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* This is a literate, violent, romance, horror and meant to be mature roleplay. *

For every death , there's a Diamond

Using the help of science, ashes of a dead loved one can be turned into a diamond to keep. But for Kellie, every diamond is not for loved one but for every death she caused of people who choose to fall into her bad side. Or more so, that’s the rumor that has been going around her high school that spread more around other schools. She’s said to gather up the ashes and turn them to a diamond and places them in her bracelet along with the other diamonds.

Kellie is known as a mean girl. She’s gorgeous, blonde haired with a set of silver eyes. Everyone admires her. Admire her for what? A girl only needs her looks to be admired. Only when the rumour started, Kellie was known. The guys would do anything to date her and the girls wanted to be her. She’s known for making out with older guys, some say that she even got interested of one of the younger teachers. The rumour keeps spreading but is this really all just a joke? Students and others are truly missing. The number of students missing continues to grow through the three years Kellie is in high school. Others just believe she’s mourning over them and that’s why she has a new diamond for each person that goes missing, not that they are turned to ash for a new diamond. The few that believe this is true say she's obsessed with diamonds and is psychotic. Even if they do believe it, they fear to open their mouths and refuse to talk about it. But, this story isn't about her.

Unfortunately, the rumour spread to the police. None of them believe the rumour except one detective. He doesn’t find the rumour as a joke. He’s been dealing with these missing person cases for a while and not a single time has a body had been found. He began to watch Kellie, her patterns, habits, the places she goes. Then he decides to confront her and ask her questions about the missing students, which she denies about knowing anything about them. He would have dismissed it except for the fact that he knew something was off about this teenager and that one student ticked her off that day and the next day, they were declared missing. Next day, Kellie came back with another diamond. It wasn't a coincidence that every student she crossed paths with is gone.

He continues to confront the girl and go through her and the people around her. But Kellie notices what’s he’s doing and tries to seduce her way out of it and gives him warnings of people who try to get deep into her life. Kellie is clever and she will find a way to pull him out of this investigation, no matter what it takes. How long does he have before his time is up like the others? Will he ever discover the mystery behind the diamonds?

What am I looking for?

1. I need someone able to post each day. That’s right, each day! If you can’t a certain day, just tell me but it cannot happen every time.
2. Range of 300 words to at least 800 words.
3. This RP needs commitment. Can’t commit to an RP? Don’t join. I did not spend all of this work to get ditched D: or have it die. I’m serious about this! Don’t waste my time.
4. Must be able to be creative and add on to the plot, and even add other characters.
5. This is a mature role play! Sex, drugs, violence etc. Romance & Violence is a must just definitely not instant. It’s up to us weather they actually end up together or not. This may be a bit of horror. When the clothes come off we time skip.
6. Good quality real picture. He has to look older than 20, younger than twenty-five. Don’t be upset if I ask you to change it >-< It’s not you, it’s me. I’m picky. If you need help, I’ve got bunch.

Now as for the male character. He follows up through the law and won’t let her get to his head with her manipulations. He’s completely believed that she’s the reason for the missing people who are most likely dead. He’s not going to be so kind and easy on her.

What you should know:

It isn’t what it seems. I’ll give you hints now and then about the missing people through Kellie’s perspective. You have to go through her friends, family, and even messages to discover what’s really going on. If your questioning a specific character other than Kellie , I’ll respond as that character and tell you what that character knows about her, how are they are involved and give hints if they really are telling the truth or not.

List of People around Kellie:

* Ones with ‘?’ means to figure it out on your own through the RP. *

  • Clause Thorn: Father, went to prison years ago for assault
  • Willow Thorn: Mother, her first child died. Past issues of depression
  • Adrian Thorn: Older adopted brother, currently in college with a chem. major. Over protective of Kellie.
  • Ralph Thorn: Keller’s cousin. An addict and has records of being mental ill.
  • Gavin Radke: Neighbor, Past records of stalking and isolating that person from anyone else. Finished time for it.
  • Lea Emerson: ?
  • Lucas Emerson: ?
  • Ridge Clifton: ?
  • Amber Conway: ?
  • Mike Blackwood: ?
  • Briana Hudson: ?
  • Dray Huntley: ?
  • May Hales: ?

Characters :

Name: Kellie Thorn

Age: 17

Bio: Kellie is a big mystery. Her past is far off from the way things are run in high school. She started as a normal girl with a lot of energy and compassion. She always cared for others. She wasn’t noticed when she was younger and not many remember her actually her being there except for her closest friends. But one day, something changed. And that one day led to another and another. Soon, she let her normally tied up blond hair out, changed her style, personality and how she acted. Rumour has it that something happened to her and changed her for good. She lives like a queen. Nobody dares to really defy her unless they want to be the next diamond on her bracelet. But, no one truly knows Kellie and what’s really going on. Rumours are rumours, doesn’t mean that they are true about her. She warns others to watch what they do before they end up going missing too but they fail to take her warning and go along with it. It doesn’t matter how hard she tries to save a life, because they won’t listen to her.

Relationship status?: She has a boyfriend, that she isn’t in love with. He’s always cheating on her and doing terrible things. Yet, it wasn’t like she was doing this out of love anyway.

Other: She has a scar of the number 666 at the back of her shoulder.


Image link:


Age: 20-25


Is he single, dating, engaged, or married? :

Other: If you have anything else to add. Maybe a tattoo, a favourite item, place, addiction etc.

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It was too obvious of how fake he was being. The way he spoke and the mood gave off everything that he was hiding who he was and hiding something else along with it. It really enraged her to see the fake act put on in front of her but she kept her temper to herself.
Liar! She thought to herself. Everything that came out of him was acting, lying.
“I’m seventeen,” She edited. It irritated the fact that she trusted even a bit at the start. It was wrong of her. She should have known better to trust anyone or anything. In truth, she felt really hurt and wondering why she was bothering to save a life when there was constant faking. Maybe he was scared? Maybe he believed the rumours? Then it would make sense about the faking but what was he hiding?

“I’ll leave,” She decided “It’s better if I just completely stay away then, for her sake. It’s already bad enough between you; I wouldn’t want to be the reason if it completely dies.” She hoped that he picked up the threat and would go on with his life and not ever get near her again. In truth, she was really hurt. He was just incredibly lucky that it wasn’t around and automatically decides he deserve to die. Kellie didn’t think like that, no matter how much bad of a person was, it’s wrong to decide who dies and who lives. She let her eyes fall to the ground, to hide away her emotions knowing it was never allowed to show any form of weakness.

“Bye, thanks for pretending to care,” She muttered and left the house like that. She knew there was probably no way she was getting back in and for his sake; she hoped that she didn’t have to. She stepped into the car and let it start. She leaned against the steering wheel for a good five minutes and stared into the road ahead thinking of what an idiot she was. Somehow, she always ends up getting either fooled or used by someone. Oddly, that was less of a problem way back before everything happened, before she changed who she was. Yet, internally, not everything was different. There were parts of her she couldn’t get rid of it and she knew it was wrong but it was impossible to pull away from it.

She eventually drove back to her own house, parked the car and headed up stairs without any peace and quiet. Ralph would just keep on going and going on with it and eventually-Kellie snapped. Words flew out her mouth in anger toward him. It reached to the point she threatened him to have that so called ‘devil’ to kill him if he didn’t leave her alone and step out. Ralph instantly got out of the house as Kellie made sure every door was locked so that he couldn’t enter and yell at her calling her demon. Kellie had gone back into her room and buried herself in her sheets and cried to herself like she would have done years ago. It was a lot lonelier now than it was when she was completely isolated. All she had was that monstrous thing that wanted to kill everyone that harmed her. There was no way out of it and she wasn’t going to try fighting it all over again and fail.

After a couple of hours, she heard a knock on the door. She dragged herself downstairs to open the door and to face her mother. Her mother instantly picked up that her little girl was crying and immediately start getting into the questions. Normally, it was nothing worth answering to or hearing but one part had got her thinking.

“Who hurt you, sweetie? I thought he would take care of everyone who would hurt you?” Her mother asked in worry with widened brown eyes, wrapping her arms around her. Kellie slowly pulled back, doubly blinking as she looked at her mother “Who would take care of everyone...?” She couldn’t possibly know about it.

“Your guardian angel,” her mother suddenly popped up.
“I thought you don’t believe in a religion?” Kellie reminded because certainly she didn’t. She may have that scar on her back but that didn’t mean that it was true. Kellie honestly thought it was just ridiculous but there were a couple of things that she did know.
“I don’t.”
“Then why are you saying...”
“It’s just a saying dear, don’t take it so serious,” Her mother smiled lightly. Kellie let it go and then the conversation moved about Ralph’s whereabouts. Kellie could care less where the bastard was. He was probably roaming around the streets, that’s for sure. She hoped that he got lost and found a new family to bug. Although, knowing Ralph he was probably spitting out ‘devil’s pet’ all over the place and telling people to take cover. Sooner or later, someone will take him in his rightful place and hopefully she won’t have to see him for a while. Although, even Kellie knew that Ralph wasn’t completely crazy. After all, he’s seen a couple of things and that’s where he probably got the idea of calling her ‘devil’s pet.’ As long he kept on blurting stuff like that out into the streets and taking meds that aren’t doing anything for him, she was pretty secure considering nobody would believe words coming out of a supposed to be crazy persons mouth.
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"Same car?" Andrew took in her words and then glanced back and forth between Laura and Kellie as if making a connection at last.
"O-oh yeah, I guess that would be why we had the same car. Though... there are a lot of silver cars in this town, so I guess I thought it was just a coincidence that the model would be the same." He replied, watching as the smile upon her face slipped away along with a sigh. This girl was starting to pick up on his little lie, and he knew it. Normally, people wouldn't notice at all, and they still had some disbelief when he told them that he was an enforcer of the law, but they just shook their heads and said he was a normal civilian. Their mistake. Feeling her gaze pierce him, he smiled, but felt the fine hairs along the back of his neck stand up as cold fear trickled through him. Unconsciously, his gaze slid toward Laura's direction, and she seemed to be unaware of that deathly cold stare. Returning his gaze back to Kellie, he kept up the smile and brushed his fingers through his hair, acting nonchalant, as if he hadn't noticed at all. It would simply not do if she found out that he knew of her identity and the way she frightened him at this very moment. It was terrifying, being in her presence in what was supposed to be a very safe haven for himself and Laura, but she was contaminating it with the evil which emanated from her. Why? Why must this girl be here? Why must his girlfriend have such a big heart as to let one of her hated students into the house? Clearing his throat, he effectively cleared his thoughts. He would not blame Laura for this mess, but he would have a talk with her later. Kellie is to not be invited into this house again.

Andrew watched in silent horror as Kellie turned to speak to his girlfriend. His palms grew a bit sweaty and he carefully wiped them on his sweatpants. When the girl turned away, his eyes darted around, trying to find a gun or anything he could use to protect himself. There was nothing. Of course he wouldn't have a gun lying around in the open, he wasn't stupid, he would not let his true identity to be given away. Listening to Kellie's words, and the way she emphasized 'trustworthy' was like the nail in the coffin... she knew. She knew, and she was letting him know that she knew through her passive ways. Watching the girl warily, Andrew unconsciously plucked at some of the loose strands on his sweats. What would happen now? Perhaps she would get rid of him for snooping around where he was not supposed to... perhaps she would kill him in the ways that she killed all the others. There were so many possibilities, and he had to admit, he was frightened by the prospect of seeing the evil behind that innocent mask... and to see her actions being carried out on himself. His body became rigid as the girl got Laura out of the room, and Andrew swept his gaze downward so he could not meet the girl's chilling gaze. The sound of the cushions releasing air could be heard, and he knew that the girl had sat down on the couch. His lips pressed together tightly to form a thin line, and he absent-mindedly plucked away at his shirt and even looked around to find something to do... anything, but having to talk to Kellie. His search ended rather quickly though as Kellie seized him with her words effortlessly.
"She has a boyfriend. I'm the one that has a fiancee, but we got into a big argument, and that's why I'm here." He responded, knowing full well that he should stick to his story and not take advantage of her mix up.
"... I suppose... he seems like a nice guy though." Andrew replied, and looked to the ground for solace before fixating his gaze back on Kellie when she spoke once more. Now she was being direct... now that Laura was out of the room there was nothing stopping her. An eyebrow arched on Andrew's face, and he put on a puzzled expression,
"Hiding? What do I have to hide?" A chuckle escaped him, but he knew that she had knowledge of him hiding something. Yes, of course he was hiding something, because he was saving himself by hiding such an important fact... the fact that he was trying to get her into jail... the fact that he felt terrified whenever he looked straight into those eyes. It was as if another more demonic pair of eyes were peering out from the gray depths, he didn't understand it, but he knew the feeling of fear.
"I'm sorry if I give off that kind of feeling, but I really have nothing to hide. Maybe you're just not feeling well." He tried to sound sympathetic, and it sounded rather convincing even to himself.

