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Through the years, a lot became possible from the technology. Some believe it's creating life, some believe they're merely human like and are simply dolls. Dolls, that's what they call them. They have a human heart; it beats like a human heart but society declares them not living things. This doll can be programmed to be intelligent, to please, to work, be able to drive, sing, kill etc. Are they alive? Well, they can't think for themselves and it's said they simply only mimic emotion and when it comes to death, they don't even flinch when being disposed of.

His girlfriend died recently. She died of illness and he pushed himself deeply into work. His work is to create these dolls, to mess with their DNA and program their brains. He's always hated these un-living things and when he sees even a small defect, he disposes them. He attempts to clone his girlfriend multiple times and succeeds to only have her die of illness every time. Eventually, he became motivated to make a doll but just not any a doll, a perfect doll. She was going to be strong, not weak, intelligent, pleasurable, something his girlfriend could never be. Yet, he put a little bit of DNA of his girlfriend into hers. And that's when Pandora was born. Pandora meaning 'all gifts.' The first mortal woman, from Greek origin.

Pandora could think for herself, has emotion, empathy. She is much better than a human, she heals quickly and she can't get sick. He sees the difference between her and the other dolls but he refuses to believe she has an actual conscience. At first he thinks she has a defect because every time he tries to get intimate with her, she flinches. She was programmed to be use to him. He was thinking of simply getting rid of her until she proved herself not to be a defect. It was long before he starts to feel as if she was truly alive, even if he fights to think she's not human. Once he really believes it, he tells others of his discovery that Pandora was really alive. Alive? They all laughed at him and told him that he was getting to close to her. Until someone from the government came in and told him he had to give Pandora to them for research. They promised him that if it's successful they'll allow him to use the research to recreate his girlfriend. Will he take the deal to have another chance to recreate his girlfriend or will he decides to keep Pandora instead have her killed in the end for the sake of the research?


Basically it's about a guy that lost his ex-girlfriend to an illness and tried to make a clone out of her. He manages to make clones but failed because the clones died after with the same illness. So, he decides to create a girl 'doll', named Pandora and makes her perfect. He made her more perfect that he realizes. She can think, and feel emotions. He eventually becomes convinced that she's truly alive. The government wants to take Pandora away for research, to kill her and promised him that if the research succeeds that they'll give it to him to make another clone of his girlfriend that makes it. What will he do? Makes sense?


1. A post per day! Even more than that even! No ditching-that should be obvious. I worked hard on this, I don't want it to go to waste. I need someone who can commit but if you don't want to continue, than I'm okay with that :D Just tell me.
2. This a Mature RP! Violence, sex, drugs etc. When they dispose of the other dolls, they actually have to kill the doll. It's not going to be pretty.
4. 300 words & up.
5. Good quality photo. Don't get upset if I ask you to change it.
6. Have fun :D Develop the plot, be creative! You can do anything you want with Pandora. She's just a doll after all...
7. No, he's not a sweetheart. His girlfriend died and he loved her very much. When she died, he died inside with her. He's going to be cruel, demanding, depressed-at least at the start. Make it realistic! He's not going to get over his dead girlfriend so easily.


Name: Pandora

Age: 19 Months


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She doubly blinked and thought about cooking. She was pretty sure that it involved chemistry, putting things into oven or fire. Well, she was pretty sure she could do the basic stuff; the basic stuff was in her head. She knew what to do-but doing it, she wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

“I could try?” She sheepishly smiled “I know how to do it, just not sure if I can.” She didn’t want to screw up on it though. She’ll eventually get to it, learn more. She nodded and glanced over at the kitchen herself. There were some stuff that had to be done but they’d eventually get to it. She didn’t mind, she didn’t know if she could exactly do it either.

“Okay Shane,” She agreed. She dropped down sitting on the couch and stared at the blank TV ahead. She stretched out her arms and then glanced back at him, blankly staring at him when he asked if she wanted anything in particular. What did she know? She felt a little dumb for not knowing these things but it’ll get better by time, wouldn’t it? She found herself yawning and that probably meant she was tired but how did people sleep? She decided to try sleeping out and she closed her eyes. Her ears instantly picked him about to say Jenna. She didn’t like it, she didn’t want to be a reminder but that would all disappear.

