on the dge of Kakashi's bed, jsut to be close to him.

"h-how?" he sounded scared
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 131d 12h 17m 27s
With that, Kakashi stood up and grabbed Itachi's hand, whispering while looking down as well.

"You also fixed my heart."
  Hikari Tsuki / Akatsukigirl4ever / 7y 133d 2h 7m 39s
Itachi shuffled looking down at the ground. He shouldn't be feeling this awkward, but he was.

"Why thank me? It was clear all I did was hurt you."
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 133d 3h 42m 59s
"Thanks...For uh...For everything."

Kakashi offered a smile, his noticable eye sparkling.
  Hikari Tsuki / Akatsukigirl4ever / 7y 133d 19h 43m 54s
Itachi looked down. He'd never really known how to act when visitign the hospitla, and he was surprsied by the smile, and the joy. He awkawerdly wlaked ove rand sat next to him.

"Yeah....Sasuke talked some sence into me."
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 133d 22h 5m 21s

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