Falling tears. 2x2 romance

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Soma Hiaide-
You seem happy with him,but other times you don't and it breaks my heart to watch him treat you like crap. I wish i was him or able to communicate how much i love you. I hate watching you cover up your bruises that he leaves cause you actually say no to him. Your family doesn't need to run your life but they do.

Aurora Donnelly
I don't wanna be here with him I like another guy my best friend Soma. I don't know if he likes me. He just seems distant and scared. I can't stand him but i have to be with him he's what makes sense to my family. If it keeps them off my back i guess i will put up with it.

Xander Crue-
I want to punch that jerk in the face. I can't believe i am stuck with such a stupid girl. the only perk to being around her is her family her father is my boss and her mother knows my mom. If i could have my way i would just fuck whatever moves.

Azrael Donnelly
Why does Soma want my sister so bad when her own boyfriend doesn't want her. I mean i can see where his heart is but it shouldn't be. I bet if i buy him anything he wants he'll be mine his family is well known but he is kinda of a stranger at fancy parties. I could educate him better in the ways of love.
What happens your heart conflicts with interest. Does it make it right if you are with someone cause everyone tells you to be does it make your feelings for someone else bad? What do you side with.

Story- Soma Hiaide and Aurora Donnelly really like each other but their families have other plans Soma has been promised to Aurora Donnelly's sister who can never keep a man they hope Soma can teach her what it means to fall in love. Aurora Donnelly Was free to chose her lover she wasn't sure if Soma had feelings for her and left it at a friendship but both had deep feelings for each other she chose someone she thought understood her but after the first year he turned out to be a complete dick but there were moments when she saw why she had to be with him. While at the game store Soma runs into Aurora she is in tears that she is getting married this weekend and she doesn't want to. She tells Soma that she loves him and wants to be with him. The wedding can only be called off if Aurora gives up her first time to her boyfriend and never talk to soma again.

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Kevin didn't like being rejected. Knocking the phone out of her hand he looked at the phone then her "You will put on a happy face and fake loving being with me. Who cares if you are miserable all that matters is your fulfill your duties." He looked at her pinned her against the door. The phone laid on the ground it was open the call was still running meaning Soma had picked up. Grinning he released her "You don't wanna go you think Soma will want someone like you some used piece of meat who chose the wrong guy over him. Right about now he is probably boning your sister after seeing us making out."
Soma clinched his fist and looked at Azrael. "You know what you are right I should have let it go to voice mail." He throw his phone at the wall pissed about kevin treating Aurora the way he was. He walked over to Azrael taking her hand he lead her up the stairs and threw her on the bed. "Don't say anything to your sister about this." He went under the bed and found his punching bag with kevin on it. He began to punch the bag a few times before he kicked it and started to curse.
  Hitachi Pyrosight / HollowLink / 7y 262d 13h 47m 5s
"I am not marrying you. You will have to force me to marry you if it is going to be that way.I'm not letting you sleep with me just because you think I'm hot....Well, guess what? I'm not a damn virgin, so you can go fuck yourself. This engagement is over." She took her ring off and threw it at him, moving and pulling out her cell phone from her bra, calling for Soma to come get get.


Azrael allowed him to rub the lotion on her back when she heard Soma's cell go off in the other room. She rolled her eyes, knowing already who it was, and looked at him. "Let it go to voicemail?"
  ~Aurora~ / AuroraFrost / 7y 271d 15h 9m 53s
"Cause your parents want me to. I get to be with a hot piece of ass while staying in a well paying company. I don't see the big deal lots of couples marry cause of money they aren't always happy but at least they know they can support each other. I'm too young to stay tied to one woman." Kevin got upset she turned him on and wasn't going to do anything.
Soma felt Azreal stop and he turned his neck slightly. "Is there something here that interest you? If you keep looking you might fall in." He got up and turned towards Azreal he turned her around and undid her bikini rubbing her back he applied the sunscreen.
  Hitachi Pyrosight / HollowLink / 7y 271d 16h 52m 40s
Aurora kissed him back, her hands on his chest. She could tell something was not right, and she broke the kiss. "You are a blatent liar, Kevin. Why are you marrying me of you do not do it for love?" Her heart was breaking slowly, but with this new though, it was breaking faster.


Azrael nodded and took the bottle from Soma, putting the lotion on her hands before rubbing it into his back. Her fingers trailed lightly up his spine and to his shoulders, then back down to his hips and lower back.
  ~Aurora~ / AuroraFrost / 7y 272d 4h 16m 6s
"Of course I do why would i have accepted this offer." He could think of a million reasons why he chose to be with her none of them had love in it well one. He loved the thought of making Soma miserable he took the one girl he wanted and was going to take her away forever. "I do love you. He slide her top off and kissed her his hands caressing her cheeks as he deepened the kiss.
"Yeah I think i will cause i can't rub the sunscreen all over my back i can put it there but that's about it." Soma opened the bathroom door.
  Hitachi Pyrosight / HollowLink / 7y 272d 4h 33m 45s
She shook her head, her eyes locking with his. "do you love me, Kevin?" She pulled him close, kissing him deeply.

