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Once upon a time, when the world was younger. Humans were aware that they were not alone on this earth, they understood that there were others.. different from themselves. Over time however, it became too dangerous for all races considered for the humans to know of the others existence.

Something had to be done.

Two brothers from Germany by the name of Grimm gathered a few friends they could trust, and slowly convinced the other races to keep themselves hidden from the humans. Then, overtime they convinced the humans into believing that these stories of creatures and other magical beings were only fairy tales. They even took it upon themselves to write down some of the fabled stories and publish them as books. Just to make sure people stayed ignorant, to this day most humans are unaware that the stories they read are actually true.

But how long could it possibly last? not all of these other beings and fabled creatures are so willing to be complaint, each generation of Grimm's have made it their duty to defend and protect humanity as well as the other races and their secrets. It is their job to keep both the humans and the other beings in check, but how shall this new generation fair? Especially when there is a war in the making...


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Mira looked at Wyatt "That sounds like a good idea." she told him looking around as well, she looked back at him and reached out with her hand and took his and pulled him toward the door.

Mina looked at him for a moment then looked toward the door as she heard her sister start heading this way. she looked toward William and spoke again "From what my sister felt after what just happened I think she may have found her SoulMate..." she said and her voice drifted off. She looked up and stood up walking toward her sister she stoped infront of her and they stared at each other for a minute Mina hugged her sister and then smiled a little at her when she let go she walked past her sister and walked toward the door and stopped with the door open, she looked back "I'm going home see you guys later!" she said and saluted them and walked out the door behind her.

Mira looked back at her sister as she walked out Mira Sighed and looked at her hand's some thing feel's wrong she thought to her self and sighed She felt as is her should chase after her sister and drag her back in or she would never see her twin again... she felt like that was a good bye hug... she Shook the feeling off inwardly and looked up she looked at Diesel and then at their dad... she looked down at her hand and saw she was still holding Wyatt's hand so she walked toward the couch while letting go and Wyatt's hand... when she reached the couch she sat down and they stared at her hand's as she still felt like she had just lost something precious and she would never get it back...

Meanwhile Mina walked down the driveway and took off down the street, she didn't really run but she didn't walk either she just appeared at the end of the street, as she turned a corner she bumped into a male vampire that she haddn't seen around here before... she back up a little it and turned around but stopped in her track's. There was another male vampire she had never seen before walking toward her in a hurried manner, she went to turn down the street across the street that she had came from but there was yet another male vampire she had never seen before walking quickly toward her. She backed up a little and turned around to run but the vampire behind her tackled her to the ground as the other to helped her up She could still see the house from where she was at "MIRA!!!!!!!" she screamed as loud as she could.

Mira heard her sister's scream and jumped up and ran out of the house she stopped at the bottom of the house's steps and looked around "Mina!!!" she yelled and looked around she saw her sister down the street being attacked by strange male vampire's, Mira ran down the drive and toward her sister. As Mira ran she reached out for her sister as the three males dragged Mina into a van and slammed the door then peeled off. Mira ran and just missed the van as it turned another cornner and dissappeared "MINA!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed Knowing she wasn't fast enough to catch up with the van. Tear's streamed down her fast blurring her v ision as she fell to her knee's "Why.... W-why didn't I follow the feeling..." she muttered her self she felt her sorrow mix with the anger she felt at her self for not following her feeling... Mira Could feel the sorrow magnify her anger in to a rage, she knew how she would probably look on the out side, she knew she was kneeling on the ground with her arms wrapped around stommach with blood tears running down her face ** P.S. When Royal vampire's are heart broken or suffering from a great loss they cry blood basicly it symbolize's their soul's or their heart being shattered....** And her eye's the brightest red you could possibly imagine... She was ruined...
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Wyatt smiled back as he rubbed the back of his head, "Yeah.." he glanced some at the house then carefully helped her up now that he was sure she had enough strength in her to move around again. "We should probably head back inside, I don't think it's a good idea to stay out here in the open.." He added as he took a quick look around in case they were being watched.

