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This is the chat for our 3x3 Role Play. We can chat here and discuss the Role Play. Post your character's Skeleton on here please.

If you want to be the straight female, this is the rp if you want to know what the Rp is about.

Age/grade: Let's have them all Seniors
Any/school Information: Traits- Home life-
Where do you want to go to College?:
What would be your Major?:
Favourite Animal?:

Characters So Far

Gay Couple


Name: Niall Chandler
Nickname?: Either Nialler or Chandler.
Age/grade: 17/Senior 12th
Any/school Information: Traits- You can always find Niall with a childish smile and a camera. He prefers to see the world through the lens of his camera. He feels like he can see the worlds true beauty behind all the hate and find a person's real colours that way. Niall is a total goofball. Everyone knows him as the adventurous boy who push the limits and pursues his dream. Niall doesn't let anybody put him down either. Over all he is very head strong, loud, a trouble maker, extremely unpredictable, carefree and rebellious. His bubbly personality always brighten the room. Niall is always being sly and mischievous. Most people say he is hard to handle but that's just because he is unable to be tamed. He is the mortal enemy of pretension, authority, and pessimism. Mainly, because he are not afraid to take risks and are always there for their friends and his photography. Lastly, he is not afraid to smile. It seems like happiness is the only emotion he likes to show. Home life- Niall grew up in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. As a child all he wanted to do was run track and play football (soccer). When Niall's mum died of cancer, his father didn't really know how to open up to his kids. Their mum was usually the 'talker'. So his father got him a camera. At first Niall just toyed with it, but soon he felt like he couldn't go anywhere without it. Also, Niall worked in a bakery with his brother and younger sister. A few years after their mum's death, Rosslyn, his little sister died of cancer also. Oliver and Niall's father decided it was time for a change of scenery so they left England and moved to America.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Thunderstorms, black coffee and Earl Grey tea, drawing, horror movies, Photography, Alternative/Punk/Hardcore music, some old music, playing in fountains, cake, smoking, messing with his guitar, watermelon, reading, skateboarding, Wintertime, and turtles. Dislikes- The ocean, spiders, being a vegetation , blood, tight spaces, bright lights, mushrooms, cars, animal testing, sharp objects, and having anxiety.
Fears: Niall is EXTREMELY claustrophobic, sometimes it's so bad he cries. He also has really bad anxiety. He is afraid of needles, spiders, blood, and he is kind of afraid of cars.
Sexuality: Gay
Partner: LittleRed
Job(s): Niall works at a coffee shop that is in walking distance from his house and his Highschool. At this Cafe, he works for pay and rent of his art studio. If he works a certain number of hours, he can have the upstairs rec room for an art studio. Also on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays, he works at a daycare.
Where do you want to go to College?: Niall is applying to two Art college's in New York and is still looking.
What would be your Major?: Art, Graphic Design, and More Art :D
Favourite Animal?: Wolves, Giraffes, Elephants, or Ducks.


Name: Alec Mierra
Nickname: Al.
Gender: Male
Age/grade: 17. 12th Grade.Senior.
Any/school Information: Traits- Alec can usually be found with blue eyes staring at a computer screen, looking up photography on weheartit. It's either that, or with his nose in a book. Alec truly believes that life is better through literary form, and through photography. Despite him coming off as a very depressed child at first, Alec is, for the most part, a happy teenager. He knows life has it's ups and downs, he know that his family has just been going downhill, but he doesn't care. Alec is, and hopefully always will be, a happy teenager. His personality is normally described as a dark version of bubbly by friends, or very polite by old people. How would he describe himself? Well, he'd call himself a wreck, with outbursts of depression and panic attacks. That's right, panic attacks. Alec can't stand social situations most of the time, and has panic attacks frequently if he ever attends parties or social gatherings. The only times he can stand being surrounded by people is either at that run down coffee shop he works at,or at school.Home life-Alec hasn't always had the best life at home. His dad left his family when his sister was born. He hadn't wanted another kid. Despite this, Alec has always been happy. His mother and sister was all he needed. Now that he's a bit older, he came to realize that it was a good thing. His father had been a cruel man without a heart, if he would have stayed he would have brought the whole family down. Now that it's just him, his mother, and his sister, the family is quite happy. Even though they live in an apartment, and even though both Alec and his mother have to work to feed the family, Alec is happy with his home life and wouldn't want to change a thing.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Alec is a big fan of the forest. He also loves photography, books, and anything that is fluffy. Though he hates to admit it, he is also a fan of smoking. He loves horror movies and his favorite holiday would have to be Halloween. He's a big fan of Alternative/Punk/Rock music. He also loves his little sister, Phoenix, to death. Dislikes: Alec dislikes a lot of things, so I'll just put down the ones I think are important. His panic attacks is a major one, and so are his bursts of depression. He hates that he can't be social for long periods of time. He hates thunderstorms, rain, and anything that makes the day less beautiful. He isn't a fan of the coffee shop he works at, and hates that it's just him, his mother, and his sister living at home.
Fears: Alec has a fear of people. He can't be surrounded by a lot of people. He is also afraid of needles, riding in cars, and basements.
Sexuality: Gay all the way.
Partner: Niall Chandler
Job(s): Alec works at Starbucks, and also has a job as a part-time babysitter for his little sister.
Where do you want to go to College?: Alec isn't sure he even wants to go to college. He's got to much to do to support his family as it is. If he did go to college, he'd go to one of the fancy ones in England.
What would be your Major?: If he did go to college, it would be for art..
Favourite Animal?: Siamese Cat

