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* This is a literate role play, violence, romance, supernatural and meant to be mature. *

It's all a facade. There's more than what meets the eye...


Lia is loved by everyone, including her royal inhuman boyfriend. She herself is a princess of the fae. Everything seems like a perfect fairy tale. Except there is no such thing as a fairy tale ending in reality, there's only room for tragedy. Through the façade of her innocence and love she hides a who she really is. In fact, she’s not even Lia. Lia isn't alive, she's dead. She was murdered. She was murdered by the must trusted person in her life

Ever sense they met at kindergarten when the teacher called out their name, they both raised their hands because Rozalia was used to being called ‘Lia’ too. The two became inseparable. Lia had everything, the family, the money, is loved while Rozalia had almost to nothing. Maybe it was jealousy that had Lia killed? No one is aware that Lia is dead. Why? Everyone in Lia’s mansion and the people around Rozalia when she came around assumed she was human and made sure they kept their lips shut to not reveal what they were. Rozalia isn't human, she’s s a rare skin walker type. She can change her entire appearance, even easier if she’s killed them. She now lives Lia’s life. Exactly how long has it been since she killed Lia, was it years ago or was it recently? No one has any idea that their precious Lia is dead.

How long will it take for Lia’s boyfriend to discover the person he’s been making love with is not his girlfriend? He’s not your prince charming; he’s brutal, strong, harsh, and merciless except to Lia. He knows Rozalia and is as kind to her as he could be to his girlfriend’s best friend but hasn't seen her in years. It wasn't until way later he was wondering around deep within the forest near the mansion that he caught sight of Lia’s decaying body that he discovered that everything is a lie. He will do anything to avenge her death. He stormed into the mansion to tell everyone she’s dead until she saw Lia alive. Then he figures out that the Lia walking, breathing now is someone else.

No one knows the whole story of course of how Lia died or if it was really Rozalia murdered her in cold blood. No one knows the history of Roza’s life at all. What’s the truth of it all?

What you should know about the RP:

It's set in modern times, it’s just that inhuman creatures all have a king/queen per each race. The boyfriend isn't human but I don’t want any stereotypical demon, vamp or shift shaper. If it’s a vampire they are not immortal, the royal ones aren't made a vampire, and they don’t die in the sun. None of these creatures are immortal; they can have longer life but cannot live forever. I’m playing as Rozalia, but when she’s acting as Lia, I’ll use Lia’s picture. Yes, there will be romance but they don’t necessarily have to end up together. They could try to kill each other-who knows.


1. 300 words to 1000 words. Remember, 300 is the minimum. I need someone literate. Just don’t write completely pointless description.

2. A post per day. I understand everyone has a life but I’m asking for someone who does have the time to post at least once per day most of the time.

3. This is a mature role play but if the clothes come off we go to time skip.

4. No godmodding

5. Be creative and add up to the plot. Add new ideas and make your character more out there. It gets tiring to always lead the rp myself.

6. There has to be violence. Between them or between others.

7. Him discovering Lia’s dead body doesn't happen until a little later on. Not far but not right off the beginning.

8. Professional done photograph-real. I’m very picky on pictures too >.< I’m sorry. They are going to be over the age of nineteen. List of what I don’t want for a picture: Appear too young, scene, gothic, one shade of color, or an image that simply doesn't fit the image of the boyfriend. Can’t find images, I have some! Read the rules? Type Changing Eyes for the title of the PM!

9. You're character can have dark secrets, just don't tell me them or write the secret exactly down in your posts but give very small hints. I'll do the same.


Lia Michelle Dellina

Age: 19

Creature: Fae

Bio: From birth she’s been royal, innocent, sweet and knows her way around whenever she got in trouble. Her parents were strict and appearance meant everything to them. She was sick of it and half of the time it wasn't her in the mansion but her best friend Rozalia posing as her. Only Lia knew what Roza was. Lia was loved by everyone. Half of it had to do with the fact that not a single person couldn't help but fall for a fae. That was her outer appearance but when others weren't watching she got herself in trouble. What kind of trouble exactly? The ones that could have got her killed and could be called an act of treason. Rozalia always seemed to help her out and solve her problems. It wasn't until one day; her best friend was sick of protecting her and got rid of her life and posed as Lia permanently.

