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The ancient kingdom that waged war for so long. The wars ended when the Great King Valamor took over.

He covated the resources, defeated all of the enemies of the old, brought a peace forged by war into status.

Valamor did not live an unfulfilling life, he married a noble woman by the name of Lieda. He had 3 sons, 4 daughters, and one bastard child. All have enough right to take over as the weary king is growing old. Each one grows more and more anxious by the days.
Valamor has decided to send them to study a broad, except his youngest of course.
Now, 7 years will pass before he sees them again, and the old man is haggard and dying. He needs a succesor, his eldest son is the prime candidate, but the commoners speculate that may not be the case since the children's years away.

:::Royal Family:::
.:Needs, in order of birth:.
Eldest son(Taken)
Eldest Daughter(Taken)
Older Daughter(Taken)
The Bastard Son(Taken)
Middle Son(Taken)
Middle Daughter(Taken)
Youngest Son
Youngest Daughter(Taken)


Username: Alum
Name: King Ender Ixis Valamor
sessesion: Current King
Age: 78
Weapon: Vamora's Great Sword
Speciality: As a king and gifted child, he's a king of all trades, all arts and especially war.
Bio: He's the king, youngest Son of Paladar, younger brother of Peter Llarrus Valamor, Valatine Valamor Khemaunt, Lessa Valamor Khorr. Husband to Alxa Leida Valamor. Father of 8 kids, been unfaithful to his wife that created only one of those kids. Has 50 cousins, 147 second cousins, 3 neises, 7 nepheus. And now he's old, sent his kids off to se who'll come back to recieve his blessing and bcome the new king/queen.

Username: Tiryn
Name: Sandra
Sesession: Eldest daughter
Age: 27
Weapon: swords, knives, guns, and anything that has a blade on it
Specialality: fighting , strategies, basically disappearing whenever she wants to, being a proper woman in front of people, speaking in front of large crowds
Bio: didn't exactly like being carted off, but she decided to go with it. During those seven years, Sandra has attended as many schools as she could while keeping in contact with her siblings through anything that she can get her hands. Despite her age, Sandra has not found a noble that likes her or vice verse and is single. Doesn't want to particularly be on the throne if someone better is still on it and she cares more about her siblings than the throne itself.

Username: Simmal
Name: Galt Valamor
Sessesion: Eldest son
Age: 27
Weapon : long or broad sword
Specialty: politics,war, stagy of all kinds, silver tongue
Bio:Has spent the last years focusing all his time and energy into preparing to rule. has become a master stagiest and handy with a blade. favors convincing other to join him with his silver tongue but won't hesitate to kill all that's in his way. is more suborn that a mule and will fight to the no matter the challenge had an ok relation ship with his siblings mostly his eldest sister but over all cares more for personal gain than anything else

Username: Luna_Lynne
Name: Marlena Valamor
Sesession: Older daughter
Age: 25
Weapon: Bows and arrows. Marlena's dexterity and agility is great for battle.
Specialality: Marlena is a sponge. She can remember almost anything and everything she's read and heard about.
Bio: Marlena was given to a man of 30, having children of her own. Reading and taking care of her new home for 7 years

Username: Streeter
Name: Keenan Valamor
Sesession: Bastard Child
Age: 22
Weapon: Bare hands, Broadsword
Specialty: Close Combat, Diplomacy, Female 'Appeasal'.
Bio: Keenan has always been a large, clever fellow, one who seems to get more masterful in the art of attraction by the day. This young cad has no real interest in the throne, he's just taken a liking to the idea of leadership. It seems like fun! Keenan hasn't stopped his dogged skirt chasing since he started, and the last seven years have honestly been the worst years for any annoyed relatives and the best years for the ever handsome bastard son of the king.

Username: Renn
Name: Aaron Vamora
Sesession: Middle son
Age: 20
Weapon: duel-sword attached by chains, daggers, bow and arrows.
Specialality: horse riding, hunting, socializing events, being late.
Bio: Over the past 7 years Aaron spent most of his time among the townspeople, he always envied a the town's people lifestyle, where they have to work to earn/achieve something, where everything isn't just given to you on a silver plate. It seemed more peaceful being them than worrying about politics. Aaron was taught the way of the sword for protection from his mentor; he respected him greatly so now he takes on many characteristics from him. Aaron shows no interest in the throne or ruling at this current time; he just wants to help the people or anyone in need of help. Though he may change his mind at some point.