“It’s okay, good night Shane,” She sighed. It bothered her a bit but it’ll go away. She tried to fall into sleep but after a couple of minutes she got bored. She sighed and stared at the ceiling for a bit and then looked over at Shane to see him sleeping. She didn’t want to bother him. She got out of the bed and decided to maybe take another look around the house. She went into the living room and just went through some stuff. Then she decided to turn on the TV and then suddenly something popped up and there were mini people on the TV. She knew it was just digital, but really, what if it wasn’t? How did people get in there? She tapped it, trying to touch some of the things, being slightly amazed. It kept her entertains for a long while.

Then she decided she wanted to take a peak outside. She didn’t know if she was exactly allowed to, but it wasn’t like she was going to go anywhere. She opened the door, took a step up and felt the cold touch her skin. She took a glance around, took a step forward and then picked out the full moon. It was glowing, haunting but beautiful. She heard some shuffling; she quickly turned her head to the sound. Her hearing was slightly above average than a normal person. She heard someone swear and decided to get quickly back inside. She sighed and went back inside and decided that while she was up, she might as well do something. She decided to clean some stuff up and then went to the kitchen. Maybe, she’ll try it out. See how good she could get. She turned on the stove and then wondered why she had set in her brain that she shouldn’t touch the stove. It was hot. How hot could it possibly be? She knew she wasn’t supposed to, avoid it but well… She pressed her hand for good seconds and then pulled it back yelping it. She felt tears going down and felt the aching burn. Okay! That’s what hot was! She bit her bottom lip not wanting to wake Shane up. She quickly ran to the sink and placed her hand in cold water. It hurt like hell!

“I’m so stupid,” She muttered to herself. She turned off the stove but the burning wouldn’t stop. She then found a way to turn the temperature cold of the house, hoping that would stop the warning. She moved into the couch, just to sit but then end up dropping down asleep.
  Pandora / Ravenity / 7y 193d 2h 10m 3s
Shane had to think about it for a minute. Cooking wasn't something he specified for her. "Maybe they added that in at the lab" He thought to himself. "Can you cook food?" He hoped not to make her feel bad but he really didn't expect her to be able to. Shane was always used to being the one to cook the meals. This, however, woudln't be a bad change of pace for him though. Assuming that he didn't get food poisoning that is. "Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt anything to give it a shot; though, I don't know if I have ingrediants for anything. I have the money for it but havent been cooking much latley. He looked towards his starven kitchen.

How about we order food tonight and you can cook tomorrow night?" He smiled and winced his eyes when he said this, trying to show that he really didnt just want her not to cook. He turned around and grabed the phone from his coffee table and dialed to Pizza Hut. "I'd like to order 1 Large peperoni pizza with stuffed crust," He held the phone away, asking "do you want anything in particular?" After ordering he returned the phone to the holder and returned into his room.

He plopped onto one side of the bed laying with his face upward, "Let's just not do much of anything today. It's getting late any way." With a sigh of exuahstion he stretched out Grabbing onto one of the many extra pillows. I have to wonder what she will do if she doesn't sleep. I'll asume she will be fine, doesn't seem like she would cause too much trouble but maybe we should lay down some ground rule soon.... Nah, Im sure she will be fine." He spralled out on the bed and began to relax, ready for his extensive day to come to an end. "Good night... Je-....Im sorry, Good night Pandora."
  Shane / wolfkingaka / 7y 193d 7h 27m 40s
"Alright, it'll be fixed up eventually, " She promised with a slight light smile. She couldn't get rid of that ache in her, like a small guilt that this was what Jenna's death caused. That bit of DNA in her of Jenna that affected him a lot. She nodded and entered the house and just took it all in. Yup, a lot of cleaning but it would look pretty good once everything was dealt with. She took more steps in and turned to him "It's going to look good when it's cleaned. " She just moved around the house, trying to remember where everything was. The kitchen, the living room, bathroom...

She picked up something that fallen on the ground and placed it back to the counter. She then turned to him seeing that he was near his desk. She couldn't wait to see it when it was all cleaned up. She then followed him as he spoke, taking a peak in the bedroom. Her eyes went to the image of the wolf and thought it looked like an amazing animal. She raised an eyebrow when he said he'd be sleeping to couch.

"Shane, it's great but I don't think it's a good idea for you to take the couch, okay? Thanks, but no thanks. Sleep in your bed, okay? " She told him and was a little lost of how incredibly nice he was. Her head told her that he shouldn't be, that it was odd for him to just give her everything. She wrapped her arms around his waist "I want you to be comfortable. You're important, I'm not meant to be..." Besides, she had no idea exactly how people fell asleep anyways. Probably just close their eyes and magically fall asleep.

