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* This is a literate role play, violence, romance, supernatural and meant to be mature. *

It's all a facade. There's more than what meets the eye...


Lia is loved by everyone, including her royal inhuman boyfriend. She herself is a princess of the fae. Everything seems like a perfect fairy tale. Except there is no such thing as a fairy tale ending in reality, there's only room for tragedy. Through the façade of her innocence and love she hides a who she really is. In fact, she’s not even Lia. Lia isn't alive, she's dead. She was murdered. She was murdered by the must trusted person in her life

Ever sense they met at kindergarten when the teacher called out their name, they both raised their hands because Rozalia was used to being called ‘Lia’ too. The two became inseparable. Lia had everything, the family, the money, is loved while Rozalia had almost to nothing. Maybe it was jealousy that had Lia killed? No one is aware that Lia is dead. Why? Everyone in Lia’s mansion and the people around Rozalia when she came around assumed she was human and made sure they kept their lips shut to not reveal what they were. Rozalia isn't human, she’s s a rare skin walker type. She can change her entire appearance, even easier if she’s killed them. She now lives Lia’s life. Exactly how long has it been since she killed Lia, was it years ago or was it recently? No one has any idea that their precious Lia is dead.

How long will it take for Lia’s boyfriend to discover the person he’s been making love with is not his girlfriend? He’s not your prince charming; he’s brutal, strong, harsh, and merciless except to Lia. He knows Rozalia and is as kind to her as he could be to his girlfriend’s best friend but hasn't seen her in years. It wasn't until way later he was wondering around deep within the forest near the mansion that he caught sight of Lia’s decaying body that he discovered that everything is a lie. He will do anything to avenge her death. He stormed into the mansion to tell everyone she’s dead until she saw Lia alive. Then he figures out that the Lia walking, breathing now is someone else.

No one knows the whole story of course of how Lia died or if it was really Rozalia murdered her in cold blood. No one knows the history of Roza’s life at all. What’s the truth of it all?

What you should know about the RP:

It's set in modern times, it’s just that inhuman creatures all have a king/queen per each race. The boyfriend isn't human but I don’t want any stereotypical demon, vamp or shift shaper. If it’s a vampire they are not immortal, the royal ones aren't made a vampire, and they don’t die in the sun. None of these creatures are immortal; they can have longer life but cannot live forever. I’m playing as Rozalia, but when she’s acting as Lia, I’ll use Lia’s picture. Yes, there will be romance but they don’t necessarily have to end up together. They could try to kill each other-who knows.


1. 300 words to 1000 words. Remember, 300 is the minimum. I need someone literate. Just don’t write completely pointless description.

2. A post per day. I understand everyone has a life but I’m asking for someone who does have the time to post at least once per day most of the time.

3. This is a mature role play but if the clothes come off we go to time skip.

4. No godmodding

5. Be creative and add up to the plot. Add new ideas and make your character more out there. It gets tiring to always lead the rp myself.

6. There has to be violence. Between them or between others.

7. Him discovering Lia’s dead body doesn't happen until a little later on. Not far but not right off the beginning.

8. Professional done photograph-real. I’m very picky on pictures too >.< I’m sorry. They are going to be over the age of nineteen. List of what I don’t want for a picture: Appear too young, scene, gothic, one shade of color, or an image that simply doesn't fit the image of the boyfriend. Can’t find images, I have some! Read the rules? Type Changing Eyes for the title of the PM!

9. You're character can have dark secrets, just don't tell me them or write the secret exactly down in your posts but give very small hints. I'll do the same.


Lia Michelle Dellina

Age: 19

Creature: Fae

Bio: From birth she’s been royal, innocent, sweet and knows her way around whenever she got in trouble. Her parents were strict and appearance meant everything to them. She was sick of it and half of the time it wasn't her in the mansion but her best friend Rozalia posing as her. Only Lia knew what Roza was. Lia was loved by everyone. Half of it had to do with the fact that not a single person couldn't help but fall for a fae. That was her outer appearance but when others weren't watching she got herself in trouble. What kind of trouble exactly? The ones that could have got her killed and could be called an act of treason. Rozalia always seemed to help her out and solve her problems. It wasn't until one day; her best friend was sick of protecting her and got rid of her life and posed as Lia permanently.

Rozalia Nevmore

Age: 19

Creature: Skin walker

Bio: She’s has a troubled past. She was forced to be independent from a young age and handle with a lot of issues that threatened her life. Roza was always insecure about herself, kept things to herself. She’s strong, fierce and protective with others. Although, when she is ordered to do something, she’ll do it in cold blood. Her past is a mystery. She’s a special kind of skin walker that can shift to any human body. She rarely uses her own body. At first, she loved Lia and the two went through life with each other. It was all just smiles and games until it grew worse and worse between the two girls. It eventually happened; her best friend was dead because of her. It’s all her fault. That’s how she sees it. The only thing she could do now is pretend to be Lia and act as Rozalia is dead. It was the only thing she could do for Lia. Everyone loved her, her life ending was a big deal but if Rozalia, herself died no one would care.

Name: Lucian Darroh

Age: 20

Creature: lycan

Bio: Even from birth his aggression was adequately placed for his race. He was the type of prince whose good side was the safe side. He had never been the type to show feelings. He was usually a very brash person. He was quick to jump into fights, but only around Lia would his demeanor literally flip. He was go from brash and reckless, to patient and intelligent. He would be as gentle as a butterfly to and around Lia, but if you had done something he didn't like while he was with her, you would feel wrath as soon as she left. He was usually around her and Rozalia, but lately he sees her less and less...

Other: He never leaves his house without his ocarina








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Roza jolted forward onto her knees while she whipped her head back to him to make him meet her eyes. "Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can do and can't do? And why would I come with you?" She got up on her feet. Her skin was deathly pale from the blood loss and exhaustion that was striking her in strong forceful waves.

She shook her head to everything he was saying. Since when did he have any interest in doing something like that? "She doesn't have to set a trap." Her volume increased, "She can make me do whatever she wants me to do. She can make me stay still while others rip me apart if she wanted to. If you find her, she's only going to threaten to get me to kill myself if you get near her. You can't do anything."

He left instantly after he threatened to break her over and over again, not leaving her a chance to speak. She guessed that he didn't have to hear that she wouldn't listen to him and that she wasn't doing something he would do. She was doing something to safe herself or at least go on her own terms. She inhaled a deep breath, feeling whatever limited blood she had rush into her head. Her body felt numb, weak, cold but she couldn't let that stop her.