Username: Akiho
Name: Harabel
Secession: youngest daughter
Age: 18
Weapon: Flick-blade in her purse or anything handy
Specialty: Art, etiquette, aim, decision-making
Bio: Once leaving the family, Harabel made her way to an art school at a young enough age. At this school, many types of art were taught. She learned each within two years. This was her way of excelling in the fields that her siblings did not excel in as well as herself. During this time, she lived with some quickly made yet questionable friends. Actually, a blacksmith's family. They taught her as well, even in the 'art' of creating poisons. Yes, poisons. Somehow they managed to get away with making them and selling them on the black market. Little did Harabel know they did this. When hearing of returning to her family, she dropped all of the connections she had to the others with a farewell, and immediately came back home. She has no real hopes for gaining the throne.

Username: RoxasOblivion
Name: Roxas
Succession: Youngest Son
Age: 17Â
Weapons: A single Uniquely shaped sword, it has the hacking department of a axe and the slicing of a sword.
Skills: Swordsmanship, strategy, acrobatics and some other forms of close combat.
Seven Years: Roxas had spent his time close to the shield of the kingdom, their army he spent most of his time with the general  giving him advice on how to take out most o the bandits with the least amount of damage to their forts and to them. He played the man at chess and won without truly trying; the rest was spent at the towns. He spent his days visiting people and actually helping them with their crops, knowing how their lives were like and befriending most of every town which held the economy with their food. Then the last remaining year he spent in the kingdom resolving several issues and making plenty friends along the way.

Username: NeoCross125
Name: T'Lag Valamor
Secession: Nephew of King
Age: 27
Weapon: Long sword, shields, and assorted spells
Specialty: combat, magic
Bio: He is the first born son of the King's elder brother. He is the best friend and cousin of Galt Valamor as a children they spent nearly all their time together getting into trouble and such, T'lag was the brawn and Galt the brains. However along with their care for each other they also had their fair share of quarrels but in the end they were closer than any brothers. When his cousin was sent away he went through a major a depression due to the fact that he was gone. He started drinking quite a bit and became an alcoholic. One night he drank himself to the point of nearly dying of alcohol poisoning. According to the doctor the only reason he lived is because his massive size allowed his body to process the booze. After this fiasco, the King told him to buck up and get it together. He made him start training to replace the Head Paladin. This was two years after his cousins left. It took him two years to train He is has now been Paladin for three years.

.:others are welcome:.

Name:David Sellier
Job:Captain in the Vamora Guard
Weapon:Long sword, Short sword and dagger
Speciality:Leadership, Politics, Resourcefulness,
Bio:Heir to the House of the Sellier, David has been raised to be a leader. He begun his training as soon as he could walk, and has thus far proven himself to be a capable young man, both on and off the battlefield.

Username: Alum
Name: Belca Triten Valamor
Rank: Noble
Job: Bishop and King's assistant
Age: 33
Weapon: Staff of Vamora
Speciality: Belca is a powerful mage and is a smart polotician
Bio: Belca is King Valamor's cousin. He's been with his cousin since he was a kid and will serve the king for his own purpous, he will never be king.

Username: mattfur
Name: Nathan
Rank: commoner
Job: blacksmith
Age: 19
Weapon: mace and duel swords
Speciality: dueling,crafting
Bio: he grew up into the army and when he was
Given a choice of what he wanted to do he picked
To be a blacksmith

es rules apply
don't be killin' anyone thats a character unless the wanna get killed
have fun
I won't be about as much, but keep the story movin'
Post once a week.
Sometimes I'll push the story forward, this is flow motion to me, you're gonna have to walk in that direction in your own way.