"Are you hungry? How does food taste anyway…?" She asked him "Or is there anything you want to do? "
  Pandora / Ravenity / 7y 194d 8h 22m 32s
"No, we should let you settle in first. The place hasn't been clean for years, there is no reason to start immediately." Shane looked at his life forsaken home. It hasn't really been clean since Jenna died. He could hardly remember what it even looked like from back then. It wasn't important to him though. "Come on, let's go inside. I wouldn't want either of us getting sick anyway." He said in a stern voice. An odd creation of maturity held that statement but Shane hadn't noticed it. He had opened the door and guided her in watching her walk in and then glancing away when she turned about.

Well that's a nice addition for them to have thrown in He thought to himself, blushing slightly. It was hard for him to keep from watching now, every chance he got he glimpsed to see though. At some point she bent over to pick something up in aw and Shane felt like he just couldn't look away. When almost getting caught he turned towards his desk, what could be seen of it anyway and sat on his half broken chair. He gazed down and blew some dust off of the surface of his desk. He could see the edge of picture frames but just let them be.

He stood back up and started walking towards his room. "If you wanna come in here, Il show you were you can sleep." He made sure she was following behind him and showed her his bed. This was the only part of the house that wasn't stained of dust. He had some worn down pillows and a large comforter supporting a wolf howling to the moon. "I know it's not new per say, but I'd hope it's enough. While your sleeping here, Il be taking the couch in the living room.""
  Shane / WolfKingAka / 7y 194d 8h 54m 23s
She looked at the hair clip and back at him “Why? What’s wrong with it?” She didn’t want to just go after everything she liked. She was pretty sure that it was dangerous telling a girl to get whatever she wanted. Letting go a doll... Although, it lightened her up to see him chuckle a little. He seemed a lot happier than before.

“Hmm...Maybe there is,” She admitted. Everything around her was like brand new toys she could go take. She just picked out another accessory and a black hoodie. They left the shop and she could already tell he was cold. She then took of his jacket and then put on the hoodie “Here, I don’t want you to be cold. Shane, please think about your health.” She felt a little guilty that he was doing so much for her. It was supposed to be the other way around. It started to grow dark and even colder. She wished it was sunny and bright.

“Hmm? Okay,” She said and stood in place. Then she noticed he was taking another picture and she felt a smile coming up. She wanted to see how she looked like. She still had to get used to how she looked like, her hair and her eyes. She thought she was pretty and she hoped she stayed this way, but when she saw those ads of other dolls, it kind of reminded her that she really wasn’t as special as she felt. She lit up when he called the pictures beautiful.

“Really? I can’t wait to see them!” She smiled and saw him blush. He really was so kind to her. She could understand more of the emotions that were placed in her. Soon, those empty emotions that she was forced to feel will be filled with a real one. She took a glance around and she decided she liked the woods. It was dark, filled with trees and nature but for some reason she liked it. Then they came upon the house and she took the detail in. She turned to him with a smile “It’s okay but you really need to take care of yourself better. But, I guess that’s what I’m here for. After fixing a couple things up, it’ll be perfect.” Although, she felt a little ache in the pit of her stomach. Because of Jenna’s death, this all happened. Because of her, he practically destroyed himself. Maybe life wasn’t so great...not if it did this to him. But because Jenna died, she was born. Even if she was being selfish, she wanted this chance to live, to see the world.

“Do you want me to clean things up now?” She asked him. She felt that need she had to anyways, even if that need was not a real emotion.
  Pandora / Ravenity / 7y 197d 2h 14s
Looking at the glass windows he couldn't help but notice how long it's been since he has bought anything other than food and water. Looking over to her with the hair clip in hand he could help but chuckle a little "Thats all you want? You can have it but there is bound to be something else you like." He couldn't belive it. This shopping thing was going to be more dificult for him than he ever thought. Shane had been a crafter at heart, he had no idea as to what goes with what and what colors do and don't match.

The air was finaly getting to him as the breezes were bringing on rather cold winds. They seared up his arms wich were now exposed due to the lack of his jacket. He had refused to take it back though and that's they wasy he would keep it. After purchasing her clip and the other items she picked, they exited the store and were headed homeward. Once they had left the city district, the air only grew colder. The tree's grew over themselves leaving goulish faces in the wholes they had created for themselves. The area was dark and their journy would be a cold one.