Rozalia Nevmore

Age: 19

Creature: Skin walker

Bio: She’s has a troubled past. She was forced to be independent from a young age and handle with a lot of issues that threatened her life. Roza was always insecure about herself, kept things to herself. She’s strong, fierce and protective with others. Although, when she is ordered to do something, she’ll do it in cold blood. Her past is a mystery. She’s a special kind of skin walker that can shift to any human body. She rarely uses her own body. At first, she loved Lia and the two went through life with each other. It was all just smiles and games until it grew worse and worse between the two girls. It eventually happened; her best friend was dead because of her. It’s all her fault. That’s how she sees it. The only thing she could do now is pretend to be Lia and act as Rozalia is dead. It was the only thing she could do for Lia. Everyone loved her, her life ending was a big deal but if Rozalia, herself died no one would care.

Name: Jospeh Lucas Raven

Age: 23

Creature: Prince of Hell

Bio: Jospeh was born a Royal, his father none other then Lucifer himself. His mother nothing more a human female, died during the birth of her posioned son. Others see him as harsh, brutal and sadistic. He won't stand for anyone speaking against him, anyone ignoring his orders. Almost the splitting image of his Father, there are whispers that in the dead of night that if you are to see the Prince walking the Halls of the Palace, he appears as nothing more then a skeleton.

Other: Most of them refer to Jospeh as the Lord of Shadows, the nickname Shadow almost perfectly fitting him.


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  Dreamer / Ravenity / 7y 23d 23h 58m 0s
All Roza do was simply follow and easily make through anything because she wasn’t physically there. It was nice and terrible at the same time. Passing through walls, bodies, demons was easy and flying when she wanted to was nice except the fact that all she could do is observe everything. And observing it, she felt utterly disgusted watching the blood trickle down her hands her mouth and chest. It was plain disturbing her and gave the feeling of nausea in her stomach even though she couldn’t throw up. She was sure when she did wake up, she was going to throw up. She’s seen some pretty disgusting things but that was just horrible.

She thought to herself. One word and suddenly it’s the end of that demons life that was just pathetic and lowly of her having to waste her time to kill someone because of a simple thing. It seemed that everyone was just enjoying watching the psychotic bitch lose her mind. Roza just couldn’t help but only feel pity for the way that thing was. She wouldn’t even call Pandora anywhere something living; it was just an out of control tool that killed. Although, Roza did feel pretty happy with herself that she lived through that thing that once.

Her eyes drifted off to Shadow and just like that she stood right beside him and leaned against the throne without a care in the world. Roza couldn’t help but just feel great the fact she could just march right in here and not be seen and then slaughtered. It was clear that Pandora wanted her away from Jospeh right here and Roza knew there was just no chance with her or-well Lia. It was better to go off the safe way and just by telling the way he looked, her gut ached and felt that Lia never really mattered. So what was the point of keeping them together? It would be safer to split Lia and him for good. Less danger in that and Roza didn’t want to be stupid and continue something that didn’t seem worth her life. Especially since he was practically gawking at a psychopath.

“I bet you wouldn’t care if Lia was dead,” She scoffed glancing over at him. She then attempted to just mimic a slap because obviously her hand would just go right through “I wish I could just hurt that thing and you right now.” But she couldn’t and that’s what frustrated her the most. No matter what, even in a physical form she couldn’t do anything about it. She shook her head and started to repeat to herself of wanting to get out of this and back into her body where she didn’t have to see any of this. She closed her eyes and waited to be pulled back.
"This fucking sucks," She spat out to herself until she was able to go back.
  Rozalia Nevmore / Ravenity / 7y 98d 6h 35m 8s
I am so terribly sorry for the delay in posting, things are Hell here at the moment.

His exited the carriage, his eyes scanning the area as something within him shifted. He rolled his shoudlers, a growl passing his lips.
There was a flash of lighting, showing his true form for that split second as the light hit him.

The woman followed out beside him, her eyes the same shade of black as his. The two of them continuing down the hallway. As the damaged bridge let them over the firey abyss towards the dark castle.
Four higher class demons trailed before them, eyes scanning the area. As they passed through the gates, opening without a single touch.
Something seemed to be radiating off the two of them, any demons hanging around jumped to get out of their way, hiding from the two powerful beings in any place that they could find.