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He was annoyed that the liquor was offered to him but the others took it. He got up “I’ll be right back” he walked into the kitchen and found a thing of Ale. He came back sitting down “anyway” he took a swig “I to was wondering how have you been these last seven years father” he looked at his collections of siblings and smiled “it’s great to see you all again after so long” he smiled sitting back he took another swig “gooooooood ale” her said starting to feel some after effects
  Galt / simmal / 7y 232d 6h 30m 27s
Aaron couldn't help but glare a little...why was everyone taking HIS drink and consuming it. He didn't exactly give them permission. He snagged it from Katherine's grip and held it close as it was his child. "..My bottle, my alcohol. I know it tastes good but NOOO touchy" Said somewhat childish he poked his tongue out with the usual smile.

Though Sandra was right, again, the moment they turn of age he'd make sure they taste some alcohol. As for the question on who almost killed him..he remained silent for a moment trying to think of an answer. "Just some guys I guess? It wasn't that big of a deal since they were sent packing"

Aaron took a seat at the table, leaning back on his chair, least father was having a good laugh out of this. "Heh...whose up for a drinking challenge? Could do with some entertainment" he smirked, confident that he'd win if they agreed.

"Oh yeah! Father; do you have any new stories to tell? We were gone for 7 years so something MUST'VE happened right?" Aaron asked with a hopeful tone.

He remembered how the king used to tell his children tales that always seemed to amaze them, adventures, princesses, the usual stories that would fascinate a child. They were fond memories..that was also when mother was still around.
  Aaron / Renn / 7y 239d 16h 10m 19s
Belca stared at the children now fighting over alchohol. He remembered back when Ender would fight his brother and sister to get a drink.

The King smiled to his kids and sat at the head of the table laughing to hisself content on watching them squabble over some beer like he did before.

<<>I'm not sure, but I'm going to finish it in the novel, so don't worry<>>
  Belca, Loyal Bishop / Alum / 7y 240d 19h 16m 39s
Katherine grabbed the bottle out of the air before it got to Galt "Thanks." She said smirking and catching Sandra's glare "what? I'm twenty-one, I'm not the little girl you always found hiding in some nook or cranny."

  Princess I / goldenspider666 / 7y 240d 19h 19m 21s
Sandra shook her head and sighed at her twin brother. "Ask Roxas, he might be able to help."

She went to go grab her hunting knife and returned to answer Aaron. "I know you're not going to influence them now, but, knowing you, you would probably beg them to try it when they first turn of age!" Sandra snatched the bottle out of Aaron's hands and took a gulp of it. "This... tastes good, I think I'm gonna keep it."

Twirling her knife, Sandra started to glare at her brother. "Killed? By who?!" And no, she didn't like it when people touched her siblings, but that's just her being possessive. She handed the bottle to Galt. "Here, take a swig or two."
  Sandra / Tiryn / 7y 240d 22h 52m 27s
He shook his head when hearing the question about if anyone with red eyes carrying a sack was seen. Though seeing the knife thrown by the older sister..great to see that her aim was good as ever.

Aaron took note of Sandra's glare. He giggled, did she think he was going to influence them? When they're of age he'll convince them most likely "You should tell them that not me, Haha don't worry I won't encourage them" yet. He looked towards Galt "You're trainer sounds waay better than mine..gah you won't believe all of his lectures, they kept going on and on." letting out a dramatic sigh while telling the tale he took a sip of alcohol from the bottle that he often carried on his belt.

"Seven years away; sure it was annoying at first but I preferred the peaceful life away from all this politic stuff. Not sure about the rest of you but I often sneaked out to hang around the village was better than listening to lectures all day, always got an earful of arguing afterwards though. The hunting parties were always the best" Even when he was young he had the habit of sneaking out of the castle, though back then he was a trouble maker trying to get attention, thankfully he matured since then..I think.

