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There was nothing special about the girl that could help him to reach his goal. She was just an average brunette, neither rich nor poor, not the kindest but not a criminal. He begins to wonder why they would give him a tip to capture her and use him for his own needs to kill the man that disrupted his life to the very core. He begins to watch her, stalk her to be exact. The only difference of this girl was that she knew how to ride a motorcycle like a pro and still looked like a Victorian secret model doing it. In the morning she was at her apartment with her roommate named Lea who was terrible to her but help pay the rent. During the day she went to a coffee shop and went on her laptop, typing, spending most of the day there. Afternoon occasionally she’d go talk to some of her friends but always left early and went back home. There was nothing wrong about this girl; it was as if everything was staged. And right he was.

Juliet is a telepathic. She just graduated high school a year ago and is nineteen years old. She would occasionally help out using her abilities but then she got herself in danger and her boyfriend killed and she stopped from there on. She picked up his thoughts of stalking her and made sure that she revealed nothing. Eventually, he decided to go into that coffee shop and meet her for the first time and only made small conversation with her to discover he was starting to take a liking to her. They start talking more, met up sometimes and Juliet slowly started to open up but still conscious. The more he started to be around her, the more he started to pick up until he discovers she’s a telepathic.

That’s when hell broke loose and the laughter, kindness, fake smiles ended. He was never a nice guy; he was for revenge and nothing more. He would kill just about anyone to take down that man, Hunter Kolinsky that owned a large cooperation and when she refused to help him... He kidnapped her and threatened to put a bullet in her if she didn’t start helping. She still refused and that’s when he decided to torment her, tie her or keep her hungry. Whatever got her to use her abilities. Meanwhile, Hunters man are after him and it is either Juliet starts cooperating and telling him there exact plans or he dies and he’ll bring her along with him.

Will he lose his temper that Juliet won’t cooperate and kill her or will they start seeing the perspective of each other’s life?


1. 300 words to 1000 words. Remember, 300 is the minimum. I need someone literate. Just don’t write completely pointless description.

2. One post per day at least. It’s a fast pace RP. Can’t keep up? Please don’t join ^.^

3. This is a mature role play but if the clothes come off we go to time skip.

4. No godmodding

5. Be creative and add up to the plot. Add new ideas and make your character more out there. It gets tiring to always lead the rp myself.

6. Professional done photograph-real. I’m very picky on pictures too >.< I’m sorry. They are going to be over the age of nineteen. List of what I don’t want for a picture: Appear too young, scene, gothic, or an image that simply doesn’t fit the character. He’s violent but that doesn’t mean he has to look like an obvious criminal. He shouldn’t look like he’s obviously one but he can’t look adorable either. Can’t find images, I have some!

7. Don’t ditch me. Tell me! I’m not going to hate on you if you just tell me! No one is going to be held captive in this RP. If you have many RP’s going on now, I don’t even know why you’re bothering to find another one... Read the rules? Type ‘Dying for you’ for the title of the PM!

What you should know about the RP:

The male is not supposed to be sweet and super sensitive, at least not most of the time and the eyes of others. Juliet is trained how to fight, and many other things and so she may win sometimes. Don’t expect her to be so kind either XD. I like character flaws but of course they do need to have their good sides. We're starting from when he's just stalking her and them finally meeting. It’s up to us weather the two die, one dies, they separate or they have a happy ending.


Juliet Mere Staris

Age: 19

Ability: Telepathic

Bio: Juliet was raised in a great environment. Her parents loved her, she had friends and then later on a boy friend. Secretly, she was depressed once and awhile but not because of the people around her, but because of the minds that haunted her. Being a telepathic isn’t as amazing as people put it out to be. A lot of thoughts are upsetting, grieving, and threatening ones. It drove her insane. Only her boyfriend knew she was could read minds. Juliet is sarcastic, bold, and too smart for her own good. She normally helps out with the police with their cases but in the last case she took part of, the enemy discovered her ability. From there on that lead to her boy friend’s death. She closed up a while but eventually got back to her life but was no longer the same. She refuses to use her abilities for others needs. All humans are selfish, greedy and she couldn’t even trust herself with what she could do. At the moment, she’s an author and spends the rest of her time living quietly.