"Hey, do you think you could hold on for one second?" Shane was quick to rush around one of the trees and snap another picture of her while she was standing in the same pose. He thought she looked so ellegant, like a rose in a pile of trash or a shiny ring in a puddle of mud. He snapped a few shots and recapped his camera. "Later, remind me to show you those, they were beautiful...." He blushed while saying this. As they left that spot in the woods they came upon the house. He hadn't taken particularly good care of it. The lawn wasn't mowed, the bricks were dully coverd, the gutters were clogged with water running over, and any space that could be was covered with cobwebs.

"Sorry, I haven't kept up with this place."
  WolfKingAka / 7y 197d 2h 40m 35s
She began to notice him spacing out and locked her lips until the mention of going. She’d actually rather prefer just staying outside and taking it all in. The buildings, the street, the cars and even some trash lying around. It was so new to her. The world was a giant playground. She felt excited to be living and to be seeing all of what the world offered. She listened to him and knew he was trying to avoid the mention of Jenna. She knew he was going to be reminded of her weather Pandora wanted it or not. It was going to take a while for him to get over it. She had to find a way for him to get over it. It didn’t help that he put a bit of Jenna’s DNA in her because it gave him a reminder. If she didn’t have that bit of DNA, it might have been different.

She stared at him a little confused at window shopping. He wanted to buy windows? What for? Or he didn’t mean in it in exact world. Language was odd in that way. She then figured out when he meant.

“I saw we should,” She smiled and knew what could be lurking in his head by now. She felt the need to help him out but didn’t know why she felt that either. But it did really hurt her to see him cry for someone who was dead. She felt warmth when he put his jacket on her. As much as she felt great to feel the cold, she enjoyed warmth a lot more. He was really kind to her, even knowing that she couldn’t get sick from it. She felt happy that it was him that she was made for.

“Thank you,” She said “I think I like the heat more than the cold. But what about you? Are you cold? You come first, Shane.” She felt slight worried. She couldn’t get sick but he could. He did come first after all. If it every came into dangerous time, she would have to sacrifice her life for his. It was set up in her mind that way. She felt even more warm when his arm over her as they walked down. Then she heard the mention of money. Sure she knew how to add, multiply, divide and her brain told her that she understood it but she still was a little lost. The only thing she understood about money is how you add and subtract it. Then she saw he recognized that she didn’t know what that meant. She understood the last part.

“Really?” She cheered “So, you trade some numbers for what you want?” That seemed easy enough for her. She walked beside him and just glanced around and did find something she thought it was cute. She slightly tugged him toward the shop and saw the cute small skeleton hair pin. She decided she liked simple small things, especially for her hair. She loved her hair.

“Shane... Can you buy it?” She shyly asked “If it’s too much, it’s okay.” There she did another thing that she wasn’t suppose do to as doll. She’s not supposed to ask for anything, or even start to like things. She didn’t care though. It seemed fine with him. After this, they had to head home and she felt excited to see how it would look like and how the rest of her first day in the world and with him would be like.
  Pandora / Ravenity / 7y 197d 5h 15m 4s
Shane accidentaly ignored her. He was in a trance between looking at her and the sky. With the wind blowing just enough to make the weather frgid and cold, he quickly came back into realization.
"Home huh?" Well, there wasnt anywhere he would prefer to be, as long as she was there with him of course. "Tomorrow, we will have to go do some shopping, we have clothes that will fit you, but..." Shane had to stop himself. He knew that would be as wrong as it gets as they already agreeed not to bring her back up as a common subject.

"How about we do some window shopping before we go home? Who knows, I might even get you something." He said with a smirk. Shane was going to have to do all he could to keep Jenna off of his mind. Some new hobbies would have to be picked up amoung other things if he ever hoped to get this under control. The last thing he wants is to keep breaking down infront of her. Shane knew that it couldn't feel much better for her than it did him, crying on the floor like that. She needed him in this world and he wasnt going to drop that responsibility. Not like he failed with Jenna.

He took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders. "I can't have you getting sick on me you know" he said almost jokingly. Shane knew she couldn't get sick, he just wanted to make sure she was happy. If she was, he knew that he could feel a little better about himself. After working so many years to recreate Jenna, he felt making her happy was his purpouse in the end.