Eyes darting up with alertness, Andrew watched as Kellie rose from her couch and walked toward him. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, and he stood rigid as she grew closer and closer. Then... she was right in front of him, gazing up at him with eyes full of wonder... no... it was a desperate need for knowledge within her eyes.
"You know you can trust me, Kellie, I will always be there for you if I-" His words were cut off as he felt lips upon his own. They were moving, but all he felt was the abrasive skin of a scaly snake writhing along his lips. Those lips were warm, but they felt icy to him. It was disgusting, the way she kissed him, and he wanted to push her away. In the name of justice, he pushed away those disgusting sensations and tried to move his lips with her's slowly. The feeling of nausea arose, but he reached forward for her shoulder and brushed his hands along them as if wanting to pull her close when all he wanted to do was pull away. Then, he heard it, the sound of a heavy book coming into contact with the ground. Andrew gulped in fresh air as he felt the scaly lips pull away, and he had the strong urge to wipe his lips on his sleeve.
"What is this?"

"Laura?" Andrew turned to find his girlfriend facing them with a rather disgusted expression on her face. He wasn't sure if she understood that he had only been acting, or if she truly thought that he would rather have a 16 year old student than her.
"I have no idea why I did that either... um..." He appeared as if he was at a loss for words and scratched his cheek awkwardly.
"... right... This is illegal isn't it?" He laughed awkwardly, and finally decided on crossing his arms.
"I guess you should leave now, Kellie. I don't think my fiancee would be too happy to find out I kissed a 16 year old. It was my mistake, but please, don't try that again. I may fight with her a lot, but I still love her... more than anything else in this world." He spoke softly, explaining to her how he loved his 'fiancee'.
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The time kept ticking away and every second passing, she grew impatient. It felt like it was taking too long to get to the door and open it. She leaned in and picked up voices but couldn’t make out the words or anything. She decided to lay back from it and then a moment later, the door swung open and Laura revealed herself, seeming a little enthusiastic. She pulled a light smile to her but then her eyes peaked through inside the door and saw him right there. Her muscles tightened slightly. Just the way he sounded-it sounded as if it was an act. Siblings? If they were siblings, he would have known his sister was a high school teacher in this area. Considering Kellie mentioned it to him that he had the same car as her teacher, normally a person would make a connection. Instead, he said it was a big coincidence. Why hide it?

Maybe, I’m over analyzing things. She told herself. Normally, she would. But then another mention of it being a ‘coincidence’ irritated her. The more she listened the more she decided that this was all just bull shit and he was hiding something. She didn’t know exactly what but she attended to find out. She remained that light smile on her face as slowly her expression turned a little confused.

“’re siblings? Is that why you had the same car?” She asked and then turned her stare on Kevin. She sharply stared at him, knowing that anyone who would think she was somewhat no good would feel that threat in her eyes, that danger and icy cold fearing as if she saw right through. Laura on the other hand, would see nothing but a girl wanting to clear things up, and looking innocent.

“I mentioned that my teacher had the same car as you. I guess you didn’t pick up the connection...” She sighed and pulled back the smile “Well, I guess you both know what’s going on my life then. I just wanted to talk to her, get some girl advice. I’m glad your siblings though-it must mean your family is very trustworthy.” Then she focused on Laura again “ it okay if I borrow that book that you suggested to the class last Monday?” The women nodded and then stepped inside. Laura told her just to sit on the couch as she would go get the book.

First, Kellie took a curious glance around the place and picked up nothing but scenery pictures around. Normally people who put no pictures of their connections either had big issues with cameras or were distant in a way. She stopped curiously looking around and then decided to turn her attention to Kevin as she fell sitting on the couch. She was just so interested into why would he pull an act. It was better if she discovered first before it did. She felt a little betrayed, and it was no one but her fault bothering to open up. He was right when he said there’s no one in the world that can be trusted.

“It must be tough living here with your sister, since I heard that she lives with her fiancé. Her fiancé is obsessed with his work, right? Must get pretty irritating...” She mentioned and then moved onto the real thing “I’m really thankful for what you did for me, for getting up so early as soon as I called and taking me home. But Kev...what are you hiding? For some reason, it seems like you’re being...fake. You don’t have to tell me but I wish that maybe you could trust me like I trust you? I don’t know...” She had a plan to play him, make him fall under her spell and then get him to spill everything out and then not endanger his life by keeping whatever it is a secret. Kellie wasn’t like that monster, she didn’t want people to die and if she could stop it before it find out what was going on, she would.

She rose up from the couch and then stepped in front of him, breaking that personal bubble. She managed to weakly smile “Please don’t be fake around me like anyone else. It’s been a long time since I trust someone with what I say-and I don’t want to be backstabbed or hurt again. Don’t take this seriously, I just kind of like you,” She leaned in and then kissed him on the lips, slowly with a bit of lust. She took a step back, half jumped when she heard the sound of a book fall on the ground behind her. She then saw that Laura was watching and probably heard the whole thing. Kellie didn’t think it was a big deal, except for the fact Laura would probably think it’s disgusting that her student just kissed her brother.
Kellie tried to mimic a blush as he looked between them “Sorry! I don’t know why I did that.” And that’s what she called acting, unlike Kevin who didn’t seem good at it.
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After their meeting, Andrew had difficulty sleeping that night. Kellie had grown rather aggressive in the car when they had spoken. She suspected him, and he knew it was because he had overplayed himself. As much as he tried to be an innocent civilian, deep down in his own heart, he knew that he was a detective... an invisible hero dealing with the villains within the shadows. It was a chilling thought to think about the girl's eyes piercing through him. In that one moment, when she had trailed off with those words... that threat... fear grasped his insides for a split second. It did not show upon his face or in his body language, but for that one moment he felt threatened. Those eyes... it was as if a demon were peering from behind those abnormally normal eyes. The way she spoke... to anyone else it would sound like a spoiled teenager but... not to him. This girl was dangerous, and she grew more and more dangerous by the second. Andrew had his suspicions about the girl, but never to this extent... never had he felt his own life at risk before... not until now. The very memory of the girl's suspicious gaze haunted him in his sleep, and he would wake up to cold sweat and night chills. It felt as if something was constantly watching him... but not quite... There was this... presence that he felt whenever he was with the girl. Kellie... she had such an aura about her that frightened Andrew to death. Would he be able to confront her again? Does he even have the courage left to do it? He had to solve the case... more urgent now than ever... this has to end. Only a few days ago, only one girl died... and now three males have disappeared and are presumed dead. There is no doubt that Kellie was behind it... but he had no evidence... he had to gather some evidence.

Gasping as he woke up the seventh time that day, Andrew felt a slender hand gently stroking his chest.
"Baby, you were having a nightmare." Laura whispered to him, kissing his sweaty forehead that had his dark hair plastered to it.
"What was it about?" She continued to kiss his skin, pressing her cooler lips against Andrew's feverish skin. Like a child, he turned onto his side and held Laura to himself tightly, never wanting to let go. Never before had he been so scared, this girl was seeing through him, and he was sure that she would come after him if she were to find out his true identity.
"Go take a shower, I'll make you some breakfast, okay?" Laura smiled and Andrew nodded meekly as he felt her warmth leave him. Wrapping himself in the blanket, he laid curled up on his side and stared blankly at the wall. Having taken an oath to honour and protect when he graduated from the police academy, he was also taking a secret pledge to risk his life in order to serve justice to those who commit evil. He had basically said, "I accept the fact that I will die." when he had pledged to protect and uphold the law to his best abilities. Shivering, he crawled out of bed and took a quick shower to relieve the stress that was building up within him. When he got out of the shower, dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, he sat down on the side of the bed and searched the nightstand. Pulling the bottom drawer out, he found what he was looking for... his girlfriend's Bible and cross. For the longest time now, Laura has tried to get him to go to church with her, but he couldn't because of the cases he had to do... plus he was not one to believe in religion.

"What am I thinking?" He spoke softly to himself as he picked up the weighty book and felt the leather within his rough hands. Strangely, it felt comforting despite the fact that he did not believe at all in Christianity or anything of the sort.
"I'm just spooked... that's all. I just need some energy and continue doing research. I can catch her, I just need to put my mind to it." He assured himself and placed the leather bound book back inside the nightstand and closed it. Returning to his laptop, he booted the computer up and started to do some research again. This time he started on the Ridge character. Immediately, he figured out why Ridge could not be sent away when he brought up his file.
"What in the-?" Andrew's eyes took in every word on the file... Ridge had committed some heinous crimes in his days. Drugs, murder, theft... he was tried as a minor and so he got out of it without much repercussions. That's why Ridge could not just disappear... this man was Kellie's scapegoat should anything go wrong. It felt wrong... Andrew felt sick at the fact that this girl could be so manipulative and evil.

"Andrew!" It was Laura, and that was the call for breakfast. Minimizing the window, Andrew closed the laptop and headed toward the kitchen where he started to eat a hearty meal.
"So, I just got off the phone with Kellie." Kellie's name made Andrew look up from his meal and look at Laura with serious eyes.
"I know you said to not associate with her, but I can't... she sounded so sad and I can't just ignore that."

"Laura, you promised!"

"I know, I know..." Laura bit her lip and looked off to the side, obviously afraid of his yelling.
"... and I sorta invited her to our house."

"Are you FUCKING kidding me?!" Andrew slammed the utensils down on the wooden table as he stood up,
"I TOLD you, Laura, she's dangerous!" Anger bubbled up within him as he stared down at the woman whom he loved so very dearly. It was visible how badly the woman flinched, and that took away the edge within Andrew's voice.
"I-I'm sorry... I'm under a lot of stress right now." He apologized, and the woman nodded... trying to be understanding.
"Dear God, Laura... I'm sorry..." He sat back down in his seat and placed his head in his hands. Maybe it was the lack of sleep getting to him... maybe it was the paranoia... either way, he couldn't take it anymore.

A knock at the door shook the man out of it, and he looked up.
"That's her." Laura spoke in a small voice, tight with fear or something.

"From now on, I am Kevin and I am your younger brother who got into a fight with his fiancee. Do you understand me? It's absolutely vital that you do not give anything away. I am an accountant, not a detective, do you understand?" Laura nodded and looked at him with less fearful eyes.

"I understand." She whispered and stood up meekly, walking to the door. It was a rather good thing that the two did not like to put pictures of any sort on the walls other than scenic pictures they had taken on their dates. They were not fans of being in pictures so much as knowing the meaning behind a certain place.
"Ah, Kellie, come on in!" It was Laura's voice, and so the acting begins. Taking in a big breath, he walked over to the door.

"Sis, who is it? Oh... Kellie?" Andrew tilted his head to the side in curiosity,
"Um wow, what a coincidence. What are you doing here?"

"You two know each other?"

"Yes, I met her in the park the other day. I never knew that you knew my sister." Andrew smiled, not betraying the way his heart hammered with a sudden rush of adrenaline that was screaming at his body to run.
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“No one dumps him. If I dump him, things will get worse than it is now and I don’t want that,” She shook her head. All of that statement was purely true, just in different way that he would be probably be thinking. It was true it would get bad if she didn’t have Ridge there to stand as her decoy later on in case any accident occurred. At the mention of shot she picked up the tension in him. She didn’t know but something felt off about him and normally her gut was right. It just felt a little...fake.

“Yea, Kev, get him in jail and then have his gang members rape me while at it. Great idea. You’re so smart for an adult, you know?” She scoffed and changed her tone a little to something more harsher “And don’t seem so surprised. I can’t stand the innocent minded. And honesty, just because the rumours are untrue-and I mean they really are that doesn’t mean that it’s right to fool me about anything. If you are that is...” She left him with those last couple of sentences and hoped that if he really was someone she should be suspicious of-which she doubted-he’d pick up the threat in her voice to keep away. She was polite when he said she could count on him and she felt like he proofed that today but also it confused her. Normally people who she could count on would add that last sentence of him coming for today so there was no doubt she should trust him. It only aroused more suspicion. Any normal person wouldn’t have picked up anything from him but she was always too focused on dialogue, body language. It could be just paranoia but it also could be something too.