Name: Steve Black

Age: 26

Bio: Steve had a troubled childhood, normally in trouble for something or other but never anything really serious. He was smart enough to get into college and that was when the company noticed him, or more to the point Hunter Kolinsky. From 19 Hunter trained Steve to hunt down any spy, moles, defectors, saboteurs and pretty much anyone else who might threaten his company, and Steve was good at it. When Steve was 22 he met Emma Short who also worked in the company and they quickly fell in love, married and had a little girl, Sarah. Steve had never been happier. Until that is Hunter decided Emma was a "threat". Steve got home one night and discovered Emma and Sarah both dead. When he approached Hunter in a blind rage Hunter denied all knowledge of it but Steve had been trained to tell when someone was lying to him. He tried to kill Hunter there and then but the body guards intervened and did him over. They left him for dead at the side of the road, bleeding and unconscious.... but the thought of revenge pulled him through.

Other?: Steve now has the name of Sarah and Emma on both his arms but never shows them. Any happiness that comes his way now he denies himself until he has his revenge. No favourite music, food or happy memories.. it’s all about the revenge.







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ooc.. hey, really sorry but gonna have to bail on you. I got a lot going on and dont really have the time at the moment. really sorry. hope you can get someone to start again with. :(
  steve black / Blacklight / 7y 123d 9h 18m 39s
The moment she picked up a thought she didn’t like from him, she narrowed her eyes. It irritated her when people thought they could just sneak things from her. It was another main issue of why she could not trust any single person because she knew every single lie or whatever they were hiding in their head. She watched her uncle shake hands but also gave nasty look “I’m Nathanial, and you really do got a lot of explaining to do.” and then starts to head inside. She followed for a bit and listened onto the thoughts and got more irritated.

“I’m sorry I’m such a burden,” She spoke through her teeth “If you want me out, you can just say so. If you want to speak to my uncle privately-than just ask. It’s that simple. And it’s a little offense to think I’ll go ahead and die so easily considering I’ve dealt with going against people like Hunter more than once.” Her uncle turned his head at her curiously “You’re listening to his thoughts? I thought you don’t listen to the thoughts of people that know what you can do?”

“I would but I don’t trust him enough,” She told him and then changed the subject “Can I have the keys to my bike?” He pulled out her keys out of his pocket and passed it to her “No crazy stunts out here, okay?”

“I can’t promise that,” She smiled and then headed to the door “I’ll be back in ten minutes. If not-than dig a grave because there are no ambulances out here.” With that she left and headed for her motorcycle, dearly missing to ride on it and clear her mind out of the frustration. She took the bike out of the back of the truck and started it up and ends up driving outside in the forest where some trials were. She knew this place like the back of her hand. Whatever she was missing, she'd find out later from either one of their heads, so she wasn't worried.

Once, Juliet was gone, her uncle started with the question “I want to know who you’re after, how many dead bodies so far, what happened so far to her and how did you find out about her. I made sure to get rid of any files of her of her history and training. I just want to be clear that I don’t want her involved in this but because I can’t get through that stubborn unique head of hers, I have to start getting creative on how to get her out.”
  Juliet Mere Staris / Ravenity / 7y 126d 6h 36m 49s
Steve walked past Juliette and the uncle and into the house. He did a quick sweep of the place before he could relax properly. He always liked to know the lay out of any place he was in. He went back outside and say them still speaking. He noticed the look that her uncle had shot him before and it was obvious he was wanting to help, or at least to know more. He probably wanted to speak with Steve direct but if he knew Juliette she would get in the way.

He caught the mans eyes and wanted to relay that he would give him the information later, when Juliette was asleep but his forty wasn't subtlety, and then he remembered Juliette probably read his mind and would stay up all night just to spite him. Bugger it

"Hi there, I'm Steve" He says with his arm out to shake the uncles hand. "I'm the one that's got Juliette into this mess and really appreciate the help. If you want to know more, please follow me inside and I'll tell you all I know and answer any questions I can" With that Steve turned and headed inside. If Juliette got in the way so be it but he was fairly sure that even if the uncle didn't come in that he would find a way to stay in touch and to help. And if he was willing to try and get her out of this then even better, he had enough deaths on his conscience and it was with out adding her to the list.
  steve black / Blacklight / 7y 126d 10h 25m 20s
She was a little lost in her own thoughts again when he spoke. Her head raised a bit trying to recollect what he had said. “Oh-yea-I’m ready,” She said and rose to her feet “I’m driving this time and no buts about it.”

