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"Okay class, We're going to go over the main points on this little project that we are going to be doing here in a few days. Let's just say this is prep time to get you up and ready for this." Mrs. Taylor spoke in a prick like tone, speaking in Nezumes eyes, most artists can be a bit bitc..Er. Open minded.

Leaning forward on his desk some, Nezume rested his chin on the palm of his hand, listening contently; Until he heard a rather familiar voice that made him strike a smile that shown his rather sharp teeth. Shifting his yellow eyes over to the feminine voice, He followed up to meeting with the same green eyes that he's known since middle school. "In the flesh and bone. Andria, I had no idea you came here. This is awesome~" He chimed to her quietly with a soft smile to her.
Alerting his eyes back to the teacher who wasn't paying any mind to the boy, probably because he looked like a trouble maker, and she obviously didn't feel like dealing with him at the time.
Leaning back in his chair some, he turned to look back at this young lady. "I just started here today. Care to help me with my schedule after this period?" He asked with a quirked brow to her. He had then noticed her face was a light shade of pink, making him grin a little. "Why so pink in the face?" He asked in a playful tone. Every once in a while, listening to what the teacher was saying, soon to figure out he knew everything she was trying to teach. So it was pointless to listen.
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Andria adjusted the books she was holding and gently shut her locker before merging in with the hordes of students swarming the halls. ‘Where is B308…’ She pondered for a minute trying to remember where the art room was, Andria had switched over from woodshop after an unfortunate incident with the machines. All she had to say on the matter of the subject is that she now sported a shorter hairstyle than before. A tug on her brown locks snapped her out of her thoughts; Andria angled her head slightly to face the unknown being, “Andria, I was waiting for you at your locker.” The male, whose name was Kyle called out, she smiled up at her ‘boyfriend’. The term was unfamiliar to her as she wasn’t usually one who dated. “Sorry Kyle it must have slipped my mind.” Andria replied sheepishly, Kyle chuckled slightly as he saw a faint blush creep upon her pale facial features. “What happened to your hair?” Kyle asked curiously as he intertwined his fingers with hers. Andria flinched slightly at the sudden gesture and then relaxed, “Disastrous things.”

Kyle nodded like he understood what she meant by her reply, “So woodshop wasn't for you huh.” He smiled teasingly at her, “Oh be quiet.” Andria muttered quietly. They strolled down the slowly thinning hallway chitchatting about numerous topics of what had happened over the long weekend. “Which class are you headed to?” Kyle suddenly inquired; Andria had to think for a minute before replying “B308, the art room.” Kyle grimaced, “Mrs. Taylor, she’s a tough one, but look here is our stop.” Andria turned around and faced the multi-spiral pattern of the art door, “Thanks Kyle.” she smiled at the dark haired male. “No problema. I’m headed to Spanish if you can’t tell.” Kyle leaned down and kissed her slightly before straitening up and walking away with a grin. Andria felt her face flush bright red, ‘Damn you Kyle…’ she cursed him in her head, now she had to walk into class with a tomato face. Andria took a deep breath to calm her nerves then slowly twisted the shiny silver handle of the door, she stepped in and said a unintelligible hello to the teacher. Andria looked around trying to find anyone she knew, a flash of familiar green hair made a small smile erupt on her lips. She walked quickly to the empty chair next to the male, “Nezume is that you?” Andria asked in hushed tones as the teacher had already started teaching.
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That lovely bell..The start of a wonderful senior year at a new school. Well, For Nezume it was, speaking he had just moved back into his old home town, and it was only a few days away from Halloween. Letting a small smirk creep over his face, The 18 year old stuffed his hands in his coat pockets, and trotted down the new hallways of people shoving, and getting through to their next class, Some much smaller than others, while some much..Larger. And the only thing that was the same with everyone? They where all..Human. Nezume wasn't human, obviously, and was pretty proud of that. Despite him being partial snake it came with a bit of a temper. Oh well, That's what makes Nezume, Nezume.

Looking at a little piece of paper with his classes on them in order, biting his lip with his sharp teeth, he trailed up to his first class, Room 308. "Oh..Wonderful..Art." He sighed, Turning in the door, stuffing the paper in his pant pocket. sliding himself into a seat with 3 other people at the table. The two girls and guy that sat there looked at him curiously, speaking he was the only one with the abnormal eyes. His hair..They thought it as dyed that way. The teacher looked over at the male, shifting her glasses. "Nice to have you join us...Ah, Nezume. I see you're new here?" She asked, arching a brow.

Attaching his bright yellow eyes to the woman, He nodded with a devious smile. "Yes Ma'am." This day was gonna get pretty good. Speaking he didn't know a very close friend was in the same classes as him~
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