On the way to a certain someone's house she end up killing someone, someone that was tailing her that she was happily to rid of. When she went deeper in, something in the back of her mind told her to remain still and she discovered that was just the missing half of her ordering her to. She fought it and took another step anyway but then felt something strike her head really hard and rendered her unconscious.

When she woke, flames reflected her eyes, and Lia. She noticed her hands were tied, something above her holding her up. She looked past her auburn hair and glancing over at Lia. She used her nails to try to cut through the rope. She would break out of this in no time but Roza doubted that this was supposed to hold her there for long. Then she felt the flames bite her legs. She yelled out, "Fuck!" What the hell was Lia doing? Roza struggled harder to break out of the rope but kept on feeling that flame bite and damage her severely. Tears were involuntary coming out as she swore loudly and had trouble breaking free. It lasted for a while, reaching up her body before she managed to break lose. When she did, she was filled with rage, completely conscious and going into the stream to extinguish the fire. Before Lia could even think, Roza grabbed her and slammed her against the ground and got her hands into Lia's throat.

"Give it back to me," Roza spoke.
"I don't have it," Lia chocked out, "Not anymore."
"You're lying." She shook her head.
"I swear I don't."
Roza grabbed her arm and start bending it the other way, "Talk. Where is it or I will rip every part of you and see how well you can put yourself together."
"I don't know. I lost it... I can't remember. I swear that I don't know."
"How could you fucking lose half of my soul!"

Roza fell back from Lia and felt lost now on what to do. She held her breath and realized that she was surrounded. It took a lot of her energy to heal those burns up. Roza got up on her feet and scoffed. As if she was going to be killed. She didn't care who had it and if Lia still had it because she was going to fight to be in control of herself anyway. They were Lycans, she can tell that much. Every damn time it was a Lycan and it was getting on her damn nerves. She handled them, snapping one's neck, flipping them over and ripping there damn hearts out. She was shaken from the fire and she was filled with rage that Lia claimed she didn't have it. In the end, she managed to either kill some and knock out some. When she looked back to find Lia, she wasn't there. Roza fell back sitting, and rest her head against the tree, feeling like breaking down but she refused to be weak now. But her body was still trembling from those flames.
  Rozalia Nevmore / Ravenity / 5y 165d 3h 12m 19s
Lucian sighed simply enduring Roza's typical ranting. He had to be used to such a thing by now. So much so in fact, he stood there cleaning out his ears with his pinky and flicking off whatever he found. She was angry and had a right to be, but what she was talking of doing was pure stupidity. To think how much the roles had reversed, you would've thought it to be this way the entire time.

Since it would seem that the only thing Roza understood was pain, he kicked at her legs from under to make her stay put. "Look you, you can't do what you're thinking and you also can't come with me," he told her. He put his hood on his head and sighed again. "I'm going to go retrieve that piece myself. If you come, she'll set a trap and probably drain the rest of you. As long as you stay out of range, she can't touch you. There is nothing you can do in this situation."

He started on his way down the road following the scent of death Lia emitted. "If you do anything me-ish, I'm not gonna kill you. I'm just going to break you over and over again knowing you'll heal it later." He ran full speed following her trail until her got far enough away. He looked around before walking into the forest. He needed to talk to someone.

"Ra! Where are you?" he called out. Sure enough, he materialized out of a dark portal.

"Yes, boy? What is it?" he was far different in appearance than before. He bore some kind of spirit mask along with some kind of ethereal black robe. "I was in the middle of something, but you don't call too often," he spoke cracking a smile under the mask.

"You know where she is headed don't you?" he asked without wasting time.

"Foolish boy. Of course I do, but you will not be able to find her. Only your friend can reach her. It is unfortunate for you. You shouldn't have left her by herself. Bad things happen when you leave the wounded behind you know. Hehehehe!" he laughed as he faded into the dark. [i He's right] he thought before rushing back hoping Roza would still be there.
  Lucian Darroh / Aristocrat / 5y 169d 47m 31s
Her senses were dulling, all but one. The strong scent of her own blood was sharp. Everything else was surreal, especially hearing her last hope say ‘leave’ to the girl that held a part of her captive. It flustered her but she was helpless into making this choice for herself because Lia didn’t seem to give her one. “No...Don’t,” Roza chocks out. She was slumping down, having difficultly to just keep herself up. She wanted Lucian to shut up, just to shut up and not let Lia go off her marry way with the remote control to her actions. Who knows where Lia could hand that off to and what that person could make her do. She wasn’t going to be anyone’s damn puppet.

“I’ll try not to try anything,” Lia smirked. Finally, she got the upper hand. She looked back at Roza for a moment before turning around and walking away, with the possession of a part of Roza’s soul. Lia knew that there was no way that her ex-best friend would stand being somebody’s puppet anymore and probably try something crazy. That she was betting on.

A second felt unbearable for her to go through, to wait for Lia to leave so that she could pull this blade out of her. The second that Lia was out of sight, she grabbed that blade out of her and pulled it out. A surge of energy rushed through her body and she felt the wound close up. It closed up to perfection but she still felt beyond light headed. She got on her feet, trying to balance herself and then turned to Lucian, walking to him and then throwing him backwards with heavy amount of strength.

“Do you have any idea what the fuck you just did!?” She shouted but most of her words were slurred. The wound may have closed up but she still had bled out a lot. “She can control me!” Then she turned hysterical, laughing, pacing slowly “I’m going to kill you. No...I’m going to kill her, that fucking bitch!” She wanted to grab something and tear it apart. She inhaled a deep breath to calm her nerves down but it just wasn’t helping. She couldn’t think clearly because she felt like shit, but she had an idea of what she needed to do.

“I need to go...” She muttered, letting her hand go through her fingers, “And kill myself and don’t fucking follow me like the stupid mutt you are.” Or go personally to Lia’s home and start breaking necks of her family until she handed the rest of her back. Roza stormed away towards the town. “She wants’ to steal a part of me...fine. I’ll kill off her family before she notices that bitch...” She muttered to herself, not really thinking anything through but running out her pure anger and bloodlust. She made it to the sidewalk and saw a taxi. Might as well take the ride, and feed on something before she got to Lia's place to have energy. And that's all that could go through her mind right now. Get the part of her soul back and feel full.
  Rozalia Nevmore / Ravenity / 5y 316d 54m 39s
Lucian looked over Lia with his feral vision. He attempted to find some hole in her technique. She wasn't lycan so there had to be some kind of weakening in her grasp especially after how hard he hit her. She wouldn't be able to take much punishment from him directly. His only weakness at this point was the lack of confidence in his speed. He wasn't absolutely sure that he could reach her and hack her arm off before she had a chance to move. He growled low standing upright from his crouching position.