Although as the day past on the teacher and the similar car, the three deaths and the aching pain that lasted in till the morning. It seemed that every day that passed grew into a bigger mess, and destroyed her mentally more and more. She didn’t know how much more before she would mentally break like he did. Her eyes fluttered open in the morning as her ears picked up her mother calling her down for breakfast. She knew that Adrian must have been back for the weekend considering she could hear is voice yelling out Ralph to stop blurting out ‘Devil’s pet.’ It would last for a couple more hours before Ralph shut up. Sometimes, she felt like shutting him up herself. Sometimes, she’d imagine sewing his mouth shut. No kill-not yet.

Kellie rose up to her bed, her eyes falling into the desk to see three perfectly new diamonds. She heavily sighed as it took a while to place them in the bracelet and made sure that they were secure there. After all, their lives were wrapped around her wrist. She moved into the shower, washed herself up before she headed down stairs to meet Adrian’s strong embrace.

“Can’t breathe!” She exaggerated. He chuckled as he released her “You still got the whole school around your finger?” She raised her hand with the bracelet and corrected him “Wrist.”
“How are those new diamonds?” He asked.
“It’s done by the best, so they’re perfect,” She smiled
“Any guy I have to have a talk with?”
“Nope. Everything is fine...” She sighed.
“If there was a problem, her father would have dealt with it,” Her mother reminded. Adrian and Kellie looked at each other knowing what that meant. They knew their mother meant chop the head sort of thing, and she was being serious, even though her dad wouldn’t do such a thing. It was just all past issues from eldest-dead sister that was killed young. She just decided to ignore it and then turned to Ralph who continue to yell again, point a finger at her.

“Point that finger one more time and I’ll break it,” Adrian spoke through his teeth glaring at Ralph. Ralph rolled his eyes and spat out “You are all idiots! Don’t you see the number 666 on her! She’s the devil’s tool I tell you! And someday you’ll believe me and you’ll burn her to hell where she belongs!” Adrian instantly grabbed a table cloth and stuffed it Ralph’s mouth “I told you. Shut it. She gets enough threats from those parents and she doesn’t need you to add on it.” Kellie kept her mouth shut and just sat on the table. Well, it was true that she received mail, messages from those people who were missing that questioned if it was her and threatened to kill her but couldn’t do so. Even they soon stopped to believe. She ate up with the rest of her family. Her parents went out to go do some shopping, Adrian went out with some friends and it was only her and Ralph in the house again. She went up to her room, completed some work and then decided to dig deeper into the car sharing thing. Although she felt it wasn’t a big issue to look into she knew that if it found something bad first, Kevin was D.E.A.D. If she did, maybe she could hide it even if it was something small because even the small things ticked it off.

She picked up her phone went through the school and found out ‘Laura’s’ phone number. As soon as she got rid of suspicious, she would stop befriending the teacher. Kellie just wanted to get into her house to pick up any relationships with Kevin. Obviously, they had one if he used her car. Family? Friends? Lovers? Whatever it was, she had to find out. She dialed her up and after a bit the woman responded. If Kellie said she needed help with her work- she’d instantly know that was a lie because she did very well in class.

“Hi... It’s Kellie... Um...” Kellie began with a weak voice, shaky and then the rest blurt out about the situation that happened with Ridge. Kellie hated what happened but she wouldn’t be ranting more than once about it and then soon forgetting it but for the sake of the act-she did it. Laura seemed hesitate to speak to her, or even meet with her. But, Kellie was definitely not a quitter as she continued to go on. After Kellie explaining what would happen to her if she dumped Ridge and she couldn’t talk to her mom, the woman gave in. She gave the address and then they said good bye. Kellie hung up and smirked without a single tear or sorrowful emotion on her.

“Easy as pie,” She sighed. She changed clothes, got down stairs and got into the car. The best thing about entering someone’s home is that they posted up pictures of people they knew and their personality would show through the way the place was kept or things were organized. She made sure she locked the door, keeping Ralph in and made sure she wasn’t followed by Gavin the stalker. She remembered how Gavin stalked a girl down the street when she was younger, then made sure no one was around her anymore until she almost took her own life. It was sad, pathetic. Kellie attempted to make herself cry-to make herself actually look like she was crying. She was pretty good at faking emotions although she didn’t like to do that so much. When she arrived, she stopped her car and then arrived at the place. She climbed out of the car and knocked on the door. She pulled out her phone to check her reflection to see if it looked like her appearance fit her voice on the phone. Kellie was worried. What if he really was a fake...? It would mostly upset her, another stab in the back. Another person wearing a mask in front of her.
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"Yeah, no problem." Andrew sighed softly, pinching the spot between his eyebrows and then tried to rub the sleep from his eyes before gently stepping on the gas pedal. It was ridiculously early, and it made him extremely suspicious of what the girl was up in the early hours of the day. Though curiosity stabbed at his mind, he remained tight-lipped so as not to arouse any suspicion by pressing the topic any further. It seemed that only a gentle prod would do since Kelly opened up immediately. There was no reason for Andrew to believe she was lying... other than the fact he thought she was the cause behind all the missing persons' cases. Her body sat there, her chest rising softly up and down, and her face not giving away anything other than innocence. Just sitting with her in the same confined space made his stomach turn. This is a murderer... and he would not let her get away so easily because of her innocent expression. His jaw muscle tightened for a moment, flexing as he clenched down on his teeth and stared ahead as he drove along the road. A small indented line formed along his jawline as the short cords of muscle lining the bone twisted and turned as he chewed on nothing... only his frustration. There is literally nothing he had to pin this girl down for the kidnapping and murder of all the teens and adults. He wouldn't give up though... not in a million years... not even if he is cut loose from the government. Despite how tense he had become, he forced himself to remain calm as Kelly spoke. So, her boyfriend was treating her like crap... she deserved it. This girl single handedly murdered 2 people in just the past week alone... this cannot go on for much longer. This has to stop. Though he thought these things, he gave nothing away as he parted his lips.
"If he's so horrible, why do you stay with him?" He questioned softly, some deep part of him was truly curious and wanted to know why a girl like her would stay with anyone at all. If this boyfriend of her's was so terrible... why doesn't she just kill him already? At the mention of the shooting, Andrew nearly stomped on the brakes... luckily he didn't, it would've aroused suspicion in the girl.
"S-shoot?" He stuttered, acting like a surprised civilian. In truth, he had expected as much from this boyfriend. If everyone around this girl was fucked up in some way, that meant this boyfriend is far from normal.
"Y-you mean like a gun? ... Christ... He sounds dangerous!" Andrew cursed for effect, he's had enough undercover missions to know which mannerisms he should uphold as a civilian.
"Shouldn't we... you know... report him or something? I'm sure shooting someone in the leg is considered a criminal offense... I mean that's assault right? A-and that means you can get away from him, just like you wanted." His voice raised a pitch as he spoke. This boyfriend of her's is crazy... he'd have to do some research on the man. Ridge... he hasn't gotten to the man's file yet, but it's definitely on his computer somewhere.

Watching Kelly out of the corner of his eye, he wondered exactly how this girl got herself tangled up into this kidnapping and murdering mess. There must be a reason as to why she started... he would definitely ask when she got arrested and became subject to a psychiatric test. There was something so intriguing about understanding where criminals came from, and what drove them to their crimes. He wanted to understand this girl, what made a girl with such a pretty face do these horrendous, ugly acts of terror. Andrew glanced at her briefly, noticing her fingers upon the window as they continued to drive along. Her words made his heart hammer within his chest... her teacher? Laura's a teacher... she teaches at a nearby academy. Coincidence? No, he can't just rule it out as a coincidence. Everything the girl spoke... the way she explained this teacher... it sounded like things Laura had complained to him about. A girl causing trouble, a girl who did not understand her place as a student... a girl who outright rebels and takes everything for granted because of her status as the queen bee among her classmates... the one who is popular. His arms rippled as the muscle underneath his tanned skin grew taut as if afraid to move.
"Yeah? That's a pretty big coincidence." He managed a convincing smile somehow and then stared at the wheel for a moment as they rolled up to the address which Kelly had given him moments earlier. Feeling her lips press against his cheek, he looked up, frowning a little... not at the kiss but at how strange it seemed for her to do such an act. Back at the park, he had brushed it off, but why was she doing it so repetitively?
"Kelly..." He called softly,
"I know I'm not one to say anything, but if you really hate Ridge so much... you should break up with him. Don't worry about a thing, I can protect you. You can count on me... after all, I came for you today didn't I?" He smiled, showing a caring smile that disgusted him on the inside. A scream out of nowhere snapped him out of it as he looked toward the house and saw a man, screaming out strange things. Devil's pet? The man looked familiar, but Andrew couldn't quite put his finger on it. Then it came together, the man was Kelly's cousin... a lunatic who had medical records of being mentally ill. Andrew stared at the man for a moment, not taking what he said seriously as he sighed and looked back at his wheel. The small exchange between Kelly and Ralph made him raise his head and look at the two, his head curiously tilted to the side. Devil's pet? Ralph claimed he was on meds, so that means he's lucid right now... then it means he's not just saying nonsense. Devil's pet... did that mean she was working for someone? Or rather... the man believed the girl was possessed. Either way, it was something interesting and he kept a mental note of it. It sounds silly, and Andrew wasn't a very religious man, but it was definitely worth looking into. It's been a year since the disappearance of the first victim, and there have been no leads. It's a long shot, but at the moment, he needed everything he could get his hands on. Watching the two disappear into the house, he sat there for a moment still. Kelly had recognized the car, does that put Laura in danger? This thought gnawed at him as he drove home to his girlfriend.

The day went by quickly, Laura was gone by the time he got home, and he sighed softly. At least they had one night together... hopefully this would allow them to become closer. Andrew really meant what he said last night, about wanting to become her ideal man... but that's not possible with Kelly still running around killing people. He settled down in front of his computer and started to research. By the time Laura got home, it was already quite late into the afternoon, edging toward evening and night. There was the familiar jingle of keys and the unlocking of the door, followed by the opening and closing of the door and the ring of keys being dropped into the key bowl. Andrew didn't have to look to know that Laura had made her way to the room and walked silently from behind.
"How was work today?" He asked softly as he minimized the window he had opened and turned to look at his girlfriend.

"It was fine, I'm curious as to why you took my car." She spoke in a soft voice as well as she settled her hands upon his shoulder and gave them a gentle rub. He grinned and placed a hand at the small of her back and pulled her toward him so that they could kiss.

"Thought driving around town in a silver car might be a good change-up." He smiled and kissed her cheek, feeling the whole of Laura's weight finally settle against him as she leaned against his body completely, straddling him a bit.

"That mischievous girl came up to me today."

"Mmm... yeah?"

"She apologized and asked about my life." Andrew paused and pulled away slightly to look at his girlfriend.

"You didn't tell her about anything, did you? My work is confidential, you know that. No one except for the police are supposed to know that I'm a detective." He spoke as if scolding her.

"I know, I know, I didn't tell her your identity or anything, just that you're a detective."

"Hmm... I guess I'll let it slide... but really, do not reveal any more about me. Anyway, who is this girl?"

"Her name's Kelly, and she told me about her boyfriend troubles too. It seems like us girls have it so hard." The woman laying ensconced in Andrew's arms nuzzled his chest and settled in a comfortable position.

"Ah... that girl." Laura looked up at him in confusion,
"She's dangerous, Laura. Don't get close to her, please, for my sake. Don't tell her anything else."

"Fine, but will you at least tell me what you're working on. It's just occurred to me that I never know what you're working on. There's barely any crime-"

"If you don't count the disappearances." Andrew cut her off,

"There's barely any crime if you don't count the disappearances." Laura resumed, tracing a small circle on Andrew's chest as she spoke.

"Well, that's what I'm researching and I would really love it if you would just not ask about my work. It's important stuff to the government, and I would rather that you not know and be safe than to know and be in constant danger. Please." Laura nodded and kissed the underside of his jaw before pulling away.

"I'll go prepare dinner now. It will be ready in 30 minutes, please do join me for dinner today."