Diesel raised an eyebrow at Mina then glanced at his father, hoping one or both of them would explain what she was talking about. Bill simply kept his head facing Mina's direction, his face keeping that calm expression as he replied. "I know some about it, one of my friends found his soul mate years ago.. though I've heard that it actually doesn't happen often.." He stated with a small shrug, he seemed to understand more about the situation than he was letting on but also seemed very nonchalant about it.
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Mira looked up at him and smiled "I'm glad that your not hurt." she told him

Mina looked For a moment and spoke "What do you know of the 'Soulmate' theory?" she asked him and crossed her arm's she stared at him for a minute and then glanced at Diesel then back at William.
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Wyatt shuddered lightly when she ran her index finger over the mark, it still felt quite a bit sensitive. At her question and concern he smiled some, "Yeah I'm fine, I told you I would be didn't I? don't worry you didn't hurt me." he reassured her softly. He was still feeling something strange around her, it felt very strong but at the moment he just couldn't place it. Either way he felt happy that she was going to be alright, though he was sure his brother might not be so thrilled at what happened.

Diesel looked back at Mina when she looked at him, he watched as she approached his father. Honestly wondering what she was up to, he glanced at his father once he heard what Mina said to him. Bill turned his head to Mina when he heard her speak and come up to him, he still seemed very calm and casual. After hearing her speak he simply nodded once, "Alright ma'am what's on your mind?" he asked calmly.
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Mira Looked up at him "Yeah I feel a lot better... I didn't hurt yo did I?" she asked hesitently. She moved the collar of his shirt and looked at the bite mark making sure she didn't hurt him to much. She ran her index finger over it slightly and then left her hand drop into her lap, She looked down at her hands what was that feeling? she thought to her self as she looked at her hand's as she blinked a few tears away, she felt happy but sad at the same time and she didn't know why...

Inside Mina was still sitting on the couch, though she had changed her possition slightly, she was leaning back on the couch with her head leaning back on the back of the couch. She felt what her sister was feeling, Her sister was confused, sad, and happy all at the same time... The way mira was feeling Mina knew just what had happened she red about it so many time's before she just didn't think it would happened to her or her sister... Mina lefted her head and sat up she looked at Diesel then at Bill for a moment then spoke "Wiliam Grimm, I have A qeustion to ask you... And If I ask this question I want you honset answer" She told him and stood up walking to where she was a foot away from him
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Wyatt had to muffle another groan when she held onto him tighter and pressed more against him, part of him didn't want her to stop but he knew she would need to eventually. And she did after a little while, when she had pulled away from him he panted some. He looked back at her breathing a little heavily, then he smiled lightly. "Feel better?.."
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Mira Heard him Muffle a groan, she held him tighter and pressed her self against him, She knew she would have to stop soon but Part of her neve wanted to let him go... After another minute Mira reluctantly stopped and pushed back a little bit and hung her head panting slightly and licking the leftover blood off of her lips.
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Wyatt gripped the back of her shirt some and grunted when she first bit into him, be he soon relaxed some and kept her held close. He had been bitten by a vampire once before in his life, he was attacked when he was younger. But this bite was different, it didn't feel like it did when he was attacked. He gritted his teeth some, not from pain but from a new feeling entirely that came over him. He kept his teeth gritted to muffle a light groan that escaped his throat, he entangled his fingers in her hair as he held her head to his neck.
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Mira Sighed Slightly and Moved slightly taking the collar of his shirt and moving it to the side, she took a deep breath and let it out shakily "You might have to stop me" she told him and Leaned forward, She felt her fangs lengthen and come to a point, she felt her fangs pierce his skin, she held him closer to her as she begain to feed frrom him. To mira she knew something was different from all the onther times she fed on men, she felt different... and his blood tasted way better then anyone else.
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Wyatt held her so close he was practically pressing her to his neck, he blinked a little in puzzlement at the added part she whispered. He wasn't exactly sure why she didn't want to hurt him in particular, but right now he didn't see the time to question it. He looked at her eyes again with determination, "I told you I'll be fine, but if you keep this up you wont be... please just feed before you get worse." he told her as he held her close to him.
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Mira's eye's widened when Wyatt undid his tie and unbottoned his shirt, she felt him hold her slightly closer to himself. when she heard his words she instantly shook her head "I- I can't, I cant do that to you..." She said the tone of her voice gave away that she was frightened to do what he asked her do to "I don't want to hurt anyone else... Especially you" she said whispering the last part.
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Diesel just stayed silent gritting his teeth as he watched on of the walls, he still felt this was a dirty underhanded trick on his father's part. 'If something bad happens to Wyatt because of your little schemes old man... I'll finish you myself.' He thought to himself as he glared at his father from the corner of his eye, Bill had gone back to be calm and quiet his head now turned to the door Wyatt went out of.

