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:33 < notice that kurrrloz was watching meulin? x33
  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 302d 18h 35m 36s
PuLl OvEr ThAt AsS tOo FaT! :o) WoOh! WoOh!
  HoNk HoNk / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 302d 18h 52m 19s
:33 < interresting xD
  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 302d 20h 26m 40s
WeLl I dId FiNd A lIgHt AnD sTaReD iNtO iT fOr A wHiLe. :o)
  HoNk HoNk / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 302d 20h 30m 33s
[Speaking of Tobi I haven't seen him in weeks QwQ]

:33 < nothing? no meowrrricles? same herre
  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 302d 22h 7m 24s

NoThInG mUcH, yOu?
  HoNk HoNk / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 302d 22h 9m 16s
[OH GOG HE WROTE ME A POEM- Okay I am just going to say I am gay so he will leave me alone XDDDD]

:33 < whats up?
  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 302d 22h 19m 27s
*Is pounced.* HeY hEy HeY! :o)
  HoNk HoNk / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 302d 22h 24m 41s
[Aight xD]

  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 302d 22h 26m 32s

  AnCeStRy / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 302d 22h 28m 14s
[You know how hard it is for me to ignore someone DDD:]
  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 302d 22h 49m 55s
  }:( / Clio / 7y 302d 22h 54m 59s
WhAt'S wRoNg, TaV mY mAn?
  AnCeStRy / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 302d 22h 59m 42s
O/////o uh......
  }:( / Clio / 7y 302d 23h 21s

TaVbRo! :o)
  AnCeStRy / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 302d 23h 5m 5s

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