"I will, love." He replied as he listened to the footsteps recede and then he swiveled back to face his computer. In his notebook, there were scribbles of some very interesting facts about the individuals which Kelly associated herself with. Also, extremely detailed profiles, he was not going to slip up and let anything relevant escape his sight. Just as he was in the middle of writing a sentence, his phone went off. Reaching for it, he answered it, finding out that three people were missing and presumably dead.
"W-what? Are you serious? Three people at a time? N-no way..." He muttered, he dropped the pencil.
"She's getting more dangerous, I have to figure out her motives... now. If not... more people are going to die." He spoke softly now, afraid that his girlfriend may overhear.
"I'll meet you tomorrow... for now, it's goodbye." He hung up and stared at the computer screen. Devil's pet... maybe there's something to those words that isn't so cryptic. Perhaps the man literally meant there was something possessing her. But... that was such a far stretch that it would be stupid to consider. Still though... he would have to investigate further in order to eliminate that possibility completely. Not now though, now is time for doing something real. He would save that road for last... that is his most desperate act when all else fails.
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If things were different than she wouldn’t have to deal with Ridge. She wouldn’t have to go through any of this but it was her life and she was bound to it. Nothing will change what happened, and what has to happen. Sometimes, she felt like she’d do anything to make it stop. She wiped her tears and then found a car stopping just right by. Her eyes glanced over at the car and instantly she thought of one of her teachers. She glanced over the licence plate and doubly blinked. She tried to memorize it. What was she doing here? Her eyes fell to the window and then peaked through and recognized his voice. Oh. He had the same type of car as her?
“Thanks for coming...” She whispered and opened the door. She got in the car and put on the seatbelt like a good girl. She gave the address first and then thought about what happened last night. She shuddered at the memory. Although, since she did get him up this early, she should at least explain.

“I wanted to get away from my boyfriend before he woke up,” She began and stared out the window “He didn’t listen to me when I said I didn’t want to sleep with him... I don’t get it. Why do guys go so far to have sex...? He pretended to be so protective and sweet to me and even shot this guy in the leg for touching me. He’s crazy overprotective. It’s one his moments where I really believe he cares and then when I told him I didn’t want to sleep with him because I could have almost got raped last night, he just laughed and kept pushing. And Ridge always get’s what he wants. If he doesn’t get what he wants than there’s nothing to stop his gang members getting to me. I only matter when he doesn’t have some other girl to sleep with...” She felt bad about it but she never really did expect him to care about her but she despised being used like this. Well technically, she was using him for the backup plan but who knew if she had to even use that. She touched the edge of the car window.

“My teacher has the same car as you... It reminds me of her, even though I don’t remember her name, not that I remember most of my teachers name. She’s always in a bad mood, everyone guesses it’s about her love life and then she attempts to pick on me. But, the rumours around the school and my strong relationship with the principal, she fails to actually get me in trouble. You’d think by now she’d get it that she can’t win,” She sighed and then saw her house. The car stopped and she took of the seatbelt and looked back at him.

“Thanks, I mean it,” She smiled a little and leaned in and quickly kissed him on the cheek. She liked sneaking small kisses like that. It meant nothing to her. She then got out of the car and moved into her front door and knocked. She expected to see her mother in a panic state of the small cut on her lip. Her mom worried too easily. But instead Ralph opened the door, looking out of it as usual. That’s what she just needed. Her lunatic cousin over...
“Devil’s pet!” He exclaimed.
“Shut it,” She snickered and attempted to push past him.
“He’s watching isn’t he? He’s in you right now! Be-gone evil spirit!” He continued to shout.
“Ralph, get inside and I’ll find your meds,” She suggested.
“Oh, but I am on the meds,” He grinned “Whose missing today?”
“You will be if you don’t keep your mouth shut and stop yelling around the streets,” She threatened and instantly he locked his mouths. He allowed her in the house and closed the door. She searched for his meds and attempted to hand it into him but he still claimed that he was on it. She let it go for now and then went into her room, taking a bit more rest before she got up again. She was woken up by a rough tug.
“Today,” It spoke sharply.
“All of them?” She asked.
“Would you rather have it done separately? That can be arranged but it’s so much quicker at all at once,” It pulled a sinister smile “Have a nice day at school.” With that, it left. Kellie then took a shower, got changed into white and black halter dress with a belt at the waist. It was a casual one and a comfortable one at that. She got out of her room and went down to eat and had her mother ask her questions about where she was and what happened as usual. She lied and said she went to a friend’s house. Eventually, she left the house and drove to school. It was a Friday. It was a normal day at school, a lot of love and some fear. She hit her first period class, English and she was ready to test it out, just to mark any suspicious out. Better to be safe than sorry. Kellie raised her hand in the air and found the teacher narrowing her eyes at her.
“Miss, is your car grey with the licence plate 2JTJ572?” Kellie innocently asked.
“And what does this have to do with the lesson?” She asked.
“Is it? Because they announced early morning that they were going to tow it,” Kellie fibbed. The women’s eyes widened and Kellie felt a bang of regret. She never thought that it was the same car. Either, Kevin there stole it or he knew this women. She was definitely going to dig deeper. Actually, she was going to get close to her. So close that she’ll know everything about her life and even figure out if there’s any connection. The rest of the class, Kellie remained silent until the end. She came up to the women and started being polite and first apologizing for everything. She asked what her first name was and ended up with ‘Laura.’ Hmm... So, Kellie started to open up and start to explain about her boyfriend taking advantage of her and not actually caring as much. Kellie was a charmer, to anyone if she wanted to be. Then she started to talk about her boyfriend being always be obsessed with police work and it wasn’t like she was even there anymore, as if he was married to the job.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be talking to you about my personal life,” The women frowned.
“I won’t tell anyone. I never even spread the rumour about myself. My ex used to be obsessed about a couple of things, eventually it was like he really did forget me but he still likes me,” Kellie smiled “There’s not much crime around here, so what can your boyfriend being obsessed with?”
“Ah... I don’t remember. I’m never curious,” She shrugged. Too bad. Eventually, Kellie ended the conversation and left. She still had more to get into but she could do that another day as she got closer, to even mention how her boyfriend looked like or anyone else, to find the connection with Kevin and her, if there was one. After school, she headed straight home. She did her homework before the night came. Three people were going to die today. Three new diamonds will be born by tomorrow. She got up from her room, and moved down stairs without making a single noise as she entered the basement. She moved the rug and opened the latch that lead underground. She jumped in, struggled to move the carpet close to hide it, closed it and then moved down the underground tunnel. She walked further, made some turns and then opened up another latch that had soil and grass above it. She pulled herself up and found herself into the forest and faced it.

“Right on time,” It smiled.
“Homework wasn’t hard,” She shrugged. They moved away from the forest and more into the city. She knew exactly where those three guys would be. They would always go to that club but she didn’t want to be seen there. So, she waited outside where there were no security cameras and waited for the three to come out. As soon as they saw her they were watching carefully to see if they were Ridge. Once she informed them there was no Ridge, they got eager to get to her. She leaned into one of the guy’s ears and whispered them the location they had to be if they wanted some. Being idiotic boys, they were doing as she said. She disappeared off with it for a bit and then arrived at the location of themselves. It was in the woods. The area belonged to it and no one was allowed to step foot and therefore, impossible to track. The three boys were there and steeping too close for her.

One was instantly shot in the shoulder and leg by a gun, a gun that had a silencer placed on it, so that not a single person even daring to step close into the property could hear. A scream rose, and Kellie instantly listened to it and gagged the three guys with some cloth. They listened in the fear that it would blow their head off with the gun. Although, they were fooled thinking that the gun was their biggest fear. They would be begging for the bullet in their head compared to what was planned for them.

The three boys were tied to one wooden pole. The soil below was stained from previous blood from Emily. Poor girl... Emily attempted to scream the most but couldn’t. She knew that it hurt much more not to scream than to scream. First, it got a sewing needle and stop thread and took the gag off one of them and sew it shout as the boy attempted to scream. He did that with the rest. The pleasure in it’s face was unbelievable. It never did it out of pleasure though, at least, so he says. It took out a lighter and lit up the wooden pole. The boys started to muffle out screams and yells but couldn’t move, and couldn’t speak. The boys lit on fire and they fought to scream, to break the threads in their mouth. Kellie shut her eyes to see the burning flesh.

“Look at them!” It growled and grabbed her arm to make her stand. It forced her to move in front of the boys but she refused to look.

“I said look Kellie. Look at those fucked up men that would have raped you. If we didn’t do this, then they would have done it to other girls. They’ve probably already have. They deserve this. This is all the pain they would put you through and put others,” It reminded and forced her to look and she felt that small dagger threatening her that if she didn’t look, she’d get another new scar from it. She attempted to keep a straight face as one of them attempted to pull the threads off and scream. The screams continued for so long until it all died and there was nothing but burned fleshed, and it continued to burn until it really was nothing left but ashes. There were still the bones. And the bones were hidden in a place that you’d expect bones to lie. She knew that it would take it from here. She found a secret pathway to get out of the property and appear into a different parts of the woods and then took the other latch to the underground pathway to her house. She eventually arrived at her house without her parents even noticing she left. Ralph on the other hand was still spitting out devil’s pet at her. Kellie ran up stairs to her room and could barely sleep one bit. She was hit another rush of emotion from seeing that again. It never got old. She eventually fell asleep and waited for Saturday morning to rise, expecting three new diamonds on her desk.
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Starting up the car, Andrew listened to the deep rumble of the engine as his thoughts streaked through his mind quickly. A mental checklist knitted itself together as he naturally did the safety check of his car before pulling out of the parking lot and heading toward his own house. First, he would have to give HQ a call so that they can pull up files on the people listed in his notepad. Second, he would have to do extensive research on the teenagers. Third, he has to collect evidence and information to further this case. Fourth, he has to build a strong collection to support his accusation. Fifth, he will take Kellie into court and see to it that she is brought to justice. As he thought about these things, the face of the teenage girl flashed into existence in his mind. On the outside, she was just a normal girl. Even the conversation they carried out would have felt normal had he not been so suspicious of her. Was this entire thing really just a big rumor? He severely doubted that, and one look into those silver gray eyes confirmed his deepest suspicions. She was dangerous, no one else was seeing this fact but him. There is something that this girl is hiding, and if Andrew's suspicions were correct, this girl's history is stained with the blood of innocent people. His grip on the steering wheel tightened as he stared at the crest engraved in the middle of the wheel. Tracing the grooves of the crest, he allowed his mind to settle for a moment. There is no need to over think this, it will happen as the universe wills it. Plus, he had all the time in the world to compile information on this girl now that he had earned her trust, even if only a little. He will make it so that she will come to him with her every thought, but he shouldn't be pushy or else she'll become deathly suspicious of him and see through his ruse altogether. Taking a deep breath, he steadied himself and drove out of the parking lot. These murders cannot continue, but he knew that if he were to present a case to court without adequate evidence, not only will they not cease, but Kellie would most likely set her sights on him as a target. He can't let that happen. Moving his right hand away from the steering wheel, he reached into his jacket pocket and dialed up one of his friends in the FBI. His friend would have all the information on these people since the institute stores all knowledge within the faculty.
"Hey, James, I have a favour to ask of you. Can you pull up files on some kids and send them via secure download to my computer?"

"Are you still chasing this case, Andrew? You know that this is crazy right? Just stop it, man, you're going on a wild goose chase. This case is non-existent, you don't even have the permission to pursue this thing. You do know that your entire department thinks this rumour is just that, a rumour?"

"Look, are you going to do it or not? You still owe me for getting you out of trouble last year. I know it's crazy, but something in my gut is screaming to me that she's not what she says she is. This girl isn't just a normal teen, there's something about her that I can't shake off. I met with her today and-"

"Woah, you met with the girl? Are you crazy?"

"As long as I pretend I'm with the department on their idea of it being some mid-aged man who feels as if he isn't loved enough, then it's fine. As soon as I can collect all the evidence, I can make my case. If I'm wrong in the end, then it's fine. Just help me, James." A sigh could be heard on the other end of the phone as the man exhaled with an inner conflict that raged like the waves of the ocean within a thunderstorm.

"Fine, just don't expect me to cover your ass for you."

"You're the best." Andrew chuckled, triumphant.
"Here's their names..." And he recited each name from memory, not missing a single one. This was something that struck him as very personal for some odd reason, and he needed to expose this murderer.

"It should be in your computer by the time you get home."