"So? What of it. I don't know why you keep her around, Shadow. She's useless and you know it," the woman entered after him, both of their bodies seemed to be undergoing changes. Her nails became sharpened, capable of destroying anything she took a swipe at, her teeth became sharpened to a point.
Shadow's eyes sunk further into his head, just the whole look that crossed over him.
The both of them still managed to look human yet demonic at the same time, just something that radiated off of them.
As the moved further and further through the halls, twisting and turning until they ended up in the heart of the castle.
Large double doors were opened, the crowd parted as the two of them made their way to the three large thrones sitting elevated above the rest.

Shadow placed himself on the throne besides Lucifer, both sets of eyes were glued to Pandora as paced on the elevated area, her hands by her sides, curled up in a postion ready to attack.
Noise erupted from the crowd, snarls, growls and shouts. She bit her tounge, looking back at Lucifer. He nodded his head, the only approval she needed.
"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" she snarled loudly, the entire crowd quieting down besides one lowly demon in the middle.
"Why should we listen to you, woman?" he spat the words.
Pandora jumped down, the crowd parting to reveal the man in the middle. She stalked towards him.
"Oh I don't know, maybe because I'm going to become Queen of Hell? Maybe because I'm the strongest person in this room? Or maybe because your fucking KING told you to!" with one push, the male was sent flying into the wall, a large crack sent up the old structure.
She moved towards him, grabbing him by the throat with one hand and lift him up into the air. His feet hung off the ground, holding his hands around her.
"Maybe now, you will learn some respect. Not that it will matter much, you"ll be dead." she shoved her free hand into his chest, past the skin and into the bloody flesh.
Reaching through his body, she wrapped her hand around his heart. Literally ripping it out of his chest. The still organ was held by her bloody hand as she let the male go, letting him fall to the ground.
She raised the heart to her mouth, taking a bite out of it as she turned around and walked back to her earlier position.
Shadow watched the woman, his eyes glowing with love, respect and pride. He had never looked at Lia that way, he'd never shared these kinds of feelings with anyone but Pandora.

Blood began to drip down from her mouth as she digested the last of the demon's heart. Her hands were dripping with blood, it was flowing down from her mouth, over her chin and down her chest.
  shadow / NiraHayaine / 7y 100d 42m 49s
She rolled around and wondered in why in the world why was the ground so hard and...muddy. A groan escaped her lips as her hand reached up to the top of her nose finding something annoying her. She listened to a soft giggle echo in her ear and she officially declared herself insane or in a dream.

“Dreams,” She muttered under her breath. They weren’t mere dreams, her dreams normally she could walk around the real world, the world in-between the dead and the living, or even the world beyond that. Luckily no one could really see her but if that cord that tied her soul to her body was cut-forever lost. They said that skin walkers used to be connected to dragons-who aren’t physically in the living world. They were more spiritual things that could walk in different worlds and dreams. There were some other myths about them being in the physical world thousands of years ago but that was just a bunch of baloney. Guess that was the connection although she didn’t believe in them.

Roza rose up from her position and stared down at her own body lying down in the mud that was already healing itself pretty quickly but then also noticed something else “Lovely, I’m in my red hair form.” She had no idea whatsoever how to wake up from this. Her body just normally called itself back. She couldn’t control when she could astral project either. Although, it did normally happen when she was injured. She closed her eyes and imagined where she wanted to be. Naturally-The tip top of the Eiffel tower. She thought she deserved a little vacation for one night. Although it was really pretty below and the lights dancing around-she still couldn’t smile. It was lonely... Her head rose up into the stars in the sky. So, that devil’s tool she definitely claimed Jospeh. How was that fair...? To Lia. Lia’s dead She reminded herself. Well, it’s not like he’d cheat on the perfect little angel right? And then scoffed “Why not. Cheating is no big deal compared to unreasonable amount of death he causes. I talking to myself?” Why don’t you check? Her conscious suggested. Because she knew the outcome wouldn’t be so great.

Fuck it all. It’s not like he can see me if I stalk him a bit anyway. That was true. It wouldn’t be the first time she did it although she always kept away from certain areas. She closed her eyes and imagined him in her mind and then when she opened her eyes she saw him-kiss that ‘he’s mine!’ bitch. So what...? A kiss in the cheek doesn’t mean much.