"Leave," he spoke closing his eyes and clenching his claws as they reverted to human hands. "Quickly, before I decide to hack you to pieces." He walked toward Roza putting a hand on her shoulder holding her still. "Stop moving. Even you can bleed out you. You're acting like me," he spoke with his eyes not leaving Lia. "Try anything and you're done. History or no, you will regret your actions here. And I won't even have to lift a finger."
  Lucian Darroh / Aristocrat / 5y 316d 21h 38m 27s
A pull of her soul was the most horrible unbearable feeling to experience, worse than pain she would describe it. Then all the sudden she felt it all back inside of her, falling below, and feeling awfully numb for a second, staring up at the dreary sky. At least she thought she had it all back in her when she realized she couldn’t move.

Lia had fallen to the ground filled with her breath shortening and took a notice that Lucian was here. One hand curled into a fists and a pure jealousy filled. She rose up to her feet and managed to still have a grip on Roza’s soul. Why was a stupid question... She felt the scratch sting on her arm, but was staying strong on her feet again.

“Why shouldn’t I be like this? I’m dead. I finally can do and act the way I want because I’m dead. Sometimes, I feel more alive than I did when I was actually living, and right now, I want to do this. Her, because I’m mad and so as I’m gone, all the sudden you two are all over each other. Isn’t that a reason itself? You may want to ask your dad on how. I don’t have to give the details, but it’s much easier to learn how when you’re dead.” She watched him, feeling her stomach empty knowing that he really wasn’t attached to her like before. She may not be able to be dead-again but the pain was very real. His close were out and she grew stiff but then took a step back shaking her head, “I wouldn’t do that.”

“I have Roza’s soul, a part of it at least. I can rip the cord that’s attaching her soul to her body and kill a part of her. That means no more emotions for her and she’ll always feel empty, maybe never be able to think again and act only on blood lust. So, here’s the deal Lucian, you’re going to let me walk away. If you try to take back the rest of her soul, I’ll just control her using the part of her soul I have and force you to have no choice but to kill her,” She threatened.

Her original plan was to take all of Roza's soul, but since she was knocked down, she wasn’t able to achieve that. She had learned a couple of things being around monstrous people, also some part of it was how she saw Roza threat others when Lia was in danger. “You might want to make a quick decision, because Roza is bleeding out and if that dagger isn’t moved out of her body, she’ll die Lucian. Fortunately, I can make her pull it out so she can heal, but don't even think about pulling that out for her. ” Lia warned, “Roza stand up.”

Finally, Roza was gaining somewhat control of her muscles and when she did get up she nearly fell back down, the first thing she did was trying to grab the knife out of her back first, and then planned on launching forward at Lia. She didn't like being used like this, one bit.
“Stop, do not pull it out until I safely leave.” Lia spoke an order and looked at Lucian, “Am I free to go?” Maybe they were right, that Lia's changed, but she didn't care. She would do anything to be able to become alive again, and that was somethings he was promised, to truly be alive again.
  Lia Michelle Dellina / Ravenity / 6y 14d 1h 55m 8s
Lucian jumped high into the air to avoid immediate detection by the other Lycans and Lia herself. His transformed his eyes to look below and pinpoint all of his targets. He would first deal with the surrounding Lycans. Even his dear old dad's hand-picked men weren't enough to take him on. This plan was all in his head until he saw Roza and Lia in the center. She was somehow trying to take her soul. But how? When did she learn such a technique? Much more, who taught it to her? His father? These thoughts brought a new level of fear to his mind. To think he was going to challenge his father who such skills at his disposal. He almost threw away his life earlier.

Nonetheless, Roza took priority in his attack plan. He took a deep breath still in midair before diving in while transforming into full Lycan. In only a flash, using his maximum speed by the aid of the moonlight, he managed to knock Lia away and strike down the surrounding enemy Lycans. He stopped in front of Roza panting lightly. Unfortunately, since fear was not a factor true beasts recognized, he started to unwillingly revert to his human form. His father had affected him far more than he initially thought.

Lucian took moments to scan Lia. Using what he could muster, he invoked a feral vision as he gave her a once over. She had been tainted. Was there Lycan in her blood? He had managed to scratch her a bit her pushed her off and her blood didn't smell anything like it used to. It was strange. Was his father really willing to go this far? But the most puzzling was that technique she used.

"Why?" he asked her bluntly. "I know you are should be dead, but even in death you shouldn't be like this. And where did you learn to rip someone's soul from them? That's not exactly a technique anyone can learn. It was supposed to be a sealed technique reserved only by those that carry Lycan blood. So how did you get that? I guess the most important question is, why her?" he shouted directing his hand toward Roza. "I understand killing her, but taking her soul? What the hell have you become? You've gone way too far from the Lia I knew. Even the real Lia had more willpower than whatever the hell is looking at me right now. I want some answers," he said as he managed to draw upon some anger and transform his hands to claws, "even if I have to rip them from you."
  Lucian Darroh / Aristocrat / 6y 15d 21h 33m 55s
Roza was aware but her brain couldn’t process what the small subtle movements below her meant, nor what was the weight on her cheek for the split second. Her mind was indulged into her dreams, up until the point a deep nausea swept over her, along with a hint of blood lust. She shot up into a sitting position, prying her eyes open but couldn’t see any sight of Lucian here. She ran her hands through the bed and looked.

Don’t tell me... She bet he did go down that road, and it worried her. Instantly, she got to the door but before she could charge ahead, she came into a halt and puked out her last meal. She cleared her throat and groaned at the awful taste in her mouth.

When she lifted her head back up into the falling sun, she felt multiple presences. She took a step forward, her eyes scanned the corners and other trailers. Shit, shit, shit. I can’t outrun them. Not in this form at least. Lycan’s tend to be a lot faster than her. She went back into the trailer, looked around and managed to find-nothing of use.

Roza being in a rush went into the other trailer nearby, by breaking a window. She never felt so happy to be small enough to fit through. The trailer seemed to be used more of a warehouse than anything else. She grabbed whatever her hands touched, an axe, a blade and...a screwdriver. Well, maybe the screwdriver wasn’t going to be any help. Right now, she was better off not going savage and fighting using her hunger. That meant no hands, not teeth, and well sticking to basics. The moment she stepped out of the trailer she locked eyes with Lia and, her four lycan friends.