"Awesome, thanks for your help. Bye."

"Take care." Click, that was the end of the conversation.

True to his word, Andrew found the files waiting on his computer by the time he returned home. Laura was also home, making herself a cup of tea.
"Hey, baby, you want a cup of tea?" She called from the kitchen, Andrew turned to call back,

"Yeah, can you do that? That'd be awesome!" Then he turned back to his computer to look up the files. These files would mean nothing to Laura, so he was comfortable opening up secret files around her. She would never do any snooping around, she wasn't a curious cat. Placing the cursor over the image, he double-clicked the file and opened it for himself to view. He started with Gavin's file first. On it, he noticed some interesting traits. According to the file, this Gavin Radke is Kellie's neighbour and he's spent some time in jail. Now why would Kellie be hanging out with someone that has served time in jail? From her attitude toward this man in question, it would seem as if they were close. Maybe not the best of friends, but she knew him and had a somewhat close relationship. He scrolled past the medical records, nothing interesting there... nothing to help solve the case. Looking down to the reason as to why he served time, he frowned.
"That's... just creepy..." He murmured softly.

"What is?" Laura appeared by Andrew's side, holding two steaming mugs of tea.

"Oh nothing, just this file I'm reading about this criminal." Reaching for the mug, he took it after mumbling thanks and sipping carefully at the hot beverage after pushing himself away from the desk and leaning backwards into the chair to relax.

"So, anything interesting happen lately?" The woman asked as she stood stiffly beside Andrew, her eyes downcast.

"Nah, we're still at a dead end. What about you?"

"That same girl keeps disrespecting me, and no one wants to help me in any way... but that's not what I want to talk about. It's about us... I feel like we're drifting apart and I don't know how much longer-"

"Stop." Andrew placed his mug down on the desk and stood up, closing the distance in between them so that they were only a few inches apart.
"Laura... I'm sorry that I haven't been the ideal boyfriend to you. I've been casting you away when I should have been holding you tightly, and I'm sorry." He placed his hand upon her cheek, cupping it and bringing her face up so that she was looking at him.
"I love you... more than anything else in this world. After this, I will be the man you want me to be. Until we catch this murderer though, I'll be under a lot of stress and I'm just afraid of snapping at you. I don't want to be distant, I want to kiss you and hug you all the time, but it's this stress. It's been a year since I transferred here because of this case, and we're coming up with nothing... but people are still dying out there. I just can't deal with everything at once." Running his fingertips over her skin, he watched his girlfriend close her eyes and take in the sensation.
"I love you... I really do. So please, just be patient with me." Andrew leaned in, and as if sensing it, Laura parted her lips slightly as their lips crashed together into a passionate kiss and the woman dropped her mug on the carpet, but neither Andrew nor Laura minded as they made their way to bed. The urgency of the case was forgotten in that moment, as Andrew reveled in the feeling of being with his lover.

The ringing of Andrew's phone caused him to stir from his sleep. His arm shot out and his hand felt around the night stand before finding the cellular device and answering it with a drowsy mumble,
"Hello?" Laura let out a moan and stirred slowly from her sleep. Leaning in, Andrew placed a quick kiss on her forehead before quietly sliding out of bed, all the while grabbing his clothes and quickly putting them on.
"Kellie?" He whispered, not wanting to wake his girlfriend up, he tiptoed into the hallway and closed the bedroom door behind him as he listened to the girl. Glancing at his watch, he noticed it was rather early.
"What are you doing out so early in the morning?" He questioned in that same drowsy and hushed tone, but he was more alert now. Yeah, what exactly was she doing out in the morning? Murdering someone else? No, he would have been woken up in the middle of the night and informed of this if that were the case.
"No... no I'm not busy, just really surprised you called me. I'm coming to get you right now, don't move, okay? I'll be right there. Bye." He hung up and quickly grabbed his jacket and car keys before heading to the garage. At that moment, he gave pause as he stared at his own black car and his girlfriend's silver one. Kellie might have noticed his car following her's the other day... perhaps he should take Laura's just in case. Turning around, he immediately stalked back into the house and grabbed Laura's keys and leaving her a note before driving her car out of the garage and toward the specified location.

Arriving at the place, he took in the surroundings. It was a complex full of worn down apartments. He wondered exactly why Kellie was in this place. Looking for her next target? He wasn't so sure why, but he knew that all he had to do was put on a friendly face for Kellie and she would tell him anything. The girl was gullible like that, and he was fully aware of it and fully intending to use that to his advantage. Pulling up beside the curb, he rolled down the window. He hadn't looked in the mirror or really cared about his looks, he had bed hair and was wearing sweat pants with a hoodie thrown over a t-shirt. He isn't going to get the best dressed award, but it would have to do.
"Get in. Mind telling me why you're out here so early in the morning?" He asked as he unlocked the door, allowing the girl to get in.
  Andrew / Ryuusuke / 7y 152d 23h 18m 7s
She had noticed his attraction to her bracelet as if it was the bracelet that attracted him, not her. It was the way his eyes would focus onto the diamonds, onto Emily that it seemed he was trying to pick out the details. There were few times when people looked so deeply into it. There was something different about him. It wasn’t easy to point out her finger and say what though. It only brought her curious to discover what gave the vibe that he was different. Then the way he looked at her eyes, gave her a vibe that there really was more in him that what he showed. One thing she learned is if a person knew how to read the eyes properly, it can uncover many stories. Yet, most people already had set an opinion of a person and when they met them in their eyes, they saw what they wanted to see, not what was really there. Neither...?

She couldn’t help but smirk at him questioning whether it was a rumour. Every rumour had a bit of truth in it, no matter how deep it was. She crossed her arms and sighed “All rumours have a bit of truth. People are really missing but that doesn’t seem relevant to the cops or the neighborhood. It’s funny to them. People are missing and they only focus on the high school girl is using it to her advantage and think it’s a joke that they’re not actually missing but they ran away. That’s what they’re saying.” It made her furious that they were so stupid. Although, stupidity is what kept others safe. It wasn’t going to end. More deaths will raise weather they tried to stop it or not...

“Media is only an excuse. It’s humanity,” She stated. She really did have a deep hate for most people. She was reminded every time that there was nothing good about people. People hurt other people. And she had to be one of them. Not that it made a difference. She peaked over to him to see a smile on his lips and listened to his name.

“I don’t know, ranting helps and helps you get closer to people,” She winked and smiled lightly.” I think she should just let you.” She was glad that he didn’t react any odd way and smiled a little more hearing that she could just talk to him. She never had anyone to actually talk to anymore. Her best friend wouldn’t understand it; she couldn’t speak to him without him yelling, and her boyfriend-an idiot. He was completely oblivious to what was going on and hadn’t formed the same opinions others had but there was something off about him but she really couldn’t point it out. She listened to him rant and sort of already knew the answer.

“Well, there are some signs that show if you love a person. If you love someone, you put them first. No matter what... You can love their worst and even stick around till they’re their best and love them until you can’t love them anymore. Love can lead to death, or it could lead to life,” She spoke more into a trance as her thoughts were stranded into the sky and then she turned to him, shrugging “But what I do know about love? I’m only seventeen.” Love used to be a great thing to have until it turned on her, stabbed her in the back and gave results like this. She didn’t know whose fault was it that it turned out like this. Was it that man? Was it it? Was it her or was it just fate?

She got ready to leave as she opened her car door. She had to do some things at home first and the go over to Ridge. She heavily sighed hearing him state the obvious. She glanced over at him and frowned “I don’t. He just needs me when he can’t find another girl for the night. If I’m lucky, I can get him drunk enough and I convince him in the morning that we did something. Well, even Ridge has is sweet moments, rare but it happens.” She got into her car, closed the door and started up the car. She peaked to hear him.

“Really...? For a complete stranger, you’d come running if I called?” She raised an eyebrow “Hmm, I could, but I can’t dump him without getting jumped. He needs to dump me. But don’t tell anyone what I said about him okay? It would be a lot easier to call you if you gave me your phone number though.” Once she got his phone number, she took the drive home. She took out her keys and fit it into the door, opening it and realizing her parents weren’t home yet. She closed the door behind her, pulling her backpack a long with her and headed up stairs. She began to do some homework quickly. She was instantly distracted by a presence in the room that made her heart jump. She span the chair around her and faced it.

“You spoke too much to him. What if he was lying to you? Did you ever consider that maybe there’s more reason to why that bracelet took so much interest other than the obvious?” It spoke with venom in it’s voice, raising an eyebrow and stepping closer to her. Their eyes sharply met at each other.

“I did, there’s nothing to be worried about, and he’s just nice...” She shrugged and then rolled her eyes “You were watching.”
“Of course I was,” It scoffed.
“It wasn’t like I said anything completely out of line,” She stated “It was just a conversation.”
“You’re right. Seemed pretty innocent. Yet, you seem so innocent too. Don’t ever get close enough to speak a lot of your opinions again,” It growled.
“That’s my decision,” She sharply spoke “And technically, I am innocent.”

“You keep believing that...” It spoke and then the sound of the front door bell rang and it smirked at her “Well, your replacement has arrived Better get going.” Then it’s expression changed, softly looking into her as he said “I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon my love...” She rolled her eyes and then went into her closet, waiting to be left in her room and watched it climb out of her window. She changed into a normal light blue dress; short but long enough to cover. She quickly brushed her hair, letting it fall in front of her and then put a good amount of make up on and headed toward the door. She opened the door to see Ridge with his hands into his jean pockets. He smirked gazing up and down at her. She only rolled her eyes and then picked up her neighbour watching from the distance, Gavin. She narrowed her eyes seeing him peak out of his blinds. Eventually, Gavin noticed he was caught and stopped peaking through it.

“Gorgeous as always Kellie. Let’s got going,” He told her, taking her hand and leading her into his car. She ends up getting dragged into a club with him. Ridge was getting him high as usual and flirting with some random girls and then went out dancing, and then made her dance with him. Eventually, she told him she needed a breather. She slipped out of the crowd and made it outside, taking a couple of steps a bit farther from the club but began to notice she was being followed. As she glanced behind her shoulder she saw that three guys looking all amused, and high behind her. She pulled out her cell to dial up Ridge or someone and then it was thrown out of her hand. She narrowed her eyes at the three of them “Do you know who I am? Ridge’s girl friend you dicks. You will die by the end of this week if you don’t keep away.”

They just smirked, looking over at each other without a care. One tried to pin her down and she knew well enough of self defense. She struck her leg right up at his jewels and for that, she was punched over the lip. She fell slightly backward, and tasted blood on her lips. They were all going to die.
Another one then grabbed for her, pinning her and then pressed his lips against her neck, one hand trying to sneak a feel.

“Son of a bitch get the fuck off me! RIDGE!” She yelled out. She could fight, hell, she could grab that knife from this guy’s belt and stab it right through his heart but that wasn’t her. That was it. Eventually, Ridge had noticed her gone and came out and lost his temper. He pulled out his gun and start shooting at the air, until his aim lowered to one of the guys and shot at the leg. Some of other gang members of Ridge start running after the other two, while Ridge came and helped her out. She lowered down to pick up her cell-phone and then felt Ridge’s arms wrap around her.

“Are you okay, Kellie? What did those mother fuckers do?” He asked and then touched her busted up bleeding lip “I’ll have them bleeding on the ground for this. Let’s go... We’ll go to my apartment and we’ll fix that up.” She nodded, feeling shaken up. He led her into the car and took her into his apartment. He cleaned up her lip and they watched a movie together. It wasn’t until Ridge tried to pull a move on her that she was bothered.

“Ridge...No. I could have been raped today. I’m not in the mood,” She stated. Well, she wouldn’t have. She would have them killed at that moment instead of later if it came to that. But no matter what she said, she end up right in his bed, sleeping with him to remember that he only was being so sweet to her to make some love. He didn’t give a shit what happened. She woke up early morning before Ridge, dressed herself up and escaped the apartment and headed outside.

As strong as stone as she was, even she had a breaking point. The aching hatred for people and the pain of feeling utterly alone, being used. She pulled up her cell-phone and knew she needed a ride home and she had no money for a taxi. She couldn’t call her best friend or her friends because they’d know where Ridge was and what her boyfriend was really like. She then remembered that guy she met at the park, why not? He had no idea what was going on, it would be perfect. She dialed him up.