“Saw is an understatement. More like a brutal beat up...” She muttered. She stepped in forward knowing that she could walk right through them if she wanted. She mimicked grabbing the bitch by the hair and pulling her away from him “I’d say go to hell but we’re already in hell.” It was just the fact that they were harming her dead best friend. Although, she noticed something. This was definitely the place she avoided whenever she could. Hell. Entering hell? No idea how. But through dreams? Easy. And she didn’t know the rules that applied here if they could see her, hear her or not. At least she was red haired and not Lia haired anymore in case that were to happen.

“Ugh, if they so much as go past a kiss, I’m making Lia kick him in the crotch weather it sends her to her doom or not,” She whispered and decided to keep a couple of steps back and watch what they were going to do.
  Rozalia Nevmore / Ravenity / 7y 124d 31m 26s
She sat in the side of the carriage, after all, Satan was a very old fashion man. There was silence through the entire area as only the sound of those red eyed, black horse's hoofs hitting the ground.
Her eyes darted to Shadow as his hand rested softly on her lap, he had not been to see Lia since last night. A smirk falling across the Harlot's face as she remembered the fear across the girls face. She knew that Lia had been dead for a while, after all, Satan didn't create a super weapon then make her fucking stupid.

Out the window, the sky was black. The Fae's castle in the distance as the blood red moon took over the sky. It was time for them to strike and if it did not happen know, there would be no tomorrow. There would be no end of the world and there would be no watching that fake bitch burn.
As they traveled back to Hell, Shadow leant over and pressed a kiss to Pandora's cheek.
"I know you went and saw Lia last night,"
  |the harlot / NiraHayaine / 7y 138d 2h 57m 1s
She fell lying on the ground, gasping for air and baring all the pain spreading through her body. By the amount of pain spreading she guessed that she broke a rib or two. It was extremely painful and she didn’t know how much of it she could take. She held back a scream of anger, frustration and closed her eyes shut bearing with it. It’s not like she could call up the guards and tell them to help her out because then she had no explanation for what happened that would get her in a mess.

She felt another ache in her. It was hurt, betrayal, almost as if she felt like she’s been cheated on. It wasn’t even her. It was Lia he was technically with but she felt like shit. Maybe you’re more fond of him than you thought. She weakly laughed and chocked “No, I’m not.” That just wasn’t possible because the time she spent with him was as Lia, the fake and perfect Lia and that it was it. It was a funny thought. She was in deep pain; it made sense why she was even thinking that.

She attempted to rise and held her breathe over the pain. She crawled back to bed and hid under the blankets, heavily breathing. She didn’t fear death, yet she felt so much fear of this one thing. She wouldn’t even call her a person. She had a hard time sleeping but managed and woke up in the morning to hear a yelp. The maid. She must have entered the room. She barely opened her eyes and then noticed that she still had dry blond around her neck.

“No, calm down... It’s nothing,” She insisted “I just...fell. Don’t tell my mother, please.” The maid didn’t seem want to follow but then she gave a sharp look that scared the maid shitless and nodded. She felt better than last night because her body tended to heal slightly quicker. She got up, struggled to even walk and change her clothes. And then she left the area, sneaking away, deeper into the forest. She had a place to be, to inform. She walked there and attempted to look like she was perfectly unharmed. She also changed back to her old appearance which she hadn’t done for a long time and that was the only time she did change her appearance. She explained what she knew, and what was going on, along with that bitch that practically beat her up, warning her to stay away from her man. They listened, seemed satisfied-or at least she thought until she got attacked at the middle of heading back and was at her favourite spot of the forest by a shift shaper.

They let her be after a bit of biting her arm as a cheetah, noticing she was already injured. The male laughed and saying she got what she deserved and left at that. She just lay down on the soil and scoffed to herself. She could have beat the shit out of that one if she wasn’t so beat up from before. But she was fading out from all the pain spreading and burn of the bite on her arm.

Better to rest up. I can’t even move now anyways... She told herself. Sure, Lia’s family will be looking around everywhere for Lia at that moment but she really couldn’t move. She stared at a tree across from her, letting her hand go through her unfamiliar red hair and then eventually passed out.
  Lia Michelle Dellina / Ravenity / 7y 164d 19h 27m 59s
Something flipped within the woman, who was this girl? A lowly skin walker talking to her like she was someone ever worth her time. In the blink of an eye, the girl had moved and had Roza pinned against the wall by her throat, her nails digging into her skin, piercing it as the red blood flowed out and over her fingers slowly.