He swooped his arm back over her shoulder and they continued to walk towards the many clothing shops and toy shops. "I'l tell you what, how about we say you have $30 to spend on something or somethings here. If it goes over a little, don't worry about it. Oh, I wouldn't spend too much time on it either, we will be back tomorrow after all." After telling her this, he realized she probably doesn't know anything about the money system or what $30 was going to get her, "or, if nothing else, go ahead and find something youd like to take with you, something youd like to wear or mess with for a few hours." He had just realized that he was goign to have to go clothes shopping with her tomorrow and she probably knew nothing about finding clothes. This would be an interesting new aquaintenceship. Hopefully something much more.
  Shane / WolfKingAka / 7y 197d 10h 38m 36s
She frowned knowing that she really didn’t know much. She walked for her first time a couple of minutes ago and spoke for the first time too. She thought she was doing pretty well though for a new born. She actually thought she was doing much better than the other dolls. She really felt like she wasn’t like the other ones. She was special and it wasn’t because she was made to be perfect, but because she felt it. She felt like she was more than just an empty doll that mimicked emotion. Her emotions felt real but was that it? It would only feel real? Was she really feeling these emotions? She was positive that she was but that wasn’t normal. She knew that Shane had to be aware that she wasn’t able to actually feel emotion but only make it seem like she did.

She found herself just stared at him, completely dazed at his explanation. The last thing she wanted to make it seem was like that she was stupid. She didn’t understand. Something that she liked down? She didn’t really like things. Sure, her brain told her she’d like pizza but she had no idea how that tasted like and if she would truly like it.

“So, a hobby is what I’m made to like?” She doubly blinked, still a little lost. Then he tried to give an example. She could see how that made sense. It made perfect sense when he talked about himself but when it came to her, a hobby was something she liked doing?

“Oh, so it’s what you really like to do. Okay, I like taking pictures, does that count?” She asked. She hoped it counted. She felt like she really liked taking pictures even though in her mind set it didn’t say anything about photo taking. She would find something that she truly liked to down. She wanted to explore everything she could do and because she was a doll, she could do so much more but also could do nothing. She couldn’t live life like humans did. She didn’t have a childhood, she didn’t have parents, and it was illegal for dolls to get jobs or even have kids-which were possible but definitely not allowed. She then glanced at the time as he looked at it.

“We get to go outside now?” She smiled and wondered how it felt like being cold. She wondered what season it was and how each season really was like.

“What season is it?” She asked him and then thought about it “Is today my birthday? I mean... I know I don’t actually have a birthday since... I’m not human but, if I was, would it be?” She had so many questions but she didn’t want to bother him with so many. He didn’t seem to notice anything off about her asking these questions. It was normal for dolls to ask questions to gather up information but not about what she was talking about. Was there something wrong with her? Was she really a defect? No, she wasn’t. She couldn’t be. She was just special.

“I guess I am ready,” She shrugged and enjoyed having his arm around her shoulder. Then they finally reach the outdoors and she was just amazed by it all. It was slightly cold outside but she didn’t mind it. In fact she loved it. Her eyes went up to the sky, seeing the clouds crowding up. She couldn’t believe how far the sky was. She stretched out her hand “The world is so big. We are so small Shane, compared to those planets and other galaxies.” She loved it. And outside, there were so many humans. Maybe too many of them for her comfort.

“We’re going to go home, right?” She asked and then her eyes picked up some ads, one of them were about dolls. It was talking about making the perfect girl, perfect man, or perfect bodyguard. She looked away from it. She probably wasn’t that special after all.
  Pandora / Ravenity / 7y 198d 20h 16m 48s
Shane quickly sent his palm to his face. "Oi, we have got a lot to go over here, you and I." He had a hunch that this one- Pandora, was going to be worth the keep. He then tried to explain "a hobby.... is something you like doing." He stuttered for a moment trying to think of a good way to explain it to one who hasn't had an outer life before. "For example, I like to craft things." When saying this, he couldn't help but think about how he was crafting Pandora and all of the previous failures.

"Any way, I guess it's not that important. We are bound to find something you like to do." He hadn't considered too much what they would do after she had been recreated. He knew that she wouldn't think the same way that Jenna did, but he didn't plan out what she might want to do.

Shane then looked at the clock and realized it was already 3 pm. "We should go ahead and start on that walk before it get's too cold outside, It gets dark pretty early around this time of year." The last thing he wanted was for Pandora to get sick and end up in a similar situation. He knew that she couldn't get sick but he still couldn't shrug that feeling.