“Hi... It’s Kellie. That girl from the park... Um...” She began and found her voice cracking “I know I just met you but I’m guessing you have a car and...Do you mind if you pick me up and take me home? I don’t have money on me right now for a taxi. I understand if you’re busy though... ” She gave the address just in case. She was in the verge of tears because even she could break down. It reminded her that she wasn’t cold blooded.
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[Sorry for the delay]

The not-so-strange awkwardness of being approached by a complete stranger appeared in Kellie's eyes. On the outside, she was just a pretty, blonde girl who was nothing out of the ordinary. She had all the common characteristics of a woman in these parts. Blonde hair, steely gray eyes, pale skin... the list could go on and on. The important thing was, she was nothing out of the ordinary, and that made her all the more deadly. In the file, it was listed that she had remarkable grades, and she really hasn't created any disturbances in school or anything of the sort. She was a good girl... yeah right. This Kellie Thorn was a wallflower of sorts, blending in when it's convenient, stepping out of the shadows when no one is watching. Andrew has dealt with many criminals just like her... opportunists... cowardly people hiding behind a mask or shadow and lies. This was who Kellie Thorn was... this is all she will be until he brings her into the light and peels back all those layers of evil to find what is at her rotten core. One day, he will arrest her with enough evidence to place her somewhere, where she can do no harm. Then, he will try and understand why she did so many horrible things... leaving loved ones suffering from the absence of their son or daughter... wife or husband... sister or brother. This woman standing in front of him was a killer, and he briefly remembered a time when he had given in to thinking that the evils of the world were common. There was a time when he himself had almost succumbed to that temptation, but he chose the right path and now he's seizing kids by their shoulders before they can do something they'll regret. Kellie though... it's too late for her. The deed has been done, she can only suffer the consequences. All he needs to do now is find enough evidence of her killing these kids... and arresting her... and giving her a trial. She may be mentally unstable, she may be perfectly sane... there is no way of telling until he gets his hands on her.

Andrew snapped out of his thoughts as Kellie spoke, his hazel eyes lifted themselves from the ground to her gray eyes. Immediately, that feeling flowed over him once more... this icy cold feeling as if the fingers of death itself were wrapping themselves all over his body... penetrating his skin and reaching down to his very core. A light shiver shook his body, but he steeled himself and pulled himself out of this stupor and forced himself to stare the woman in the eye. Her words were almost incriminating... as if she wants to tell him of her wrongdoings... but she cannot. A curse? Did she feel obligated to kill these children? Was she just sick and warped in the head, and felt as if it was her job to pick off these random students? He parted his lips to form words, but nothing came, so he let out a sigh as if to compensate for his inability to speak. This woman... terrifying how she acted completely normal in front of him... a complete stranger. If she knew that he was a detective, he wondered how she would act then. Obviously, many people raised their guards once they understood what the title detective implied when they were aware of this knowledge, it has almost become a rule to never mention the word detective in the presence of a person that is being interrogated or shadowed. As Kellie twisted her bracelet, Andrew's body tensed very briefly before he forced himself to relax. The bracelet... its many diamonds were glinting in the sun... sparkling in its magnificence that human beings sought for. Diamonds were beautiful in every way... and before they were able to manufacture these diamonds from the ashes of loved ones, they were very expensive and highly sought after. Now... it's just something to remember someone with. This girl used them as trophies... one for every single person she kills. Undoubtedly, she uses their ashes to create the diamonds... for every death, there is a new diamond.

Kellie spoke once more and this time it was leading Andrew directly into the heart of what he wanted to find out. It was only natural for some of his eagerness to show as in the widening of his eyes and the slight parting of his lips. Hopefully, the girl would brush it off as an expression of awe at how beautiful the diamond was. Getting a grip on himself, he forced his face to become more neutral and tore his gaze away from the diamonds and toward her eyes once more... those terrifying eyes.
"I find it to be neither, really." He licked his dry lips before speaking, and allowed his lips to twist into a convincing smile.
"It is only a rumour after all, isn't it?" He questioned, knowing full well in the back of his mind that the true answer lay with the other side of this girl. The side that no one else knew about. His eyes rested on Emily, sparkling in a certain unique way that was completely different from the others. She was a little more green in the center, as if trapped within the diamond were tiny plates of emerald green sparkles.
"Yes... it seems that this generation has become slightly warped due to influences of media and other things." Andrew spoke in response to her comment of how demented people were. It's not like she was one to talk, but Andrew played along, this was the only way he could ever get close to this girl.

The moment Kellie lowered her wrist, Andrew's gaze followed it down before snapping back up to her eyes. She introduced herself, and this was the time to assume his identity to this girl. To her, he was no one... yet.
"No, I have not heard the rumours, I just moved here" He let that pleasant smile remain upon his lips.
"I'm Kevin by the way, and don't worry about ranting. I'm kind of a ranting person myself, my fiancee has told me to shut up a few times." His smile turned into a playful grin as if he were joking around in a hearty manner. Yes, he would assume his identity as the new guy in town... the new guy that's friendly and positive and just looking for someplace to settle down. That was his role to play, and in doing so, he was hoping to get closer to this girl in order to unearth her darkest secrets. The kiss was rather sudden and unexpected, and he blinked in surprise, but otherwise he did not stop the girl from touching her lips to his cheek.
"Anytime, I'm here for you if you need anyone to talk to." He smiled wide enough to let his dimples show behind the faint scruff that was on his not-so-cleanly shaven face. At her indication that he could rant as well, he shrugged.
"I really don't want to dump any of my problems on you, you sound like you have it pretty rough. But..." He sighed and ran his fingers through his light brown hair and paused for a moment as if to collect his thoughts.
"... I moved here to get away from this life back where I came from. My family's pretty wealthy, and they don't like the fact that I chose my fiance to be the girl that I will soon marry. The thing is... as I get further and further away from my family, the more and more scared I get that I really started to date her because I just hate my family. What if in truth... I really don't love my fiancee at all? You know, what if she was just someone that I used?" In all honesty, this was not too far away from the truth. His family did disapprove of him dating a common teacher out of all the women and the innumerable professions they all possessed. A teacher, of all things. He did not move from elsewhere, in fact, he has lived in this city his entire life.

At the mention of Kellie excusing herself, Andrew nodded his head and stuck his hands in his jacket pockets.
"It doesn't sound like you love him very much." He noted, acting like Captain Obvious. As she got into the car, he walked to the side and leaned down so he was peering in from the car window.
"Just remember, I'm here if you ever need me, alright? Just call and I'll come running. You deserve a lot better than some scumbag that you really don't love. I'm sure a pretty girl like you can get someone much better." He smiled before straightening up and heading back into the park. Once he was deep into the park, and he was sure that no one was following him, and she was out of sight, he sat down on the park bench and pulled out his notepad, scribbling notes down furiously with his pen. One thing was for certain, this girl was extremely delusional and desperate for attention, and in another, she is disgusted with herself. These two conflicting emotions sent mixed signals, but he was confident in his own skills to sort them out. Walking back to his car, he glanced around for a moment before getting into his car and driving away. He had established contact, he should not pursue her or else she would get suspicious of him.
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Her mind was drifted onto the clouds above her, deciding whether it looked like a unicorn or a fox. A simple like that reminded her of the days when she was just a kid, playing around and wondering how big the world was. That time, she believed the world was the best place to be, that all adults were smart and everyone good got a happy ending. The world didn’t work that way. She was fully caught off guard when a man’s voice popped up. She pulled herself out of the clouds and back onto earth. She looked ahead to see a male, looking older than her but fairly attractive. Any guy who spoke to her normally just wanted one thing. You don’t talk to an attractive blonde girl just to make a conversation. It was odd.

All she could do was doubly blink in confusion at him. There was nothing that looked odd about him. He just seemed normal, a person just strolling but she knew better than that. No one came up with her without a reason. It just didn’t happen in her world. Everyone had some dark reason to why they’d talk to her, didn’t they?

“Um...hi...?” She bit her lip, speaking quietly. He really seemed average but she wasn’t dumb enough to believe that people were as they appeared. Take herself for example, she was everything but normal. She appeared just a typical blonde that was poplar in high school, with many friends and good marks. No one would suspect her to be related to the kidnappings even if she practically bluntly told others. They lived in a kind of world where she can blurt out she killed someone and they’d just laugh and say ‘cute.’ Then his eyes moved over to her bracelet and she heavily sighed. So that’s what this was about...

“It is beautiful but tragedy can be too,” She smiled lightly and met his eyes “But it’s not a curse you want to give your fiancé if you love her.” Considering he had a fiancé, he wasn’t looking for some young girl to poke around with. She turned her bracelet around and then found Emily. It was gorgeous, emitted many colors as the sun directed on it, yet she found the gem hideous in her eyes. She leaned her wrist with the bracelet on him and pointed to Emily.

“Do you find it sexy or disgusting of the rumour going around about me killing a girl name Emily and making her a Diamond? This diamond here, is supposed to be Emily.” She raised an eyebrow and frowned “I don’t think it’s funny to joke around about death but the people around this neighbourhood even if it’s just a joke find it amusing. Goes to show you how demented people are.” Sometimes she’d go on talking about herself to others without a care. Most of them would die for her to speak to them. They wanted to listen to her. She sighed and lowered her wrist, letting her arm fall to her side.

“I assume you must have heard the rumour. I’m Kellie,” She informed and raised an eyebrow “You? And don’t tell me you don’t have a reason for talking to me. Everyone has a reason.” She barely had time to just talk like herself. She had to be this bitch that everyone loved or the psychopath people assumed. She had to admit, she wasn’t perfectly sane but she didn’t believe everyone else was either. If they had the right mind than they wouldn’t have done many mistakes.

“I’m in a ranting mood. Sorry, if I annoy you. I’m just ticked off at these fucked up teenagers and adults. It’s sad when a teenager in order have to be loved, accepted she has to wear a bracelet per each kidnapping. I guess that’s why there are high rates of teen suicide. I wish I could escape it...” She sighed, her heads once more in the clouds and then she brought herself back into reality and smirked looking at him “Thank you for listening, hope your fiancé won’t mind.” She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, just to see his reaction. She would have pulled on a full kiss but she didn’t want to scare him off and get defensive of his fiancé.

“If you need to rant something out, go ahead. I can hear just about anything and take it in,” She shrugged. But really, she just wandered if he really was just talking to her randomly and it wasn’t related to her bracelet. Depending on his reaction would change her view of him. Weather he was just one of those typical males who thought it was hot, or the ones who was screamish at rumours about a psychotic girl. She leaned back and forth using her heels.

“I’ve got to go soon. Got to meet my loveable boyfriend and meet his needs before he screws up my life,” She sighed. She just had to find a way before Ridge wanted to go far with her tonight. He may have been hot but it didn’t mean she wanted to sleep with him. She opened her car door and then received a text and stopped in place as she read it. She quickly glanced around and then put her phone back. She shouldn’t talk too much about her bracelet. She was only allowed to say a sentence, yet she spoke more than she should.
  Kellie Thorn / Ravenity / 7y 192d 1h 28m 7s
As Andrew watched on from the shadows, he couldn't help but notice exactly how plain the girl was. She had a young, attractive face... average blond, curly hair, an average expression... only those piercing silver eyes could not be shaken from his mind. This girl was average and abnormal all at the same time, she had a face that anyone could forget... as if she were invisible. Her eyes were crisp in his mind though, the way they held something strange behind the silver irises... something lurking underneath her plain surface. Something in Andrew's gut, possibly his detective's instincts, were screaming at him, screaming that there was something definitely wrong with this girl. It was like staring at a picture that had been altered in a subtle way that suggested something was wrong, but no one could really put their finger on what was wrong about the picture. The girl seemed to grow more and more uncomfortable as time passed, and Andrew watched from the shadows as she shifted awkwardly and pulled her phone out to text someone. Was this girl just ditching school? Perhaps his instincts were wrong for once? ... But he's never been wrong before. A flash of Laura's face appeared in his mind, a slight curve upon her lips and her arms were wrapped around his neck. She whispered in his ear, "There's a first for everything." Andrew shook his head, his instincts were never wrong... never. The teenage girl's voice startled him out of his thoughts, and his entire body froze as if he was a deer in headlights. His pulse picked up and he stopped his breathing, did she know he was here? Did she know he was spying on her at this very moment? This girl... she was so perceptive... but thankfully, it seemed that she had no idea it was a detective stalking her, rather than one of her friends.