"You listen here you little Skin Walker. How old are you? Eighteen? Nineteen? You know how old I am? One hundred and eighteen. I'm stronger, older and better than you, I will squash you like a little fucking bug if you don't stay out of my way. For ninety seven years I was sent to Earth, for ninety seven years I lived with scum like you and once little Joseph hit the age of eighteen, guess who finally got brought back? Me. It was written that when this world burns Satan's Son and the Daughter of Sin itself shall stand hand in hand, tied by marriage at each's side to rule the dead world for the rest of eternity. Your not part of this plan, you never will be so stop trying to be apart of something that will never ever fucking concern you!" she threw the girl halfway across the room, smashing into the wall with such force that an imprint of Roza's body was left there.

In another second, she was leaning over the top of the girl. Her coal black eyes finding hers, it was as if Death radiated from the girl. Fear spreading throughout the room, Jospeh looked like nothing more than a little boy compared to The Harlot, she was the single most dangerous creature in the entire Earth.
"Your lucky I'm leaving you alive, skin walker," she rose again, disappearing as quickly as she had appeared in the first place.

/sorry it's short, writter's block again

  |the harlot / NiraHayaine / 7y 164d 20h 35m 3s
She became slightly startled at the light flashing over her window but then she decided to ignore it. Big deal, there was a thunder storm outside; although she couldn’t remember hearing rumble or saw a lot of cloud cover. Her eyes remained to stay close until she a shiver went down her spine at a presence in the room. She swore under her breathe very quickly and tossed her back to the other side with eyes fluttering open and she screamed out blood murder “Holly fucking shit!”

She ends up rolling off her bed and falling flat on the ground. She groaned over the pain from her body impacting wood. She then forced herself to sit up, rubbing her head and pushing her hair to the side. Great, now her hair was going to be tougher to comb in the morning and the mother will yell at her for not having it perfect. Big whoop, she was having an hallucination. She knew she was guilty but didn’t think that she was actually going to lose her mind. Then she glanced around and she was officially spooked out and then back at Lia. Creepy...Very creepy... Her heart beat was beating like crazy and she was about to yell to the guards because a ghost was haunting her-or a zombie-or just a hallucination. She hoped it was the last one or the ghost. Zombies, she can’t handle.

Then it came to her and she felt a chill run down her back, she pushed the dead Lia away. She felt the guilt start to seek in her and then froze at Lia’s smirk. But she faced her fears.

“You’re dead. You can’t come back and you practically told me to kill you anyways,” She spat. She was lot on the situation but let it go and then Lia disappeared and then her eyes caught on the red head. Oddly, that would be something she’d do to freak someone out but it wasn’t funny.

“Very funny,” She rolled her eyes and narrowed them at her. She didn’t care who she was. She was ticked at this point. She didn’t even know how in the hell she knew about her.

“Yes, but you’re as immature as Jospeh,” She stated and questioned “How did you find out? How do you even know about me? I don’t think you are since you didn’t tell even Jospeh yet, but are you going to spill the beans to the whole world?” She should really escape before that happens. It wasn’t like Lia was her only plan if she got discovered. Well, as long as she didn’t get discovered with a bunch of people surrounding her. Then she was going to be killed but she already expected that. Everyone died eventually anyway.

“Are you going to leave my room, anytime soon. I’m not interested in playing with another immature spoiled brat that throws tantrums and wants to scare people because they’re bored,” She decided and fell back into her bed. Maybe she wouldn’t have said those words when she was awake, but she wasn’t even sure if she was awake and she was incredibly grumpy from the lack of sleep.
  Lia Michelle Dellina / Ravenity / 7y 164d 21h 48m 36s
The girl disappeared into thin air, the orders of the Prince were clear enough. There was no need to question everything yet she would take it one step further, she would her own twist into a plan that would give poor fake Lia a little fright..

Her footsteps could not be heard against the ground as she moved through the forest. She had sent the male back to his own castle, back to Hell and far, far away from the girl. Her black eyes searched the area, finding a small pile of dirt before kicking it up, pulling the shovel off her shoulder and begun digging.
A smile fell across her face as found what she was looking for, tilting her head to the sky as let a small laugh fall from her lips.
"Gratis mortuus est, et percussit occidit. Surge formosa mea iterum angelum meum cum imperio parere nos turbare," she let the Latin words fall from her lips as something stirred within the dirt, "People tend to forget, the dead bite."


