Just Dance!

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Summer is almost over and Carrie has had the time of her life. Now it is time for her to enroll in college. Before the summer was over she sent an application to Underwood University. This isn't your regular college though. This school is for the Talented Dancers. The day she goes to audition for the school, she meets a guy. This guy helps her find her way through. Will they fall in love or will they just be friends?? Find out in Just Dance!!!

Cussing~Not to much..
Fighting~Not much....

Do not take forever to reply please.
Be creative, and have fun!

Guy (boyfriend)~
Mean Girl~
Best friend~
Friend (guy)~

~That's It! Thanks~

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May I be the mean girl?
  Candace Michaels / lovelust / 7y 25d 20h 20m 34s
"Carrie come on you can do this. You waited all your life for this." Gigi said. "I know but i don't know if i can do this" Carrie said "You can now let's go get some food and have a girls day before" Gigi said pulling Carrie along with her. They two soon were at the beach laying out tanning. "I cant wait to see you dance" Gigi said "Thanks" Carrie said with a smile

I really hope to be the best friend im not good starting from nothing but here what i have.
  Gigi Ann Wells / Megz / 7y 43d 21h 51m 33s

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