Just as Andrew felt comfortable enough to let a breath out, a rustling in the bush caught his attention and he frowned as a man came out... this man was possibly around his own age... perhaps younger. Tensing once more, Andrew watched on as the gruff man spoke to Kellie Thorn, their relationship seemed... odd for a lack of better words. Strained... this person could not possibly be her boyfriend, and the man confirmed it when he spoke of this "Ridge". Quietly pulling out his notepad and pen, he jotted down the names of people involved here. With a silent elegance, he wrote in a messy scrawl,
Jarrod... Jarred? Jarrad?
And with that, he closed his notepad and placed his notepad in the inner breast pocket, and his pen into the outer. An exasperated sigh threatened to slip from Andrew as the male standing before Kellie acted like a horny teenager that would hump anything that moved. Just as Andrew began to lose interest in the scene, someone jumped out from the foliage with gun in hand. Instinctively, Andrew's hand flew to the butt of his pistol which was secure in its holster. Eyes widening, his fingers curled around the grip and prepared to pull it out as the new man shoved Jarred off of Kellie. Balanced within the new man's hand was a 9mm handgun, and the man's finger was on the trigger with a deadly look in his eyes. The male within the shadows tensed and slowly withdrew his own handgun from his holster and held it steadily with both hands, aiming the barrel downward and inched forward to get a better view. As quickly as the new man had sprung from the bush, he had put his gun away and was acting rational once more. By the way this man acted toward Kellie, Andrew could only infer that this man was Ridge, the girl's boyfriend. What truly caught his attention though, was when Ridge held up Kellie's wrist, and he noticed the sparkle of the diamonds in the sunlight. His mouth went dry as his grip tightened on his gun, that was the fabled bracelet... the one that received a new diamond every time someone went missing. Those rumours had been quite radical of course, but now that he was seeing it in person, he knew it wasn't quite so much a joke anymore. The bracelet was missing quite a few diamonds, and the conversation that occurred next did not tame Andrew's suspicion any more than a man pleading his innocence when he was seen with a bloody knife.
"Emily..." Andrew's mouth formed the name, knowing that soon the reports of the new victim Emily Atkinson would fill the front pages of the newspapers and the stories in the news. Being a detective, he had gotten the tip that this Emily had disappeared last night... her mother's worried as hell... little did she know, her daughter's not going to go back home anymore. Emily has been cremated and turned into a diamond... a diamond for the sick, twisted girl to keep as a memento. As average as she might look, she was deadly, Andrew was absolutely positive of it now. The physical appearance is all a ruse, it's something to cover up the ugly truth. What would happen if he exposed her to the world? What would happen if he tore off the fake skin and allowed her true colours to show? What would happen then?

All too soon, Ridge and his buddy, Jarred, went off somewhere, but Andrew did not dare to move until the area was clear. Slipping the handgun back into its holster, he straightened his jacket and finally stepped out of the shadows. The conversation he had just heard between Kellie and her boyfriend was definitely an affirmation of the rumours. This girl was killing these people and turning them into diamonds... it was sick... it was wrong... and she had to be brought to justice. He could not bear the thought of letting this murderer run around while no one else suspects her of her wrongdoings. Casually, he walked back toward his car and toward Kellie at the same time. Exposing his face to her could mean terrible consequences, but he would not let it show he was a detective. No, he would just be the average neighbour, just like she has deceived the entire world into believing she's a normal girl, he will deceive her into thinking he is just a friendly guy in the park.
"Good afternoon." He approached the girl, smiling casually as if he did not suspect a thing, as if he thought she was a good girl. By then, he had zipped up his jacket so there was no chance of her seeing his gun, and his casual attire did not betray his identity as a detective. His expression changed ever so slightly as they landed on her bracelet.
"Wow, that's a beautiful bracelet, I should get my fiancee one just like it." he grinned, feigning innocence and ignorance.
  Andrew / Ryuusuke / 7y 192d 22h 38m 45s
The more time passed on, the more impatient she grew. The more nervous she grew that it really wasn't Ridge. She knew she was risking herself by being around him but she was also risking herself if she didn't have his protection if anything went wrong. She put her leg over the other and swung it back in forth. There was something in her gut that told her she was being watched. It made her slightly uncomfortable but it was nothing that would scare her off. Almost to nothing scared her off. She pulled out her cell-phone and decided to text Ridge again.

Where are you? - She texted. After a minute she received a reply.
Chill babe, I'll be right there - He replied. She despised being called that. It bothered the hell out of her. For a twenty-one year old, Ridge was immature, irresponsible and stupid. She didn't love him and she doubted that Ridge loved her either but he protected her, and that's all that mattered at this point. She really couldn't get that feeling of being watched.

"Okay, you can come out now Dray, Gavin... One of you two. Stop stalking for once," She heavily sighed. Nothing appeared for a couple of seconds but then what appeared wasn't any of the two guys she mentioned. It was one of Ridge's buddies.

"Hey Kellie, who are those guys you mentioned? You're cheating on Ridge," Jarred smirked appearing before her with his pants down low. Her eyes stared over at his pants and felt like yelling at him to pick it up. She decided to ignore it after all.

"No, there just friends..." She stated.
"A stalker friend?" He raised an eyebrow and moved behind the bench, poking his head out to take a peak of her "I'll keep my mouth shut if you give me a feel."
"Fuck off Jarred," She spat. Jarred then leaped over the bench and moved right next to her, trying to straddle her. She was ready to give him a good punch in the nose and make him bleed. She knew he was just teasing and that he wouldn't go to that distance or else Ridge would get pissed off as hell. The next thing she knew it, Jarred was pulled off her and slammed against the ground. He was dragged down by Ridge, looking fierce, protective and almost blood thirsty. Ridge pulled out his gun and aimed for Jarred.

"Didn't I tell you not to touch my girl?" Ridge growled.
"Hey, hey! You know I wouldn't actually touch her Jarred! Come on bro, just a tease!" Jarred chuckled nervously. Ridge placed back his gun, hiding it under his shirt and then switched his rough expression into a more calming one. He sat down on the bench, putting his arm over her shoulder, pulling her close. She leaned her head against him.

"Are you okay, babe?" He asked.
"Call be babe again, and-"
"Sorry," Ridge chuckled "Kellie. I wouldn't let him touch you. If anyone does, all you have to do is tell me and I'll get rid of them for you. Did my girl get a new diamond today?" Ridge's eyes fell on her bracelet. He gently brought her wrist up with the bracelet and glanced over it. She sighed and then pointed out the new one shining brightly "That's Emily."

"She's a pretty diamond," Ridge joked a little "I was thinking me and you go out afternoon and at night we'll go to my apartment... How does that sound?" When he asked her to go out, it meant he couldn't find a girl for the day and needed to resort to her to get some pleasure.

"I don't know... I've got homework, tests," She fibbed.
"Kell, school can be held off from one afternoon. It'll be fun, I promise," He said as his lips touched her neck, slowly kissing down. "But if you really don't want to... I'll tell them about you." What a lovely boyfriend she had. When he didn't get it his way, he resorted to threatening her. If it and her didn't need him than he would have been ten feet underground.

"Okay, I'll go out with you but I can't make any promises that I'll come over," She sighed.
"Good," He smirked "I'll pick you up at seven. I'd love to chat with you more but I've got some business to take care of." She didn't even want to know what kind of business he had. Ridge ran his fingers through his black hair and grinned at her "See you later, sexy." Ugh, why did it have to be him? Couldn't it pick something more bearable than this guy? Although, even Ridge had his rare sweet moments where it seemed like he did actually care. She just thought that maybe one day Ridge would grow up, be mature, drop this gang thing and act the good side of him. Ridge left along with Jarred tagging along behind him. Kellie decided to stand up and make her way back to the car, but oddly, she still felt like she was being watched. And then that's when she picked another car laying around in the distance that she suspected before to be following her. She had to pick up these things. She mostly picked it up because she was so used to getting stalked by some that it became easier to pick up these things but it also could be just her paranoia talking after a killing. It made more sense that it was her paranoia. She had to get back to school, or maybe she'll just ditch school and go straight home? She rested her back against the car and debated in her dead, wasting time, hoping that she wasted so much time thinking that she had no choice but to stay home.
“I’ll just stay here until school ends,” She muttered quietly under her breathe. Besides, going to school meaning there were people who could tick her off, that could get themselves killed for it.
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"Mmm... come to bed, hun, you've been up all night." A feminine voice broke the intense focus of a restless male. Glancing backward, the male rest his gaze upon the beautiful angel he had on his bed, her legs were curled up underneath the duvet, and a thin, silk nightgown hung from her slender shoulders, one strap threatening to fall off her shoulder. The male couldn't help staring a bit longer, appreciating the view, a distraction to the work he had been mulling over since the start of the month.
"Andrew, come on. You look tired, you need some sleep. I've warmed up the bed for you already." When Andrew made no move, the woman sighed and slid her slender legs from underneath the warm duvet and placed her bare feet upon the wool carpet. She stood up and fluttered to his side, wrapping her warm arms against his chest.

"Baby, you know I need to work. This case isn't going to solve itself." The first words Andrew had really wanted to say was 'You're right, Laura. Let's go to bed.', but instead these words tumbled out of his mouth and he found himself slightly distressed at his apathetic words. He felt her warm lips brushing against his cheek, and he knew that he must need a shave by now.

"You've been working so hard, can't you give it a rest?" A pout was upon her lips, but he shook his head.

"I'm sorry, these missing persons' cases have been getting worse and worse, I can't rest until this criminal is brought to justice." She looked crestfallen, and it tugged at Andrew's heart that he was the one causing such an expression to appear at her face. Placing his fingers upon her cheek, he pecked her lips gingerly,
"I love you, babe. Go back to bed now, you'll need all your energy to deal with those teenagers tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll come soon, I promise." Laura seemed torn for a moment, but finally gave him a peck on the lips before trudging back to bed, she seemed down. Andrew felt terrible that he was making her go back to bed alone, without him, and he desperately wanted to just lay down in bed with her warm body curled up next to him. He loved the feeling of having her in his arms, and feeling her entire body rise and fall to her soft breathing... but it wasn't meant to be. There were so many things he had to take care of right now, and he doubted he could sleep even if he wanted to so he turned back to the files on his polished mahogany desk.

Rubbing his eyes, Andrew let out a soft groan before allowing his hands to return to their place on the insanely white pieces of paper that made the typed black letters look like obsidian scattered in fresh snow.
"Jesus..." The fatigue was definitely starting to get to him, dark circles were starting to appear under his normally lively eyes... and now even his eyes were dim with lack of sleep. Just a little longer... he wanted to read the files just a little longer so he can understand the culprit a little better. Just a little longer... just a little longer...

Before he knew it, sunlight was piercing through the blinds and a flurry of activity could be heard in the kitchen. Andrew woke with a start, feeling something damp at the corner of his mouth, and he wiped it with the back of his hand. Great, he was drooling in his sleep, because that was just attractive. He noticed the duvet wrapped around his shoulders, and he realized that Laura must have covered him when he was sleeping. The memories of what had occurred only a few hours ago played in his mind, he must have seemed so unloving and uncaring. Despite being occupied by work, he truly and passionately loved his girlfriend, Laura. He didn't even want to know what his life would be like without her. They had gone to high school together, and he could remember all the boyfriends she had and thinking that anyone who went out with her, and anyone who got to hold her hand would be the luckiest man in the whole wide world. The light bulb didn't really turn on until university that he could have been that lucky man... but now that he was, he didn't feel very lucky. She's constantly being turned down from him because of his work, he desperately wanted to do couple-like things with her like go out on a date, and maybe enjoy a candlelit dinner with her at home, just the two of them with a bottle of red wine and just relax. They both had stressful jobs, and she deserved to relax at home with the man she's in a relationship with. Andrew felt terrible that he couldn't even give her that.

"Oh, you're up! You could have joined me in bed instead of sleeping on the table you know." Laura gave him an easy grin, but underneath it all, Andrew could see the hurt still. How long had it been since he had last joined her in bed? Two... three months? When did these missing persons' cases become so numerous? Ugh... he couldn't remember.
"You always look so cute when you're drooling, reminds me of when we started dating." Oh.. she was bringing up memories of happier days... when she was happier. Andrew looked down,

"I was drooling again, huh?" He decided to play along and smiled, looking up as she placed a hot plate of breakfast on the desk where he was working... well... sleeping not too long ago. Standing up, he leaned over and was about to kiss her, but she placed a finger against his lips.