She stood in the darkness of what use to be Lia's room, watching the girl climb back into bed before muttering some Latin.
The thunder clashed outside, flashes of lighting lit up the room. With ever flash, the blood stained, dirt covered body of Lia with a twisted smile appeared closer and closer towards the girl before she stood over her bed.
The Harlot had exactly the same smile across her lips, her fingers on her right hand moving to control Lia. Sometimes known a bit of Black Magic paid off.
Watching as the girl was scared out of her mind, she made Lia approach her more, leaning forward to whisper in her ear.
"Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the dead bite." Pandora's lips moving to make Lia speak before smirking once again, narrowing the girl's eyes, "I'll come back for you, Roza," Pandora clicked her fingers and her version of Lia disappeared.

Out of the dark and into the light where Roza could see her, she clapped her hands and laughed.
"Did you like my little trick, darling? Oh it was quite amazing!" she clasped her hands together, a twisted and evil smile across her lips as her black eyes met with hers. The girl was perfection, created by the Devil for Sin, there was no wonder that she could do such things without a second thought.
"I'm not stupid like Jospeh and although you don't know who I am, what I do or what I'm capable of, you will learn."
  |the harlot / NiraHayaine / 7y 164d 22h 21m 1s
Her eyes were closed and her heart was steady. She kept quiet until she felt him slowly moving away. Once she was sure that he was no longer close to her, she popped her eyes open. She crept away from the bed and followed her senses. She could hunt down practically anything she wanted. She followed his track very well, not too close but not incredibly far. It was until then she found herself in the forest and she even made sure that she hid her presence well. There was always a chance she could get caught but still unlikely.

She leaned against the tree, glancing behind her of the situation behind. She saw another woman, the one from before. The Harlot, they called her. She could feel the threat from her. She saw her kiss him and she frowned. So much for Lia... And then her ears perked up at what she said. She told him. She froze up and was trying to run through her head how it was possibly that she knew. She’s never appeared in front of this demon before.

She slouched against the tree, sitting on the ground and continued to listen. She thought she made the perfect Lia, more perfect than even Lia would be but, it wasn’t about that, it was about the actual feeling that she wasn’t. She was no Fae princess. She was a skin-walker that betrayed her own kind and then betrayed her best friend. How was he going to prove it wasn’t her? How was he going to make it seem as if the king set it up?

She had to step up her game. She was hearing that succubus king with his eldest son and daughters were coming tomorrow, a very shot hour visit. And well his son, was a bit of a perv. She was pretty sure that if she got him to try to touch her inappropriately and get caught-that it would cause problems. The king will defend his son because that’s the kind of King he was-too proud of his son and would set the blame on Lia and couldn’t blame a man for wanting that. That would cause problems with her father. Hell, these royals took things far quick. And well, if Joseph did care, he would start something with the succubus and all she had to do is let everything else fall from there. And then move on. If argument started from there, others would be distracted. She smiled to herself at her plan. She’ll have to get it working.
Once she was satisfied, she got up to leave the place and head back for bed.

~Sorry, crappy post :(~
  Lia Michelle Dellina / Ravenity / 7y 181d 1h 29m 17s
"Lia, you may think you have no use to anybody, but you have great use to me.." it was the last thing he said before he quietened her with another kiss. He would not approach the subject again for there was much more to hide then he was letting on to.

"I don't tell you things for your own safety Lia, knowing such things puts you in a dangerous condition.. I know your more then capable of dealing with things yourself yet I won't put you in danger like that." the male said as he pulled back from the woman. Brushing his fingers softly through her hair.


The rest of the day went quickly, the two of them just spending time together as they always did.
Jospeh found himself lying awake with his arms wrapped around the woman as what he presumed to be, asleep. Slowly moving out from her grasp, he cracked his neck and dispeared into the night.,
With five minutes to spare, the male was found again in amongst all of the trees, waiting for the woman with the fire red hair.
The sound of movement made the male roll his shoulders, a small growl falling from his lips as he closed his eyes.

