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What Your the that make me the Picture and the other to.
  =DTK= / Clio / 7y 268d 6h 56m 46s
"No I'm a Guy asshole and stop being Kid you Enland Bitch"
  -+Don't Call Me+- / BlckBld / 7y 268d 6h 58m 4s
I thought chu was a girl
  =DTK= / Clio / 7y 268d 7h 23s
"Fuck you I'm a Guy"
  -+Don't Call Me+- / BlckBld / 7y 268d 7h 6m 30s
Yes I Do your a Girl
  =DTK= / Clio / 7y 268d 7h 7m 13s
"What the fuck Kid.?"
"You know what gender I am"
  -+Don't Call Me+- / BlckBld / 7y 268d 7h 8m 7s
Hey He/She
  =DTK= / Clio / 7y 268d 7h 9m 42s
  -+Don't Call Me+- / BlckBld / 7y 270d 8h 36m 22s
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKmvcMqaRWY&feature=endscreen&NR=1
  }:( / Clio / 7y 298d 11h 28m 11s
  }:( / Clio / 7y 301d 16h 57m 2s
:33 < too late now
  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 303d 12h 38m 3s
  HoNk HoNk / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 303d 12h 51m 21s
:33 < *Eats it* now i will be smarrrt!.. wait.. i could have had equius read it fur me *facepalms* xDD
  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 303d 13h 10m 18s
NoM nOm NoM nOm NoM nOm NoM nOm NoM nOm!!!!
  HoNk HoNk / GaMzEeMaKaRa / 7y 303d 13h 11m 8s
:33 < *Starts nomming on the paper* owo
  .:Nep:. / Nepeta / 7y 303d 13h 12m 22s

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