Wyatt looked down at Mira and smiled slightly as he shook his head, "It's alright don't worry about that." he looked at her in worry. He could tell she was getting weaker because she wasn't feeding, even though vampires couldn't die from not eating.. it still made them weak and caused them pain. In the state she was now, she could lose consciousness if she didn't feed. He bit his lip for a moment in thought before making his decision, he undid his tie and unbuttoned the collar of his suit. He then held her a little closer, "Mira.. listen, you need to feed otherwise your current state will only worsen." he turned her face towards his as he spoke. His eyes looking into her own sincerely, "I know you don't want to, but please drink.. and don't worry about me I'll be fine." his tone was stern but gentle at the same time.
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Mina sat there and watched the agruement between Diesel and his father. She didn't say andthing she just watched "Your father has a good point." she told him and chuckled slightly like she had more to say but wasn't going to say it just yet.

When Wyatt caught her Mira looked up at him in shock, She didn't even relize that she was falling. As she lay there held by wyatt she had the urge to feed from him but she Shook her head when Wyatt said her name she looked up at him "I'm sorry I yelled at you Wyatt... You didn't deserve that..." she told him
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Diesel nodded slowly, "I see..." he said then looked at his father with almost an accusing stare. As if Bill could sense this, he spoke up in a low tone to his son. "You shouldn't stare at a blind man son, it's rude. Now if you got something you want to say, let's hear it." Diesel stood up looking at his father, "You knew Wyatt would volunteer to go out there.." he began in an accusing tone. Bill didn't even turn his head, or change the expression on his face. He just sat there as he responded, "I knew one of you would, that's why I asked for one of you to go out there and make sure she was okay." he said casually. Diesel by this point looked angry, "Don't play dumb with me old man, I know you...I know your underhanded little schemes because I grew up with them!" he snarled at his father. "You've just sent Wyatt into a hungry lions den haven't you?" He added in a dark tone, Bill sighed now and turned to him. "You have a lot of nerve boy, you think I would purposely put you or your brother in a situation you can't handle?" He inquired, he then added turning his face back towards a wall. "Wyatt can take care of himself, nothing will happen to him out there unless he allows it to. If it looks like things are getting out of hand, he has the know how to to get them both out of the situation without much harm being done.." Diesel shook his head gritting his teeth some, then sat back down as he muttered. "Intriganter Hurensohn..."

Wyatt winced slightly when she yelled at him, his eyes then widened with alarm as she fell backward. He ran to her and skidded onto his knees as he caught her in his arms, he looked down at her in worry. "Mira?... He addressed her in concern.
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Mina Looked up and looked at Diesel and Sighed "I'm feeling okay, My sister hasnt fed in awhile... She dosen't really like feeding that much because of what has happened before... I dont blame her for not wanting to feed, especially after what she has been through... But she is starting to worry me now... She has never waited this long before asking for my help..." She told Diesel and looked at the floor again and leaned back on the couch.

Mira Looked At Wyatt for a moment her eye's still glowing red "What's it to you? Yes I havent fed for three weeks So what? Sorry I dont feel like loosing my self again!" She snapped at Wyatt her voice echoed with anger "No one needs to loose their life because of someone that can't control them selves..." she added her voice had calmed down a little bit and she turned away and let out a sigh, she looked at the sky. Mira closed her eye's and she suddenly her knee's bukled underneith her and she started falling backwards toward the ground
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