“Hi.” Roza said and ran. Not for the sake of actually getting anywhere though. She came into a halt and the first Lycan that came forward to leap on her, she chopped through flesh with the axe at the neck. They nearly had dodged it, but she made a deep cut. The second one was coming from behind and she was swiping the axe back again, but they dodged. So, she grabbed the bl-screw driver. She went with it anyway and stabbed the screwdriver in the eye. But while she was doing that, she was grabbed and thrown on the ground, by another and knocked out of breath. She recovered quickly but not quick enough when she was pinned down. Her legs were still free, so being the smart ass she was, she jabbed her leg up the crotch. She tossed him around, when she was on top and nearly stabbed his heart but he caught her hand to stop her.

Someone grabbed a load of her hair and tugged back, with the intention to snap her neck back. “Watch the fucking hair!” She screamed.
“Drop it,” The forth said, female.
“No,” Roza said, “You let go of me or I’ll kill him.”
“Unless I snap your neck first.”

Roza released and moved back so that she wouldn’t be able to snap her neck. This was not going so well. So, Roza tugged her head forward no matter how much pain the hair tugging brought. Once she broke free of the hold, she didn’t hastate to turn around so quickly and grab the woman’s head and sink her teeth to rip into her throat out. So much for not going savage... That’s when the third one she struck was already up and stabbed her from behind at her heart.

She gasped, and grew still but knew that it wouldn’t be enough to kill her. The moment that blade came out of her heart, she would heal and go berserk and feed on them until she regained her own strength. But the blade stayed in there, and she was being hold still when Lia stepped forward.

“ me out,” Roza said quietly, losing her conscious.
“I heard. Everyone, even the court, the old geezers, everyone believes it. They’re calling him a traitor because rumours are going around that you stick around him Roza. You slept with him didn’t you whore? Like when you slept with my engaged cousin.” Lia chocked up. That made a mark, and it angered Roza deep to the core because Lia had her facts wrong.

“Don’t...tell me you’re going to let me die because of something so ridiculously stupid. You can’t believe that, neither of it.” Roza wasn’t so sure if the words went through. This was so like Lia, being all over about who she liked, blaming and accusing with no real evidence.

“No. I’m not going to let you die. Just...something worse.” Lia dug her hand into Roza’s soul in her chest and began to pull Roza’s soul right out of her body. Lia only recently learned how to do this. Roza grabbed Lia's arm that was pulling on her soul, to attempt to stop her with whatever strength she had left. "Don't."
"You killed me! And then you take everything from me. Besides, if I don't, you really will be killed. I'm not killing you, I'm just making sure you'll be asleep until your body dies," Lia defended but Roza was passing out when Lia kept on tugging to pull her soul out.
  Rozalia Nevmore / Ravenity / 6y 43d 3h 30m 17s
Lucian's mind was fully active, but his body was heavily sedated from whatever was in the medicine Ra had left for him. It would be natural for anybody to think he was about to overdose himself, but Ra had prepared for this. Most of the contents in the bottle were merely sugar pills, but the few pills that were real and had potency were worth one dose altogether. That one dose however, was overpowering. It was strictly made of Lucian alone in order to sedate him as will as cure him. It was smart knowing the his nature to try to do something immediately after.

A few hours later, Lucian's eyes popped opened. His body was still sedated so he wasn't able to move any more than an arm. He touched his head feeling a harsh headache course through his mind. As he touched it, he could feel a slight texture change in his skin. He frowned realizing what it was. Roza had written on him in marker. He traced the markings spelling 'Lulu'. He licked his thumb wiping the marker from his face with a low growl.

He lifted his head slightly to see what was on him. To his great surprise, it was Roza on him. She was sleeping on his bare chest. His face grew slightly red from embarrassment. It wasn't like he was unhappy with this, but this was a real oddity to him. He was actually wondering whether this was the real Roza or some other skinwalker trying to get rid of him, but he could still sense the dark mark he left on her.

He spent about fifteen minutes trying to make his body answer him. Once he was able to move completely, he slipped from under Roza putting the cover over her leaning in hesitating and biting his bottom lip before kissing her on the cheek and hurrying out the door closing it softly. What the hell did I just do? he thought as he walked away from the trailer. He smacked his face to further wake his body. He began to stretch and loosen up the rest of himself. His headache had faded.

He cracked his knuckles as he readied himself for a fight. There had been a scent in the area he picked up. The scent led him to the road where he saw the silhouette of what looked like another of his kind. "So to what do I owe the pleasure, old man?" It was his father in the flesh. "Lu, you have grown so much," he spoke as a man with looking in his late 20's stepped out of the shadows. He looked like Lucian with a more chiseled build and hair down in a ponytail. "Cut the crap, old man. Why are you here? I'm not ready to kill you yet." His father responded with laughter. "You? You intend to kill ME? Don't be absurd, Lucian. You're ten years too early to do battle with me. I've turned on too many of the ones who thought I would support them. Just like that foolish skinwalker that thought I would grant his wish or the mage of darkness that has unleashed you. Compared to them, you are nothing but trash. What hope do you have?"

Lucian was terrified as he stood there. He knew very well he wasn't yet strong enough to combat his father, but even so, he raised a hand to him. "Why don't you come and find out you old fool?" He still wouldn't back even from a superior opponent. He wouldn't give his dear ole dad the satisfaction. His father chuckled at him. "No. I don't think you'd want to. At least not with your femme fatales in danger." At that moment, Lucian felt the presence of multiple things near the trailor. "I've sent Lia to end little Roza. I never liked her. Anyway, there are Lycans with her for more muscle. If you stop her you can keep her, if you are on time." With that his father vanished. Lucian had been sweating cold then turned in the direction of the trailor rushing back. I hope she woke up, he thought.
  Lucian Darroh / Aristocrat / 6y 47d 9h 26m 33s
“You were supposed to.”
It began to concern her. It only made the concern worse when she saw him intentionally trying to kill himself by devouring the whole bottle of pills. If any doctor told him to take all of them, she would have to go their front door and send them into the mental institution.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” She grabbed that bottle out of his hand but he had already chucked all of that down, “Work? You might have just killed yourself. Who the hell told you take all of that? Please don’t’ tell me you prescribed that to yourself.” It took all of her not to lose it at this state. She left him alone for the time being to talk to Deo and then had came wandering back in to see Lulu look like he’s gone cuckoo. Her suspicion wasn’t that far off.