She got out of the diner and then headed to the car. Got into the driver’s seat and once Steve was in, she drove to the destination. She didn’t bother saying a single word during the ride. Eventually the drive was coming into an end when the road became rough, more of a trail in a park than a road. There was trees surrounding the area, incredibly tall, making it impossible to even see the house unless the person knew where it was themselves. She knew the place was safe, and the chances of being discovered there was very slim considering there wasn’t anyone around this area. It took her a bit to pick up the trail to lead to the safe house, there wasn’t exactly a road. The two story house eventually came into view and she parked at the front but also picked up her motorcycle at the back of her uncle’s truck.

“I thought I implied for him not to come,” She muttered and then turned to Steve “Well, we’re here.” She got out of the car and stretched out her arms and was ready to leap to her motorcycle. Then the front door opened and she picked up her uncle, brown haired, and blue eyed walking toward her with a light smile but that small faded once he reached her.

“What happened to your hair?” He raised an eyebrow.
“I cut it,” She shrugged “What are you doing here? I told you that I’m not going to stay an isolated place just to keep safe and I’m pretty sure I implied to stay out of it.”
“Ah, demanding as always. I thought we got rid of the reckless in you?” He sighed and pulled her into a hug “I just wanted to make sure my niece is safe. I haven’t told your parents of the situation or anyone, although I should. You’re parents are scared. You’re always worrying everyone, Juliet. I want you out of this danger...Is he your new boyfriend?” She frowned and backed up from him, lightly slapping him over the shoulder “No. Of course not. Do I look like I’d go dating in the middle of danger?”

“No, not who you are now but the old reckless you would have made out in the middle of a gun fight...”
“That was only one time...! And I made sure that we were safe.”
“I missed you kiddo. You barely even talk to me anymore,” He smiled, ruffling her hair.
“Stop embarrassing me. I’m not a kid,” She frowned.
“...maybe we should move on the fact that you’re getting into this again and how did you get into it?” He raised an eyebrow and turned his attention to Steve “So, how exactly did you get her involved?”

“Leave it alone,” She heavily sighed but it didn’t look like he was going to leave it alone. It looked like he was going to be stubborn of letting her get even more involved. If only she could control minds instead of read them. That would have been more helpful. She nudged him “Go. Go home. I will be fine. It’s not up to anyone but me on what I do with my life-not that I had much of a life anyway.”
“I’m not letting you out there know that you’ll be killed like Claude. I want to know what has happened so far,” He demanded. This was started to irritate her. It was a bad idea to call him.
  Juliet Mere Staris / Ravenity / 7y 131d 9h 44m 55s
Steve hear her comments about being in it till the end but didn't take a lot of notice. Between the running, shooting, killing and arguing with her he was starting to get emotionally drained. He ordered a tea and a small sandwich.

The safe house sounded ideal, if they were discovered they'd have enough time to bolt before being confronted but if all went well they could get a few days, maybe a week to recharge and organise themselves. He still wanted to head to Red bank to see if the wife might know where the director was but no doubt Juliette's uncle would be at the safe house, or not too far from it anyways and he might have a different approach. Steve wouldn't ask for help of course but from the way Juliet spoke of him he would do what ever was needed to get her out of trouble.

He finished his tea and sandwich and looked over at her, "So you ready to go?" He figured that the sooner they started this the sooner they could rest up and get to planing the operation. The sooner this ended the better.
  steve black / Blacklight / 7y 132d 9h 59m 57s
She took the phone and then got out of the car herself. She decided to stay outside and speak to her uncle instead of going inside with other people that would try to sneak a hear. She dialed him up and after a couple of rings she got him. Her uncle continued to try to convince her just to stay locked up in the safe house even though he knew that she despised being locked up. She got the address and said good bye to her uncle. She tossed the phone on the ground and crushed it.

She walked into the diner and picked up a couple of thoughts to make sure they were secure here and not have any surprises. Once she established that it was secure, she caught where Steve was sitting and sat down her. She picked up the last two sentences of his thoughts. Talk to who? Getting who out of what? She asked herself but fit in the pieces. He really did see her as some child.

“Hey, Steve. It’s sweet that you’re thinking of getting me out of this but it’s impossible. Once I’m a part of something-I go down with until the end. I may be a runner, but once I’m caught, I fight until I win. I can handle this. I adapt pretty quickly,” She dryly mentioned and heavily sighed “Anyways, I got the location of the safe house. It’s the middle of nowhere. It’s a good sized house, has a good security system along with signal jammers and a hidden escape route.” She’s been there before for a couple of hours to check up on something. She glanced down at the menu and just waited him to snap out of his thoughts and order something and then hurry up and leave. She wanted to go to the safe house quick so she can leap into bed and finally get a good sleep.
  Juliet Mere Staris / Ravenity / 7y 136d 3h 9m 52s
Steve listened to her and a couple of points hit home, but he decided they were getting no where with this so let it go.