He tossed back on his jacket and was ready to grab his brief case but realized that he had previously given it to those goons earlier. It was a great day to pay off the mafia, once again, he wouldn't want anything to happen to his Pandora. "So, are you ready"? He said, somewhat excited to be back in the world with at least a look a like of his Jenna. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walked out together.
  Shane / WolfKingAka / 7y 198d 20h 43m 8s
She loved the sound of him speaking her name out loud. It made her see that he really recognized that she was Pandora, and not some dead women buried under the ground. Then she heard him asking her to not mention something like that. She didn’t want to make him upset. She just wanted to please him and make him believe that it wasn’t any waist to making her alive.

I’m sorry, I promise I won’t bring it up again, ” She nodded. The tears wouldn’t stop with him but she could tell that he seemed a little better than before. Then she glanced down at herself and saw herself fully bare. The heat rose into her cheeks, all over her face, and gasped. She tried to cover herself feeling extremely embarrassed. This had to be the most embarrassing thing that could happen in her short lived life. She didn’t want him to see her! At least not yet! This was so inappropriate. She couldn’t even look at him right now, or even Sasha.

She could see that his tears came into a stop. She nodded at the thought of going outside. She wanted to so badly. She wanted to see the world. The world was her playground. She was still a child after all. She was only nineteen months old, just with the maturity and knowledge of someone much older. She really wanted to explore. She nibbled on her bottom and stared at the ground until Sasha gave her some clothes. She changed quickly into a sweater and shorts. She managed to look up at him after she was dressed but still felt embarrassed.

That’ll be nice. I can’t wait to see the world, ” She smiled but then pondered “Date? Oh-for a second I thought you mean the time date. ” She had to really get used to the world and picking up differences. She wanted to spend time with Shane. She was his doll after all. She was meant to be just an empty doll that pleased him but she felt likes she could feel so much more. She didn’t feel empty. Well, she didn’t know why she felt emotion for him, it was slightly empty but she still could think on her own. She watched Shane pull out something. After a bit, she picked up that it was a camera by the way he described it.

Hmm, okay, ” She nodded and then did whatever he asked and found it fun. She liked doing it. She loved having the attention on her and has her picture taken by him. She was pretty sure there were jobs that involved just having your picture taken. Those people were so lucky because it was so easy. All you did was pick a way to stand, breathe and take a picture. She wished she could do that but then remembered that she really couldn’t do much in the world.

I love taking pictures! Take one with me, sometime okay? ” She cheered. She just stood up, loving the feeling of walking. It was her first for everything. The world seemed so great! Then he asked her about her hobbies. She just stared at him blankly. Hobbies...? She didn’t know herself. She liked pictures. She liked him and she liked how she looked but that’s all she knew. She couldn’t really have hobbies. Dolls just didn’t have hobbies but they did have skills. Did that count?

Shane... ” She frowned slightly “I don’t understand what you mean by hobbies. Do you mean the skills set in me? ” Was he confusing her with a normal human?

I don’t know much about myself, ” She reminded “I was just born 19 months ago. ” She knew people used the expression ‘where you just born yesterday.’ Well it wasn’t that far off.

  Pandora / Ravenity / 7y 199d 1h 55m 34s
"Pandora" he said to her. The room stood quietly. Just as he started to speak again, he felt the warmth of her hug. "Please, leave Jenna at rest, I won't bring her up much if you wont." He had stoped breaking down but the tears continued to flow. There was only one place he wanted to be more than here right now, that was with Jenna. But he knew that was gone and that this was as close as he would ever get, so to waste it, would only cause him more sorrow.

Shane had just realized it, but Pandora was still naked. "I-, of course I like your body he said lightly,but, ,,,, Sasha, please leave and get Miss Pandora some clothes." When Sasha left to follow her orders, she had a bright smile on her face. Shane couldnt tell if this was the smile of happyness that he was reunited or the smile of comic reliefe due to Shanes aggony. He thought that he treated her well enogh but they never talked on a personal level before.

He had finaly quit crying as the leaned back away from the hug. "So, you want to see the outside huh?" It seemed quieter like the rain had let up, hopefuly for her that would be the case. "After she gets your clothes, I think a nice walk would be a great idea." He smiled, trying to lighten his mood for her. "This won't be an easy chage" he thought to himself. " I have just got to keep myself thinking this is just like the first date and it will be a snap! I big nervewrecking snap" He felt ahsamed of himself for thinking like this. He knew very well that Pandora wasn't Jenna and he shouldn't try to fake it either. It would be harder on both of them.