Red lips pressed against his as he opened his eyes to become face to face with the woman the scared the man yet awakened a deep lust at the same time. He bowed his head in respect, raising it again before taking her hand and kissing it softly.
"You look troubled my dear.. Did everything go as we planned?" he asked her quietly as the woman tilited her head.
"Everything has gone to plan.. Yet.. There is something that you must know Shadow.. The woman you lay with is not the woman you think she is.."
A look of confusion crossed his face as The Harlot spoke, he had a feeling as much yet how could she be so sure?
"You can see it in her eyes, yet there is no evidence, I can't just attack the Fae's daughter without reason. Surely that would bring the whole council against me.. There has to be another way.. Another way that we could prove its not her.. That it was a set up by the king the entire time.."
"What is it you want me to do, my lord?" she bowed her head once more, her eyes were alight with fire. This was a fight was willing to fight, she knew who Rozalia was and she knew that Lia had been dead for quite a while now. A few Latin words crossed her lips, Jospeh was yet a toy for her, a tool in a bigger game that would end the entire world, make it burn within her grasp.
  shadow / NiraHayaine / 7y 182d 3h 23m 53s
Too bad, she was looking forward to telling some more lies. It would help cover up any thoughts in his head that she wasn’t Lia in his head. Anyone who knew Lia well enough could notice the small difference. Was it wrong to slightly enjoy this? She brushed the thought aside. Even if she did, it wouldn’t change a thing of what she had to do. She had to play as Lia. Lia was naive, pure, innocent and most of fall ignorant. Or at least the appearance of her.

Hmm... Another meeting while I’m off here living in my own perfect world. I really do nothing but breathe, don’t I? I’m useless to everyone around me, that’s what others have been saying. I’m perfect, but I’m nothing, ” She sighed, looking up at him, her hand moving through the back of his hair. Lia told her almost the exact words once. She felt his lips touch hers once more, a very lustful one. If he knew...

Nothing really... There isn’t much to do around here. But maybe we can talk or I’ll tell you a story that I’ve been meaning to work on. It’s about a woman baring many secrets and she kept those secrets to the grave. But even as she rots in the ground, she was still alive. Can you tell me why? ” She arched an eyebrow with a light smile. It gave her a window, to see what was really on his mind. If he interoperated it as a deep meaning, or a trick question meant both different things. She watched him for a bit and then sighed “You don’t have to answer. I don’t know the answer to it myself. ” Well of course she did, she was a skin walker in Lia’s body that’s why Lia appeared alive.

You’re so kind to me. I know it’ll take time but try not to scare my parents when they say you-or you probably did see them didn’t you? When they called you for the council meeting, ” She spoke softly, wrapping her arms around him, pressing her soft lips against his for another short moment. Her hands then ran up his sides. She wouldn’t go any far, not if she didn’t have to. Even if Lia was dead, she didn’t want to betray her even more than she already did when she had a choice.

I don’t suppose you’re going to tell what’s going on at midnight. But I don’t think I want to know, ” She sighed “Just try not to kill anyone, on whatever you’re doing, okay? ” She wasn’t too sure if she should follow him at midnight. Would it be a good idea? Would it be worth it? She was also worried of being caught. It’s not like he would hurt Lia if she happened to follow around would he? Not like she would get caught. She was too good at staying hidden.
  Lia Michelle Dellina / Ravenity / 7y 185d 51m 46s
The male wrapped his arms tighter around her, his lips moving roughly against hers before they were interruped by the knock.
He could hear the person walking away before his attention returned to Lia and her question.
"If it's what you really want, I will stay. But we're not talking about Rozalia... There are more important matters at hand.." he smirked ever so slightly as his lips returned to hers.

Taking her back into his arms, he held her tighter yet not with strength that would hurt. The kiss moved into something more passionate, he picked her up, moving her softly onto the bed as he hovered over her and trailed kiss down the side of her neck.
His hands moved down to her sides, pressing his body softly against hers as the two of them moved together.
Lips parting ever so slightly as the feeling of lust past between the two of them.
Pulling back before the both of them got too carried away.
"I need to go to a meeting a midnight with one of the higher class demons.. So you will probably be asleep by then but I will come back eventually.. I don't know how long I will be but I will be back. You won't even notice that I'm gone to be honest.. It's just something that I have to do.." he moved down to press another lust filled kiss to her lips.

"But for the rest of the day, I am yours. What is it that you would like to do my love?"