Azrael walked over to the bathroom. "do you want me to help?"
  ~Aurora~ / AleighNight / 7y 272d 12h 4m 10s
Kevin smiled as noticed her legs picking her up he ran his hands up her skirt. but stops and placed her on the kitchen counter and undid her shirt. "You don't regert this do you giving up Soma to live a life with me? If you have second thoughts we could have a open relationship i could date who i want and you can have whoever you want as long as it's not Soma." He smiled
Soma paused and blush. "Someone came prepared for the beach. or to be naked either or." Soma stripped down to his basket ball shorts he hated wearing boxers. His abs flinched as he took a step towards the bathroom to get sunscreen.
  Hitachi Pyrosight / HollowLink / 7y 272d 12h 57m 46s
Arriving at Kevin's place, Aurora sighed and got out of the vehical, her mind on Soma as she walked inside the house. She turned to look at Kevin, her shirt still unbuttoned and her skirt showing off her perfect legs. She leaned against the kitchen counter, and waited for Kevin to enter and as he wished with her.


Azrael smiled as she was helped out of the car and kissed Soma back, already walking towards the beach and removing her top and bottom, revealing a black bikini.
  ~Aurora~ / AleighNight / 7y 272d 14h 6m 20s
"Oh of course don't want your parents to find out." Kevin watched Soma drive away and lost interest in the whole affair his body had other plans and he looked down covering himself. He drove the car over to his place and parked inside the garage.
Soma got to the beach house and smiled. "Well of course they don't i have a thing for one daughter and i am suppose to marry you." He kissed her running his hands down her face before he took her hand and helped her out of the jeep.
  Hitachi Pyrosight / HollowLink / 7y 272d 14h 15m 12s
Aurora reached up and kissed him, very gently, on the lips, running her tongue over his top lip. "I know you like putting on a show, but I don't want my parents finding out that I lost my virginity before the marriage." She reached up and let her fingers play with his hair before pulling his head close and kissing him passionately.


Azrael frowned as he paid. "I was going to pay," she said and when he picked her up, she laughed and held onto him. "My parents don't like you. How about the beach? It's the last day of summer so the water will be warm. And I know the prefect place.
  ~Aurora~ / AleighNight / 7y 272d 14h 37m 24s
Kevin nodded enjoying her body warmth. "Aww is someone shy to try doing it in public for the first time. I saw your face you enjoyed it as well and you like the way i do it. Such a naughty girl." Kevin felt her body up it was getting warm to the touch her body as he made sure soma could see it.
Soma picked up the check and paid for them ordering 3 more burgers 1 with ranch bbq kechtup and bacon the other two were cheese only he picked Azreal up and carried her to his jeep as he placed her in the seat he noticed how light she was. "Yeah dying your hair will kill it if you do it alot. Wanna go back to your house on the beach and chill a bit talk someone. I'd like to get to know you better i mean we don't get to talk much."
  Hitachi Pyrosight / HollowLink / 7y 272d 14h 47m 7s
Azrael looked out the window and made a face, seeing that Kevin was all over Aurora now in public and looked away. She caught Soma looking at hers and she blushed. She knew she looked like her sister....a lot...just the hair was different since she dyed hers. "I always come here. Since I do, I manage to get some things for free or at a discount." She popped a fry into Soma's gaping mouth as she caught him looking out the window again.


Aurora tried to not make a face of desire, but failed and ended up chewing on her lip. She knew that she was not a virgin. But no one knew that. "Do you want to take this someone else?" She pressed her body against Kevin's, playing along with the game he had started.
  ~Aurora~ / AleighNight / 7y 272d 15h 6m 37s
Kevin smiled "Now that's more like it." He grabbed her breast. Admiring their shape and size he cupped them he knew how to handle them so his touch was soft at first then rough he instantly slide off her bra. "What i want is to take your first time and be your only time."
Soma caught a glimpse of Kevin feeling up Aurora he frowned and blushed then looked directly at Azreal's breast blushing that he had done that."I'm actually impressed that you were able to pick a good burger joint. I say don't say bad things about her cause she's your sister if i had family i would probably treat them like gold."
  Hitachi Pyrosight / HollowLink / 7y 272d 15h 15m 23s
Aurora made a small face, and rested her head on his hand before he pulled it away. What he said made her mad, but, she wanted him to spend time with her instead of other girls. "What are you wanting me to do?" Her eyes were half closed, and she moved to undo the first few buttons of her blouse, revealing her perfect breasts.


"Of course I know what love is. I've dated a lot of people, but I've had my eye on you for a bit. Probably because your into my sister. But I don't know. I don't even know why you like her. She's an idiot. And I can call her what I want. She's my older sister."

She bit into her burger, and chewed it before smiling. She had then reached over and took a piece of bacon from his burger and popped it into her mouth. She liked bacon and other stuff, but the piece she ate had nothing on it since it was hanging off his bun.
  ~Aurora~ / AleighNight / 7y 272d 15h 27m 14s
Kevin brushed the hair from the side of her face and tried to put on his cheesiest smile. "But the game is on I have money on this football game." Which was a lie instead he wanted to just get his rocks off and do nothing all day. "Can't you pick your own dress what do you need my approval for. I mean maybe if i got a little something something instead of a handi here and a handi there i would consider doing more 'couple' things together."
Soma Ordered two double cheese burgers with bacon and ranch and got cheddar fries as he looked at the menu trying to avoid eye contact with azreal. "You don't even know what love is so why talk ill about your sister."
  Hitachi Pyrosight / HollowLink / 7y 272d 15h 39m 18s

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