He drove them back to the motel and picked up the other mobile, then drove around for a bit until they found a half decent diner. He handed her the phone. "Don't take to long." He got out and went into the diner, taking a table next to the window so he could see the car and the people coming and going. He was starting to think that that maybe having Juliette along was a bad idea. He was starting to want to try and find a way to get her home. If the uncle got the safe house, then it was a pretty safe bet he would be there too. Maybe he could talk to him and see if there was a way of getting her out of this sooner rather than later.

He picked up the menu but wasn't really looking at it, his mind was full of what's, ifs and maybes. what a bloody mess
  steve black / Blacklight / 7y 136d 8h 16m 48s
“Shame...?” She scoffed “Trust me, I was reckless as hell and didn’t care what was on someone’s mind most of the time, even if they hiding something. They lied to me? Big deal. I just ignore it. I never even believed in fear at that time.” She was becoming frustrated with him trying to pity her. She wasn’t done yet. He was really hitting her nerves.

“If you want to play the ‘pity’ game. Then so be it. I feel more shame and pity for you than I do for myself. You’re wife died, your kid died because you decided ‘oh, it’ll be fun to work as a super spy’ or some shit. Pretty stupid Steve. That’s even stupider than what I did. Not to mention you dragged a nineteen year old girl into your mess who has parents scared to death that she could be dead. But don’t even bother feel sorry for me. Even If I seem weak, have fears, I always pull through. I run, yes. And I know that I shouldn’t run all the time, but at least I can accept it and try to fix my flaws a bit by bit but you? No you don’t accept that revenge is wrong. It sounds like to me you need some growing up as well. You’ve been hiding away from the world too-you’ve completely shunned out the world. At least I still make an effort to hang out with my friends, make new friends and make effort to make a life. And I’m not just a kid!” She blew off the steam. She had it. She just shook her head “I don’t even know why I’m bothering considering you think you’re seriously believe you’re the ‘grown up’ here when you’re no better.” She just stormed into the car and left her mouth shut for a bit. It was better if she just called her uncle, picked up the safe house and finished dealing with this mess.

“Let’s make a deal. Let’s not to help each other unless it involves getting this mess dealt with. If you want to sell your soul to the devil, fine. I don’t care. I’ll deal with my issues and you’ll deal with your own on our own time. I’d rather be emotionally detached,” She sharply spoke "lets just get going, so I can call my uncle."
  Juliet Mere Staris / Ravenity / 7y 137d 7h 52m 13s
Steve listened to her outburst but never thought differently because of it. " You use your telepathy as an excuse. Your right though, I'm sure the rest of us do seem deaf to you which in my mind puts more shame on you. The deaf live their lives the best they can, you who say can hear perfectly run from it." He considered the bit about protecting those around her and the fact that she still thought he was stupid enough to believe that killing Hunter would change anything, he knew it wouldn't and was tired of arguing that point, but the protecting others was only half a truth in his mind. " I'm sure you believe your helping others by being a hermit and hiding away from the world and in a small way you might be right but what your really hiding form is getting hurt. That I cant help you with, that is a part of growing up. "

With that he stood and walked towards the car. " Seeing as this is going nowhere why don't we head back to town, get some lunch and ring your uncle. But if you ever decide to grow up and re enter the world, you could help and save a lot more people than you would hurt, think on that." With that he jumped into the car and started the engine. He could understand the feeling that came of loosing those close to you and blaming yourself for it, weather it be through your actions or in actions, but what he couldn't understand was the running and hiding. He wasn't wired that way. With that in mind he decides to maybe go a little easier on her. She was just as kid after all.
  steve black / Blacklight / 7y 137d 8h 52m 46s
She didn’t even know what came over her but something her snapped when he decided to compare her to regular people.
“Don’t compare me with regular people. They were born oblivious from the start, so naturally they can get back up on their feet again. To me, everyone was born half deaf. You can’t blame a deaf person for not knowing something so important. But you can definitely blame a person with perfect hearing that choose not to hear it. I could have listened to that man’s thoughts long before it turned up the way it did with my boyfriend. So forgive me for being different, not deaf like everyone else in the world and running away from something that’s not normal in my world. I don’t run for myself, I run to stop putting anyone else around me in danger.” She spoke through her teeth “You have no right to judge me either considering you believe killing someone would resolve or give you closure when it doesn’t.” She never spoke like that for a long time about her telepathy. She has been a little moody since this whole incident and noticed maybe she was even being childish. She watched him sit down on a tree stump and calmed her nerves.