She placed herself to sit at the edge of the bed after apologizing, and meant what she said to get some reply that sounded like a joke. “If you’re not careful, I really will because I am starving,” She narrowed her eyes. What was the use? She was talking to an overly medicated person. Then he kept going, he might as well have told her his whole life story. Well, she kind of already knew that too. She peered down at the ground.

“I treated you like shit.” It was a reminder. Back when he didn’t know anything about what she was or who was who, she knew she was a bitch toward him but it sure was fun. She didn’t think that was a step up from treating him like royalty or a beast. But who knows, “Maybe you like being treated like shit then...probably like it kinky too.” He went on, and when she thought he would stop, he spoke again nearly just as loud.

“Honor, I didn’t think you had it,” She laughed. As amusing as it was to hear him go on and on, she was debating whether to stuff something in his mouth to shut up. She really rather not hear things he wouldn’t say when he was in his mind. It was the last part that made her stomach roll. He was saying that now, but she bet that would change. As much as she liked to deny the whole ‘royal’ factor in it, like she did with Valentine who didn’t seem to care about it at all and then back stabbed her. It was always about the power or furthering their race. People tend to stick to their own race, it was safer that way. Even everyone in Lia’s family thought Lia and Lucian was fooling around and would break apart. As if they’d allow their princess to be with Lycan. Even Lia knew it.

“I really fucking hate you.” She put her knees up and rested her chin on them. “I already know nothing will happen between us anyway. I knew that since I saw you.” She muttered to herself. She was aware he passed out and he wouldn’t hear, so he couldn’t pick at what she said later.
She rose up, hearing sounds further down and was beginning to understand that it was Deo, with raw meat. She left the trailer again and met up to him, grabbing the bag out of his hand and waited till he left, before going into the trailer.
When she was in, she ate the raw meat and trying not to throw it up. There was a beauty when people were asleep. She could say or do anything and they wouldn’t know. A childish idea sprouted in her mind. She looked through his trailer and found a marker. She laid down beside him without a care and wrote ‘Lulu’ on his forehead in big bold letters. She tossed the marker away and smirked while she let her finger go down his chest just for the hell of it until her brain became present. She knew that she shouldn’t fall asleep right now, not when there was no one else to make sure that there wasn’t a threat outside, but she was drifting for a moment away.
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"I heard that," Lucian spouted when she mentioned sickness relating to him being a prince. "Honestly, I'm not supposed to get sick. It was impossible for any lycan without the power of darkness released in them to get sick. I'm sure you see what I'm getting at." Lucian opened his hand to catch the bottle, but fumbled it in his hand, before solidly catching it between two fingers. He remembered the instructions Ra had given him. Because of the coarse nature of a beast like himself, he was allowed to simply devour the entire bottle of medicine. With that in his head, he put the entire bottle of medicine in his mouth chomping down profusely.

He laid back down after coughing a few times. "I'm not sure. This medicine is outdated so there is no guarantee that it'll actually work. I can tell by how it tastes." When she told him that she would be back, he figured that someone must be near that she knows, but because of his moments in sickness, his senses were heavily clouded. It was as if everything had gone black around him. "Fuck this power!" He shouted in frustration. This was the cost for even a slight lack of control.

Roza had come to his side a while later. She was apologizing. Again. He oddly enough didn't like it when she apologized. At least not when she did anything wrong. For some reason or another however, his thoughts began to quickly cloud up. That's when he realized that whatever was in that medicine, it had alcohol in it. There was a slight booze-type after taste in his mouth when he first devoured it, but since he did so at such a pace, he had become drunk in that short moment. At least he knew it was working.

This type of drunk was unlike any other. It was as if he had been hit with loopy gas. He wasn't able to control his mouth any more. His words would fly freely. "Dammit Roza," he spouted with his words gently slurring together. "Why are you apologizing for that when there is still something else you haven't apologized for? You took my heart you bitch." It was as if he was outside his own body listening to his words and his was panicking right now. It's okay, it's okay, he thought. She'll just think it's the medicine. No big deal. But instead, his mouth kept running. "I loved Lia, but somewhere between there I lost it. I wasn't allowed to be myself because of that fucking ring, but you didn't care. You didn't care what I was. It felt good to be treat like something other than royalty or a beast."

His speech was growing louder and more obnoxious. The medicine would put him into an abrupt sleep in moments, but they felt far too long in his head. He was saying things he would never tell her were he in control, but his desires were being flung at the worst possible time. He just started rambling about how Lia almost cost him his honor as a prince just by being near with that ring on. It made docile enough to almost get torn apart. Even when he would willingly protect her, she still kept the ring on at all times and it caused him so much suffering just to come to this. Then he flipped it on how he had fallen for Roza ever since until he finally passed out.
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When the alarm sounded off it also woke her conscious up. Her head was spinning and she still felt that loud blood lust in her. Her eyes dipped down to the body, it was odd how she was really starting to see people as not people anymore. She looked ahead and saw a swarm of guards rushing in and to be honest, she couldn’t care if they did manage to kill her but she wasn’t set on waving a white flag either. She did sense something else ahead that stood out against the rest, the queasy feeling she got when there was a skin walker and it made her wonder. Maybe the way to track a skin walker was completely losing it.

She took two steps back and debated on whether to lose it or stay conscious with a dizzy vision. Lucian came in and the guards by dropped and before she knew it she was grabbed. She did listen, but she had wished that he wouldn’t have gotten involved in the mess she created. Half of the time she lost to the hunger and the rest of the time she was fighting it. She found them both inside a trailer. She could feel how burned up she was and so she rose and nearly stumbled down. Sick!? He became sick at this kind of time?

“Even Princes can become sick. It’s just a title after all,” She said quietly and saw him point to the drawer. She opened it up, squinting to try to see clearly but just pulled out what she thought was the medicine, a small bottle. She couldn’t read the label so she hoped he could. She tossed it to him and then sat down at the edge of the bed. God, she was so hungry. She placed her hand on his forehead and her head jolted back up, “Holly shit Lu! Should I be worried?”

Someone was near. All thanks to her bloodlust, her senses were very clear. She got up, “I’ll be back.” She stepped out of the door but felt as if they were a little farther off; she ran off and way out into the street. Then she realized who it was when she faced him, “Deo. What are you doing here?”

“I was going to break you out myself,” He smirked, “But someone beat me to it, and I followed.”
“I don’t want you here. Leave.”
“Why? You’re hungry aren’t you Roza? I can help.”