Straight Couple

Straight Female open!!


Name: Akito Hiroaki
Nickname: Kito
Gender: Male
Age/grade: 18/ 12th grade
Any/school Information: Traits- Akito is very rarely found without some kind of book in his hand. He's incredibly quiet and doesn't have much to say to anyone. Around his friends he smiles but still doesn't have much to say to anyone. He prefers to listen than be heard. While his face always caries a blank expression, only his friends really see his smile. But if he's incredibly passionate about a topic, he makes sure people know it. He may regret it later, but once he does snap he feels better. It sometimes even makes him open up a little bit more depending on people's reactions. With his friends he's very blunt and doesn't like "sugar coating" things. He finds it pointless and non-beneficial. Home life- His parents got divorced when he was 11, causing him, his mom and his little sister, Natsune, to move to the town they live in now. Both his parents are from Japan but he has lived in America his whole life. He speaks very little Japanese even though he understands it every time its spoken to him. His mom works a lot so its up to him to take care of his 12 year old sister. While he loves her, he also very jealous of her. She is the perfect child in the eyes of their father and often favors her over him when they visit. And because of this jealousy he rarely sees his father unless its for holidays. And where he fails, she always seems to excel.
Likes/Dislikes:Likes- His Siberian Husky named Puka, reading, writing, classical music, j-pop, his secret hideout in the forest by his house, loves underground movies, coffee, rain, rooms with very little light, the library, RPG video games. Dislikes- rats, warm weather, rap music, birds, fish.
Fears: Sience he's disappointed his father so many times he finds it hard to express himself. He fears that if he's too open that people won't like him. He also fears love seeing how its a confusing concept for him
Sexuality: Straight
Partner: Simply_Random
Job(s): He works at the mall in one of the music stores. They also sell movies and a few video games but not many. He doesn't really need to work but he does so he has time away from home. He does all the odd jobs around the store, the only thing he refuses to do is the cash register so he doesn't have to talk to anyone.
Where do you want to go to College?: The local community college.
What would be your Major?: English so he can become a novelist.
Favourite Animal?: Large dogs.

Lesbian Couple


Name: Dallia Marie
Age/grade: 18 / Senior
Any/school Information: Traits- Dallia is extremely vain, though lazy. She likes when people do things for her that will benefit her. Often times, this hurts people in the long run. Despite this, when she does open up to people she is smart and friendly and very smooth Home life- Her parents and her moved to America only two years ago and then soon moved her grandmother over as well. Her brother remains in France. She despises many Americans of her age and at times, comes off as anti-social.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Fashion, makeup, older people, parties, women, hair dye, boots. Dislikes- Being humiliated, the dark, cats, hangovers, bad hair days, ugly outfits.
Sexuality: Lesbian
Partner: Akiho's Mira
Job(s): Kohl's.
Where do you want to go to College?: She isn't sure but somewhere in New York. She'll settle for nothing less.
What would be your Major?: Fashion
Favourite Animal?: Ferrets, she owns three.


Any/school Information: Traits- Usually keeps hair down because "it helps to stay warm"; tends to stay out of her home and work all of the time because Mira enjoys staying busy and her time being spent doing something useful; whenever it's quiet she always is listening to music or starting a new conversation. Home life-Mira's mother and father are always out on business of some sort, and so she does the same; going out and working all the time. Of course, Mira's parents are loving ones, and she is their only child, but for the fact that she is old enough to take care of herself, the family rarely sees each other.*Lives in two story red brick house more than 20 miles away from the school.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: *Music*Speaking*Movies*Games Dislikes:*Bad southern accents *Getting injured*High open places*Silence*Being alone
Fears: Sedatephobia ; Aeroacrophobia ; Agliophobia
Sexuality: Pansexual
Partner: CookieMonster *insert character name after created*
Job(s): Part-time Waitress; Voice Actress; (attempting) Mangaka
Where do you want to go to College?: Don't see a point, but the Institute of Art if anything.
What would be your Major?: Art for her manga/animation
Favourite Animal?: Iriomote cat; felines in general

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