“I want to be able to handle things when I can’t mind read, it’s just...I’m worried that I really can’t anymore,” She sighed and then she picked up a little thought and slightly laughed “I guess a mind reader would be pretty good at helping to ‘connect’ with the world.” She glanced around and wondered if they really were safe around her. She didn’t pick up anything still, so it must be a safe area. After noon, she’d have to call back her uncle and see if he could lend that safe house.
  Juliet Mere Staris / Ravenity / 7y 137d 21h 46m 48s
Steve listened to her, about her lost confidence, about being able to control who and how and when she read a mind and he almost felt sorry for her. He was starting to get a better picture of her and her life and she seemed to blame herself for the actions of others. "We'll the guy you said you trusted with out using your talent that let you down, welcome to everyone else's world. No one else can read a persons mind to see if their good or bad or whatever, we need to make that decision up for ourselves. And it seems the first time you did that something really bad happened and for that I'm sorry but it happens to hundreds if not thousands of people every day around the world. The difference between them and you is they don't run away from the world."

Steve turned around and went to sit on a tree stump. He knew he could teach her to not just fight but be as confidant as she seemed on the outside on the inside too but the first step was she had to want to try, she had to want to come out of her shell and want to join the world. She had to loose her fear. "I honestly think we can help each other here in more ways than you think but you need to want to do it, if not then your right, there's no point in trying. Its up to you." He believed what he said, he felt that she could help him as well and not just with the Hunter thing, maybe she could help him reconnect to the world...maybe!!
  steve black / Blacklight / 7y 138d 8h 54m 5s
Sure, no problem :)
  Juliet Mere Staris / Ravenity / 7y 163d 8h 40m 58s
ooc- hey, really sorry but work over the next week or so is going to be crazy so can we pause this till maybe january. I dont want to bail but I'm having difficulty finding the time for it. sorry. :(
  steve black / Blacklight / 7y 163d 9h 4m 23s
Ever since he was gone, she’s been relying on her telepathy to the max. Before, she wasn’t the same. She had confidence, she’d go ahead and be reckless at times even without analyzing thoughts, play around, even spar for the fun of it. That part of her died and he was right. She was a child running away without her ability. Her ability is what made her feel safe, to know exactly what was on someone’s mind and use that against them, to not make a single mistake. She clung to safety.

She pulled away from the tree with a frown and headed back towards him. She couldn’t be how she was like years ago. “I lost that confidence a long time ago. I can’t fight without my ability...I panic. Last time, not using my ability enough caused me to be naive and trust someone who was psychotic. Now, I’m afraid to do without it. So, when I get the chance to run without worry, I do it. You can try to teach me, but I’m pretty sure I’m a lost cause,” She sighed, glancing down at the dirt below her feet, kicking it.

“As for my mind reading. I can control what minds I want to read, how many minds I read, and when I don’t want to read. Unless... When I’m sick I can’t control that. If I’m sick, then all thoughts flood into my mind and it’ll stay like that until I get better. When people think in their mind, to me it almost sounds like they’re saying it out loud. But, over years my ability changes... I can read minds farther away from me than I could years ago. I don’t know the limit,” She shrugged. There really wasn’t anything much on mind reading so she had to figure that all on her own.
  Juliet Mere Staris / Ravenity / 7y 165d 6h 47m 3s
Steve was really disappointed when he saw her take off and run behind a tree. She had speed and agility but it seemed if you took away her telepathy she had nothing. He sat on the ground for a moment and just looked at the tree waiting for her to come out. You know you say that your abilities aren't a gift but you rely on them pretty heavily for what seems like most things He thinks to himself. He's pretty confidant she's listening in. Most woman your age dint have your speed or agility but they do have the confidence to try. Take away your ability and you run like a small child. Do you want to stop running now?

He stood up and stretched a bit. "Now then, if you want i can teach you how to use your speed and agility to their fullest, but only if you can turn off the phycic bit. I dunno if you can seeing as you refuse to tell me how it works but if you can then I could teach you to be as good with out it as you are with it. What do you say?" He couldn't force her to train but there might come a time when she would have to fight again and in the unlikely even that she couldn't use her abilities she would be as good as dead. The men that were hunting them had a habit of shooting runners, it slowed them down. If she could learn to stand her ground she would have a higher chance of survival.
  steve black / Blacklight / 7y 165d 7h 37m 46s

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