“Because I don’t trust you. You seem to have forgotten to mention that with my blood lust also comes being power hungry too. That’s kind of important, and something you shouldn’t leave it since it could kill me. And yea, maybe you can help. Tell me how to control it without killing anyone right now. Then, I want you to leave, understood?” She demanded. He stared back at her and nearly laughed but held back.

“Just because your daddy was the all might ruler at one point does not make you queen of my world. You can’t order me Roza, if you want that kind of information then you’ll have to do something for me.”
“You got me into this mess; you’re going to tell me for free.”
“No, I don’t think that’s how it works. You wanted to be stronger, heal faster, you got it. It just came with a price and you get no refund.”
She stared back at him and felt the rage in her stomach. She was digging her nails into her arms trying not to fall off the edge of her sanity. There had to be a way, and she would definitely find it, but she needed a temporary fix right now.
“What do you want me to do?” She crossed her arms.

“I’ll tell you when the time comes, and it might not even involve violence, but it does involve taking back a title that your father had. Deal?”
“Okay, deal...”

“Eat raw meat. It’ll keep you in control and tone down the hunger. If you keep doing that, you might just learn better control, but you’ll always be hungry and it won’t give you any extra strength. Luckily for you, I’m feeling generous today and I’ll go grab some for you,” He said, “I’ll see you later Rose.” He turned back around. As much as she wanted to call him for being nice right now, she knew better. She rushed back toward the trailer and stepped back inside, and sat the edge of the bed again. She looked back at him and lightly slapped his cheek, “Don’t die on me. It would be pretty pathetic if you died from sickness, and I’m sorry. I should have thought it more through...that Lia was probably my bait.”
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Lucian was fully prepared to accept the onslaught of questions and yelling Roza was about to unleash. Her first question, however, would be the only one he'd have a chance to answer. "I THINK I'm busting you out of jail." After that question was answered, she went on a rampage about Lia and her attempt to rescue her as well as his methods of getting her out of the prison. It was just Roza way to show her love and care.

"Thanks for your concern of me and you're welcome," he said smirking only for a few seconds. ", but I'm pretty sure you just woke him from my nightmare curse." He was pointing at a guard he had previously put to sleep that had just now locked vision with Roza, but at that moment, she was at his throat. It didn't take long before she just killed him. Then she turned to Lucian with little intent to attack. It didn't matter to him though. He knew how to pacify her in this sort of state.

With that guard's death however, a siren sounded. INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! "Son. Of. A. Bitch. Roza. You weren't supposed to kill him!" As guards started to swarm the area, he hopped up into the area and began jumping on each of their head dropping a strain of darkness through each one. The came the silhouette of someone who looked like his father. It wasn't a good situation. He sure hell couldn't beat him as was now. He had to get Roza and himself out. He growled as he just grabbed her without warning. "I'm going to transform! Hang on so I don't lose you!" He pulled her onto his back as he transformed into his werewolf form running off at a blinding speed.

He stopped when he got in the vicinity of a trailer park. One of which actually belonged to him. He turned back into his human appearance still keeping Roza on his back. He opened the door going straight to his bed and falling out on it. His breathing was heavier than usual. His temperature was heated beyond normal. It would've appeared that over the course of this little rescue mission, he had somehow gotten sick. Normally this would just be the flu, but because of him slightly reabsorbing the darkness into his lungs by accident instead of directly into his body, it made him gravely ill. "Shit," he spoke out of breath. "A fine time to get sick like a damn pup. I'm a prince fro crying out loud!" He rolled over on his back point to a drawer. "Look in there. There is a medicine in their just for this and I need it now."
  Lucian Darroh / Aristocrat / 6y 78d 14h 8m 43s
He was mad, and she guessed because he assumed that he could track anything in this world. In fact, he could since he had that darkness ability. Although, she was only speaking of what she thought she knew. “Look, I don’t know what it’s like to be a Lycan, so clearly I don’t understand how you can track first hand. So, I won’t be able to know if you can track them and how you can track them. I didn’t exactly have many people to ask like you do about my own kind. I also thought that turning into a skin walker was impossible, and somehow your dad is one. So-don’t come to me for answers, I’m as clueless as you are...” She was after all normally left in the dark of plenty of things.

Roza already noticed that she must have hinted that she would be recklessly heading to grab Lia. There were other methods, but she was running out of emotion which was even more dangerous and stupid. When he reached out, she was hesitate to stay still and felt as if he was up to something, but it all was shrugged off when he touched a spot she loved so much. It was a spot Valentine touched that made her weak enough to do whatever he wanted. It brought involuntary memories of him sneaking in early morning to spend time with her, be free of their clothes and make love. She was hoping that no one knew of that small little love affair. Mostly because she wasn’t proud of it. It was fun; sadly to him it was just that. She was just a ‘human’ that he’d toss away for someone that was fae to get engaged with at the last couple of months because of the approval of his parents without even telling her.

She backed up and narrowed her eyes, feeling the ache in her stomach as if it was just new, and spoke sharply “Don’t do that. Not ever.” After that, she had left like she planned.

Exhaustion may have been what made her so comfortable even laying flat on a hard prison bed. It wasn’t all that bad, she had no one to run from currently. Although, when she rested her eyes she began to feel uneasy in her stomach, with an upcoming funny vibe somewhere around this facility. She was more than certain it had to be a skin walker-but no not just a regular skin walker, something stranger than that. Yet, she was too tired to guess, and fell asleep, the sleep that she truly needed at the moment before she went bezerk and killed her cell mate for the sake of getting energy.

Before she knew it, she felt something touch her forehead and she was ready to shout. Having her mouth covered was never a good thing up until the part she swore she finally boarded the crazy train and heard Lulu’s voice. It did bring her still when she was kissed, but soon she felt the piercing pain increase in her and it became a hell of a nightmare.

In came the second kiss, that one did bring delight ending that agony but she still had her dizziness and exhaustion, along with the fact that she was feeling hungry from the injuries her body had to heal. She stared back at him with her hair in a crazed mess at this point, a little lost. He was such an idiot for coming here. No, actually she was such an idiot for getting caught. Lia baited her, she baited Lulu.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing here!?” She first yelled and from that point on her mind strolled onto a continuous fit of thoughts, “No I can’t get up! I am fucking tired from spending the entire fucking night to save that ungrateful bitch and do you know how your royal high-ass and her fucked up princess fairies thank me!? They fuck me over and send me to prison! They should be getting on their knees say ‘Pretty please Roza, take our money.’ Those son of a bitches-and don’t fucking kiss me without warning! I hate the emotions that come with it. I had a perfectly good plan to break out myself, but you just had to break me out while I was finally able to get some fucking sleep.” She honestly didn’t know half of the stuff she was saying because she was so tired and hungry. Translation: Thanks for saving my ass. Roza believed Lu already understood what all of that actually meant though.