"I was almost shoved into one of those carriages though.. He shuddered "No way am I going in one of those I just grabbed my horse and rode here. So apart from a few drama's here and there along with almost getting killed at one point it was all good. And that's my short story of my 'vacation' away"

He hoped that opened room for conversation and hear the other stories the siblings had to say.
  Aaron / Renn / 7y 242d 13h 46m 30s
he sat down "im with her i need something strong my head is killing me" he laughed "i haven't felt this sore since my first day of training with my trainer" he said looking back "he was a nice man hard but nice. he taught me allot i miss him." he looked at his collection of siblings "he was like family" he sat back rubbing his temples "Damn my head hurts." he said wishing there were a cleric around to try and help him he didn't understand this pain in his head but it was getting worse. like a thousand battering rams inside his skull bashing there way out.
  Galt / simmal / 7y 242d 19h 49m 54s
Sandra nearly whipped out her hunting knive when the stranger walked in, but relaxed when her father didn't do anything. She shook her head in answer to his question. "Sorry, no." She didn't bother to ask who he was; in due time, he would make himself known.

She smiled at her younger sister, Katherine. She was a brave one, indeed. "So, what did you do?" Sandra turned to Aaron and kinda glared. "No alcohol for the young ones, alright?" She then sighed. "Besides, I could use a drink."

It was better than hacking some poor soldier up in her need to let out her anger and frustration.
  Sandra / Tiryn / 7y 242d 20h 4m 15s
With the precession having been completed, David dissmissed the group to go take care of whatever personal affairs they had to attend to until their next watch. Several of the men immeadiately left for the barracks to get some sleep while others left for town to repair thier blades, buy various items for later.

David, was inside of the Captain's chambers, seated at his oak wood desk writting upon some parchment. Finishing the letter he sealed it with the crest of the Sellier household, a yellow shield, with a blue bird, in the middle and a two swords crossing behind it.

"Take this to Kilimdor." he said hold the letter out to no one in particular. "Yes, my lord." a shadowy figure replied, before taking the letter leaving the castle.
  David Sellier / Darius77 / 7y 243d 16h 44m 52s
-Nathan walks through the room and walks back out looking for
Something- hey has anyone seen someone running with a bag
And has red eyes? -he sits in a chair in the back of the room waiting to
See if they have-
  Nathan / Mattfur / 7y 243d 18h 46m 37s
<<>Quick update, I'll post more chapters after I have 10 posts after my last Valamor's post.<>><<>I also ask that you guys tell much in stories of what you all did when you were gone the last 7 years before this rp<>><<>:D<>>

Belca takes the scene as he turns to the sword. He's unwothy of it, but he must have order as the kids reach for it. He's come to his friend's, his cousin's, side to support him as he steadily went to the dining room.
  Belca, Loyal Bishop / Alum / 7y 243d 20h 9m 17s
"Fine." Katherine spoke up tentatively fully aware of the sudden awkward atmosphere around the family as they all calmed down. "SO how about that food and good drinks then?" she said hoping to lighten to atmosphere over lunch and some spirits, and maybe some talk of siblings catching up after seven years of isolation
  Princess I / goldenspider666 / 7y 244d 23h 7m 18s
A slight blush touched Harabel's cheeks as people listened to what she had said. Her opinion actually mattered and helped things calm down. Maybe she can do something right! Wait, drinks? Not bothering to ask what he meant and what the grin was for, she listened to her sister, Sandra, speak. Well, she definetily wasn't going to be the first to answer.
  Harabel / Akiho / 7y 247d 1h 48m 45s
Sandra head desked herself. She wanted to whack someone upside the head with some kind of blunt object , but she didn't want the fight to go on forever. "Food would be nice..." She muttered, feeling her stomach give a slight rumble in protest.

"So, how was everybody's...." Sandra stopped, trying to think of a better word, but decided that it was useless to do so. "Trip?" Yeah, probably not the best word, but vacation didn't sound so right either....
  Sandra / Tiryn / 7y 247d 18h 39m 36s
he sighed and sat back down "i'm sorry my temper flared" he said with a sigh "i just haven't felt well the past few days is all i think i am stressed" he threw his middle sister a glare as she made her comment on him being spoiled. but he pushed down the rage and sat quietly. hearing Aaron talk of food he smiled "i'm sure we could all use a drink or two after a long journey here" he said as his stomach two growled for food.
  Galt / simmal / 7y 247d 18h 42m 3s

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