"I have to go, Andrew... Please." He frowned, but made no further advancement.
"We'll talk after I get off of work, ok?" Oh no, he knew that tone anywhere. Last time she said something like that, she had simply walked out on him and lived with a good friend of her's for a few days. She didn't break up with him though, he supposed that she knew they shared something... something unique, that's the only reason she hasn't left him yet.

"O... okay... baby... I love you." It was a quiet murmur, but Laura smiled and kissed his stubbly chin,

"I love you too." Then she was gone out the front door, he could hear her heels clicking away and he sighed wistfully... oh how he wished things were different.

Finally turning to his desk, he used the fork provided by his lovely girlfriend to stab at the food on his plate. Scrambled eggs, some hash browns and a piece of toast. Sticking the fork into the yellowy mass of eggs, he placed it in his mouth and chewed thoughtfully as he used his left hand to spread the pages of information and stared down at it. There was a photograph of a blond girl with astonishing gray eyes, for a moment, he was lost in them, but he shook his head and frowned. That feeling just now... it wasn't attraction or anything... it was like something icy cold had gripped his chest and was constricting... slowly... surely... suffocating him. The kind of feeling someone might get when they were falling... falling from a high place... nearing death. That was what he felt when stared at the photograph, like something was completely wrong... but this was just a girl... a 17 year old girl who looked like she couldn't hurt an ant. There was something else though... back a week ago, rumours from the school spread to the police station. Some girls were gossiping as they passed an officer, and that officer was laughing about it with his buddies... and Andrew himself overheard them when he was reporting in on the missing persons' files. There was a reason these rumours surrounded her, and now, she was on the top of his suspects list. Usually people with rumours surrounding them have a file that was as thick as a piece of toast... she only had a few pieces of paper in her file... and they all contained basic information and nothing else. According to the information she was an A student, and she was hardworking and the works. She was just an average girl. But Andrew's detective radar was going off like crazy, there must be something to this seemingly flawless girl... no one was perfect.

Scanning over the paper, he noticed something very shocking. This girl attended the same academy as the one Laura was teaching at. Holy hell, Laura could be in danger. Without a second thought, he grabbed his jacket and ran out of the house. During the entire 45 minute drive there, he started to have questions about the girl. There was something that this girl was hiding, something dark... and if she is said kidnapper, what does she do with the victims? Eat them? Kill them? What did she do? These people vanish without a trace like... like ashes in the wind. Like there was something else working, something greater than all of them... something more evil.
"Yeah right." Having been raised in an atheist household, he never believed in a high power... he's always believed that the world was shaped by the 7 billion human minds on the planet. He always believed that reality was shaped by ideas and affirmation of everyone, that everything around them could be fake... so the idea of a higher power seriously freaked him out and made him laugh all the same. To him, there was no higher power... there was just... nothing.

Arriving at the academy, he got out of his car and waited outside, sitting under the shade of a tree. There was no way he'd miss anyone coming in or out of the school, and if anyone looked like this Kellie Thorn, then he would seize them immediately. It wasn't until lunch time that the some students started to trickle out, none of them was blond, much less this girl he was looking for. Where is she?! Just when he was ready to give up, as one might be able to tell, he wasn't very patient, she was there. Just walking along as if it were natural, as if nothing was wrong. It occurred to Andrew that no one suspected her because of her casual walk, and care-free gaze. He knew better than that, most psychopaths fit into society like a jigsaw puzzle piece tailor-made to fit with the others... she's no different. Shoving his hands into his pocket, he trailed behind her slowly, keeping his distance, and when she got into her car, he got into his own and continued to stalk her at a distance. When she stopped at the park, an odd place to be, he stopped as well and got out. Yes, perhaps he might look suspicious, but it was for his job. Ever since he took the oath to become a defender of the law, he knew he would have to give up a lot of things... his relationship was definitely one of them. Realizing where his thoughts were going, Andrew shook his head and watched as Kellie sat down, and he watched with intrigue as he waited. What was going to come next? Did she just sit here to get away from everyone? What was this kidnapper doing? To find his answers, he hid in the shadows and watched from afar, waiting... just waiting to see her true colours.

[Sorry about the incoherent thoughts, I'm mentally exhausted from school xp]
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She let out of soft cries out as she glanced at her hands drenched in crimson blood of the man that she was straddling. She released the hold of the dagger that was plunged into the man's back, aimed to pierce through his heart. A single drop of rain fell on her head. She looked up into the sky as the rain grew heavier and heavier. Her lips were trembling along with the rest of her body from the icy coldness of the rain. She had to do this. But why this way? A simple shot to the head could work. But that's not what it wanted. She just had to have the pleasure of personally stabbing this man and see the terror in his eyes to realize she didn't want what he thought she wanted from him. He was so stupid. He deserved it. He deserved all of this for what he's done but she simply couldn't stop feeling the guilt cloaking up her throat and making it hard to breathe.

'Well done, Kellie. ' It whispered to her. She didn't know who that person was anymore. It turned against her. Even her own thoughts turned against her and made her do this. That was the first time she got a taste of killing and she despised it. She would never be able to forget his face, his wide eyes begging, pleading but he deserved it. He deserved to have fear, and die a cruel death. It was his entire fault, not hers. She did what had to be done to people who committed a sin beyond others. The body was thrown into the fire later, burned to crisp, to ashes. And when it turned to ashes it was used to make diamonds. Diamonds were gorgeous, what everyone loved, indestructible, the strongest jewel, just like her. That was the first diamond on her bracelet but there was so much more to come.

When she arrived home, she arrived late in the night so that her parents couldn't even suspect a thing. She scrubbed the blood off her hands but for some reason it wouldn’t' go away. No matter how hard she rubbed them, it would still stay there as a memory. She couldn't stop the overflow of tears as she went into her room and closed the door behind her. And there it stood. Her lips trembled and yelled out "There I did it! I killed him. Is that good enough?" But she knew that it wasn't the end. There was so much more. She didn't receive this bracelet without any jewels in it just for show. Each one of them had to be filled. She found herself slammed into the bed and felt a sharp pain scraping against the back of her shoulder. She held a scream not wanting to wake up her parents. The scar reminded her that she was bound to it.

She remembered that night very clear. It was three years ago, where everything changed. Where the image of the normal, anti-social girl turned into someone who was worshipped by the school. It was the middle of the night and she was dreaming about the first kill. She was so sucked up in the dream, until there was a loud tap at her balcony door. She instantly rose up and let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the room. He would come in the middle of the night to talk to her, tell her something. She normally didn't even want to hear it. That or he was going to take the front door and she didn't want her parents to know that he sneaked in like this. She couldn't imagine how her mom would react, maybe have a heart attack that someone was coming into her room in the middle of the night. She sat up from the bed and picked up the outline of him.

"Kellie, sorry to wake you up," He whispered apologetic. He doubted he was sorry.

"What is it?" She spoke with a tired cracked voice. He moved along her desk and then her bed side and stroked her cheek "Nothing, really. You're parents are asleep?" She nodded and he kissed her deeply, with love and passion. She could feel it all in there. She kissed him back and he nibbled on her lip and then pulled away. His eyes glanced back at her desk and stated "You got the new diamond." She glanced over at the desk and sighed.

"I'm sick of them," She said.

"Me too," He sighed but meant it in a different way then she meant it and then he smirked "But, that's makes you poplar right? Getting these diamonds for every person missing works. You don't have to suffer being insulted by others again."

"I told you, I don't really want them," She narrowed her eyes.

"Well, if you lose them, people will lose interest and more," He reminded and tucked her blonde hair behind her ear "I love you. Have a nice day tomorrow, my love." With that he left her room. She lay down back in her bed again but had trouble sleeping. Every time there was a new diamond, one more step she was from truly getting rid of the wrong in her life but also creating more. A couple of hours ago, another female student that dared to defy her, died and by the morning she'll be declared missing. Nobody will believe the rumor is true. Even if they did, it's not like they would be able to discover it was true after all. They could stalk her for all they wanted, but they weren't going to find much. Because they were going to believe she was in her home. If they magically found something, they would die. That girl also deserved it. Everyone that was breathing deserved it. At least, so it says. She eventually got tired out of the thoughts running through her head and fell asleep once more.

Her eyes fluttered open through the brightness emitting through her balcony, aiming for her eyes, half blinding her. She forced herself up and then picked up her bracelet that held one more new diamond in place. Emily, the female student that died yesterday was now beside many others in her bracelet. She did her regular morning routine. She wore a very light beige sweater that was half transparent with very faded light blue jeans and beige heels. She went outside to her car and drove to school. As soon as she stepped into the school, many eyes went on her in the parking lot. She ignored some guys glancing at her like she was eye candy. They could do whatever they want, but if they tried to get close to her, they can really see for themselves whether the rumor is just a joke or not.

As she walked through the hallway, some came to her asking if she had a new diamond. She simply nodded and went to her locker meeting up with Lea. Lea was leaning against her own locker and asked about the assignment that was due in a couple of days. Kellie went into her locker and pulled out her binder and a textbook.

"The assignment is the least of my worries," Kellie sighed.

"Why? Did something happen?" Lea raised an eyebrow in concern "I heard that Emily disappeared. Did she piss you off?"

"No, not this time," Kellie fibbed.

"Did you meet up with Ridge yesterday? Did he cheat again?"

"Hmm... Can't recall."

"Anyways, do you have a new diamond?" Lea asked "You can tell me. I'm your best friend."

"Yea... I do," Kellie sighed and they headed to their first period, meeting Lucas. Lucas and Lea had the exact same hair color, light brown hair and eyes a deep blue. Of course they looked alike, they were twins. Things were starting to get normal between Kellie and Lucas now, even with their past. Their first period was Math, and she just mostly dozed off through it. No one seemed to care. Well, they did care but some feared to bother her, and others were awed by her and didn't want to bother her. This math teacher however, was scared to bother her. She knew because he'd give her high marks even if she put no effort in it or handed in assignments. The class finished and she headed for English and the hottest guy in school were sitting right around her. She could hear some muttering at the front about girls who desired to be her, calling her bitch. She could care less.

"Does she realize that they only stay around her to touch her boobs? What is she wearing?" One student spoke at the front. Kellie heard it but she decided to ignore. Pretending not to hear was the best option because it would save that girls life. The female English teacher whom Kellie forgot the name of picked her out that her shirt was slightly inappropriate since it was a bit transparent.

"Miss, why are you looking there? If you're not looking for it, you won't see anything. Unless you're a lesbian?" Kellie smirked. It was true, you couldn't see much unless you were looking for it. The class laughed and she could see the teacher was furious and she was about to dare give her detention. Kellie knew she was mean. She wasn't always like this. That first kill changed the caring girl into a heartless cold one. But even she had a little bit of heart in her when she warned others not to do things that would get them killed. Their mistake was that they refused to listen to her. She warned them. She didn't want another one dead but she couldn't do anything more than a warn.

"I'm going to have to call the principle," The teacher stated.

"Go ahead. He won't believe you. I have everyone in the class that will keep their mouths shut about me. You know that," Kellie said. She had everyone in this school around her finger. The principle loved her. He thoughts she was a sweet heart working girl. When class ended, she coolly made out of the room with the teacher glaring at her back. She knew she was hated by the ones who had the intelligence to see that this wasn't all just a joke. She loved those kind of people but sadly, they're lives were at stake if they did something wrong to upset her.

She hit the cafeteria, surrounded by a bunch of people who wanted to hear her talk. She kept quiet and just ate her lunch. After she finished her lunch, she wondered on her own into the school field. She wanted to be left alone for a bit. A male teacher passed by, Mr. Collin. He was young, attractive and had an eye for her. She wasn't really interested in him. Not one bit. She didn't want to go to jail for something like making out with a teacher. She just smiled at him and asked how his day was. They chatted for a bit and then he left her alone. Other students want to be around her. So, she simply decided to walk out the school. She then received a text from Ridge, telling her to meet up at the park by her house. She took the car and went by the park to find that he hasn't arrived yet. She didn't even know if that text was sent by him. It could have been one of his gang members. She sat on the bench and waited there but the more time passed, the more she felt this was a set up by Ridge's friends. Ridge's friends weren't so polite. In fact, they wanted to take advantage of her.

"Come on," She muttered under her breathe.

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