She got on her feet, to actually test if she was able to walk around but felt dizzy until she realized. “Shit.” All that shouting might have alerted someone. She looked around but only spotted one guard on duty in this part-but in the distance. Yet, they managed to lock eyes with her. Unfortunately for that person, she was feeling hungry and she wasn’t exactly up to feeding on Lulu.

Blood lust seeped in, but not entirely. She moved quickly; in a faster speed then her usually speed. Before the man could alert anyone, she fiercely dug her razor teeth into his throat, feeling the pulse and flesh that felt just heavily to take.

“You’re still breathing, right?” She grabbed the hair of the man she dug her teeth into, “Tell me, where that son of a bitch is. The one that gives off this funny vibe, smells funny. Where is he? Quick, I’m hungry.”
“I-I-I don’t know,” He stuttered.

“Too bad...” She snapped his neck entirely and felt so much want to just eat up, but she wanted that bastard more, mostly because her blood lust required someone with much more power. Wait; there was someone else with power, Lucian. She turned her head to look back to where Lulu was, but then it came across her mind that she didn’t want to do that.

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Lucian twisted his face getting slightly annoyed. "Well that's bullshit now isn't it?" It was both annoying and a blow to his pride for there to be some type of race or skill that he could not track. He sat up listening to her every word on how skin walkers do their thing. All of the explanations were crap to him just because he couldn't directly track her kind at all. "It all sounds dumb to me, but hey. What do I know?" he spoke after she finished. "I am certain, however, that my father could somehow be using the first method. I used to see him bite or ask for a taste of the blood of many people. That would finally be an explanation."

"I'll just go ahead and say it. I want her to get back in her grave. At least if she was still dead I could let go of all this hate. I know it sounds like I'm being unfair, but at least if she was still there she wouldn't have to go through the rest of this crap." He still cared enough to want Lia away from his problems. This was just a bit too far. Even for his father.

When Roza asked him if he knew details of who she'd been seeing behind Lia's back, he sighed extending his hand toward her. "Don't flinch," he spoke touching a spot on the nape of her neck. He used it as a focal point to leave a speck of darkness he could track on her even in a different form. "Right here. That's where the scent came from the most. It was his favorite spot to touch. It's also your sexual hotspot." That was more than enough to answer her question. "Relax. No race or person is perfect. We all retain moments of weakness."

Even though normally this would slip past him, she mentioned that they together should trap his father when he was ready, but then he noticed that she said he couldn't go after her. HE couldn't go after her. That meant she would make an attempt herself. The way the conversation was going earlier, he had a feeling that she would go for it and here was his proof. It's like she had gotten just as reckless as he himself.

Lucian made himself fall asleep after that little conversation. After he felt the darkness leave the room, Ra was the next face he saw upon opening his eyes. "He sat up in the bed yawning. "What? I know you want something and it's probably Lia right?" Ra looked down on Lucian with disdain. "Yes. I want my puppet, but moreover, I want that damned father of yours dead. This is the third time he has interfered with my grand plans. Luckily for you, the favor you owe me will be one that coincides with your own. You will kill your father so that he can no longer stand in my way." Lucian merely smiled. "Accepted. Now leave me be. I have to prepare." "For what?" Ra asked eyebrow raised. Lucian hopped off the bed as darkness crept around his body forming his zip-up hoodie. "A rescue mission." Ra laughed at Lucian loudly. "Shhh!" Lucian responded. "You'll wake the others that live here." He opened the door to his room. "When will I next here from you, Lulu?" "Don't call me that. You'll just have to find me," he spoke before running off jumping through the trees.

When he had tracked the speck of darkness he left on Roza, it led him to a prison. "Tsk. I told her she would be the perfect bait." He would have to get in get her out without being detected. It would be easy with his new skills. There were plenty of guards around. He would stay in human form in order to make the most of his darkness. He sat still in a bush as he conjured a spell of darkness on each of the guards until he got around the entire prison. With each outside guard seeing only what he wanted them to, he ran past placing a black scarf around his mouth before pulling up his hood. "Now all I have to do is find her," he spoke to himself. He shrouded himself in darkness slipping past all the guards, but stopping at an executive room. He had heard his father's name.

The jailer was discussing plans with his father. There was talk of setting the entire jail loose for recess to accidentally kill Roza and then releasing them on good behavior to hunt him down. "Good luck," he thought to himself, before tracking Roza to her cell. The cells were made to hold back any kind of power of skill, except darkness. Ra was the only man ever able to use this power until now. He phased through the bars revealing himself. Roza's cellmate got frantic before he put the vampire lady to sleep. Unfortunately, he could only force nightmares. He thumped Roza on the forehead to wake her up then covered her mouth so she wouldn't make noise. "Slap me later. This is the only way we can phase out of here without causing you harm," he spoke softly letting his bandana down and pulling her face up to kiss her lips. He was gently releasing darkness into her body to allow her to phase with him out of the side of the jail. The side affect was her feeling her body hurt badly.

Once right outside the jail, he stop to hide them in a bush as he kissed her again to take the darkness back out of her body to stop the pain. He was out of breath and almost at his limit. He used a lot of energy just to keep from being detected and took extra precautions. "Are you alright? Can you get up or are you still in shock?" he asked talking of the kisses. "There's a method to my madness you know."
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The luxury of attacking without any question was something she wished they both had again too. She didn’t know exactly how to tell him how he could look through a disguise. “You can’t. Not physically or by scent at least. All you can do is trust your gut, or know the skin walker or the person they are shifted to personally. But don’t worry about that. You have me, and I usually can pick a skin walker out just by being close to them.” And then the explanation...

“There’s two ways I can skin walk. One is the method I use now. A beginner needs to taste the blood of the person they want to shift into. Since I’m more advanced, I just need to look at them and shift into them... The second method is to kill the body I want to use; from that point on I can take permanent residence of that body without a problem and even be able to use any ability they have. Although there’s a consequence and it’s that the body I killed and wear will decompose within a year or so. I suppose a non-skin walker could do something similar, but their chances of success are nearly one in a million,” She said, pondering a couple of things. About how his dad would be able to skin walk.