He pulled a small rectangluar box out of his pox out of his pocket and released a small camera. This object was probably foreign to her so he felt it nessicary to warn her. "Don't worry, this box produces a large flash but it's not going to hurt you." He walked around her and snapped a few pictures. He then asked that she do a few poses such as holding a broom in one and in another he asked that she sit in the corner with her leggs pulled in and her mouth cuddled into her knees. He couldn't tell if she liked taking pictures or not but he knew that these would be well kept. After their little cherade he put the camera back in it's box and put it inside his pocket once more.

He felt a little emarased to ask this but felt it would be nessicary as she would be living with him. "Do you have any hobbies?" He then took a close seat that Sasha was previously in.
  Shane / wolfkingaka / 7y 199d 2h 41m 14s
She knew through all of this that she truly wasn’t seen as her. She wasn’t seen as Pandora. He was looking at her like she was Jenna. Jenna who was dead and could never come back. She was just meant there to feel like Jenna wasn’t fully gone. So that’s what her real purpose was. To fill in the gap for Jenna and that was that. She didn’t like it. She didn’t like it one bit. She wanted to be called by her name ‘Pandora’ and she didn’t want him to see like he was bringing the dead back to life.

When he saw her, he saw recreation of Jenna. That’s all she’ll ever be to him; a recreation. She wasn’t seen as Pandora. Through the flow of tears from his eyes it gave her the answer she needed. That he really didn’t know who she was. She wanted to make Shane happy, but move on from Jenna. It would take some time to realize that Pandora really wasn’t like Jenna. She didn’t know what she liked but she was pretty sure that she couldn’t be like the dead. It really irritated her that he hasn’t called her by her name yet. But, other than that, there were other feelings. An emotion that was trying to fight the one she currently had.

She glanced at herself when he said the scientists done great work on her. That’s right, she wasn’t human. She wasn’t even considered alive according to the law. But she felt alive. Did Shane think she was alive? Did he really? It didn’t seem exactly like it. She felt his touch and it felt great. She was actually alive and made contact with Shane. She was a little confused when he said to stay still but she did. He was just examining her body. Did she like how she looked?

Shane, do you like my body? ” She asked. He touched her in a sensitive spot and she found herself giggling at it, jumping a bit. She guessed it was tickling. She knew the terms of the emotions but she didn’t experience them really. She calmed a little as her hand touched his cheek and he seemed so happy. Not too long ago, he was breaking down crying and now, he was happy. Like he was seeing Jenna alive. But she wanted to be known as Pandora. She wanted him to call her Pandora. Maybe, she was being selfish. She shouldn’t be feeling this. As long as he was happy, it was good enough.

She watched him as he hugged her and saw some more tears. She smiled at him slightly “I will be here for you. I promise, unlike your wife. I won’t die. I’ll be here as long as you live. ” She was made for him after all. That was the only reason she was here. If it weren’t for him, she would have never been alive. She would have never been able to speak, to walk and just see the world. She didn’t know why regular humans found life sad. She loved it. They should just be grateful for breathing and value every single moment.

Don’t cry, ” She told him “You don’t have to cry anymore. If you ever feel upset, I can help. I’m made for you after all, Shane. ” She didn’t like to see him upset. She glanced around the lab and wondered how the world looked like. Sure, she knew the sky was blue, grass was green but she really wanted to see it. Personally sit it.

You think we can go outside? I want to see the world, the sky, birds and streets, ” She asked. She didn’t like being trapped here. Was it an odd thing for her as a doll asked? She knew she wasn’t supposed to make any suggestions unless she was asked to but she really wanted to.

  Pandora / Ravenity / 7y 199d 3h 24m 39s
The tears continued flooding out. Looking up he saw her face once again but quickly slamed his eyes shut. Shane gripped his hands tight and pulled himself up to see her in full. He held his breath and his eyes closed as he rose. When he had finaly reached standing he slowly opend his eyes. Past the many tears blurring his vision was a stunning recreation of Jenna. Sure the eyes were a different tint and the hair was more of a red than the brown that Jenna sported on average but none the less, a very close replica.