[occ; sorry it's so short :@ I honestly didn't know where to take it, promise the next post will be better!]

  shadow / NiraHayaine / 7y 185d 2h 4m 10s
She was slightly startled by Jospeh’s appearance but didn’t show it. She didn’t believe he caught the whole thing of what she said. She watched the guard leave the room and it was just the two of them. The devil’s son and the fake pure Lia. Her eyes laid up on him as a small smile made her lips. As she lay in the bed, she tossed over to her side to look at him. And there he was, switching his personality so quickly when he was with Lia. She didn’t know how Lia could have that affect on him when she wasn’t as great as everyone else made her to be. Did Lia use any of her fae charm on him? It was possible but it still seemed to last even though she wasn’t Lia.

How did it go? ” She asked and then she felt his lips against hers. It actually came natural to kiss him back. But she didn’t believe it was anything more than her taking over Lia’s body that made her this way. Although, she couldn’t get rid of that feeling of thinking he was so despicable and yet she couldn’t deny that even she could see how attractive he was. Then the mention of her again. He loved it? A change for the better? Was he really starting to figure things out? He was. He could tell that she wasn’t exactly Lia and hell, even mentioned her name in it. This was bad. She didn’t know how to react to that but she knew how Lia would react.

Roza...? ” She fluttered her eyelashes in confusion “What do you mean? She’s gone... I didn’t think you’d care for my human best friend. I’m not like her, Joseph, we’re completely different. It sounds as if you’re missing her. ” Of course, she didn’t really believe that but she did believe that he was catching up on her. But it still confused her that he thought this was better. The conversation had drifted back onto that he did hear what she said before. She felt his hand over at the side of her face as she was trying to come up with something. She smiled lightly at his words, just as Lia would and then she parted her lips.

It gets suffocating staying in the mansion. I only wanted to take a breath of fresh air; it was nothing more than that, ” She assured. She took his hand and was pulled up. Play the innocent little fool and she couldn’t be caught. She couldn’t let him have doubts of who she was. She laid her arms over his shoulder, leaning into him and then felt his kiss on her lips. She kissed him sweetly back until she fell sucked into it. Maybe if he liked her more now, he wouldn’t focus on trying to figure things out. She kissed him more deeply and then there was a single knock on the door. Roza knew it wasn’t anyone important, probably a maid who always cleaned up the room at this time. She then met Joseph’s eyes as she slightly pulled back.

Are you staying here for the night? ” She asked, biting her bottom lip “If you’re really interested. I could tell you what happened to Rozalia. ” Of course, it would be all lies.

  Lia Michelle Dellina / Ravenity / 7y 187d 5h 2m 23s
Jospeh closed his eyes and imagined what the girl would be doing next, at the strike of midnight they would meet where the victims would be lying on the ground and there was nothing more to it.
"Time to go," he whispered to himself quietly before waving his hand, the smoke disappearing as the clouds begun to move back away from the sun.
The male blinked and he was gone, just like the female as he reappeared in Lia's room, catching the end of her sentence with the guard.
"Your right, he won't be, get out," his voice was flat, as he watched the guard scramble to leave the two of them on the own.

He let a small chuckle fall through his lips as he moved over to sit on the side of the bed next to Lia, his eyes dragging in ever single movement she made. She was just so beautiful to him, something that he couldn't do without in his life, so untouched, so pure..
Yet there was something still off. He knew that something wasn't right, it was something down inside of him that told him this wasn't his Lia. Yet he had no proof to back it up. The girl looked the same, talked the same. There was nothing else to it.
He leant down, pressing the kiss gently to her lips.
"Something is still different about you Lia... I just can't put my finger on it.. Yet, I love it.. A change for the better.. As if you were to combine Roza and yourself together into one.." there it was again, the thoughts that this wasn't his Lia.

"Now do you want to tell me why you decided to go off for a little run into the forest? I did hear you... Don't think something like that will slip past me, my beautiful little dove," he trailed a finger down the side of her face softly, "It's just business my love, something that must be taken care of, nothing you need to worry about. Your doing a lovely job in doing what your doing now, I'm so proud of you, to see how much you've grown and stepped up to the mark for the time we've been together," a soft smile fell across his lips.

The Prince stood, offering the female a hand as he did before gently pulling her up and towards him. He placed a hand softly on her waist, the other resting on the side of her cheek as he leaned down to place a sweet kiss on her lips, the hint of lust bubbling underneath it all.
  NiraHayaine / 7y 188d 4h 1m 43s

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