Lia is perfect bait. But maybe he didn’t feel so strongly about Lia anymore from all that happened. She nibbled on her bottom lip, “I’m worried about her anyway...if it is him.”
“It doesn’t bug me...” She frowned, but wasn’t sure whether she was in denial or actually meant what she said. She felt that the whole thing was a mistake to bring up, but went on anyway. “I know you’re able to pick up the scent, but I’m not always around you. I just want to know, did you pick up anything on me? Do you know?” She hoped not, she was usually careful, but sometimes she would spend afternoons with Valentine, Lia’s cousin that she hasn’t seen for a year. The more he said that it wasn’t a joke, the more concern and guilt she felt in the pit of her stomach for Lia. She felt as if this was her fault.

She scoffed but couldn’t help but smile to hear how much he actually did know her. Being a bitch truly was for the hell of it. “I’m not saying to bait him now, but when you’re ready-we should bait him, trap him, so that we have a better advantage. Ra won’t free Lia, I’m certain about it. I’ll find a way. If my dad who was rosin from the dead died, so can she. But, you can’t go after her.” She said nothing of her being able to after Lia. Dead or not, Roza couldn’t bear the thought of a scum bag like him having a clutch on Lia. She let her back face him again.

“I’m going to sleep.” She rested her eyes but made no plan to rest. Instead, she waited until the moment she felt that he was asleep to crawl out of the bed. She moved quickly to go into another hotel room to steal some clothes of the person, a shirt and jeans before she ran out into the streets with the phone she stole from the same girl she stole the clothes from. Regretfully, she dialed Deo to aid her to find Lia. Just by listening to his instructions, she managed to link her mind with Lia like they could before for no longer than a couple of seconds, yet it was enough for Roza to pick out where Lia could be. She was still on the phone with Deo.

“What’s the plan?” He asked, “I hope you don’t plan to go alone.”
“I am.”
“You’re not going with that prince?”
“No, of course not... That would be stupid.”
“Roza...I don’t think you know what you’re dealing with. If I’m right, going in alone won’t end well. You’re probably dealing with a man that slaughtered his own family, and I’m more than certain he keeps an eye on his son.”

“Assume that I know the risks. Like I said, Lucian isn’t coming with me.”
“This isn’t time to build a soft spot for him Rose. Don’t be so naïve; if that man is watching him, then he must have also noticed how you stick around his son. People don’t generally live long around that prince.”

“Well, people don’t generally live long around me either and I’m not building a soft spot. It would just be stupid to bring him along when Lia might be bait, when Lucian is the only one who can kill his old man. So, thanks for your concern but I don’t have time to chat,” She hung up. Yes, she happened to give a shit if Lia was bait and Lucian took it. That gave her more reason to grab Lia before anything of that sort could happen. She pulled the battery out of the phone and tossed the phone aside. She grabbed a taxi first, to the nearest forest that was around. It would be hard to track Lia but she was more than certain she would be able to find her. She told the taxi to stay for at least a good thirty minutes, and then Roza stepped in further. She stripped down and took a deep breath, trying at least ten times before she could finally shift into a cheetah. She had a feeling she wouldn’t be able to hold the form for long at all, so she needed to find Lia quick.

She tried to track Lia’s scent but she couldn’t pick up things say that Lucian would pick up. It was taking her awhile but it wasn’t long before she did pick Lia up standing aimlessly, taking a step back and looking set to flee. Roza leapt right in front of her and nudged her back, and at that second Lia ran back and Roza followed, already having the load of Lycan surrounding in this area set on getting Lia.

Roza was already noticing how slow Lia was compared to herself and knew that she had to stall in order for Lia to get away. So, she came into a halt and leapt on the Lycans that were close, only on their top half to push them down. But after doing so to the third, she was getting their teeth into her torso. She did break out of the grasp and managed to come across the exit where the taxi was still at the curb. Lia got into the back seat of the taxi quickly, and Roza made it inside a minute later, but not with plenty of scratches and bites.

As soon as the two of them were in, she shifted back to her normal body and it was the most uncomfortable thing she’s ever experienced and painful, and it might have to with the fact that she was already injured. The driver was looking into the review mirror to look at her.

“Don’t look here,” She sharply said, just when she got new pair of clothes. She gave the driver the location of Lia’s home, knowing it was the safest place Lia could be right now. No one would be dumb enough to attack her while she was at her own home with plenty of guards. They arrived to the place, and Lia went inside but came back out to grab another pair of clothes to quickly change into. Roza stepped out of the cab with her, staying at the entrance of the gates to Lia’s house.

“Stay here...Don’t leave your house, no matter what until I found out a way to break you away from whoever is controlling you,” Roza said.
“I’ll try but...” Lia’s eyes would scan Roza’s bruised body. Roza knew that look. The guilty look Lia always gave after she got her ass saved by her.
“I’ll be fine. I think...anyway,” Roza’s composure was wilting. If she could just pass out and sleep right now, that would be great. Lia stared at Roza’s eyes for a moment, her forehead crumbling, “I’m sorry.”

“Quit it. Getting you out of there was my decision,” Roza said.
“That’s not what I’m apologizing for.”
Immediately, Roza was starting to understand what the apology was for when two men came out of the gate-with guns. Most fae didn’t possess any strength to physically harm a person. They could harm another being in the worst way imaginable, but they also preferred to use more human ways of fighting then using the element control they possessed.

“Lia, tell them to leave,” Roza said, looking down the street debating how far she could get without passing out from blood loss or losing her sanity. In the distance she could see more come towards the front gate. She’d run if they hadn’t had guns. Guns were just as lethal at her state and she really didn’t want to take the risk.

Is this how the fae thanked her for bringing their princess back home? By pointing guns at her and making it nearly impossible for her to flee away in this horrible state from escaping a herd of Lycans? At this point, it was already hitting six am and she was exhausted, but if she didn’t do something. She’d be send to one of those high security prisons for all things inhuman. And so...the next hour, she did find herself shifted off to the prison behind bars with some vampire woman.

Roza kept on banging her head against the bars, swearing to herself loudly what an idiot she was to grab Lia. Eventually she decided to sit herself down and poke and prod some of the bites and gashes on her body that was healing up well, at least most of them, before she managed to just fall asleep. She was being charged for pretending to be the fae princess. That didn't make her sound crazy at all. So much for being back at the morning...

-Tell me if this is giving you writers block >_< I was thinking to speed things along but I'm not sure if it worked at all, or if I made any sense ._. -
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