"The scientist.... theyve done some great work on you. It would appear that they even took some personal tips into account." He slowly brought his hand across her face as she hugged him. He had to feel that she was real. This was by far the closest he had ever come to recreating her. He politley commanded "Please remain still for a moment" He walked around her, glaring at her body to see if there were any differences. Shane had stared at Jenna's body for hours before and after the unfortunante happening.

He stopped cicling her and gently grabed her hand. He grazed his hand across hers and lightly brought his nail over the sensitive end of her arm. His real attempt was to tickle her and her gigles were all he needed to enjoy that simple fact. Seeing her make that girlish laugh made him smile a little. However, it could hardly be seen past his long brown hair. He then brought her hand and rubbed it against his cheack just to feel the warm of her body against his. It felt like home to him though like his hair, he had some major scruff growing as well. Since Jenna's passing, there wasnt much he cared to take care of.

"Now, what do I want you to do you ask?" In the blink of an eye he dropps himself to his knees and hugs her. His head was easily at her stomach. Realizing this brought some more tears and small sniffles. Something he hadnt even told the lab was that his unborn child died along with Jenna. She was about 6 months through and had barley shown it but they spent a lot of time together just talking about how they would raise their baby. What they would name'em, what kind of cloths they would get for them, etc. "I need you to be here for me" he said quietly.
  Shane / wolfkingaka / 7y 199d 4h 6m 27s
As time passed on, the more discouraged she felt that this was going to end well. Maybe, she really was forgotten. Maybe he was convinced she was another failure and didn’t want to bother with her. She just stared down at the tiled ground and tried not to let her discourage take over her. But she knew what would happen to her if she really was a failure to him. She would be disposed of like the rest. Wasn’t she different than the rest? Wasn’t she perfect?

Her head shot up as she saw the door open and made eye contact for the first time she truly woken up. She felt excitement in her but she really didn’t know why she felt excited. She just did. But then it all died off when Shane broke down. She watched at him a little lost but then he yelled out his past wife’s name. She froze for quite a bit. There was a deep aching pain in her that she hated. She felt upset, angry, hurt. He really didn’t want her. He wanted his dead wife.

She nibbled on her bottom lip and remembered looking into the mirror. Did Jenna look like her? But that wasn’t possible. Jenna couldn’t possibly look like her because natural humans don’t have bright violet eyes and naturally have this shade of red. Did her face look like Jenna? She knew that she had a bit part of Jenna’s DNA in her. She didn’t want to look like his dead wife. She was dead. He had to accept that. She didn’t want to look like some dead person and be just some haunting memory. She was Pandora. She was much better than his dead wife. She wouldn’t fail on him like she did. Jenna tried her best and Pandora knew that Jenna wouldn’t want this for him and probably would know that she couldn’t compete with a doll that was designed to be perfect.

Even so, she felt sad, almost like she was grieving her and his pain. She didn’t know why she felt these emotions. Why she felt so connected with him but she felt it otherwise. She wanted to make him happy for the rest of his life. She knew she shouldn’t be questioning her emotions, dolls weren’t supposed to. She knew it was in her DNA to, but it felt empty. She felt the emotion but there wasn’t much behind it. It didn’t matter; she was here for his purpose.

She leapt off the metal table and moved beside him, kneeling down. She cupped his face and wiped some tears away from his eyes.

It’s going to be okay, Shane, ” She smiled very gently “You have me now. ” She wrapped hear arms around him, wanting him comfort him. Then she took a slight move back “It’s nice to finally meet you. I felt so restrained being kept there for months. People make introductions when they first meet right? Hi, I’m Pandora, a doll made for you to be happy. I can do anything. I can help you with living, protect you, help with work, love you and even just keep you company. I don’t know anything about myself yet, but I will through time. ” The then intern came in saying she needed to run some blood tests on her and Pandora really wasn’t in the mood. She knew she was in top health. She was made to stay in top health. She wanted to spend the first day of truly living doing something with him. She wanted to really know Shane, not just by the information she was fed into her.

Is there anything you’d like me to do now Shane? ” She asked. The only feeling she could find a reason behind, truly feel is the happiness she felt for being alive, walking and seeing the world. She could love life. But even so, a little part of her could really find why she’d want Shane to be happy. She could understand the reason why he deserved to be happy for going through so much for his wife. But that was all she could really pick up a reason for.

  Pandora / Ravenity / 7y 199d 5h 25m 12s

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